Passions Unleashed, Pt. 11

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By the following Friday, David was so horny for his mom’s cunt, since they hadn’t fucked in a couple of weeks. Susan had finally recovered from the fabulous fuck Greg had arranged for her the previous Saturday, and she couldn’t wait for this Saturday night when she and Ted were going to Greg’s since his folks were gone for the weekend. Susan came into David’s room Friday evening and found her son sitting up in bed stroking his hard cock.

“Sorry I’m late,” Susan said. “I was on the computer.” As Susan dropped to her knees, she bent over to take her son’s cock in her mouth. David held his mom’s head as she licked up and down his shaft, sucking his cockhead and then deep-throating him. Susan then pulled up slowly, her saliva trickling down to David’s pubes and balls.

“Oh man,” David moaned. “You suck cock good, mom.” Susan moaned around the cockhead only to repeat the deep-throating technique that her son loved. “Ah, man, yeah” David groaned. “You sure are inspired tonight!” Again his mom moaned around the cockhead thinking about the double fuck she would receive from her son’s friends the following night. Finally David could hold out no longer. Susan took his cockhead in her mouth and began fisting his slicked-up shaft, faster, faster, faster.

“Ahh! Ahh! Oh yeah!” David cried as he shot his load down his mom’s throat. “Fuck that was good,” David said after Susan took his cock from her mouth to lick him clean. “I can’t wait for tomorrow to get that again.”

“Tomorrow?” Susan thought. “Oh shit!” In all the excitement over Saturday night, Susan forgot that kartal escort bayan she fucked David every Saturday. But she didn’t want herself too fucked-out and sore. Greg and Paul were both going to fuck her cunt. At the same time!

“Um, honey,” Susan managed to say. “I forgot about tomorrow.”

“What?” David asked.

“I’ve got some things to do off and on all day and -“

“Aw fuck, mom! Come on! You promised!”

“I know, I know! Listen, I’ll make it up to you -“

“Yeah right!”

“I will.”

“Just forget it,” David groaned, turning away from her. Susan, feeling guilty, stood up and kissed her son’s cheek. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I promise. I WILL make it up to you.” And with that she left his room.

The next day, David startled Ted when he asked to go into work with him. Ted knew all about the argument last night, and let his angry son accompany him. That evening, Susan and Ted again dressed like they were going to go out. David didn’t say a word this time, as he watched a ballgame on TV. Still feeling guilty, Susan said nothing but Ted spoke up saying, “Uh David, we’ll be back in a few hours.” And they walked out.

“They’re so fucked up,” David thought. Once their car drove off, David decided to call Greg to see what was happening. “Uh, I can’t man,” Greg informed him. “I’ve got a chick coming over.”

“Yeah who?” David asked. “It’s just someone that I met. Look she’s gonna be over any minute so I gotta split,” Greg said hanging up.

David then tried Paul but he had just left. “You know when escort maltepe he’ll be back?” David asked Paul’s mom.

“I don’t know sweetie, I’m sorry. I think he said something about going out with Greg but that’s all I know.”

“What the fuck?” David thought as he hung up. As the minutes past David thought and thought. “Greg’s gonna fuck some girl tonight with Paul and they’re not inviting me? The bastards!” David mulled angrily until he thought that maybe he could check it out. Greg didn’t live too far, less than a mile away. His house was big. Maybe David could see who they were doing. You know, just wander around the outside and hopefully peek through a window or something. Then David left the house and walked to Greg’s. When he got there he noticed a familiar car in the driveway. “What the fuck is this?” David thought. What were his parents doing here? Then his mind drifted back many weeks earlier when his mom mentioned something about fucking his friends; for his father. “They’re BOTH in there. With Greg and Paul!” David’s head screamed. That’s the “chick” Greg is fucking! That’s the ‘older woman’ Paul is fucking! Oh my god!” David was angry and wanted to cry. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t storm in, but ran around the house looking for a window. He needed to see for himself. He entered the back yard and noticed the sliding back door. He could see light from the living room and as he got closer, in the darkness, David took a peak inside. His eyes opened wide, and his mouth fell open.

There on the couch was his father, Ted, pendik escort naked and playing with himself, while on the carpeted floor, Greg was lying down with his mom straddling him, while holding Greg’s shoulders. Meanwhile, Paul was behind her up-turned ass, moving to and fro. David’s world began crashing all around him. He watched as his friends fucked his own mom. In and out, in and out, up and down, up and down, thrusting their huge young pricks in and out of her as Susan cried out for more. His mom was squealing in a way he’d never heard a woman do before, certainly not with him. Susan moaned and cried in pleasure, accentuated with lots of “Ow, ow ows!’ but for her it was all worth it!

Then David noticed something peculiar. Fucking his mom from behind, Paul took a couple of fingers and shoved them in her ass. “What the fuck!” David thought. “If his fingers are in her ass, then where’s his cock? No fucking way!” Total way! David was amazed watching his whorish, slut mom getting double penetrated in her PUSSY! And David knew just how well-hung his friends were, too. Both studs continued to work their cocks as far up Susan’s cunt as they could, destroying her for all time. David noticed his dad start shooting his cum into a glass so as not to get it on the carpet. Greg and Paul, sweating, grunting, groaning calling Susan a “bitch,” a “whore,” an “older woman slut,” continued pounding their pricks in and out of

her dripping cunt. And David noticed his mom: sweaty, mouth ajar, licking her lips, crying in pleasure, her eyes glazed, cumming yet again. She was fucking loving it!

David backed away. It was all he could handle. Walking faster, he started to jog and then broke into a run. How could his mom do all this? Why was his dad so perverted? And why, David wondered in the dark of night, was his own cock so fucking hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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