Patty’s Eyes Pt. 03

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Patty’s Eyes–Part 3: A day of experimentation and sharing

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction and a continuation of the story “Patty’s Eyes”. Warning: this is a self-edited long story with women exploring their sexuality in a variety of ways. Volunteers for story suggestions, editing, and/or grammar desired.

Chapter 9 – A Day of Submission

I make French toast today. Not something I do often it’s something different. Doesn’t take long for everyone to smell it and come running for breakfast. Some fresh fruit and juice and breakfast is ready. We chat like every other day, nothing special. My guess is they just like to hear someone talking, it really doesn’t matter what they say, I keep that thought to myself. I do the dishes and then it’s off to the living room where they are waiting for me. Several pieces of rope are waiting on the center coffee table.

Patty with a cheery smile asks, “How do we become submissive?”

I say honestly, “Keep in mind I am far from an expert on this. It would seem like there are levels of submission. Since I have no clue about this stuff let’s call level 1 more of a theory level. No restraints, no abuse, just the inability to say ‘no’ although you get a safe word to overrule what you don’t like. You have the complete ability to override me. You call me Master and if you screw up, I make you do something you don’t like. It will be more embarrassing than painful, although some pain will be involved, like spanking.

“Level 2 is about restraints. You get tied up, your master decides more for you. Punishments are more severe and painful. You have far less control. A safe wood might get ignored.”

I continue, “Level 3 is the extreme. I have complete control over your mind and body. Punishment is more extreme. You become a piece of property that can be traded. You have no say in anything. I can do anything that comes to my mind and you will love it. This is the ultimate in humiliation and pain. If you need this level of humiliation, I can’t give you what you need. I understand some guys get off on the control part of things, I don’t.”

Patty questions, “If I do Level 2, would my safe word always work with you?”

I answer, “All three of you need to know that this type of lifestyle does not come easily to me. I am willing to learn if you want. This is not something I need unless it makes you happy. So yes, with me, a safe word is always safe no matter what. You three are more precious than anything I own. Your well-being, both physically and emotionally, means more to me than my own life.”

Janet is relieved, “Well, that makes me feel a lot better. I will try level 2.”

Patty agrees, “I agree, I want to try 2. I think level 3 is way beyond my desires.”

Jackie agrees, “Well, guess I am in for a 2 as well. I don’t want to miss out on the fun.”

I take a commanding and aggressive stance, “First the ground rules. One, you can quit at any time. Two, your safe word is the color ‘red’. You say ‘red’, and you stop immediately, and we don’t continue that event for you. Three, you will refer to me as Master and you will thank me for everything you get from me. Four, failure to follow rule three will earn you a punishment.

“Five, failure to follow my directions will result in spankings or some other type of punishment. Six, if you enjoy the punishment, ask for more. From what little I know; some women get so turned on, they describe it as a jolt of electricity that runs to their cunt. Any questions?”

Jackie worries, “Will you punch us for punishment?”

I look her straight in the eyes, “Never.”

Janet is inquisitive, “Will it be just spankings?”

I think for a second, “No. Slapping of breasts, nipples, pussy lips, and inner thighs could all come into play. It depends on how far you push me.”

Patty is eager, “What do you plan to do to us today?”

I am brimming with confidence, “We are going to start with some binding of the arms. Then I have some tests for you, failure or losing will require punishment.”

Patty is suspicious, “And then?”

I answer with a grin, “I can’t tell all my secrets, anticipation is half the game.”

Janet questions me, “Will we be humiliated by what will happen today?”

I think then answer, “Quite possibly.”

I gave them time to think.

I ask, “Any more questions? Ok, we are going to start by restraining you. You will put your arms at your side and Patty and I will tie you two up then I will do Patty. We start with a standard box-tie. You end up with your arms going down your side to the elbows then the arms bend towards each other behind your back. Your hands can touch the opposite elbow. This is a very comfortable position that you can hold all day if needed. Before we do anything, I have the sunscreen.”

Janet is excited and happy, “Can you give me a large dab of sunscreen?”

I turn Janet around, bent her over, then gave her two hard swats on the ass. She shrieks.

I instruct her, “May I have sunscreen … MASTER.”

Janet giggles, “Master, may I have a large dab of kartal escort bayan sunscreen please?”

I give her a large glob of sunscreen.

Patty asks Janet, “What was it like?”

I ask, “Did master ask you a question?”

I turn Patty around and bend her over, then two hard swats on the ass.

Patty is annoyed at the pain but is now more excited, “Thank you, Master. Master, may I have some sunscreen please?”

I give her some sunscreen.

Jackie seductively asks, “Master, may I have a large dab of sunscreen please?”

I give her some sunscreen.

I instruct, “Make sure you get all your body parts, or they will become my target for spankings.”

They cover themselves well. I tie up Janet and Patty ties up Jackie. It doesn’t take very long. I then tie up Patty. They all seem surprisingly happy.

I command, “I want all of you on the edge of the living room floor facing the ocean. Master does not like women that lose. When I say go, you are going to run down to the beach, get both feet wet, and then come back here without being last. Do you understand?”

I got three “YES”.

One by one I turned them around, bent them over, and spank each cheek once.

I explain, “Nobody said, Master!”

I wait a minute.

I yell, “GO!”

It’s hard to run without your arms so they are all awkward. Patty is the fastest, but she fell and came in last place. She turns around and bends over. Three hard spanks on each cheek. Not one peep out of her.

I command, “Let’s move into the sand over here. This one is easy. I see you all standing on two feet. Lift one. First one to put that foot down loses.”

The first few minutes are easy but then they start to wobble. They shift their feet, hop, and eventually, Janet sets a foot down. She turns around and bends over. Three hard swats on each cheek.

Janet smiles, “Thank you, Master.”

I tease, “Jackie, you are doing really good. Would you like something special?”

Jackie with a smile on her face, “Sure!”

Then she realizes her mistake and the smile goes away. She turns around and bends over. She gets three hard swats on each cheek.

I command, “Follow me.”

I walk out into the ocean, about waist deep.

I ask Patty, “Does that feel good?”

Patty is unsure but replies, “It sure does?”

Then she realized her mistake.

Patty is quick to suggest, “Master, can I get my tits slapped instead of my ass?”

That startles me, “Sure baby.”

I didn’t hold back, I slap each tit three times hard. It’s weird hitting something with such force and then it doesn’t respond like you would think, it absorbs part of the strike and then moves. It’s kind of a delayed action.

Patty is excited, “Thank you, Master.”

Jackie starts to wander out deeper.

In a concerned tone, “Jackie, come back honey. That’s too deep, it’s not safe. You can’t swim without your arms.”

She realizes her mistake, came back to me and gives me a nice kiss.

She seductively says, “Thank you, Master, for caring for your worthless slut. I need to be punished for being so careless. Would you spank my pussy five times?”

Most unexpected. I pull Jackie to shallow water, make her spread her legs, and give her five good slaps to her pussy, one hitting her clit. She falls to her knees crying but I swear she had an orgasm.

Jackie is amazed, “Did you just orgasm?”

Janet nods yes to the orgasm. Unbelievable.

I turn Jackie around, bend her over, five hard spanks to each cheek.

I explain, “You did not ask permission to talk to Jackie.”

I command, “We are going inside, you will sit down in a chair by the table. No talking. I am going to make smoothies for lunch, you will drink them, and then soon our guests will arrive.”

I make enough smoothies for all of us. I drink first, taking my time. They are all watching me intently. I then give each a smoothie and a straw. They bend down to drink. They look like those stork toys that drink water and then swing back and forth. I found it very comical, I was smiling. Soon Patty is smiling. Then Jackie is smiling. I cross my eyes, Patty about loses it. Jackie closes her eyes but made funny faces.

Patty is annoyed, “Jackie, stop it!”

I stand up, pull Patty to her feet, had her face away from me but spread her legs. Two swats to her inner right thigh, two to the inner left thigh, and then two hard to her slit which forced her eyes to almost pop out of her head.

After lunch, we go down to the beach and sit in front of the dock.

I explain, “It’s not safe to be on the docks for you. Therefore, you will wait here. I want you to kneel in the sand, sit back on your heels, and spread your knees wide so I can see your pussies. Arch your back so you display your awesome tits for our guests.”

They follow my instructions. Now we wait. We wait about 45 minutes before I hear an airplane engine.

I request, “Close your eyes, please. Don’t open them until I tell you. It will make this more interesting.”

I walked to each, escort maltepe bend down, and stick two fingers into their twat. Each is very wet. If they weren’t, they would have been done and told to get dressed. Their all enjoying this, I am happy.

I go out to the dock and wait for them to throw me a line. Their all naked. The pilot and his buddy have medical papers saying they have been tested for STD’s and have none. No condoms needed after all. The pilot is a tall lean American with a very dark tan. He is probably in his 30’s and a good-looking guy.

His cousin is 21 and small, only about 5’6″ but a muscular kid. He lets the pilot do all the talking but they both have hard dicks. No doubt ready for the fun I have planned. The third guy is a bit more familiar, Uncle Don.

I hug him, “You sure you are ready for this?”

Uncle Don is blushing, “Jack, since well before my wife died I was ready for this.”

I walk them over to the three women.

I command the women, “Keep your eyes shut. Three strangers are looking at your bodies right now. They know RED is your safe word. For now, they are just going to touch your bodies. Guys, you may touch their breasts, tweak their nipples, and run fingers in their cunts. Their worthless slaves, they need to be used. Use them.”

The pilot takes Patty. Uncle Don takes Janice. The cousin or Junior as I call him takes Janet. They each got behind and go for the tits first. They are gentle and cause several moans.

I say, “Switch.”

The pilot goes to Janice, Uncle Don takes Janet, and Junior takes Patty. They now stick three fingers in their cunts and start sloshing them around. I instruct them to move their hands as fast as possible. The girls moan as the pleasure is building. They were horny before but having someone finger fucking you is a ton of fun.

I say “Switch.”

Now the pilot has Janet, Uncle Don has Patty, and Junior has Jackie. They are on their feet.

I am firm with my command, “Ladies, open your mouths. The last one to get cum from the blowjob gets punished, start now.”

The guys insert their dicks into the mouths in front of them. The girls are really working the dicks.

I surprise them, “Open your eyes.”

Patty almost choked on Uncle Don when she saw his face. They worked those cocks furiously. Uncle Don blew first and gave Patty quite the load. I allow Uncle Don to untie her. Patty looks at me and I nod it is ok. She has a huge smile of relief and mischief on her face.

Patty is thankful, “Thank you, Master.”

Jackie is next to get a load and release.

Janet finally gets her load and Junior apologizes for taking so long.

I point at the pilot and Junior, commanding them, “You two, unload the plane, we want that food refrigerated. Jackie and Patty, you will each give Janet five spankings and then you will untie her. Then Janet and Patty will give Janice five spanking each for not thanking Master for releasing her. If either of you goes easy, you will earn 20 from me.”

Janet faces away, bends over, and they each gave her five good ones. They untie her. Then Patty and Janet gave Jackie five good spanks each.

I say in a relaxed voice, “Ok, we are taking a break from the game, you may speak freely for a bit. How did you feel about spanking each other?”

Patty is excited and thrilled, “That is wild. The feel of power, control, and then the sting on the hand. It is intense.”

Janice too is thrilled, “We need to do more of that. Not every day, but need to get it into our routine.”

Janet is delighted, “I felt the jots of electricity, I agree, not too often but I like it. I like it a lot.”

My commanding voice again, “Ok, back to the game my three submissive fuck toys. Follow me.”

We walk into the living room and I sit them down in the same submissive position as the beach. Then I get the bottle of lube. When I return I get three sets of gigantic eyes on me. I sit down in a puffy chair and wait for the offloading to finish.

I am now quite happy to reveal, “Patty, you and Uncle Don had done a lot of planning and you were prepared for a lot. However, Uncle Don can’t keep a secret so we made our own plans. None of this was by chance … so far.”

She stares daggers at me.

I continue happily, “On the plus side you get to tick a few things off your sexual bucket list. We will do a few more. Remember, if there is anything you don’t want to do, use the safe word. There is no penalty for using the safe word.”

Uncle Don sits in a chair staring at the women, not saying a thing but his cock said it all for him. The pilot and Junior finish and sit with us. They know what’s coming.

I ask, “Patty, pick a number from 1 to 3.”

Patty, “3.”

I look at Jackie, she says, “1.”

I fill in, “Janet, that means you are 2. We are going to start with triple P’s.”

I get three blank stares, they have no clue.

I explain with a clear voice, “Triple penetration. One of the wildest things you will experience and something I just can’t physically give you myself. Jackie, pendik escort I will allow you to pick from Don, the pilot, or Junior, to be in your ass.”

Jackie hesitates, then answers, “Junior,” he has the smallest dick.

I then ask, “Who do you want in your cunt?”

She quickly answers, “Uncle Don.”

I announce, “Ok, Uncle Don, lay down on the ground. Jackie, use all the lube you want wherever you want it.”

She lubes Junior’s rock-hard cock and her brown eye well.

I explain, “Jackie, I want you in cowgirl on that cock.”

She got down and pushes Uncle Done into her. She then pulls out and falls down a few times just for fun. Uncle Don likes that a lot. Uncle Don pulls her down onto him and plays with her tits. Junior needs no prompting, he gets down and slowly stick his cock in her ass. He gives it a few strokes and stops. The pilot steps over Jackie and bends his knees so she can suck his cock.

I command, “You three will use Jackie until one of you cum in her. Jackie can orgasm all she wants but the first to spew ends it. The one that spews will also miss the next round and I will take your place. If she says RED, everyone stops immediately or you will be kicked off the island. I am VERY serious about that.”

I yell, “GO!”

Immediately, Junior starts a slow fucking of her ass, Don goes to town on her cunt, and the pilot is receiving one hell of a blow job. Immediately Jackie is breathing hard, grunting, yet still sucking cock like a master cock sucker. Too bad for the pilot, he is going to lose. She screams out at her first orgasm and then soon after it, her second. As time goes on the pilot is contorting his body, he is trying exceedingly hard to not cum but in the end, he is first to blow his load, thus ending the fun for all.

I yell, “STOP!”

The pilot pulls back, junior pulls out, Jackie falls to the side, orgasms running through her. I wait to make sure she is ok. I get down on the floor and hold her. She clung to me for dear life although very happy.

Jackie is still breathing hard, “Thank … you … Master.”

After she recovers, I instruct her, “Ok, back to your submissive position or you will be punished.”

It took a while, but with effort, she gets up and manages to get back to her position.

I ask, “Janet, between me and Uncle Don, who do you want up your ass? Junior had ass already, so he can’t this time.”

Janet quickly answers, “Uncle Don.”

I ask again, “Between me and junior, who do you want in your cunt?”

Janet is beaming, “I want my master filling my cunt.”

I assume the position on the floor.

In a commanding voice, “Janet, cowgirl after you lube.”

Janet lubes Uncle Don well. Then she descends onto my cock and rolls into my arms. I put my hands on her wonderful breasts. Uncle Don then gets down and slowly slides into her ass hole. Junior get the mouth and is in for a wild ride. Janet is very good and loves sucking cock.

Once junior is in position, I yell, “Go!”

I start slamming into Janet, I want her to enjoy this. I have no fear of spewing first with junior in Janet’s mouth. I have been there many times, I hope she slows down so it will last. Janet has her first orgasm almost immediately. She is grunting for breath. Her pussy is like a river, she wants this badly. Junior holds out for over five minutes. I am impressed. Janet has three more orgasms which helped Junior a lot. You can’t suck cock when orgasming.

In the end, his desire was great but her cock sucking skills are better. He lets out a loud grunt letting us all know who lost. Janet takes every drop before collapsing onto her side and grasps for me with her arms. Her eyes glaze over, and I can still feel the orgasms running through her body. It is very cool holding her and feeling the orgasms shudder through her body.

When she finally settles down and catches her breath, she whispers in my ear, “Thank you, Master.”

She then gets up and stumbles back into her position. I notice that both she and Jackie have their own cum running down their legs.

I ask Patty, “Ok Patty, your next. Since you are an anal virgin, you get to pick who you want up your ass.”

Patty never hesitates, “Jack, I want you up my ass, Uncle Don in my cunt, and the pilot in my mouth.”

I command, “We are going to mix this up a bit, the first person to spew cum will be replaced by Junior. The second one to spew will end this.”

Patty is tight, I explain about relaxing and pushing out to help ease the pain. I explain that it will hurt but the more she does it the better it gets.

Patty is giddy with excitement, “Yes Master. Give it to me good Master.”

It is hard getting going, she doesn’t relax.

I suggest, “Uncle Don, play with her nipples and let’s give her a cock to suck on, I want to distract her.”

They do their part and distract her so that I get my huge cock into her. She shrieks as I push in, I slow down.

I command all, “Ok, GO.”

I don’t ream her hard, I use nice easy and gentle strokes. I appreciate that she took the biggest cock so I could have her anal virginity. That is sweet of her but now she is paying the price as I am sliding in and out of her. Unlike the other girls, she doesn’t orgasm right away, but she is eagerly eating cock and pumping herself into me and Uncle Don.

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