Passing Trig

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Bouncing Tits

All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age. Hope you enjoy.


The last thing I remember before I drift off is watching my teacher, Mr. Jones, as he wrote another pointless trigonometry proof on the board. Next thing I knew, he was dropping a pile of book onto my desk. I jump with a start at the sudden loud noise. Mr. Jones laughs at my confusion, because as I look around the classroom, I can see that everyone else has already left. Looking at the clock, I see that the school day ended fifteen minutes ago.

“It’s a good thing you drive Jeremy, otherwise you would have missed your bus,” He says, continuing to smirk at me.

“Why didn’t you wake me sooner?”

“I really thought that you would have woken up when they all left,” He says, as he strolls over to his desk and takes a seat, “and I needed to talk to you, so I just left you until they were all gone.”

“What do you need to talk to be about?” I ask while I stand and start to collect my things.

“Your performance in my class is very poor Jeremy. You rarely turn in your homework, you can never stay awake, and you got F’s on your last two tests! You act like you don’t want to graduate at the end of the year.”

“I do want to graduate, it’s just this class is so boring, and nothing makes sense. My grades so low right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to pass no matter how hard I try,” I stammer, looking down at my shoes, ashamed of admitting that I was struggling, even though he already knew.

“We could arrange some extra credit if you would like.”

“I don’t see how that would help, I would still have to get the problems right to get the credit.”

“What if, instead of doing math problems, you help me with a little problem of mine?” He says, sounding cocky, his voice full of suggestion. Looking up from my shoes, I see that he is sitting in his desk chair, just like any other day, except his pants and boxers are pulled down, revealing his large, semi hard penis that he’s stroking kartal escort while he looks up at me.

“You aren’t any good at math, but if rumors are true, you’re pretty good at this,” he strokes his cock a little faster as I stand there, dumbfounded.

“So… if I do this for you, I’ll pass the class?”

“You’ll have to suck it, and anything else I ask of you, whenever I ask you to, from now until graduation.” I think for only a moment, because in all reality, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on him since the start of the school year. I drop my things on a desk and get down on my knees, my mouth already salivating, awaiting his load. I take his head into my mouth, sucking gently as I caress his balls. He gives a gentle moan and moves more towards the edge of the chair, to give me better access to him. I take more of him into my mouth until my nose is buried in his little puffs of brown pubes. I bob up and down on him for a few minutes while he gets harder in my mouth. His balls jerk, and he stands. Grabbing my head, he starts fucking my face and I relax my throat as best as I can. After a few second, he backs out so only his head is in my mouth and he starts to cum. I swallow his tasty juices, not wanting any to escape my lips.

He sits back down, while I stay kneeling at his feet. He looks very pleased with my work, and it makes me glad. He stands and pulls his pants up over his now soft member.

“Have you ever done it in the ass before Jeremy?”

“No sir, I haven’t,” I answer blushing, surprised by his bluntness.

“Well, we’ll have to change that. Come early to class tomorrow, and hopefully I can do something for you.”

“Yes sir,” I reply with glee. I grab my things and leave, practically running to the nearest boys room. I lock myself in the stall and have my pants down in record time. I grab my dick, jerking it as fast as possible, thinking of the beautiful after noon I’d had, and the fun to come.


I had a hard time maltepe escort bayan paying attention in all of my classes today, and once the bell rang, I walk as fast as the halls would let me to Mr. Jones’ classroom.

“I see someone’s eager for some trigonometry today. Why don’t you step into my office so we can discuss your last quiz score,” Mr. Jones says, leading me into the door parallel to the entrance to the room. As soon as the door closes, he bends me over his desk and pulls down my pants and underwear, leaving my pale ass high in the air. He leaves me like this as he goes to the bottom drawer of the desk and removes two things. One is a bottle of lube, and the other is something. He doesn’t speak, he just lubes up the purple thing and my virgin asshole. He gently rubs the head of the thing around my hole, getting it to open and gently sliding it in. It kind of hurts, but not in a bad way. He pulls my pants back into place, and turns me around. He smiles at me like he’s got the best secret, and then opens the door for me to go back into the classroom.

The lesson today is just as boring as ever, and the thing in my ass is certainly a distraction, but I still find my eyes closing after the first ten minutes.

“Whoa!” I exclaim out loud, as the thing that’s in my ass starts to vibrate like crazy. It seems so loud to me I swear the whole class can hear it, and everyone’s looking at me.

“Did you have a question Jeremy?” Mr. Jones asks, his hands in his pockets, looking at me with pure pleasure at my discomfort with the situation.

“No Mr. Jones, just drifting off. I guess I scared myself awake.”

“Sleeping in my class again!” He yelled, “We need to talk after class. If I see you nod off or if you disrupting my class again, I’ll give you a weeks worth of detention, now face the board.” I did as I was told, trying to keep quiet at the thing in my ass started to shake faster, causing the front of my basketball shorts to tent. He must have some escort pendik kind of remote! I thought, as I stare at the casual way he’s standing with one hand quickly writing notes across the board and the other deep in his khaki pocket.

By the time the final bell rings, I swear I’m about to cum in my pants. The thing has not stopped vibrating since it started, and I just want the class to leave so I can have him already. The other kids gather their things slowly, I guess trying to stay around to hear me get yelled at, but Mr. Jones holds the door open for the last straggler then closes it firmly behind her, and locks it.

“Stand please Jeremy.” I do, and he laughs out loud at my obvious erection. “Show it to me.” At his command, I drop my shorts, exposing my fully hard, 8 inch dick. “Mmmm, you sure have a nice one. I wonder at this point, how much it would take you to cum,” he says sarcastically as he walks up to me. He takes the remote out of his pocket and turns it up as high as possible, and it literally brings my to my knees. As soon as they hit the ground, I cum all over the floor next to my desk. “If you’d like to cum again, you’ll lick up the mess you’ve made on my floor.” I don’t even question his command, I just start lapping it up with my tongue, intent of getting him in my ass as soon as possible. Once I finish, he beckons me over and once again bends me over his desk. He gently removes the purple thing from my ass, and getting a better look at it now, it looks like a plastic dick, with a fatter end to keep it in place. He begins to lube up his dick, and after watching me cum all over the place and lick it up, he’s already hard. He starts at my entrance and pushes in, I’m a little looser after the past hours abuse, but it’s still a tight fit. He isn’t gentle, he just rams into me, knowing this is what we both want. Our thrusts start to match up as we move in motion with each other. His breathing turns into panting as he gets closer to finishing. He goes faster still, and as he does, he reaches around and grabs my dick, jerking it to the rhythm of his thrusts. We cum at the same time, him inside me, and me all over his desk. He grabs my jaw and brings my mouth to his, kissing me deep and hard. This is going to be a good year.

The end

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