Papa and I Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: story contains Gay Male content

Author’s Note: I just wanted to say hello, and I hope you ladies/gents will enjoy! Also, I wanted to thank sexnovella for editing for me!


It was finally my 18th birthday and there was only ONE thing that I was determined to get at all costs; that is, my father. I needed him to use my holes in every way possible, needed him to fuck me senseless, over and over and over again. He was capable of it. His prowess and stamina and creativity in bed were legendary, and it was a well-known fact that he had ruined quite a few males and females for any others. Whether that had more to do with his techniques or the purportedly enormous size of his cock, I was set upon discovering today.

I was his only child in a short-lived marriage to a human female. My father is a very well respected and obscenely rich Vampire who the ruled the covens in California since the late 1800s, and when he had met my pretty and dainty mother during one of his phases of ennui roughly 18 years ago, he had bedded and wedded her in a night. He told me a few years ago when I had asked, that he had simply tired of her quickly after a few weeks, because the bright innocence that had so attracted her to him that day had later proved to be hindrance to quenching his dark and ceaseless desires in bed. When she had given birth to me nine months later, they parted ways amicably and I was raised by my doting father and the Familiars that lived in my father’s sprawling mansion. My memories as a child was always full of joy and at the forefront of them were images of my handsome, smiling, dark haired father who laughed at my every misconduct and shared in my every revelry. And then there were the times that he gazed down at me in wonder, clearly conveying the love that he held for me as he let me suckle his rich sweet ancient blood from a nick in one of his wrists.

“Drink deeply of my blood and grow strong my delicate love. You will one day have a place of your own to rule,” he had always said ritualistically.

A shudder suffused me as I recalled the smell and taste of his deep dark red blood. I haven’t had it since I hit puberty and got a hard on while sucking hungrily from his wrist. We had both been horrified and he had arranged for the Familiars to attend to me ever since. Their blood, though passable and sweet, was nothing like the delicious taste of the aromatic old magic that pumped strong in my father’s blood.

And five years later, I still hungered for his elixir. It was only in the last year however that I developed a hunger for him. I want his blood, but now I also longed, ached really, for his attention, his heart, his flesh, and his semen…the last, I fantasized, would taste even better than his blood.

My cock was hard thinking about sucking THAT out of him, and my pink tight rosebud flexed in eagerness to be filled to the brim with it. A moan escaped my pink full lips as I writhed and teasingly smoothed my hands down in a light caress from my pale naked throat, to my equally exposed and sensitive deep pink nipples, and further still over my flat six packs and blonde fur below my belly button. I stopped short of touching my twitching cock though. I won’t do that until he arrives.

I had tricked him yesterday. For weeks we had been planning the most memorable birthday the Vampire society of California had ever seen, and at the last minute I asked him to promise not to attend. Made him promise that once the party guests arrived, he would lock himself in his room to let me enjoy my birthday the way I wished to, until dusk the following day. He had been hurt, and it made my stomach knot, but it had to be done. If I could extract that promise from him, he would be compelled, as Vampires were wont to do when they made promises, to make good on them. And so here I lay, wantonly naked and splayed on the crimson silk sheets of his bed, my pale, smooth, skin fairly glowing in the morning spill of sunlight through the floor-to-ceiling window whose curtains were usually drawn at this hour.

It wouldn’t be much longer now until he walked into the room and fell into my trap. I WILL have him, and he will want me just as badly when the sun sets this day.

As if summoned the door flew open with unnecessary force and banged loudly against the stone wall of the castle-like mansion. He had been in a fit of temper apparently, but was suddenly startled at the inexplicable amount of light let in his room. Unlike me, a half-breed, my full-blooded vampire father was susceptible to burning in the sunlight. Seconds later, when his eyes finally registered my nakedness in the middle of his bed, his darkly lashed golden eyes grew round in utter astonishment.

I sat up in his bed facing directly in his line of view; one arm to support my upper body while the other tweaked a hardened nipple. I gave him a slow smile, letting my eyes express my burning desire for him, and then I spread my long, muscled, slender legs and bent at the knees to draw them escort bostancı open for him to see.

His eyes were caught by the movements of my body, then my arms, hands, chest, nipples, feet and legs, until his lust-filled eyes found and centered on my stiff pink cock and the hairless balls below it. He swallowed hard and looked ready to devour me. My cock bobbed in excitement at that look, and I groaned a needy, “Papaah!” My hips rising in a slow gyrating move off the bed.

Golden eyes met mine for a split second before the door that flew open with so much force flew closed again with a resounding bang. I laughed. A little delirious with wanting but I said nothing. I lay back enough to the support of my elbows, my thighs spread wide for him still. He paced just outside the door. I could hear his boots clicking on the marbled floor. As I suspected, he felt compelled to come into the room because of his promise, and though in vain, he fought the urge valiantly.

Little more than a minute later the door clicked open and he entered the room looking murderously at me. He kept carefully in the shadows of the curtains that I purposely arranged in a manner that kept him a mere yard from the foot of the bed. I even put out a love seat in a careful spot where he could watch me tease the both of us until the sun went down.

I watched as he locked the door, and with graceful movements like a predator, went over to sit in the middle of the love seat. His knees were spread enough that I caught a glimpse of the HUGE bulge strain in his slacks. I swallowed. Saliva had filled my mouth at the thought of gagging on his impressive cock.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” My father growled out.

I looked up sharply at his face. His profanity had certainly taken me aback. He had never before used that kind of language or tone with me, and strangely enough, it excited me even more. It made me grin harder at what I saw in his eyes. There was anger there. I could see that, but there was something else that was deep and barely contained, a…hunger, for me. It was evident when his golden eyes flickered black and back to golden again. Back and forth they changed, indicating how strongly wrought his emotion were as he took in the sight of my shamelessly displayed body.

“Papa.” I said, my hand going to stroke my cock in slow deliberate moves. “I am going to make you fuck me till I can’t walk.” I made sure to draw out the last few words with a throaty quality to my tenor.

“Don’t be absurd!” He hissed and used his telekinetic abilities to try and close the thick curtains.

Using my own inherited abilities, I stopped the closing curtains just before I was cast in the shadows where he would then be able to reach me.

He gave me a look of surprise and then his eyes flashed completely black. I wanted to purr. When his eyes flickered, it meant he was still struggling for control; when they turned black, it meant control was lost.

“Put on you’re damned clothes and leave Erin!” he didn’t shout it, but his voice was raised higher than he had ever used with me and I responded to his authoritativeness.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt tingly all over, from the tips of my fingers, to my toes, and most importantly to my straining cock. It jumped again, and his eyes shot to it automatically and then back at my face, lingering at the plump pink bottom lip I had caught between my teeth. He wanted me too! I was elated to discover. He wanted me almost as much as I wanted him.

I released my lip and licked it slowly, beckoning him with a curl of my index finger. He stood involuntarily in a trance-like state and walked over to me at the foot of the bed, towering with his impressive six foot five muscular frame.

He and I were different as day and night. He was tall and burly with thick dark brown hair. He was built like a Viking warrior (which he was), all thick coiling muscles, tapering waist and 8-pack abs, with a quiet deadliness to match it. His chest was furred and his jaw was always dark with stubbles. One of his beefy rippling arms was almost the size of one of my thighs. I, on the other hand, was five foot ten and willowy. I was muscled and fit but slender in frame. My hair was blond and my skin pale like my mother, though I have my father’s golden eyes. I was also mostly hairless save the tufts of hair below my belly button that trailed to my pubic hair. There were also some at my pits and legs, and I had a few straggly hairs on my chin and upper lip if I wanted to grow it.

When he stopped at the foot of the bed, his hands balled tightly until his knuckles were white, and from the tightness in his jaw I could tell his teeth were gnashed together behind his closed full lips. I couldn’t help but smile up at him in lust and wonder. We were tantalizingly separated by scant inches, he in the shadow and I bathed in the brilliant warm sunlight. He could’ve easily force the curtain closed with his telekinetic strength ümraniye escort that vastly dominated mine in order to reach me, but he didn’t. I could tell he liked letting me toy and tease him.

“Just watch me prepare my ass for you, father.” I purred kneeling up on the bed and leaning so close I could feel the harsh puffs of breaths he was letting out of his nose on my forehead, because even on the high four poster king-sized bed, he was still taller than me. “And then if you decided you won’t have me, I will leave this room as soon as the sunsets.”

“This isn’t right son.” his voice was deep and roughened with desire.

I was thrilled by it.

“Please, Papa?” I feigned a pout. “For my birthday?”

I could barely keep from chuckling when his throat worked hard again, but he did not reply.

In a bold move I reached into the shadow across the thin divide between light and darkness to grip the huge straining cock tenting his slacks.

He closed his eyes and groaned a quiet, “Fuck baby.”

My heart thudded in my chest, my breath clamping up in my chest at finally feeling it. My hands glided down to cup the big soft balls, and then slid up the hard length of his cock to where the purple thick head peeped out well beyond the waist of his pants. And FUCK that dick was huge! It was at least ten hard inches long and so very, very thick. He would rip open and destroy my virgin hole tonight. It would hurt like hell, and I would love every aching second of it.

It was me who had to swallow my watering mouth this time. Horny beyond imagining but determined to get him just as mindless with lust, I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants just enough to get both his balls and cock out.

I was mesmerized for a heart-stopping moment. I was in love with his cock. It was big, thick, uncut, and perfect. The mushroom head, currently encased in foreskin was purple and slightly thicker than the rest of his rigid length, which was a dizzying thought when I knew from touching him just a second ago that my middle finger and thumb could not meet encircled around him. His cock was also veiny, but not grotesquely so, just enough to loan texture to what would otherwise be smooth silken skin. I wanted to bathe those veins with long licks. It gave a sudden bounce of excitement to my utter enjoyment, and I laughed.

“God, baby.” My father said huskily. He was looking down at me, nose flaring. “The way you look at my cook…”

I was no longer smiling. I wanted to play with his cock like I have never wanted anything else in my life. Against my own plans, I swooped down. My hands were braced on the edge of the bed and I opened my mouth wide to suck him into my hot wet mouth. I moaned at the exquisite taste and smell of him, he fairly coughed out a breath.


At the sound of my shouted name, I bobbed my head and sucked him harder, afraid to fit little more than the thick silky cockhead in my mouth for fear of scraping him with my teeth. Then I dipped my head lower capturing each of his furred balls in my mouth and lovingly sucked and wet them before I licked a broad stripe up thick hard shaft until I sucked his cockhead back deeply into my mouth. But I had to stop. And so with another one or two bobs, I moved my head backwards, sucking hard until my lips were encased around the sensitive ridge of his cockhead. I swirled my tongue around and around it and then used the tip of my tongue to flick at the pee slit were his salty precum fed to my hunger. Not anywhere near satisfied I moved off his cock with a regretful popping sound.

“Daddy!” I gave a complained moan, and then licked furiously at my own swollen plump pink lips to get more of my father’s essence off of them.

When I opened my eyes again, he looked ready to jump into the sunlight for me. I would be definitely getting my father’s cock into the hungry pink pussy I have for an asshole. It tightened, and un-tightened, at the scintillating thought.

“Sit down Papa.” I told him as I sat back down on my ass and scooted it to the very edge of the bed and resumed the spread legged position I was in before with my feet braced at the edges. “Watch me open up my hole in preparation for the thick fucking cock of yours.”

With that, I lay back flat on my back. Feeling sexy and raunchy as hell. I raised my bent knees until my they were nearly touching my ears, feet in mid-air, and my tightly furled asshole and leaking dick were on display for him. I closed my eyes, the feelings roiling through me made me feel high, and the scent of him warm, spicy, and musky in the air made me undulate my hips like a bitch in heat. I heard the scratchy sound of the wooden legs of the love seat scraping over the rug as my Papa moved it directly behind him.

I raised only my head and watched him watch the movements of my hips and groin as he sat down dazedly. When his eyes were at the perfect height to examine my lasciviously displayed body, a thunderstruck look of awe overcame his handsome features. kartal escort bayan Shaking his head as if in disbelief, though his face was literally inches away from my impatiently twitching dick and asshole, a large hand came up to rub his mouth and the permanent five o’clock shadow of his perfectly angled jaws.

A heavy sigh escaped his mouth behind that hand, which was a regular part of my wet dreams. I fantasized about his big hands as much as I fantasized about his dick in the past year, with those enticingly, thick, blunt fingers that I wanted all over me…groping and leading me…inside of me…finger fucking me, HARD! Then his mouth was visible and his fangs had elongated.

“Erin, you are so beautiful.” He whispered in an almost remorseful tone, more to himself than to me.

As a man, it was an odd feeling to be called beautiful, but coming from him I flushed pink. Pleased with his words. He was the only man in the world that could unman me, made me feel like prostrating myself at his feet and surrendering myself in all ways for his pleasure, and be the bitch, the pussy, for his thick cock to drill at his leisure. God he made me feel sexy and beautiful, like I was the most perfect thing in the world!

Music from the birthday party I ditched was blasting, but through the thick floors it came faintly. The soft thrumming of a song with heavy electric guitars, loud drumming, and lyrics that promised sex, added to the ambiance. Slightly rolling my hips to the music and catching his black eyes, I sucked a middle finger into my mouth, moaning and slurping enthusiastically imagining it was his enormous cock.

His nose flared and I could see the movements of his arm as he began to stroke himself. I regretted not seeing it, but consoled myself with the knowledge that I would be stroking it soon enough, first with my hands, my hungry mouth, and then my tight virgin ass. I moaned again, my other hand sliding down my own over-sensitized body down to rub my own cock and lightly weigh the balls beneath it. When my finger was wet with spit I brought it down to encircle my pink hole.

“Do it, sweet baby.” My father sounded downright breathless and guttural.

I tossed my head back, laughing a little. I felt euphoric! Then with deliberate slowness I penetrated my own hole, my long, slender finger, sliding in my eagerly upended ass-pussy with ease.

“Ooohh-hnuh!” The whimper slipped from somewhere deep inside my chest. With every depth my finger penetrated, it burned slightly. Almost easing the terrible itch in the walls of my ass that needed scratching, but then, not nearly enough at all.

My father responded with an animalistic growl. “Fuck you!” he demanded.

I gasped at his words, and the dominating way that he ordered me to do so. Gingerly, I pulled out my finger, put it in my mouth to wet it again and then plunged it back up my ass almost brutally.

“Oh fuck baby, just like that!” he praised. “One day I’ll suck blood from that tender junction at your inner thigh while you finger fuck yourself just like this.”

“Daddy!” I cried out my finger pumping in and out furiously at his words. My other hand had come up to pinch hard at a nipples and my dick was leaking generously. “I need you to fuck me like this. Hard, Papa!”

“Not if you don’t add another finger, son.” He said harshly, getting really into it. “Open your pretty pussy up for Papa.”

“Oh fuck yes!” I gasped breathlessly before shoving index and middle fingers into my mouth, hastily wetting them and then ramming them up my ass.

“Uuuunh!” I groaned in pain at my own roughness but loving it.

“Yes, baby.” I heard him rasp. “Papa is going to pound your slutty pink pussy.”

I nodded my head gulping in air imagining him doing just that.

“I’ll fuck you till you’re tiny little hole is red and gaping, leaking daddy’s creamy cum.” I have only ever remembered his voice being cultured, calm, full of laughter, and in some instances, angry, but I had never heard this baritone, passion-roughened voice coming from him. It made my toes curl and balls ache.

“Daddy I’m going to come!” And I was, my asshole had clenched unbelievably tighter around my two fingers and my balls were drawing up.

“Come then, love.”

“Oh! Fuck my pussy Daddy!” I screamed my fingers slamming in and out of my loosened hole at lightning speed. Then I came, my back arching up, and I forgot to breathe in all the intensity. My dick spurted cum high in the air, without me touching it.

I barely had time to come down from the high before I felt his hands seize my trembling ankles that had been dangling limply off the side of the bed, where the shadow would not burn him, and I was unceremoniously pulled towards him. I sucked in a shocked breath as just my ass was pulled off the foot of the bed. It took only one of his strong splayed hands at my lower back to support me there.

He grinned wolfishly up at the astounded look on my face, and I melted inside like a giddy fucking girl.

“There’s no going back now.” He told me. “This ass is mine.” Then he immediately set to devouring my ass, his long agile tongue slipping into my hole, making me moan and sob out other embarrassingly high-pitched sounds. My dick twitched to life again.

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