Plumber’s Helper

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I set my toolbox down on the Rogers’ bathroom floor.

“Before you unclog that nasty shower drain,” Stella Rogers said, “why don’t you come meet my daughter Becky? We’re so proud of her—she just made the final cut for next year’s cheerleading squad at San Jose State!”

Following Mrs. Rogers down a long, narrow hallway to her daughter’s bedroom didn’t seem all that unusual. After all, when you’re working on people’s plumbing it becomes an intimate thing. I mean, your hands get right up in everybody’s business. Or at least where they do their business.

Plus, one of the perks of the job is trailing smoking-hot moms like Mrs. Rogers around the house while they point out which faucet needs a washer, which pipe is leaking, that sort of thing.

So I was more than happy to follow Stella—that’s what she told me to call her—around like an obedient puppy while I let my eyes feast on her hip-cocking bottom, which was covered in the sheerest, most butt-hugging pair of black leggings I’d ever seen. God bless the United States of Leggings!

We paused in front of her daughter’s bedroom door, which had a bumper sticker slapped on it that read: Caution! Cheerleader in heat! Inside I could hear muffled groans and something that sounded like a large animal huffing and puffing. Strawberry incense wafted up from under the door.

“Is your daughter sick?” I asked Stella. “I wouldn’t want to disturb her.” I could feel the heat radiate off of her ass through my Ben Davis work pants.

“Oh, no,” Stella said. “She’s probably just playing with her dad. He said he might come home for an early lunch in celebration of Becky’s achievement.”

Playing? What sort of father plays in his grown daughter’s bedroom with the doors closed?

Stella cracked the door open and put a finger to my lips. “Shhh. We’re just in time.”

I felt my legs go wobbly when I peered inside the room. At the same time my ears were assaulted by the cries of two people fucking with wild abandon.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Fuck your filthy teenaged cheerleading daughter, Daddy! Oh my God, your cock is making me scream!”

I had to steady myself against the wall. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Was I lost in the middle of one of my wet dreams? I looked again. Holy shit, it was all too real. A middle-aged man dressed in business attire had his slacks pulled down and he was hammering his hips against the blushing butt flesh of a pert young blond. The blond had her legs thrown back over her head and her ruby-red fingernails dug into the man’s flanks. Her father’s flanks!

“You’re so wet, honey bunny,” the man said, his drool dripping onto her smallish tits. “You make Daddy so hard that his cock aches. It dreams of plunging into your teeny-tiny asshole. I hope you haven’t eaten lunch yet, because papa’s got a little appetizer for you.”

“Yummy, Dad. Talk dirty to me some more.”

Stella cuffed me on the shoulder. “Aren’t they just adorable together? And isn’t that the cutest cheerleader’s outfit ever? Of course, it would look different if she was wearing her jersey and matching panties.”

I swallowed hard, suddenly feeling light-headed and feverish. But I couldn’t look away. And worse, my own cock was as hard as a pipe wrench—and pipe wrenches are always looking for some nut to crack.

“Watch, now,” Stella said. She had eased the door open to give us an unobstructed view. Then she nudged me inside, and I was immediately hit by the smell of incense, musky-wet intercourse, bubble gum, and stale after shave. “Bob’s going to make our baby come.”

As Becky writhed beneath him, her father suddenly withdrew his cock from her dripping cunny and reached for something furry-looking on a bedside shelf.

“Hey,” he said, noticing us for the first time. “Looks like we have company, honey bunny. Who’s the stud, Stel?”

“This is Sam the plumber, dear. He’s here to clean out some pipes, if you catch my drift.”

Becky’s father winked at me and gave me a thumbs-up. “I’ll bet he is. That’s one thing we boys are pretty good at, right Sammy?”

“Da-dee!” Becky said, looking exasperated. “Why did you stop balling me? I was almost there.” She squirmed seductively. Her short, pleated skirt was blown up over her hips.

Then something about her father’s cock grabbed her attention. It was a fat, veiny thing wearing a helmet that looked like the business end of a toilet plunger.

“Ooh, Daddy, that is so hot. Your thingy is, like, all sticky with ooze. Is that pre-cum? Are you secretly in love with me, Dad?”

Her father knelt beside her with the furry thing in his hand. “You know I am, sugar,” he said. “What other father would nail his butt-naked daughter to her bed, then finish her off with her BFF?”

Becky shrieked with delight. “Teddy! Oh fuck, Daddy. Fuck yes! Rub my pussy raw with that motherfucker! Oh! Oh! So good! Now my clit, now my clit, now my clit. Mmmm, shit! Don’t stop, Daddy! You’re making your ataşehir escort bayan little whore cum! I’m fucking cummming!!”

Stella whispered in my ear. “Teddy is her favorite stuffed animal. It’s a koala, see? The thing probably needs a good laundering, she’s come on it so many times.”

Her breath was hot on my face. She found my hand and guided it to her ass, wedging it inside that luscious ass crack. “Umm. Oh, yeah. Right there, Sam.”

Then she turned her attention back to her husband and her daughter. “Now here’s where it gets good,” she said.

“That’s my girl,” her father said, grinning like a lecherous pervert in a dirty book store. “You came for Daddy. I love you I love you I love you. Now take your father’s penis in those slender fingers of yours and give me a hand job that I can dream about while I’m at the office. I’m going to feed you such a load of Daddy’s goo that it will spoil your appetite for dinner.”

Becky had a sleepy, dreamy, sexy look on her face. I could see now that she was barely legal and cute as a cupcake. A cupcake that could use a squiggle of frosting.

“Where’s Teddy, Daddy?” she asked. “He’s not finished, is he? ‘Cause I’m sure as hell not.”

“Not to worry, jelly roll. Teddy’s right here, and he says that he’s still plenty hungry. And do you know what he’s hungry for, sweet pea?”

“My pink, succulent, teenaged pussy, Daddy?”

“That’s right, my little trollop. Now hold still while I fuck your fist. Oh, yeah, that’s hot. Now open up your lady parts for Daddy. Use your fingers. Let me see pink. Oh shit, that’s nice. That’s very good. What’s that, Teddy? You say you want a piece of that shit?”

Becky’s father started rubbing the stuffed toy around and around and up and down her swollen vulva. He seemed to know exactly what technique to use to blow her hatch covers off.

“Ohhh Fuuckkk! Oh Jesus fucking Christ! Yes! Yes! Shit! Put it inside me, Daddy! Stuff that fucking animal up inside my womb!”

“You mean you want Teddy to bury his cute button nose in your va-jay-jay? Such a bad girl.”

“Yes Daddy. Please! No, wait. I’ve just had a better idea.”

“What is it, my flower? God damn, you give such good hand.”

“Daddy, I need to be fucked. Please fuck me. I want to feel your Daddy cock back inside me. Only this time don’t pull out. This time, I want you to keep pounding my pussy until your cum spills out of me. Make me preggers, Daddy. I want to have your kid!”

“My goodness, sweetheart,” her father said, still grooving his cock between his daughter’s smooth-skinned fingers. “When did you become so promiscuous? I suppose your parents are partly to blame, being so permissive and all. But wanting to have my baby? Even Daddy finds that a little too sick and twisted. Mother, what do you say?”

Becky looked imploringly at her mother. By then Stella had backed her fleshy caboose up against the iron rod in my pants and was teasing it like a pole dancer with her ass-crack leggings.

“Mother, do something!” she demanded. “Tell Daddy to make a baby with me. It’s been so long since I’ve felt his cum splash around inside my pussy. Tell him to knock me up. I can still do the splits, even with a baby bump.”

“Well, now you’re just being childish, Rebecca Ann,” Stella said. “We practice incest in this family, not inbreeding.”

Becky started to protest, but suddenly her father growled like a wounded animal. “It’s too late anyway, princess,” he grunted. “Oh geez, oh God, oh fuck—here I come! I’m… I’m… ARGHHH! Shit! Fuck! Man oh man that’s good! All over your tits. Ugh! Here comes some more. Open your mouth. Drink it up, slut. Fuck!”

Stella swooned and fell back against me, so I caught her around the waist and held on. “God, that was so, so hot, wasn’t it Samuel?” she said. “My baby and my hubby can fuck like champions.” She rested her head against my chest and gently massaged my cock. “I know that it’s wrong. I know that it’s terribly immoral. But I just love watching the two of them together.”

She turned and pressed her tits against me while she traced her tongue around my lips. “Could you tell that I came?” she asked me. “I couldn’t help myself, not with your tube steak pressing inside my crack. Does all this shock you, Sam? Does it absolutely blow your mind that I left a wet spot on your trousers while I watched my husband fuck our eighteen-year-old’s brains out?”

“I should go,” I stammered, my head reeling from all that I’d just witnessed. Mr. Rogers was wiping himself off with Becky’s panties. Becky was touching herself, mewling softly, fixing me with a “fuck me” look that was breaking my will. “My boss is going to wonder…”

“Fuck your boss,” Stella said. “I’ll give him a call and tell him you’re running late. I’ll explain that the job is way more complicated than pulling a plug of girl hair from a shower drain.” She laughed, squeezing my balls. “I’ll tell him that there’s escort kadıköy a whole shitload of pipes that could use a good reaming.”

Becky’s father squeezed past us on his way out, his shirttail untucked, his businessman’s haircut an oily mess. He blew a kiss to Becky, who was sulking prettily on the bed with Teddy clamped firmly between her thighs.

“Oh, poo,” she said, obviously disappointed that her Dad hadn’t left her “with child.”

“C’mon now, honey,” he said to her. “You’re the best fuck a father ever had. And major props for winning a spot on next year’s cheerleading squad. Maybe you could bring over some of your teammates sometime?”

Then he slipped a hand inside Stella’s leggings and squeezed her perfect ass. “Be good, my love. But then, you always are, aren’t you? I’ll see you guys back here around eight. That will still give us plenty of time for a spirited game of naked Twister.”

Before leaving he slapped me good-naturedly on the shoulder and winked. “Take good care of my women, Sam. You’re the man of the house now.”

When Mr. Rogers had left I asked Stella if I could sit down. My mind was overloaded with too many scurrilous sights and sounds, and the heady smell of raw, nasty sex that permeated the room was making me weak in the knees. Holy Christ, the things I’d seen would be fueling my jack-off sessions for months to come.

“Nope,” she said. “You can meditate on your own time. Until you leave this house you’re working for me, okay? So, number one, take off all of your clothes, and I mean every last stitch. Let me see those pecs. Show me those washboard abs. And for the love of God, let me see your south-of-the-border pocket rocket. Becky, help the man.”


Becky pretended to be put out, but I could see a lusty gleam return to her post-pubescent eyes, and I got a good look at her hairless vulva as she rolled off the bed.

“Now I know that your cock is already near to bursting, Sam,” Stella said. “But what we’re going to show you will make you even harder. It’s going to test you. It’s going to damn near break you. But the thing is, I don’t want you to come. Not yet.”

“Mummy just loves man juice,” Becky said. “Almost as much as I do. Don’t tell anyone,” she giggled, “but we’ve got cumsicles in our freezer.”

Oh my lord. The way she was purring like a wanton sex kitten—how was I supposed to keep from busting my nut, especially when the little cockteaser was fumbling with my zipper?

Stella knelt alongside her nubile daughter and helped her pull my pants down to my ankles. My boxers were next, and they both laughed when my cock sprang free and slapped against my belly.

“Ooh look, Mommy,” Becky said. “The plumber’s wee-wee is bigger than Daddy’s. Fuck, I’ll bet his balls are just boiling with baby-making sperm.” She traced a slender finger around my nut sac and sighed. “Bet Sam could make me pregnant,” she said, giving me a coquettish smile. “Right, Mom?”

At first Stella didn’t respond. She was too busy giving my body the once-over while she excited her nipples and muttered obscenities to herself. “Whew!” she finally said. “That is one Baywatch body you’ve got there, Sam. I could come just looking at it.”

Then she turned her attention to Becky. “And as for you, young lady. Honey, I know that you’re just sick with longing to have another cock fill you up and get that whole sperm-and-egg thing in motion. But you’re only eighteen, sweetheart. That’s way too young to pop out a rug rat. Why don’t we just have fun like we always do?”

Becky leaned back and let her mother lick at her firm little nipples. “Where would I be without your wisdom to guide me, Mommy? I love you so much. Kiss me.”

I stood on quivering legs looking down the plane of my belly as Stella and her daughter embraced and brought their mouths together in a very wet, sloppy-tongued exchange of fluids.

“Oh, baby doll,” Stella sighed. “You make Mommy so hot when you kiss like that.”

The incestuous act had me so worked up that I quickly forgot about the next two house calls I was supposed to make. Instead, I felt like I’d been given free admission to an erotic funhouse where every taboo fantasy I’ve ever had was on the menu.

I kicked off my grungy work boots and shucked my pants from my ankles. I took off my Apex Plumbing work shirt. Then Becky wiggled her fit cheerleader’s body across the room, brought back a desk chair, and wedged it behind my knees. Stella pushed me down into it, the wooden seat cold on my ass.

I shivered thinking about what other sexual deviancy they could show me that would make my cock harder than it already was.

“Normally I’d ask you to masturbate for us, Sam,” Stella said. “There’s nothing we enjoy more than watching a hard bodied male play with his stiffy until it shoots all over the place. Yum. But I can see that Mr. Happy can’t take much more stimulation right now. So just sit back and enjoy.” maltepe escort

Stella and Becky quickly stripped the wet, nasty sheets from the bed, then climbed up onto the bare mattress. They kissed again, then Becky helped her mother out of her long-sleeved cotton blouse. Stella had ripe, pendulous tits and very large nipples, as mothers often do. But they were definitely all-day suckers, and they caused my cock to twitch just from looking at them.

“I know you’ve been obsessed with my ass since I let you in the door, Sam,” Stella said. “Well here’s your chance to really check it out.”

She got on her back, drew her legs up, then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her leggings. She teasingly worked them down over her generous hips and curvy glutes, keeping her legs raised so that I could see her lubricated slit and the tasty brown cookie of her asshole.

“I feel so sexy when I’m naked,” she said. “How about you, Beck?”

“I could go naked all the time,” Becky answered. “That’s how I practice my cheers, you know. God, I wish Daddy was here. It’s been so long since we’ve had a foursome.”

“My, you’re quite the fuck doll, aren’t you?” Stella said. “But since your father isn’t here, why don’t we show Sam our butts instead? And that thing we like to do.”

“Oh Mother, you’re terrible!”

Stella and Becky turned their backs to me, then got on all fours, the sexy swell of their haunches and the spread of their ass cheeks driving me right to the edge. I bit my tongue. I dug my nails into my thighs. A spontaneous orgasm was definitely a possibility, but damned if I was going to miss this show.

“So, Sam,” Stella said. “Which of our asses would you say is the most fuckable?”

“Oh Mom,” Becky said. “Not everything is a competition. I’m sure Mr. Handyman doesn’t care which hole his tool drills into, do you lover?”

I swallowed hard, feeling my pulse concentrate in the head of my cock.

“Look at us, Sam,” Stella said. “Look how we’re posed like filthy sluts just dying to get inseminated. Inseminated with your dirty spermies. How does that grab you?”

What they did next had me putting my cock in a finger clamp. First they sucked on each other’s index fingers until both digits were coated with a thick, stringy mess of saliva. Then they reached across to find each other’s assholes and slowly wormed those fingers inside each other’s puckered sphincters.

God damn. Who would ever believe it? Becky’s girly bedroom, with its frilly pink drapes and boy band posters, was now a hothouse of raw, unspeakable decadence, and I couldn’t keep my hands from going into jack-off mode.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “Oh, fuck. Now that’s sick. That’s… That’s…”

“Deliciously naughty, don’t you think?” Stella said.

“Look Sam,” Becky said, spreading her knees so that I could see her two fuck holes in all their naked glory. “Mommy’s got her finger in my asshole. You like that, don’t you? Shit, it feels so good sliding in and out like that. Try two fingers, Mom. Make my asshole big enough for the plumber’s ginormous cock.”

“Is that something you’d be interested in, Sam?” Stella asked me. “Cramming your big eight inches into my daughter’s dirty hole while I watch? Does Sammy want to play in our mother/daughter orgy?”

I stroked my cock faster. God only knows how I’d been able to hold back this long.

“Mom,” Becky said with some urgency. “You just have to let Sam fuck us now. We’ve given the poor boy a terrible case of blue balls. Plus, ever since Daddy’s left I’ve been positively dripping.”

“And a good, stiff corn holing is just what the doctor ordered, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Mother. And you know how cuckoo I am for guys’ goo-goo, especially when I take it up the ass. Gosh, I’ve gone through so many pairs of cheerleader’s panties just because I love to let my creampie leak out when I’m performing. Two, four, six, eight, I think we should masturbate! Yayy!”

Stella laughed. “Shameless spermaholic. But I have to agree. Having my asshole stretched is fun, and it will get me all loosened up for your father’s tongue tonight. That man does love to dine on my large intestine.”

I looked at my watch. Shit! I’d been in the Rogers’ house for nearly three hours! My ass was canned. I’d be pounding the pavement tomorrow looking for work. But there were other things that needed pounding in the meantime.

“Well?” Stella said impatiently. “You do like anal, don’t you Sam?”

“Don’t rush him, Mom. Deciding which of us to fuck first must be a difficult thing. Should he start with my unspoiled, vibrantly pink and healthy asshole, or your more mature but in many ways more beautiful and experienced one? Decisions, decisions.”

“Sam?” Stella said.

“Sam?” Becky repeated.

I rose from the chair, weeping cock in hand, and heard the bedsprings groan when I joined Stella and Becky.

“Who cares where I start?” I said, feeling like I really was the man of the house. “I’m going to plow me some new ground, and when I’m finished you’re both going to feel like you’ve been reamed out by a plumber’s snake.”

Stella and Becky sighed with gratitude, then planted their faces on fluffy pillows and arched their asses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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