Practical Training Sessions

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My wife, Janis, walked through the room just as my cock unloaded its hot reward in my stepdaughter’s more than willing, tight pussy. Julie was bent at the waist leaning against a dressing table as I stroked in and out from the rear. The velvety feeling of the warm, wet, cunt wrapped around my cock kept me hard for a while longer though I had already exploded in her, or maybe it was the taboo nature of fucking this young, willing, woman-child. Janis chided me about continuing to fuck the horny teen saying it was her time with her. As I reluctantly withdrew from my stepdaughter’s deliciously tight cunt, her hand went down to cover the gaping hole left by the absence of my cock and to hold the load I had deposited inside her. She quickly stepped to the side of the bed where Janis lay naked, casually stroking her pussy with her hand, her legs open.

The girl quickly climbed up and straddled her mother’s face lowering her cunt to the waiting mouth. Janis began to stroke the lust engorged lips and stiffened clit with her tongue before driving it into the girl’s cunt to lap at the cum I had deposited there. I stepped up to the side of the bed and my stepdaughter, instinctively took my almost flaccid cock into her mouth and began to suck on it. This had become an almost daily ritual since Janis and I had decided Julie needed some first-hand sex education. We hadn’t intended to create an incestuous threesome out of what was to be just an introduction, but that is what it had developed into. As Julie eagerly sucked my now stiffening cock, I began to think back on it all.

It started out as just a lesson in real life sex for an inquisitive and somewhat shy and secluded girl. Julie had started asking questions about boys and sex when she neared puberty and her questions grew deeper in detail as she got older. After her mother and I were married a couple years ago, she came to live with us and the questions became increasingly specific.

One night, Janis was telling me about the latest round of questions like, “What does a penis look like? How do a man and a woman have sex? Etc.” Janis told me what her responses had been to the questions, and I could see how feeble her answers were. Sex is hard to explain without getting explicit. I suggested to Janis, she and I should demonstrate for Julie. Of course she immediately rejected the idea. We made love and fell asleep.

All during our lovemaking I was saying things in her ear like “If Julie was here watching, you could tell her how good it felt to have a cock buried up deep inside you.” And things like that. Each comment about demonstrating for Julie brought a renewed surge of passion from her mother. After what must have been the most phenomenal orgasm of her life, I too came and we went to sleep.

The next morning as I was drinking my coffee getting ready to leave for work, Janis commented, She had thought about it and that, “demonstrating for Julie might not be a bad idea.” I kissed her and told her “I hope Julie realizes she has the most loving mother in the universe.”

I told her she should get Julie some sexy panties and a camisole or sleep chemise, so she could feel sexy while she watched us. I felt making the viewing as close to the real thing as possible was important, that her libido could be crushed if she felt like she was just a 5th wheel. That night after work, Janis told me she had found the things I had suggested she get for Julie. My observation of Julie, an observation confirmed in conversation with Janis was that she had a mouth and would talk indiscreetly about most anything to get attention. I told Janis, she must tell Julie what we had planned and to elicit a promise of silence from her. I told her to tell her that though what we had planned wasn’t wrong in our eyes, there were people on the outside who would condemn. We had nothing but loving intentions in mind, but others might think differently.

Janis chose the next evening to talk with Julie, and the teen was so excited about the possibility of actually observing sex before becoming a participant and giving herself to a boy, she quickly agreed to a vow of silence on the matter. At this point I was summoned back into the room and told of the progress. We all agreed to conduct the event Friday night. While we were discussing it Julie was blushing a deep red, but the look in her eyes as she stared at me was one I had never seen on her before, so I paid it no attention beyond noting it. It was only Wednesday, and for the rest of the week Julie acted very strangely around me. I didn’t recognize it as a feeble attempt to act sexy until much later when I reviewed it in retrospect. Then Friday finally came.

We ordered in pizza as was normal for Friday night, but instead of the usual fare of soda for the ladies and beer for me, I had brought home a bottle of the best Merlot wine I could find. Janis protested giving Julie alcohol and I explained we didn’t want to give her enough to get drunk, but just enough to relax her. I went on to say if she got drunk, undoubtedly a first time, she would be puking in the pendik escort middle of her lesson which wouldn’t do. After dinner, Janis led her into our bedroom and had her change to the lingerie and brought a chair from the kitchen for her to sit in. Janis then put on our favorite garter belt and stockings covered with a sheer robe and called me into the room. Julie is rather trim, but I must say though I had expected difficulty in finding lingerie that would fit her, she looked very sexy in what Janis had found. Her breasts pressed firmly against the front of the tight fitting chemise the darkness of her aureoles and nipples starkly on display, and it’s shortness, left the satin bikini panties uncovered and in view. Julie blushed when I first walked in the door and modestly crossed her arms across her chest. When she looked down, out of modesty I presume, and saw her bikini-panty clad pussy was visible, she quickly dropped her hands to her lap. Before she did though, I was able to see the lust engorged lips of her virgin cunt expanding and filling the crotch of her panties.

As I started to undress, I suggested to Janis she should demonstrate masturbation to Julie. Never being one to have to be told twice to play with her pussy, Janis quickly discarded the robe and lay down on the bed.

As her hands went to work on her pussy, she explained to Julie what she was doing and why her fingers were alternately rubbing her stiffening clit and plowing into her pussy with reckless abandon. Julie’s facial expression had returned to normal and she alternately watched her mother fondle her own pussy and me undress. When I removed my boxers, and my 9″ erection sprang to freedom, I noted Julie’s nipples immediately stiffen. I climbed onto the bed next to Janis and we began our orientation to sex for Julie.

I explained to Julie, that though the boys would most likely have clothing to contend with, that was the only appreciable difference in what we were about to show her and reality. I started by telling her how to kiss, Janis giving her perspective as we went along. I walked over to her after she agreed to try a deep kiss with me.

Julie’s eyes were glued to my swaying cock as I exited the bed and walked toward her. She stood and I took her in my arms. As my lips lowered to hers, she stepped in close and my cock had no where to go but between her legs. She gripped my erect tool between her thighs as she melted in my arms from her first deep French kiss, her hips swaying in a fucking motion so my hot, hardness would rub her excited pussy. After the kiss, her knees nearly buckled as she stepped back and sat down in her viewing chair. I returned to the bed.

We went on to explain the decision of when, how and with whom to have sex was hers and hers alone. That neither her mother, her father, nor I had a right to tell her what she could and couldn’t do with her body. We could advise her and tell her of our preferences on the matter, but that ultimately the decision was hers. I explained that boys would only have one thing on their minds, and that would be sex. Further, though a strong libido and healthy sex-drive was normal for both boys and girls, boys and even some men had a problem in that they didn’t care if the girl got any satisfaction out of the sex or not, they were only after their pleasure.

We explained the three things she had to guard against were pregnancy, disease, and her reputation. If she wanted to be a slut, that was OK, but confine it to the bedroom with a lover who would share her confidence and her secret. Always act the lady in public. We told her about condom use to prevent pregnancy and disease. We told her about the pill. We suggested a multiple date approach to phasing activities to get to full sex as a way to protect her reputation. I told her that if she wanted to get a boy to lose interest in sex, she could achieve that by getting him to ejaculate. Either by masturbating him or giving him a blowjob. I told her once he came, he would lose all interest for a while and she could maneuver the situation to get herself to a safe environment

We explained to Julie all the kissing and cuddling was termed foreplay and that it took many forms. I fondled and kissed Janis’s breasts eventually working my hand to her crotch. Julie’s mother has extremely small, firm breasts, which is fine with me, the consummate ass man, so any attention to them has her cooing and moaning in short order. We explained oral sex was one of these forms. Janis moved to my crotch and began to gently stroke my cock, before lowering her head and taking me in her mouth. Julie watched intently as her mother’s head bobbed up and down the length of my cock.

After a few moments, I patted the bed beside us and suggested she move closer for a better look. Julie moved to the place I had indicated and leaned in to look close. I asked her if she had ever seen a cock up close and if she had ever touched one. Her answer was negative to both questions, of course. At this point she was all curiosity and no experience. I suggested to her mother maltepe escort that she let Julie hold it while she continued to give me the excellent blowjob she was administering. Although she appeared somewhat reluctant, she explained to Julie she needed to be careful about getting hair in her hand with the cock shaft, and guided Julie’s small hand to my erect member. Julie grasped it and though her little hand wouldn’t reach all the way around it she instinctively began to stroke its length. Her mother lowered her mouth back to my cock and began to slurp and suck with vigor.

She later confessed to me she found it extremely erotic that “both of my ladies were teaming up to satisfy me”, and that she had momentarily lost sight of our purpose. I was ecstatic. Julie’s soft little hand and her mother’s hard sucking mouth was awesome. The slurping noises, Julie would later confess, made her think this sucking was pretty cool, where her first impression had been “how gross.”

“What does it taste like mother?” Julie queried. Mother explained there was a slightly salty flavor to it, like licking the back of your hand.

“May I try it?”

“I don’t know baby, we are only supposed to be showing you.”

“What better way to show me than to let me try?” Julie’s logic had its effect on her mother and she reluctantly agreed. I don’t think it was the taboo nature of what was about to happen as much as it was her mother’s possessiveness of my body. Julie lowered her head and first her tongue flicked out and tasted the hot, purplish head. Then without further preamble, she lowered her mouth down over my man-cock. She began to bob her head up and down on it and swishing her tongue around its girth in her eagerly sucking mouth. I observed she was a natural, and told her that with a little practice she would be a world-class cocksucker just like her mom. She said thank you and returned to the task of orally pleasing my cock.

Her mother let her suck a moment or two longer and then said “Hey, little girl, that’s my cock you’re sucking there.”

“Oh, mom, may I please continue?”

“Why don’t you two team up on me.” I suggested again trying to allow Julie the greatest possible learning experience. Selfishly though, I had always had the fantasy of two women giving me a blowjob at one time, and this was even better. We had not intended to coax Julie into a sex situation, but as long as she was asking to participate, where was the harm. Janis and daughter began to tag team suck my cock, and it was all I could do to not blow my load. But that precious fluid was being reserved for the inside of a cunt.

After a few minutes of this glorious sucking, I went on to explain to Julie, that often when a woman sucked a man’s cock he ate her pussy at the same time in a position known as 69. This was so she got pleasured at the same time, even though she derived a certain amount of pleasure from giving the blowjob, getting her pussy eaten was just “sauce for the goose.”

I had Janis assume the 69 position and started to devour her waiting crotch. Her and Julie continued to tag team my blowjob as I ate her mother from clit to asshole and back again. Julie’s mother was moaning and writhing as I slurped her sloppy slit with my stiff tongue. When Janis had changed positions to assume the 69, Julie had been forced to back off from me a little and now to reach my cock for her turn at sucking she had had to rock up onto her hands and knees. Though I couldn’t see her, her leg had touched my hand lying on the bed.

As the two of them continued to suck and I continued to chomp on hair pie, my hand began to slide slowly up the inside of Julie’s thigh. I went real slowly so as to allow her the opportunity to stop me if she wasn’t comfortable with my touch. She made no move to stop me and when my hand finally contacted the crotch of her panties, I slipped my fingers past the elastic in the leg and began to caress her virgin pussy. Tracing the lips up to her opening, I found her to be extremely wet. Lubricating my fingertips with her own juices, I returned to rub the stiffening nub of her little clit. Julie began to rock against my hand slowly at first and then more forcefully. After several minutes of this, she turned her head in my direction “Put your fingers in me.” She requested.

I slowly traced back to her virgin cunt and began to dip my index finger into her warm, wetness. I was able to insert my finger all the way to the last knuckle before encountering the resistance of Julie’s intact maidenhead. As I began to saw the finger in and out of her cunt, the virginal walls began to tentatively suck the invading digit. She began to rock back and forth on my finger and after only a few moments a low moan began to come from her throat. It was almost animalistic, it was so consumed with lust I comically thought, I hope she doesn’t bite my cock off. All the while, Janis was moaning and screaming her pleasure as orgasm after orgasm wracked her pussy from the ministrations of my tongue. After the fifth or sixth (I had lost count) kartal escort Julie asked her mother, “Does that feel as good as fucking, Mother?”

Janis was momentarily stunned at Julie’s use of the ‘F-word’, but quickly regained her aplomb replying, “Nothing feels as good as fucking baby, but getting your pussy eaten is the next best thing.”

“Can he do that to me?”

Again her mother’s possessiveness of my body raised an objection.

“I don’t think that is a good idea Julie.”

“Honey, we are supposed to be teaching her” I countered.

“Yes Mother, I need to be prepared for everything, Please?”

Janis, though reluctant, agreed.

Janis climbed off my face and assumed a position beside me where she could continue in the tag team blowjob and Julie moved to straddle my face.

“Take off your clothes honey” I suggested to Julie. She quickly discarded the chemise and panties, her lust overriding her embarrassment. As she straddled my face, I began to work her crotch with my tongue. Her virgin cunt was utterly delicious as my tongue stroked in and out, drawing the juice from her into my mouth. The teasing of my tongue around her aroused clit caused her to start to utter those almost animalistic moans again, and she was quickly licked into her first orgasm.

“Suck it, SUCK IT DAMN YOU.”

Julie’s body tensed and writhed as my tongue worked it’s magic on her cunt. The slut in her (I had known it existed, because her mother was a total slut in the bedroom) began to awaken, and she began to grind her crotch forcefully against my face in an attempt to keep the orgasms coming one after another. The blowjob the two were giving me was incredible, the best I have ever had, and I was straining hard not to blow my load into a warm, willing mouth. I couldn’t tell who was doing the best job at it. Janis, in spite of her objections at sharing me with Julie had her lust fanned to a fever pitch. Or Julie, her lust awakening for the first time and fanned by my tongue bringing her to repeated orgasms. I did know that the virgin pussy I was eating was the best I had ever tasted. Every man should have the pleasure of eating a virgin pussy at least once in his life. The problem for most, I’m sure, is the same as it was for me. Your exposure to virgins comes when you haven’t yet discovered the pleasure of eating pussy, and once you have added that to your repertoire of activities, virgins are out of the picture. You don’t find virgins in their 30’s and 40’s, or at least if you did, you probably couldn’t look them in the face much less desire to eat their pussy. After only a few minutes what I knew would happen did, Janis stopped sucking and begged me to fuck her.

Reluctantly, I told Julie to get off my face and moved over to allow Janis to lie on the bed. I told Julie to lie down beside her, laying as close as possible to feel the intensity of our sex. Julie lay down naked next to her mother, her arms and legs touching her mother’s side. I entered her mother and began to pummel her cunt with the hardest erection I had achieved since my teens. As usual, her mother began to babble the nasty sex words she liked to utter while being fucked.

“Fuck me, use your slut, fuck me you bastard, fuck me with your big hard cock.” After only a few thrusts, Janis’s legs had encircled me and she was fucking me back furiously as her orgasms began to come one after the other. Julie’s hands had gone to the ‘V’ between her legs and were playing unabashedly as her mother had taught her minutes before.

“Can he fuck me mommy?” Julie asked without hesitation. Janis turned her face and responded. “I don’t think that is a good idea honey.”

“Aw Mom, you said it was my choice as to who, when, and how, please may I let him fuck me?”

Unable to refute Julie’s logic and honesty, Janis left it up to me. I was in the hot seat now. If I didn’t handle this properly, it would probably be the last fuck I would have for a while. I thought then responded, as I withdrew from Janis’s cunt.

“Julie, if I fuck you, you will no longer be a virgin, and that is something you can’t have back. I think you should save it for some lucky young man you care about, or for your husband on your wedding night.” I had successfully tossed the ball back into Julie’s court, and knew if her answer was what I thought it would be, then I was going to get some virgin pussy tonight and maybe not be in trouble.

“But I care about you, I even love you, and I think my first time should be with a man not a boy, a man who will have my pleasure in mind as well as his own.” You couldn’t refute her line of thinking and I looked at Janis for concurrence. The look in her eyes told me, though not completely onboard with the idea, she was not opposed, and that the lust of the evening had returned. Before someone could change their mind I quickly moved between Julie’s widely splayed thighs. I positioned the head of my cock at the entrance of her virgin cunt and began to enter her. I knew I had several inches before I would contact her maidenhead and using a slow entry technique, I used this time to explain to her “Sometimes, baby, it hurts at first, but then after just a minute it starts to feel good. Then after the first time, it shouldn’t hurt further.” My cock came up against her hymen and I stopped

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