Playthings of the Mistress Ch. 03

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Sabrina lay on her sumptuous silken sheets in her master bedroom suite within her endless dungeon. Well, perhaps ‘endless’ was a bit too ambitious of a word. There were only four levels to her dungeon, each with maybe 3,000 square feet. The solid cinderblock or concrete walls kept sound to a minimum for the most part, however her dungeon ceilings were wired with cameras and microphones so that she could enjoy the fruits of her collection, seeing and hearing every depraved moment unfold.

If only she had as many eyes as she had cameras, she thought.

The beautiful dominatrix was naked, her bronze-hued skin showing smooth on her Latina figure. She was as beautiful as she was cruel though.

“Mmmm…not bad, Cassie. Your skills are improving.” A pale, naked brunette knelt between the Latina’s legs, desperately licking at her sex. Her tongue made expertly delicate swipes at the 25 year-old’s pussy lips, occasionally diving deeper to rub against the inner walls of her pussy even as her fingers deftly stroked at all angles.

“UUhhhh…” Sabrina’s head thrashed briefly, and her breaths came out in rasps as her diaphragm rose and fell, her breasts heaving. “Such a dirty little slut…sucking your Mistress’ clit so fervently,” Sabrina sighed with contentment.

The sexy Latina reached down, caressing Cassie’s hair as the girl slurped and licked even more desperately, smelling her Mistress’ pungent arousal. Sabrina thrust her crotch forward into Cassie’s mouth, moaning as she reached up to her own breasts, cupping and squeezing them in the throes of her lust.

“Yes, little slave bitch. Lick harder. Make your Mistress come.”

“May I be of service, Mistress?” Vanik’s voice came from the shadows, where Sabrina usually preferred that he remain. As her only fully trusted male slave, he was a bodyguard of sorts. He straddled that hazy line between servant and soldier. Sometimes that made Sabrina a little uneasy, though she wasn’t sure why.

“MMm…yesss,” Sabrina half-moaned. “Fuck Cassie’s pussy. Then do her ass if it so pleases you.” Cassie’s muffled groan showed just what she thought of the second idea.

“There, there, little one. Your place is to serve your betters. Keep licking and sucking! UUuhgghhh…fuck, yes. Keep it up, slut.” Sabrina’s hands continued to fondle her own breasts as she thrust her sex roughly into Cassie’s mouth. Cassie groaned again when Vanik mounted the bed behind her and carefully placed his thick 10-inch cock at the entrance to her sex. He slowly plunged his rigid phallus into her soft folds, grunting as his rhythm of fucking commenced.

Cassie’s muffled groans between licks and slurps only made Sabrina’s arousal spike. She watched with heavy-lidded lust as the slender brunette’s body began to jerk with the force of Vanik’s fucks. Her breasts flew forward with each pulverizing fuck, and she moaned more plaintively than ever with her tongue lost in her Mistress’s now-dripping cunt.

“Yes…ahhh, fuck the slut, Vanik. I love watching you fuck her…Mmm. It gets me so hot,” Sabrina growled. Then it happened. Sabrina felt herself go, blissfully losing all control. She grabbed Cassie’s delicate face and held it flush against the opening between her thighs, flooding the girl’s mouth with cum that overflowed down the girl’s chin and onto the bed.

Cassie groaned as Vanik put an arm around her neck, pulling her backward as he forced her willowy form to take his full length and girth, Sabrina’s juices still glistening on her face. Mistress Sabrina watched the two for a while, lying languidly in her post-orgasmic reality of sated lust. Yet sadly the equilibrium did not last long. She rose from the bed and walked over to the bathroom to attend to bodily functions and step between the gorgeously etched glass doors for a quick shower. Even with the shower sluicing down her face, in the background Sabrina was aware of Cassie’s moans and the sound of Vanik’s balls slapping against the backs of the girl’s thighs with each tenderizing fuck.

‘Hmm, I’ll have to put Cassie away sooner rather than later,’ Sabrina thought. One rule was sacrosanct in the Mistress’ dungeon; it was always bad to let slaves become too attached to one another. Sabrina had noticed how Vanik had begun to always perk up when Cassie was around. The brute was beginning to fall for her, just a little. Some of the other telltale signs were there too.

A few minutes later Sabrina stepped from her shower, toweled off efficiently, and went back into her bedroom. Sure enough, Vanik was still fucking Cassie. He had flipped her over and was plowing into her pussy at top-speed as the girl moaned and spread her hands along his shoulders, pulling him deeper in.

If it had been any other slave, Vanik would already have moved on to reaming the girl’s tight ass…but not Cassie, no. As if that weren’t enough, the words between her two slaves confirmed Sabrina’s suspicions.

“Thank you, Sir. Uhh…oh god, you’ve got such a big cock and I love it when you slam it into my tight, wet pussy. ataşehir escort Thank you Sir, for sparing my ass. Oohhh fuck me please…fuck me so hard.” Vanik muffled her words with a savage kiss, grunting again and again as his body impaled her like a pierced specimen, his cock flying through her as her legs splayed wide.

When he came up for air, Vanik said huskily, “You’re mine, little cunt. Your pussy belongs to me, and I love how it greedily welcomes my cock and squeezes my shaft…Mmm…You want me to come inside you, sweet girl?”

Cassie moaned, biting her lip as her hands raked down his chest, her nipples hard like little pink jewels. “Yes, Sir! Come in my horny little snatch. Mmm, let me feel your warm, sticky cum please!”

The two slaves had not noticed their Mistress enter, but now suddenly Vanik grunted as Sabrina knelt behind him, suckling on his testicles.

“Don’t forget, Vanik. Her CUNT, just like your COCK, both belong to ME,” she said with feeling, slowly gripping his testicles in her hand as she watched his cock vanish inside Cassie’s heat. But she decided to be merciful, letting them finish what he’d started. His cock continued to pump frantically into Cassie’s sex, the squelching sound of wetness, suction, and friction all joining to form a bizarre kind of music. Soon Vanik was seizing up, his testicles stiffening as his cock jerked heavily inside Cassie’s pussy, depositing an ample load of hot, thick jism.

“AAAHHH. Thank you, Mistress. Forgive me for earlier. I misspoke,” Vanik said, slowly withdrawing his long shaft from Cassie’s cum-soaked sex.

Sabrina gave her male slave a stern look. “You were telling Cassie not to forget HER place, but remember, the same truth applies to YOU. Now get in there and lick your nasty cum out of her pussy.”

“Y-yes Mistress,” Vanik sighed. This was a degrading punishment that Sabrina was used to giving only to her newer, untrained male slaves. But a relapse was a relapse, and Vanik would take his punishment.

As Vanik knelt forward, slurping on Cassie’s pussy, the brunette’s moans of gratitude almost made Sabrina want to punish the girl instead. She let it pass though and decided to check on some of her other slave-girls and male slaves instead.

“When you are finished licking out her cunt, you will put Cassie back in her cage and report to the bottom level. Bring me two well-heeled males and a newer female. Understood?”

Between licks, Vanik gave the only answer he could.

“Yes Mistress.”


Sabrina wore her peach-silk robe with nothing underneath. The cold, damp underground air felt good on her skin. Her feet may have felt cold on the concrete, but she didn’t much care. Her anticipation was thrumming from the tips of her toes to her fingertips, and she couldn’t wait to see the brother-sister pair she still had locked up below. She was like a child unwrapping a birthday present all over again.

Unlocking the door to the siblings’ cell she waltzed in with a cruel grin on her face and soaked up the deliciously depraved sight in front of her.

A young man, maybe 22 years-old, was sitting in a chair with tiny spikes blunted underneath it. He was tied down, ropes anchoring him and shackles keeping his ankles still. There was a collar around his neck to help him get used to his new condition of sexual slavery.

Meanwhile a slender, naked blonde 24 years-old sat on his lap, her pussy fully encasing his cock. Her wrists were tied around the back of his head and her legs were tightly wound with rope so that she could barely wiggle with her snatch sheathing his cock. Both had ball-gags stuffed into their mouths so that they could only groan and make unintelligible pleas when their Mistress approached.

“Ahhh, and how are my two lovebirds doing?” She glanced at Connor first. “The drugs I injected gave you a stiff, lasting hard-on worthy of legends, didn’t it slave? Mmm, look how hot your big-titted older sis looks with her tight cunt busted and forced to hug that rigid pole of meat! It makes me wet just thinking about all the fun you two have been having. Have you come inside her little pussy a few times since I left you here a few hours ago?” She chuckled as she came up and cruelly pinched Gracie’s nipples. The blonde groaned loudly through her gag.

“And what about you, blonde cunt? Have you enjoyed riding your brother’s cock while I’ve been napping? How many times did he spew his tadpoles in you? Must have been at least three or four times, I’ll bet.”

Sabrina retrieved a knife from the toolbox in the corner and swiftly cut one of the binding ropes around Gracie’s legs, which helped the other ropes loosen to give her the slightest range of movement. Gracie gratefully slipped her sex free of her brother’s cock. Now Sabrina knelt closely, examining Gracie’s sex as if she was a mare being appraised for auction. Sure enough, Sabrina saw with satisfaction as excess cum oozed from the girl’s aching snatch. Her brother had come – at least once, probably kadıköy escort bayan more.

“Ahhh…so you did surrender to your desire,” she said, looking pointedly at Connor. The miserable look of shame on his face told her two things – that he had indeed and that part of him – maybe a very significant part of him – had enjoyed it.

With the aphro-drugs in Gracie’s system mostly having worn off, the frightened blonde was begging to be released, though from behind her gag it came out as a series of chaotic fragments.

“PWSSSS -ETTT USSSS GO!” Gracie moaned.

Sabrina sighed, shaking her head. “Stupid cunt.” She glanced back at Connor. “Your sister isn’t too bright, trying my patience like this. You were supposed to use this time to think carefully about accepting your new life as my sex slaves. I certainly didn’t come down here expecting to find such an attitude. Hmph.” Sabrina turned as Vanik strode in with a cattle prod in his hands. Two male slaves and a tall, slender raven-haired slave girl walked in before him.

Pointing to the raven-haired beauty, Vanik said, “I brought Kaela, and Gren and Edward.” The two males were recent captives, just like Kaela. All three had leather collars and were otherwise completely naked, their wrists shackled behind their backs.

“Ah, good. They will do. It appears that Gracie here has not yet learned what it means to be a part of my collection, and judging from the look on her brother’s face he doesn’t quite seem convinced either. Shall we show them what happens to slaves who I feel like punishing?”

Vanik nodded eagerly. “Yes Mistress.”

Sabrina turned to Gren. “Come here, boy. You will help me demonstrate.” She had him stand by her and then she and Vanik helped extricate Gracie from her position atop Connor’s lap. They took out Gracie’s gag and then forced the young blonde to her knees behind Gren’s ass.

Now Sabrina pointed at Kaela. “You will impale your cute mouth on Gren’s cock while Gracie here licks out his ass. Then the two of you can switch off later. Doesn’t that sound sweet?”

“Yes Mistress,” Kaela said reluctantly. She proceeded to open her mouth, slurping up Gren’s cock between her lips. She jabbed her face forward, enveloping him to the balls as her nose pressed into his pubic muff. Her sounds of gurgling and slurping filled the room.

Meanwhile Gracie tried to shake her head ‘No’ as Sabrina thrust her face into Gren’s puckered hole. “Start licking ass, bitch. You’re a pro now, remember? You licked Connor’s ass, and now you’ll lick this one.”

“No, please!” Gracie begged.

Sabrina turned to Vanik. “Hand me the shock-wand please.” Vanik complied, and moments later Sabrina thrust the wand between Gracie’s legs, shocking her poor pussy. Gracie jerked and cried out, then promptly dove her face between Gren’s ass cheeks, licking at his crack.

“That’s more like it girl.” Sabrina sauntered over to the other side of the male slave, watching Kaela’s continuing fellatio, her tongue sliding greedily along the underside of his cock before she smothered him once more, moving her head forcefully as her lips formed that tight O-shaped seal around his prick.

“Not bad, slut, but maybe you could use some added motivation.” Sabrina thrust the shock-wand at Kaela’s pussy from behind, lowering the setting before pressing the red button. Kaela’s deep moan indicated that the electric shock had been felt properly, but the raven-haired girl managed to keep Gren’s cock nestled between her lips as she gulped and sucked with feverish obedience.

Sabrina continued to alternately shock both girls as Vanik motioned to Edward, the remaining slave unaccounted for.

Vanik pulled Edward over to him and showed Edward’s lengthy, fully aroused shaft to Connor. It now dangled inches from Connor’s face.

“What do you think, boy? Would you rather watch your sister eat out Gren’s ass or maybe you would like a nice, impressive cock to suck?”

Connor gasped as Vanik unfastened and yanked out the ball gag.

“No. Please no,” he croaked.

“Hmm. In that case…” Vanik grasped Edward’s cock and began to guide it toward Connor’s face. Connor tried to jerk away, but Vanik slapped him.

“For every time you struggle I’m going to rape your sister’s tight ass. You hear me?” Connor slumped at that moment, resigned to his fate. But luck intervened.

“Vanik, bring Edward over here. You two can fuck Gracie and Kaela while I play with Connor.” Sabrina’s tone would allow no argument.

With a sigh Vanik did as his Mistress bid. He positioned his growing shaft behind Gracie’s pouting pink pussy lips. At the same time Edward awkwardly laid down so that Kaela could awkwardly straddle him. Both the slave-girl and the male slave still had their wrists bound behind their backs, but that didn’t seem to slow them down as Kaela began grinding her hips on him, wiggling her pussy on his cock as she moaned with Gren’s penis still halfway down her throat.

Sabrina grabbed Connor escort maltepe by the head and thrust the shock-wand at his chest, jolting him as he writhed and wailed.

“What do you think, boy? Are you enjoying my little show? Look, your sister’s about to discover a cock even more impressive than yours!”

As the Latina dominatrix said those words, Vanik’s oil-lubricated cock slammed forward, but not into Gracie’s pussy. He thrust himself directly into her star-shaped hole. Gracie screamed, the sound muffled with her face in Gren’s ass, even as her own ass was violently invaded by a thick, hard shaft. Her entire body trembled now as Vanik began a steady series of thrusts, his cock gently but firmly plowing forward into her tight and tender hole.

“Stop this! This is sick!” Connor begged.

“OOohh, poor little boy can’t handle watching his sister get raped in the ass. Too bad.” Sabrina straddled Connor’s drug-enhanced, painfully erect cock and shoved her cunt down to grip him to the hilt. She bounced her naked body up and down, her breasts flopping sensuously as they fucked. “Now…we’ll give you a better view so you don’t have to dwell on big sis’s discomfort,” Sabrina said with a cruel grin. Connor’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head as he moaned, his cock shooting forth strands of cum into Sabrina’s pussy.

The young man’s cock stayed hard even after he finished spewing his latest load. The drugs in Connor’s system were making his cock artificially rock-hard, and there was nothing the stricken captive could do about it. The whole length of his penis felt hyper-sensitive now, and he could only bite his lip and moan each time Sabrina suctioned his shaft up inside her fully aroused loins. Sabrina continued to hump his shaft, leaning forward so that her breasts were tantalizingly close to his mouth.

“Mmm. Lick your Mistress’s nipples, slave. Do it and I might be inclined to tell Vanik over there to take his cock out of your sister’s ass.”

“You-you’re sick. You’re an abomination,” Connor groaned. But he obeyed, tenderly laving both of Sabrina’s breasts with his tongue. Then he did something unthinkable. He tenderly suckled on each breast, gently stimulating her as he thrust his crotch upward to aid in her impaling fucks.

“OOohhh. I see I did get you in the mood, boy. That’s good. You’re learning,” Sabrina purred.

Connor had decided to be cooperative. Why he was choosing to be that way didn’t much matter to Sabrina, at least for now. She expected and demanded total obedience, and she would get it, one way or another.

“Aaaahhh…oohhh…Mmm…mmmmhmm. I never tire of riding your cock, boy. You disappear inside me so good…Mmm,” she crooned. Sabrina looked back, barking a single order.

“Okay, switch you two!” Gren did an about-face so that now Kaela was flicking her tongue in his ass and Gracie opened her mouth to receive the glistening length of his manhood.

The obscene scene in the dungeon room could not have been more depraved. A lithesome blonde girl, her ass fucked from behind as she valiantly sucked the male slave in front of her. On the other side a raven-haired Kaela frantically humped on Edward’s cock, her muffled moan deepening as she gushed on that cock in the throes of orgasm, even as her tongue flicked caresses inside Gren’s puckered anus.

“Aaahhhhh…uhhh…” Vanik groaned, gesturing toward Kaela as she continued to grind atop Edward’s lap. “The bitch just came without permission, Mistress. We should punish her later.”

Sabrina looked behind her, disappointed that Kaela could not even properly ask for permission to orgasm. She thought the stupid girl had progressed in her training at least that far.

“Uuoohhh…” Sabrina tried to think, but it was hard to concentrate with Connor’s cock grazing against the inner walls of her pussy just so, and with his tongue tenderly laving her exquisitely sensitive nipples. “Very well. I’ll have the bitch whipped later,” she groaned, diving once more into the world of delirium that was her burgeoning desire, her loins fueled by the constant friction of Connor’s cock inside her.

She moaned, reaching down to rub furiously at her clitoris. BANG, like a sudden shot, she went over the edge, wiggling her sexy buttocks as her pussy coated Connor in her fluids. Her aching breasts jiggled as she writhed on Connor’s cock, drawing out the orgasm as long as she could, until she sagged exhausted against Connor’s chest, with her jelly-like legs hardly able to support her.

“UUuhhh…your cock is such a fun toy to play with, slave. Mmm! – and it’s all mine.” Sabrina flaunted her breasts in Connor’s face as he suckled harder on them with a plaintive groan, her pussy still encasing his penis and grinding on his helpless lap.

It was at this exact moment, however, that the entire nightmare came to a very abrupt end.

“FBI! Freeze!” Uniformed agents burst into the dungeon cell with weapons drawn. Blazing lights blinded Sabrina as she frantically stumbled off of Connor’s lap.

“No!” she screamed, but the dominatrix had no time to flee. No time to even grab a weapon. A man tackled her, squeezing her breasts painfully into the cold concrete as he put a hand on her head and barked at her to stay down and put her hands behind her back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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