Playboy Magazine My Daughter And Me Ch. 02

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She’d been buzzing around town for a couple of days. Different parks and landmarks, Space Needle, UW campus, Pike’s Place. All the usual touristy stops. “I want to come over after they all head out to tell you what’s been going on the last couple of days. You got time, Dad?” Katie was always pretty matter of fact about things.

“Yeah, come over tonight after you’re done,” I said. I didn’t know what to think. Had it only been 2 weeks ago that Katie and I had intercourse for the first time? I never knew what to think. I love my daughter so much but I worry about these things. Nothing matters more to me than keeping things good and solid between us as father and daughter. Still, it was so erotic to have been with her the way I had been. I could still smell her sweet ass…the one that I had licked. I could still see in my mind the jiggle of her beautiful tits while I pounded away at her. I could still see my cum on her face, her nose, her cheek and her fingers coming up to her face to push and put the cum in her mouth. I was ruined for her. I would always be her dad, the one who had sex with her. The important thing was to navigate through the relationship so as to protect the love we shared for each other as father/daughter. I still wanted grandkids…I wanted Thanksgivings and Christmases…birthday celebrations, boat rides shared. I wanted it all. Be careful, I thought. Protect her.

When she came in that night she gave me an immediate huge bear hug. “Hey, c’mere!” she’d practically bubbled over with joy at seeing me. She was wearing jean cutoffs and an orange tank top along with her usual comfy sandals. I was so happy to see her again.

“So, how was everything? I can’t wait to hear about it!” I said. Katie’s Playboy shoot had been over the last couple of days and I wanted the full report. What was it like? What did you do? Where were you naked? Did you climax? Did anyone else climax around you? Did anyone see you naked that wasn’t supposed to? When will the issue come out? Will there be a video?

“It was amazing!” she started. “I have so much to tell you! What are we eating?”

“Ummm…what are you hungry for?” I asked.

“How about some veggie stir fry?” she suggested.

“Sure, lets get on it.” I headed to the kitchen and pulled out the veggies and ataşehir escort cooking gear we’d need. I started chopping up some veg and felt her walk up behind me. “Well…so what do I need to know?”

“Oh wow. Dad. It was…amazing, really, amazing time the last couple of days. I was only naked about 10% of the time we were all together. It was fun. But when I was naked,” she paused. “When I was naked, I mean like…my pussy was showing and stuff…I was so fucking horny.” At this she grabbed my ass through my slacks and put her right hand between my legs and grabbed my balls. My hands put down the knife and veggies but I kept my back to her. I held still.

“Got some needs?” I asked.

“That’s putting it mildly,” she said. I started to turn around and she withdrew her hand from my ball sack. “My needs are big. They are needs that you can help me meet right here and right now. Do you want to help me meet my needs?”

“Your wish is my command. How may I help you?” I stood still facing her, my butt against the kitchen counter, the veggie rack half worked.

She put her hands to my chest and started sliding them down while her knees were bending. Her right hand went to my zipper and the left to my belt where she started undoing it. In a matter of seconds my pants were sliding down. Her hands went up to my underwear and she looked up at me. “This is what I want dad,” and she started pulling them down. My dick was almost hard but when it was freed it flopped down horizontally to right in front of her face. She forced my shorts down to my feet and then put her left hand on my cock and her right on my left butt check. Her tongue came out and she found me. I watched as her tongue flicked the end of my dick and caught the first of my pre-cum. It came off in a little string. She moaned a little moan that sounded so sweet. She just started licking my prick all over. The tip. The shaft. The base. It felt very good. But all I could think about was getting my tongue inside her. I wanted to give my love to her and help her climax. She slipped her mouth over my cock…taking it in like a pro. I knew she wanted me to cum.

I reached down and put my hands on her head, running my fingers through her beautiful hair. “Hey. Hey. Hey,” I started trying to stop her. kadıköy escort bayan “I want to lick you, Katie.” I started pushing her off my cock and I withdrew my cock from her mouth. She groaned like she missed her friend, my cock. I saw it was moist, recently wet from the sucking. She licked her lips. A little bit of pre-cum was on her lips and hanging down. “Oh geez, let me get that.” I said and I reached my hand down to pull off the cum string. She grabbed my hand and put the part of my hand where the cum string was resting to her mouth.

“If you are going to lick me…let’s get to it.” She licked the cum off my hand and then her hands went to her shirt and she pulled it off in one fast movement.

The bra was next. Light lingerie, white and lacy. She unclasped it from the back and pulled it off. Her breasts were now in my view. She sat down on the floor and put her knees up, raising her hips.

She took her shorts and panties off at the same time and laid everything under her body to give her a little comfort. I pulled open my kitchen towel drawer and emptied it of all the towels and pot holders.

We spent a few seconds positioning everything so she was comfortable and I moved down to between her legs. God, all I wanted to do was get me tongue inside her.

My dick was less hard now with all the set up but coming up between her knees I started to lower my head to her pussy. As I was on my way down I saw her tits again. Oh. My. God. I am such a lucky man!

I went up her body and took the left tit in my mouth…sucking the nipple and kissing the breast all over. I went right making the same moves. My dick was hard again, near her pussy. I started to press into her a little but not going inside her.

There it was again…that urge to put my tongue inside her. “Dad. Make me cum. Now.” I dropped down and kissed her tummy, and her hips. Her ass was nearby, beautiful. I squeezed it with my hands.

My body started to lay out on the floor…my dick on the cold floor. Finally my lips found her pubic hair. I kissed her all over and after a minute let my tongue enter into her love. Lick. Lick. Lick. Kiss. Suck. Lick.

My fingers moved up to play with the pubic hair near her ass. Lick. Find clit. Searching lick. Found escort maltepe it. Lick. Lick. Lick. Slow. She moaned. Her hands came down to near my face and she was pressing against herself. Lick. Suck. Deeper. Clit. Focus. Slow and smooth. Lick. She was close. Focus. Hold still. Lick. Lick. She peaked.

Oh, she smelled so good. It was like a wave coming over her. I held still but kept my tongue near her clit. Like a roller coaster. Stay on. Stay on. Drink. Ready to fuck.

I moved up on her. My cock was totally ready to go inside and I did. Pushing in deep. My mouth went to her lips and I kissed her, opening my mouth to play with her tongue.

I pumped her full and slow. I was in a state of complete bliss. My mind raced to the thoughts of impregnating her. I didn’t want that. I decided I would cum quickly to lessen the risk. My mouth went down to her nipple and I pulled it into my mouth. That was all it took. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and pulled myself up a little higher.

I rubbed my cock against her belly and she started to push her tits together for me. My cock slid right in between them. They were so beautiful and large. Amazing breasts. White, large, perfect nipples, freckles. I love the image of a woman squeezing their boobs together as if they were just waiting for a cock.

I was ready to cum and my right hand went down to my cock and started to squeeze out the cum over her right tit as I peaked. Then to her left. I collapsed beside her on the kitchen floor. Spent. Dizzy. Elated.

We looked at each other on the floor. Both of us nude.

No one spoke for a couple minutes. We just looked at each other. Pondered our bodies lying there nude against the kitchen floor. I reached out to her breast and cupped it with my left hand. I smeared some of the cum around her breast.

“I feel so much better now. Thank you.” Katie spoke as if she had a huge weight off her mind. “Fuck, that was so fucking hot!”

“This is such a beautiful sight for me. I’m so happy in this moment. It feels good.” I wanted to assure her while I rubbed the cum around. We were still playing. We were still naked. I reached for a kitchen towel to help clean her up.

“I still want to hear about what happened on the photo shoot. You’re going to tell me, right?”

“I am going to tell you. I just had some issues to deal with before we got into it. I am going to tell you everything, Dad. And I can’t wait to tell you about it.” She leaned up on her elbow. Her breasts flopped towards the ground. Good grief. I still wanted more.

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