Park Interlude Ch. 02

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Park Interlude Chapter 2: A Rainy Date

(Author’s note: Fantasy that does involve incest and public sex, as well as voyeurism. Love your feedback, even the negative ones, I use them all to help improve for future posts. The positive feedback definitely is helpful and spurs me onward. Will this become a series, I think so. We shall see how the mood strikes.)


Never let it be said that rain would ever slow a Mom down in her pursuit of blissful happiness for her family or for herself. This day is just one of those days. My son was again in town, taking time off from his part-time college job to have dinner with Mom on a Friday night, but we could not control the weather and it has been raining cats and dogs since early afternoon with no signs of slowing up.

I took him to a rather nice restaurant, one that I knew had a nice portico to disembark from our SUV so we would not get wet and my new hair style wouldn’t be too severely damaged in the short walk it took to get inside. The valet got a wonderful view up my skirt slit and I took a moment to fully swing my other leg out reaching back to pick up my handbag that I left in the console, so as I leaned I know he saw much more than the creamy white thigh meat above my black thigh high lacy tops; indeed he may have answered the question if I remembered panties tonight or not. James on the other hand was more interested in the seafood I was treating him to this evening, or perhaps the dessert that he was expecting afterwards, he was out of the vehicle almost before we stopped. As I stepped out of the driver’s seat, the valet was close so I let my breasts graze slowly across his chest, looking up into his eyes to let him know that a spark had ignited, my left hand lightly touched his groin in the dark pants where a slight bulge was indeed present. I knew without asking he would take good care of my chariot and be there to see to its return.

In the restaurant we were shown to a reserved table, one of their rare treats with a sunset view had the rain not beset us that day. But instead we were being serenaded by the drumbeat of the sheets of rain upon the rooftop a sort of mesmerizing sound that we were enjoying from our semi-circular booth. As we got to the booth, I stopped James before he sat himself down, “it’s proper young man to allow the woman of the party to be seated first,” I told him as I smiled demurely towards him and the maître de. He rather stiffly bowed and his sweeping hand showed me the right side of the booth that he seemed to prefer for me. As with the exit from the vehicle I took my time, I pecked him on the cheek as I squeezed past him, then sat so that the slit of my dress let them both know this “May-December” party was going to be exciting for at least one of them, the lacy tops of my thigh highs were again on display for them both. My son smiled broadly as he gazed upon my long legs, and the gentleman well his one eyebrow raised to show his admiring approval, before my legs disappeared under the white table cloth.

As I moved to more center stage of the booth, my breasts were dancing it seems for my son who now stood alone and admired his Mother, the halter top of my outfit allowed those pendulous orbs to free fall and dance about as though they had lives of their own, he nodded his approval before sliding in the left side of the booth. Since we were now alone for a minute I planted a kiss upon his lips and let him taste my tongue ever so briefly before breaking contact as I knew a waitress would soon be with us. I was right, a very tall, rather sultry redhead came into view and smiled at us, asking for our drink orders. She seemed to recognize Mother and son and carded him when he ordered a draft beer, all the while her saucy eyes flirting with him almost as though I wasn’t there. Yes he is a hunk and what some would call a chick magnet.

We made small talk briefly about his college classes and how he was doing grade-wise, I knew he was excelling he had graduated kartal escort at the top of his homeschool class and I was so very proud of how quickly he learned any topic I put in front of him over the years.

Before we knew it our waitress was back with our drinks, wine for me and a frosty large mug of beer for James. She smiled at us both and winked at him as she went to leave giving us more time to study the menus we had yet to crack open. I had a hand on his thigh as we kept up our light banter and again being alone, I offered my lips once more and felt his tongue pushing against my lips I let him in and tasted his wonderful maleness. The waitress surprised us by showing up as we were kissing and she very obviously saw it more than just a motherly peck on the cheek. The waitress blushed a bit but didn’t back away, I gave her a knowing nod and said we were ready to order. After taking our orders and menus she told us that if there was anything else she could help us with just ask, she said this as she was looking first at James and then in a lingering way at me.

James I could tell wasn’t all that interested in her, after all he was probably figuring why focus on a “maybe” when a “definite” was sitting here at the table with him. Me on the other hand, I took note of her words and facial expression, I was pretty good at reading people and knew this beautiful woman was perhaps 10 years senior to James and knew her way around more than a menu or table.

As she left I moved my left hand up his thigh to his crotch to feel a semi-erect cock in his pants. I moaned softly and smiled, “is that for me or someone else,” I questioned him as I gently massaged it.

“Mom I don’t share with others, you know that,” he responded, “even at school I might date, but no one gets what is yours.”

I was proud to hear him say this in one way, but also kind of saddened that he wasn’t expanding his horizons. Perhaps he needed to be shown more at some future date.

Our appetizers arrived shortly and were scrumptious as I had expected. Our waitress, Andrea, sat them on the table as she eyed my left arm, noting that it was obviously in James’ lap. She made no comment but her facial expression was saying much and her eyes danced as she looked my way and asked once again if she could possibly help either of us in any way, we should just let her know.

The trouser tent that James was now showing me told me that a big event would be coming later in the evening, but as we looked out at the rain as we ate, he sounded a little dejected saying I’m guessing the park is out of the question tonight.

I smiled and replied, “that is exactly why I turned down a ride in your Mustang and offered my SUV for tonight’s date. The darkened windows can come in handy too.”

Meanwhile after hearing that James’ hands seemed to perk up their interest and when we were alone with our meal he got preoccupied with my halter, and soon had a hand cupping a heavy tit as he ate with the other. I wouldn’t embarrass him or slow him down any by letting him know I could see Andrea checking out what he was doing from her vantage point outside of his view, but the fact that she was a confirmed voyeur who was not making a scene with what she was witnessing only got my pussy all the more excited for what was to come.

After dinner we ordered one more round of drinks and before they were delivered, I suggested that James should get my napkin that fallen from my lap. He looked under the tablecloth and realized it was on the other side of my legs. He moved below the tabletop and as he did my legs naturally spread.

Suddenly he had an unobstructed view up over the tops of my stockings right into my bald cunt. He was getting wafts of sex smells too I am sure, as I was more than moist from his touching and Andrea’s knowing eyes. Soon my son was licking my clit and fingering my hot wet hole at the same time.

I sat and appeared to be mesmerized by the rain.

Andrea returned maltepe escort bayan with our drinks and boldly asked, “where is your son?”

I broke my stare with the rain with a soft moan that I hadn’t planned on murmuring and she smiled as I spoke, “oh he is taking care of some business at the moment, getting ready for the next part of our time out with each other tonight.” I know James could hear all of this if he was paying attention.

She sat down at the corner of the booth and started a conversation with me, “he’s a wonderful looking young man,” she said, “he reminds me a lot of my younger brother at home. My parents had one of those “uh-oh” babies 13 years after I was born, he’s now 18 and in some ways he’s a brat of a brother but in other ways he’s more like a close friend.”

I smiled knowingly and touched her arm near her breast, “I fully understand what you mean Andrea, that closeness is important to a strong family, it has been something we’ve maintained as well, even as James has gone off to college,” I found myself explaining to her.

Andrea looked down at my hand and smiled looking up into my eyes, “its been a fun time with him growing up that is for sure, are you feeling well ma’am you are suddenly a bit flushed?”

I squirmed as I was trying to suppress one of my orgasms, something that James knows I have a difficult time doing. He loves that Mom is very vocal in my sex and masturbation activities.

I tried to smile at Andrea, “well hon I’m thinking of our fun later and maybe that is causing me to blush. You see normally we spend time walking in a nearby park after we eat, but the rain tonight will curtail that and is causing me to consider other plans.”

She giggled and left our table and James resurfaced. He was smiling a very wet smile he loves that I often squirt when I cum.

“James she was well aware of where you were and what you were doing, seems she was signaling this horny Mom that her relationship with her brother is extremely close as well, she’s been watching you fondle my tits all night from near the kitchen door where you couldn’t see her,” I related to James.

Now he was blushing and suddenly seemed ready to leave.

I asked Andrea to let the valet know we were leaving so he could have my SUV pulled up when we left.

As we waited James said, “Mom I was so surprised you went commando tonight.”

I looked at him, “this dress shows panty lines in a wild way hon so I left them at home, even one of my thongs would have shown,” I said to him as I shooed him out of the booth.

Just before we got to the door Andrea handed me a note that James didn’t see her do and her other hand touched my rear as her eyebrow lifted and she said, “enjoy what he offers you to the max.”

I made a decision and told James to wait in the vehicle I would be right out.

I asked Andrea where the ladies room was and she guided me towards the door all the while her one hand remained close to my rear as the hallway was a bit darkened. At the door she pushed it opened and beckoned me before her. I wasn’t expecting her to follow but we were suddenly in the ladies room alone and I heard her throw the deadbolt on the door.

“Privacy is best for what I sense is coming” she murmured as she seemed to melt into my arms. Her lips were on mine and her hands were suddenly roaming all over me.

As we broke the kiss her eyes locked to mine, “he’s a fantastic lover isn’t he,” she asked.

I felt a tinge of red on my cheeks again, as I nodded.

Andrea smiled, “so is my brother.”

She pushed me in a gentle but stern way to the counter and soon I was sitting before her legs split open and my skirt opened as well. Smiling she whispered, “may I taste what he was tasting?”

I ran a finger deep into my cunt and offered it to her, with wild greed she sucked it deep and moaned…..then my hand guided her into my extremely wet cunt and I begged her to make me cum again. Her tongue escort pendik and lips were so talented, I came in less than a minute of her attention, squirting hot juices into her mouth and on her chin.

She stood and I kissed her again tasting myself on her lips, licking what was left from her chin.

I told her, “we share a very open relationship and we also crave sex outdoors at times even if others might be watching.”

She gave me her phone number and made me promise to call her very soon for more details about her equally special family.

When I got out to the car the valet was still there to help me with the door. This time as James was watching I got close to him, close enough for him to smell the heady scent from my aching cunt that needed a dick in it. I was more bold and grabbed his crotch as I gave him a nice tip and complimented him on how well he was taking care of my vehicle.

As we pulled away James’ hands were untying my halter. The park was less than a mile away and I knew the parking lot would be deserted on a rainy night like this. Without getting out of the vehicle we moved into the back seat and my tits were swinging all over the place as James started to slap and maul them. His dick was standing at full staff, an erection that I was proud to have created.

I panted, “Momma needs to be fucked baby give that man meat me to me and cum deep into my womb, I want your seed so deeply planted.”

Before he pushed into me though he had another taste, and as he got up he said “the waitress ate you too didn’t she.” “Yes she knew you were my son, she knew we were having sex, it turned her on too and she wants to meet me when you go back to college, is that ok with you baby,” I asked.

James surprised me, “Mom if you will send pics and videos of what you do it will be more than fine with me.” I felt his dick pushing my cunt walls apart then.

“Yes fuck me, fuck your Mom slut baby, show me how big a slut I am, fuck me in the car here, use me in a nasty way,” I panted.

We fucked with my legs high up in the air for a bit, then as I was growing tired he seemed to sense that and had me on my knees and elbows my Mommy ass up high and inviting….but again first he had to lick, and I felt his hot tongue exploring my butt, my boy was going to assfuck me tonight and I was about to beg for it.

“Fuck Mom’s asshole honey, lube it good but fuck my brown hole, it is tight but I want your big dick to split it wide open,” I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart and ran my fingers over his face as he tongue fucked me, “please put it in me now baby, fuck Mommy’s asshole.”

James loves to cum all over me, inside of me, and this time he gave me a huge enema of his cum deep in my ass all the while he could feel my muscles milking his cock shaft, coaxing him deeper and deeper into my bowels with his 8 inch dick. What happened though after he came was a total surprise for both of us.

He pulled out and stuck two fingers in my ass and fucked me more until I came for him, the cum he left in my ass was dripping down my legs and spraying all over both of us. My squirting juices drenched his legs and the seat but I didn’t care.

Then the surprise, I grabbed his hand, the two fingers that had just been in my asshole and I sucked the cum and me off of them. He just sat there and watched my passionate hunger. I was not aware of what came over me and I wanted it all, and more, because then I knelt on the floor and grabbed his softening dick and sucked it clean as well. I had never done that for anyone…..anywhere….or anytime.

I looked up at him, “you’ve created quite the slut in your old Mom honey.”

He smiled, “you’ve been a slut for a long time Mom, I think tonight’s dinner had something to do with all of this, and I’ve never seen you so hungry for sex. You want to fuck that girl don’t you?”

I merely looked at him and smiled.

“I’m thinking we are not too far from home, I’ll drive naked if you will be naked with me and then we can fuck in the garage when we get home if you want, maybe over the workbench there. Think you will be hard again?” I giggled.

The keys hit the ignition and the engine roared, so did our sex drive as we headed for the next fuck.

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