Paige Ch. 06

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I sat at the breakfast table sipping my coffee and ruminating over the events of the previous eight or ten hours, and what had led up to them. A week earlier I had come back to my home town after another of my attempts to strike out, get away from Sarah and perhaps find myself, out there, somewhere. The last trip found me trying to make a go of oil rig work in Alaska. After less than six months, I figured out that I wasn’t cut out to be a “rough neck”.

I worked as a mate on a tug boat in Oregon for a while, then worked on a grain elevator in Nebraska as I worked my way home. It had been nearly three years since I had set out for Alaska and I was on my way to Virginia to look into some telecommunications work. I would just be passing through my humble hometown, on my way to bigger and better things. That’s how it always was, “just passin’ through”. That could mean a few days, a few months, maybe a couple of years.

As usual Sarah and Tom let me crash on their couch for a while. That never lasted for more than a week or two. If I realized that I would be around a while, I would get myself a place. I hadn’t planned to stay as long as I had. I had intended to leave the day before that fateful encounter with my new, young lover. It was difficult to imagine as I sat alone with my coffee, that “little Paige”, my niece, was my lover. This was to be no small fling. Our lives would never be the same now that my little “Pandora” had opened her box to me.

How things would have been different, had I left on schedule. As it turned out, Tom and Sarah had been planning to give a presentation at a convention, that Friday night in North Carolina, and spend the week-end there. Paige had been expected to go with them. She had begged and pleaded with them, right from the start, to her leave behind so that she might attend her friend, Megan’s birthday party. Tom and Sarah were sure that if Paige had stayed behind, Megan’s wouldn’t have been the only party.

Sarah asked if I could stick around a couple more days and keep an eye on things. How could I refuse? She reluctantly agreed to let Paige stay, and talked Tom into going along. So off they went and there I sat. Where would we go from there? I wondered.

I drained my coffee cup and rose to fetch a refill, when I saw Paige peeking into the kitchen. Once we made eye contact, she stepped into the room, all timid and shy, wearing just the T shirt I had worn the night before. She folded her hands at her crotch and covered her escort bostancı breasts with her arms and stood staring at her bare toes. It was that woman that I had seen in the shower, pretending to be a little girl.

Eventually she raised her eyes to me. I was waiting with open arms. She scurried across the room and into my embrace. I took her up in my arms and kissed her mouth. She tasted like tooth paste and smelled like a fresh apricot.

We managed to get through breakfast without touching one another, although it wasn’t easy. Paige kept looking at me with big doe eyes. She looked just like a schoolgirl in love, go figure. I just wanted to devour her every time I looked at her. I started cooking in just a pair of shorts and a T shirt, with Paige assisting. But she kept leaning on me and brushing against me. I maintained a constant state of arousal, with her staring at my throbbing member and smiling all the while. Finally I put on a pair of jeans and had her sit at the table while I finished cooking.

We ate our scrambled eggs and toast, sitting across from each other, she making eyes at me and engaging me in a game of ‘footsy’ under that table, and me trying to contain my myself. Once we had finished, Paige dropped her fork on the floor and promptly dove under the table after it. I felt her hand on my foot and she playfully climbed my legs. When she reached the top, she walked her fingers up to the button of my jeans and undid them. She unzipped the fly and hooked her fingers on the waist and began to tug. I raised my hips an allowed her to remove my pants and then my shorts.

I sat at the table and sipped my coffee. I felt her kiss the inside of my left knee. She ran her tongue up the inner side of my thigh, leaving a trail of saliva, all the way to my package. She gently kissed my scrotum and pulled back to repeat the process on my right leg. This time after kissing the scrote, she began to lick. She ran her tongue from the base to the tip of my dick. She licked just the head for a minute, causing my aching cock to throb.

“I’m making him dance,” she giggled. She kept touching just tip with the end of her tongue just to make it twitch. My coffee cup shook as I trembled with anticipation. Just when I thought I could no longer stand it, she wrapped her plump, warm, wet lips around the head and took in as much of my throbbing cock as she could. Her small mouth took in just a little more than half that time. I heard her gag, slightly. I ümraniye escort could feel her saliva run down to my balls and onto my thighs. I had to set my coffee down to keep from dropping it.

“This little girl sure does slobber,” I thought. But I loved it. I had to see her pretty little face. I scooted the chair back and she followed along keeping her face buried in my crotch. Her wavy, dirty-blonde hair concealed her face and my member.

I reached down and pulled her face up, to look up at me. She wore a sad expression. “I can’t take it all in,” she pouted. “I’m tryin, I swear.” Her lips were wet, nearly dripping.

“You don’t have to, Baby,” I said. “I love how you do it.”

“You promise?”

“I swear to God!” I said. “You’re the best I’ve ever had. Really.” She smiled sheepishly. I pulled her up and kissed her wet lips. She slid her tongue into my mouth, climbed up, straddled me, pressing her warm, moist muff against my cock.

I lifted her little body, almost effortlessly, and sat her on the table. I held up a single finger to indicate, “Wait a minute,” then quickly cleared the table. When I turned back to her, she had stripped off my shirt. She sat poised on the edge of the table, naked and waiting.

As I lifted her legs, she leaned back on her elbows. Her sweet little snatch was dripping. “You are the juiciest chick I have ever known,” I said.

“Is that bad?” she asked. I was blown away with her naivete.

“No Baby,” I said. “I love every drop of it.” With that I pressed the head of my dick against her wet little muff. She lifted up to accept me and I eased it into her. She winced and I knew it hurt. Her poor little pussy had been through a lot in the last few hours. “Does it hurt, Baby?”

“Yeah,” she replied, “But it hurts so good!”

I started to withdraw, but she sat up and grabbed my ass. “No you don’t,” she said. “Fuck me Mister!” She pulled me forward. I slowly eased my aching cock all the way in. She drew a breath between her teeth and squinted her eyes all the way. I could tell it hurt. Once I had all of my manhood inside her, I held still and we both trembled. She dug her fingernails into my ass and I loved it.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” I said.

“Oh yeah?” she said. “You always wanted to fuck me on my kitchen table?”

That wasn’t what I’d meant so I paused. She had an accusing look in her eyes that I didn’t understand. For some reason I felt guilty. She slowly released her grip kartal escort bayan on my ass and I pulled back. She bit her lower lip. She dug her nails in again just as the head was at the edge, stopping me from moving.

“Who is it that you’ve always wanted to fuck on my kitchen table then?” she inquired.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck somebody on a table. I’ve never had kitchen sex before,” I said. “That’s all.” I wasn’t sure if I should pull out or not.

“Really?” she said as her face softened. “I’m your first, then?”

“Yeah Baby,” I said. “You’re my first.” She made the decision on whether or not I should pull out. She squeezed my ass cheeks and yanked me forward, while thrusting toward me. I found myself all the way inside her. She let out a low moan, that let me know she tottered on the brink of pleasure and pain.

I held there and we both shuddered. I shot a small, but powerful, load of hot cum inside her. I wouldn’t have thought I had any more in me, at that point. She began to twitch and gasp. She was cumming too.

This girl got off quicker than any woman I had ever known. We’d had more than one mutual orgasm in the last several hours. We had set the bar awfully high.

I felt compassion for her pain. Her tender little flower was hurting and I was compelled to lend it the healing powers of my kisses.

I pulled my member from her twat while she was still shivering and dropped to my knees. I placed my lips tenderly against the swollen and dripping lips of her pussy. She shuddered again I could have sworn that I felt some healing power pass through our conjoined lips. Her sighs seemed to confirm that.

I kissed tenderly and gently lapped up all the juices, just as she had done earlier to me. Now I was the father lion cleaning one of his young. I detected the salty taste of blood, or was that the tang of my own spunk. It was probably both, it didn’t matter. She seemed to start another wave of orgasm. I felt the goose flesh rise on her thighs.

I ran my tongue from one end of her ass crack to her clit, and then sucked her pussy to extract any trace of our last act, as if removing the traces might relieve any pain associated with it. Her moans and groans told me that it was working. I suckled her tangy little puss until every trace was gone and I relished each drop.

At last, I stood up. I lifted her up and looked into her eyes. Her expression was nothing short of adoration. My heart melted. I had never cared about another person as deeply as I did her at that moment.

She wrapped herself around me and held me so tightly that we became that one being again. We stood there in that singular existence until our coffee had gone cold.

“Where do we go from here?” I wondered.

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