Please, Daddy? Ch. 02

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Can Jack recoil from that nasty trick?

I apologize for the lengthy separation of parts. I had no idea I would have so many people interested in reading more. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading part 1 before continuing on with this one. It’s a quick introduction to this story and is only one page long.

Many thanks to those who rate, comment, and leave feedback. All is very much appreciated.

Special thanks to my editor, NickJBella, for everything!


Brittany cannot believe what just happened! How dare her stepdad outsmart her like that! She’s not used to that; she’s is always able to get what she wants from men and she typically doesn’t even have to try half as hard as she did with him; but the feeling of his big cock inside her, the way he ate her pussy, the way she loved orally teasing his prick… No, dammit! The bastard tricked her!

She angrily tosses her nightgown in her hamper and quickly gets dressed. She’s so pissed that she calls Chelsea to tell her that she didn’t get the Jag and is unable to go shopping with her. She’s stuck here with that asshole downstairs that is most likely full of himself right now. ‘Ooh, I showed that little slut who’s boss.’ She wants to get even. She wants to get the best of dear old Daddy. But how will she do that? He saw right through her. She is, however, convinced he did start to crumble under her seductive spell. If she tries a little harder, he may crack completely. She decides the best plan is to tease him relentlessly. Make him beg to have her again. Tease him until he absolutely can’t stand it anymore. She does her best to avoid him for the rest of her ruined Saturday, though. She’s really upset and needs to cool down a bit before constructing a plan.

The next morning, Sunday, her mother has arrived home from her weekend trip to see her sister. Bradley, her brother, will be home later in the afternoon. She isn’t quite sure how she’ll face her mother after having sex with her stepdad. She hadn’t quite intended for it to go that far; well, at first anyway. But she couldn’t stop once she had his dick in her mouth. Her pussy was begging to be fucked by that point. Daddy’s cock was bigger than she imagined and he knows exactly how to eat pussy to make a girl melt. He’s the best she’s ever been with and being quite the little slut has given her a lot of experience. She’s had lots of boys at the university but he’s so much more mature and knows just what to do. It drives her wild just thinking about it. No! She shakes her head in frustration and heads downstairs. Maybe a nice walk around the neighborhood will do her some good.

As she walks through the kitchen, she storms past her mom and stepdad who happen to be in there. She doesn’t say a single word to either of them. Jack and Beth give each other a look as to what her problem might be. Jack shrugs his shoulders even though he knows exactly what is wrong with her. He has been able to keep his composure quite well in front of Beth even though he had her daughter bent over on her cute little canopy bed and smacking her ass just before he blew his load inside her little pussy. The thought of that dirty little deed has Jack’s cock coming to attention. He found her to be a satisfying little fuck; the way her tiny tits stared at him, the way her frat boy abused pussy felt around his cock, the way her perfect ass cheeks opened wide when she was on all fours. He would love to have slipped his cock in that, too. Has he lost all future chances with her? Maybe, but he’s going to try his damnedest to get his hands on her again.

“Hopefully she’s in a better mood when she comes back,” Beth says.

“Or maybe she’s really pissed and will stay gone for a while. Both kids are gone, why don’t I show you how much I missed you while you were away these past few days,” Jack says as he steps behind Beth. He puts his arms around her and snakes his hands up her shirt. His long fingers slide under her bra and he places a firm squeeze on her well-endowed tits. She leans her head back against his shoulder and he runs his tongue along her ear. He trails kisses down to the crook of her neck. He knows this drives her wild. She reaches behind him and grabs his hard cock through his pants.

“Just how much did you miss me, a lot?” She asks as she starts rubbing her hand along his entire length.

“Does my cock lie?” He asks with a giggle as he flexes it within her grasp. If only she knew he was actually thinking about Brittany’s tiny pussy lips that he had teased with his tongue. He reaches down and slides his hand in the front of her skirt.

“No panties? You tease,” he gasps. He wiggles his hand between her thighs. Her lips are very slick already. His finger easily slips between them. He teases her clit and listens to her moan.

“Lick my pussy right here and now!” She begs. He leads her to the center island, turns her around to face him, and lifts her up onto the countertop. She leans back on her hands while he forces her knees apart, throws her skirt up onto ataşehir escort bayan her lap, and admires that begging pussy of hers. The lips have spread wide open and are shiny with her juice. He squats down in front of her and leans into her crotch. He inhales her scent and licks his lips. She’s so wet that he can see a tiny drop forming at the bottom of her pussy. He leans in and scoops it up with his tongue. He circles her clit and licks every part of her. One finger slides in her pussy but he only puts it in a couple of inches. He uses the good old “come hither” motion and starts massaging her g-spot. She instantly starts squirming and squealing. He loves having this effect on her. Her clit is hard and calling for his tongue. He starts making long licks over it and she starts panting. Her legs are shaking so badly that she has to rest them on his shoulders. Her pussy suddenly gets hot and he can feel her g-spot has swollen into a bulge. Here’s his cue. Her pussy tightens around his finger so he pushes on her special spot. She squirts all down his arm and he can hear it dripping the floor. He slurps up as much as he can as it flows from her. That’s one little trick her slutty daughter hasn’t learned yet. Maybe daddy will have to teach her how to do that, too.

“Oh, Jack!” She screams as her body explodes into an orgasm. As soon as she stops quivering and moaning, he stands and rips her shirt up over her tits. He paid a lot of money for these 36D breasts and they are worth every penny. He buries his face between them and tweaks the nipples with his fingers. His hand is still wet from her flow of juices. He places his fingers near her lips and she eagerly starts licking and sucking them clean.

“Fuck me, Jack!” She begs. He pulls her off the countertop, sets her down, and spins her around. She leans forward as he gathers her long skirt again and throws it up over her ass. It’s not as round and full as Brittany’s but the butt lift he paid for was well worth the money, too. He grabs her hips as she gets on her tiptoes and with a swift thrust he invades her. She braces back and lets him pound her.

“Harder!” She squeals. He’s grunting while she’s moaning each time he throws his cock into her. His orgasm rips through him and he grips her hips hard. He’ll be expecting to see bruises there later. They stay still for a moment panting. Her hair is hanging in her face and he is covered in sweat. He pulls his cock free from the grasp her pussy has on it. As he does, his cum drips down her legs and joins the puddle she made on the floor. She stands and leans her head back against him.

“Be a dirty little housewife and clean my dick off,” he whispers the order in her ear. She quickly turns and drops to her knees. She starts licking his cum that has covered his dick. She milks his cock making sure to get every last drop. As he watches, he pretends to see Brittany’s blonde hair and brown eyes staring up at him. He closes his eyes and savors Beth’s pleasing technique all while thinking of Brittany. As soon as he’s licked clean, Beth stands and looks at Jack with an inquisitive look.

“What has gotten into you?” She asks with a satisfied grin and dreamy eyes. “Did you miss me that much?”

“Something like that,” he replies with a smirk.

Brittany is gone for about half an hour before she finally makes her way back to the house. Some fresh air did her some good and she has come up with some good ideas to get back at daddy. Now she just has to find a way to make them happen. When she walks into the kitchen, her mother is cleaning the floor and her step daddy is nowhere in sight.

“What time are we having lunch?” Brittany asks.

“As soon as I clean up this mess, I accidentally spilled some water,” Beth says slightly blushing but she easily hides it by looking at the floor since she’s on her knees.

“Ok, I’m going to take a quick shower. It’s hot outside and my walk has made me stinky and nasty,” she says as she makes her way through the kitchen and over to the stairs. She walks into the bathroom that she and Bradley had to share all while growing up and are forced to share once again. Since he left for college a couple of years before her, he has very little left in here.

The water is nice and cool when she jumps in the shower. She quickly shaves her legs and makes sure her mound is nice as smooth. She plans on taking a swim later this afternoon and wants to make sure she’s nicely groomed. She wants to dress as skimpy as she can later so she can tease Jack while sunbathing. Oh, how much fun this is going to be for her.

She gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around herself after she roughly dries her hair. As she steps out of the bathroom, she encounters Jack who also happens to be wrapped in only a towel. His little tryst with Beth in the kitchen worked up a sweat for him too, apparently, and he has taken a shower in the master bathroom at the same time as her. When he heard the shower running in the kids’ bathroom, he made sure to make his presence escort kadıköy known.

“Hello there, Brittany,” he coos as he approaches her.

“Fuck you, Jack!”

“Oh, you will definitely fuck me again, but I really like it when you call me Daddy instead,” he giggles.

“You’re an asshole,” she scowls.

“C’mon. You know you want me,” he says as he removes his towel. “And we both know you want to suck on this again.” His cock is hard yet again and starting at her. She tries so hard to glance away but her pussy has overpowered her brain. She’s instantly wet but is fighting her urges to drop to her knees with everything she has. He reaches out to her and, with a flick of his finger her towel falls down around her feet. She could have caught it but she didn’t. His hand covers one of her breasts and he rolls her nipple between his thumb and finger. She lets out a sigh as his lips find her neck. Oh God, she wants him but she’s determined to make him suffer for what he did.

“You’re lucky your mother is downstairs,” he whispers in her ear. “I’d have you in your room bent over again. I might even slip my cock in your ass next time. Those little college boys fuck your ass yet?”

“No,” she is barely able to speak as he nudges his cock against her pussy. She spreads her thighs just enough for him to slip his dick in between them but not inside her. It’s so hot and hard. Her pussy clenches and she realizes she’s panting.

“Get out of my face!” She growls as she suddenly comes to her senses. She breaks free from the erotic grasp he has on her. His dick is wet with her juices on it just from merely slipping between her thighs. She bends over to pick up her towel and he catches a glimpse of her ass cheeks spread wide with those tempting little lips of her pussy spreading open with wetness. She takes one last pissed off look at him and slams her bedroom door. He may have a smile on his face to irritate her, but inside his competitive streak is rising. He will get his hands on her again. It’s just a matter of time.

After lunch, Brittany decides to lay out by the pool. She changes into the skimpiest bikini that she owns. It basically looks like a few Band-Aids with dental floss holding it together. She bounces down the staircase that leads into the living room where Jack and Beth are both relaxing. Jack is reading a book and Beth is watching the television. As soon as she reaches the last step, Jack looks up at her and his mouth gapes open. He quickly closes it before Beth notices. Brittany notices and throws a small smile on her face. He looks so sexy with his reading glasses on but she makes sure to hide that reaction from him. She knows he won’t do anything in front of her mother and that excites her. She walks out of the French doors that lead to the back patio. There are lounge chairs all around the left and back sides of the pool. On the right side, there are two changing rooms where the towels and extra swimwear is kept. Jack watches her closely as she retrieves a towel from one of the rooms and lies in a chair located at the back side of the pool. Her chair is facing the house at a perfect angle where Jack can see every part of her.

“I think I’m going up to my office to work on some paperwork for a bit,” he tells Beth. Before she can answer, he is heading up the stairs. He knows his office window has a straight overhead view to where she’s laying.

When Jack gets to his office, he scurries over to the window. He can see her lying motionless on the lounge chair. Her legs are slightly bent and spread far enough for him to peek in between. He wants so badly to be down there with his face buried between her legs and making her squeal. He’s beginning to kick himself in the ass for tricking her. But that car is his baby! There’s no way in hell he will ever let her drive it regardless of how hard she tries. Just as he goes to reach his hand in his pants to stroke his cock, Bradley and a friend of his walk into view. Dammit! Jack was hoping to get one off while watching her.

“Brittany?” Jason asks with a shocked look on his face. Jason is a longtime friend of Bradley’s. They grew up together and have been inseparable since middle school.

“Jason! It’s so nice to see you!” She says as she jumps up to give him a hug. She has always thought highly of Jason. He was always nice to her and basically treated her like a little sister. He looked out for her in school and never teased her while growing up.

Jason puts his arms around her but makes sure not to get too close. His cock is rock hard and he doesn’t want her to know that. He had no idea what kind of transformation Brittany has gone through. She looks up and over Jason’s shoulder and notices Jack standing in his office window. When she’s confident Bradley isn’t looking, she reaches up behind Jason, extends her middle finger towards Jack, and gives Jason a lingering kiss on the cheek. Jack sees this and is instantly furious. His jealousy is peaking at the sight of those two hugging. How dare she kiss him maltepe escort on the cheek like that with the intentions of pissing him off?

“Are you going for a swim? Jason and I thought we’d jump in for a bit before Mom has supper ready,” Bradley asks.

“I was thinking about it but feel free to go for it. I may just lay here and soak up some sun for a while instead.”

Jason heads to one of the changing rooms and puts on an extra pair of shorts that Bradley keeps in there. He has a hard time hiding his swollen cock behind the thin fabric so he quickly jumps in the water. Bradley emerges from the other changing room and cannon balls into the pool. The guys laugh and splash while Brittany keeps a close watch on Jason. She felt his excitement against her hip even though he tried to hide it. Wouldn’t she love to wrap her legs around him? She wonders what kind of a fuck he is. Is he any good? How big is he? Does he like licking pussy? She might even fuck him right here next to the pool during the day so dear old daddy would see. She saw the disgusted look on his face when she innocently hugged Jason.

A short while later, she decides to dive in and play with the guys; as soon as she surfaces, they both start splashing her. Jack is still watching with intense curiosity. Every time Jason goes near Brittany, he gets a little pang of jealousy. He wishes Jason would keep his hands off her but the two of them are engaging in a lot of physical horseplay. And he’s almost certain she’s doing it on purpose. He decides to walk away and ignore what is going on out there. He’s just making himself upset by watching.

After about an hour of swimming and rough housing, the three of them decide it’s time to get out of the pool and dry off by lying down on the lounge chairs. Brittany and Jason are giving each other a lot of attention and Bradley is beginning to feel like a third wheel. He, like Jack, is feeling a little bit of jealousy. He notices the way Jason is looking at her. He, himself, has looked at her like that several times since she came home. Jason has given him the “holy shit, she’s hot” look when she turned her back. Bradley would love to be able to agree but this isn’t just any chick they’re checking out together. It’s his sister for crying out loud!

As soon as Jason is able to peel himself from Brittany to go home, she and Bradley make their way into the house. Their mother has started supper in the kitchen and Jack is still sulking upstairs. Their meal is eaten in almost complete silence. Jack is giving Brittany the evil eye, Bradley is squirming in his seat as he keeps having unpleasant thoughts about his sister, and Brittany is grinning at Jack every chance she gets. Meanwhile, Beth is completely oblivious to everything that is going on between the three of them. Her mind is still on Jack eating her pussy in the kitchen this morning. Brittany finishes eating before everyone else and excuses herself from the table. She heads straight to her room.

“What’s wrong with her?” Bradley asks. “She was fine a little bit ago.”

“I have no idea. She’s been like that since this morning. Jack, do you know what’s wrong with her?” Beth asks.

“Maybe she needs to go out and get fucked real good,” he teases.

“Jack!” Beth says with pure shock.

“It’s true. Are you blind, Beth? Look at how she’s been carrying herself. She probably misses having a dick between her legs,” Jack laughs. Putting her down is his natural defense to the rejection he felt from her earlier.

“She’s not like that at all!” Beth huffs as she angrily excuses herself from the table. She storms into the kitchen and starts putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Jack and Bradley look at each other and acknowledge that Jack is probably correct.

“Looks like I have some major ass kissing to do to your mother,” Jack says to Bradley.

“Yeah, good luck with that,” Bradley laughs.

Bradley makes his way upstairs to his room. At twenty-one years old, he realizes he should probably consider getting a place of his own that’s close to school and off campus so he doesn’t have to keep coming home during long breaks. As he looks around his room, he feels like he’s traveling in time. He still has posters of his favorite bands on the walls. He doesn’t dare go through his closet for fear of what he might find in there. He has matured so much in the three years that he’s been going to college. He changes into his pajamas and heads to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. As he walks past Brittany’s door, he can hear her talking to someone on her phone.

“My parents will be sleeping by midnight,” she says to whoever she’s talking with.

Bradley is very curious to know what she’s up to. He tries to catch more of the conversation but she ends it shortly after. Who could she possibly have been talking to and where is she sneaking off to tonight? Bradley figures there’s only one way to find out. It looks like he’ll be staying up until midnight.

As the family slowly begins to call it a night, the lights are turned off throughout the house one by one. Brittany is in her room sitting on her bed with a book. Bradley is lying on his bed playing on his tablet. Jack is in the master bedroom getting ready for bed while Beth says goodnight to each of her children.

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