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When Robert had just turned eighteen and just out of high school. He planned a two-week, backpacking trip in the north Idaho mountains. Robert’s Mom’s younger sister, his Aunt Sheila, was stationed in a fire watchtower along the route he planned to take. So he had to promised to stop in for a day to visit to make his Mom happy. Robert hadn’t seen his Aunt for six years, that was when Aunt Sheila got married to a geologist, named Jack. Robert’s Mom told him that Uncle Jack, had accepted an overseas position for three months. Aunt Sheila decided to sign up for the forest service job while Jack was gone.

Robert had been on the trial for a couple of days when he got to the fire tower. Aunt Sheila met him as he came up the trail. And Robert was immediately aware of how beautiful she was. At the time, Aunt Sheila was thirty-two and her body was almost perfect. Nice tan legs and big boobs. She had long black hair in a braid and was wearing a very tight pair of cutoff jeans and a denim shirt tied under her breasts. Robert felt embarrassed as his cock got hard just looking at his Aunt. Aunt Sheila gave Robert a big kiss and invited him into the tower. She seemed really excited to see him, and indicated how lonely she had been. After lunch, she asked if Robert would like to do some sunbathing on the big deck surrounding the tower.

“Sure would, Aunt Sheila, that would definitely feel good.” Robert was really shocked when Aunt Sheila peeled off her shirt and shorts. She was totally nude and just beautiful. “come on, Robert, if you are going to get some sun, you might as well get it all over.”

Robert slipped out of his jeans and t-shirt, and his cock was rapidly inflating. Shelia had a couple of mats on the deck and they lay down, side by side. Sheila started talking a blue streak and told Robert how lonely she had been and how much she missed her husband, Jack. She commented that in the six years they had been married they had never been apart and that those six felt like the honeymoon never ended. Then right out of the blue, she said, “Robert, you really have a beautiful cock. That big thing must make your girlfriend very happy.”

Robert turned ten shades of red and mumbled something about not having a girlfriend.

“You mean you haven’t had a chance to use that monster?” Sheila asked, incredulously. ” I can’t believe that!”

By now Robert cock was just like an iron bar. Aunt Sheila looked at him real hard and said, “Robert, if you can keep a secret and not say anything about this to your mom or uncle Jack, I’ll show you how to really pleasure a girl with that big thing.”

Robert just nodded his head and Shelia reached over to wrap her hand around his shaft. Robert felt like he was going to shoot his load right then, but Sheila was real careful. Aunt Sheila rolled over on her back and spread her legs apart. “do you like the way my cunt looks, Robert? It’s all hot and juicy for cock. Just kneel right between my legs and I’ll help you come in.”

Robert moved into position and Aunt Sheila pulled the head of his cock down to her puss lips. Robert pushed forward and went right into her cunt. pendik escort Robert had never felt anything so good in his life. Aunt Shelia wrapped her legs around me and pulled him deep into her. “Robert, I know you can’t last very long, so I just want you to pump away and cum inside my hot cunt.”

She was right about that after seven or eight strokes, Robert began to cum. Robert just couldn’t stop cuming as he shot five or six big shots of jizz right into his aunt cunt and she loved it and just held him tight. Sheila told her nephew how horny she was and how she never realized how much she miss her usual fucking. After about ten minutes, Robert began to get hard again. Robert started to fuck her and this time he kept at it until Aunt Sheila came. She was really noisy and was screaming and moaning. Robert was glad they were all alone on a mountaintop. Robert was really nervous about fucking his aunt without a rubber or anything and she said , “hey Robert, your uncle Jack has fucked me as much as three or four times a day over the five years we have been married and I guess I just wasn’t made to get pregnant.”

After dinner and before they went to sleep they screwed again. The next morning Robert woke up with a real stiff prick and Aunt Sheila was right there to take care of it She got on top of that stiff cock and rode him hard until they both came together. They fucked again before lunch and again late in the afternoon. The weather was really hot and they just went naked all the time. Every time Robert got hard, Aunt Sheila was happy to take care of it. Robert thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Needless to say, he had no intention of leaving his aunt and continuing on the trail.

Each day was pretty much a repeat of the first day. They typically fucked three times a day. Aunt Sheila taught her nephew all the good things to know about making love to a woman. A couple of times she gave Robert a great blow job, but most of the time she wanted her nephew balls-deep in her cunt when he was ready to cum. She also showed Robert how to eat pussy and lick her clit. After she got off from his lapping, she would let Robert screw her doggie-style. He really loved that. It seemed like he came harder and longer when he fucked his Aunt from behind. When they fuck doggie-style, Sheila wouldn’t let her nephew pull out, she like for his cock to go soft and slip out of her cum filled pussy. Shelia commented more than once that Robert’s cock was a lot bigger than his Uncle Jack. The two weeks went by like two days, and it was time for Robert to return home and Aunt Sheila had to close up the fire tower before support people would be arriving. They spent their final day fucking like minks, and then it was over.

Three weeks later, Robert got ready to go to college when the phone rang, it was Aunt Sheila. What she had to say shocked Robert, “you naughty boy, you made your Aunt Sheila very pregnant!” at first Robert thought he was in real trouble, but then as his Aunt continued to talk, he realized how thrilled she was that she was going to have a baby. In fact, the more she talked about getting pregnant, the more maltepe escort Robert began to think that was what his Aunt Sheila wanted to happen. She told Robert not to worry about Uncle Jack because when he got home from overseas, she had him fuck her every day for a week every time he could get it up. Then she told him she was pregnant, and of course he thought it was his. So, both of them were very happy.

Then they got around to talking about when Robert was leaving for college and did he know that uncle Jack had gone to that college. He told his Aunt he had not know that he was going to his Uncle old college and that he was leaving in a couple of days. “please stop here for an overnight visit before you leave. We can talk and Uncle Jack would like to see you and talk about his old college days.”

That made Robert nervous, not that he didn’t want to see his Aunt, but he felt funny about seeing Uncle Jack. Especially after fucking his wife for two weeks straight and making her pregnant. Sheila sensed what was on his mind and said, “Robert, Uncle Jack doesn’t know you were anywhere near the fire tower, and he really would like to see you. He’s so proud that we are going to have a baby and proud your going to his college.”

After a little more convincing from Sheila, Robert agreed to stop. Robert arrived about two in the afternoon a few days later and Aunt Sheila greeted him at the door. she was wearing a real short, transparent gown, and Robert had a great view of her boobs that had grown from a “C” to a “D” cup and her pussy hair had grown thick. It was a different look from her trimmed pussy at the fire station and he thought it was a sexy look. She had on real nice perfume and looked beautiful! Robert kissed her and in two minutes he had his clothes off and they were fucking right on the living room couch. It felt so good to be back inside his Aunt, and in a couple of minutes of frantic fucking, Robert fired several good shots of seed deep inside his Aunt’s hot cunt. Her moaning and little cries as she came made him feel so good. They sat and talked for awhile. Before Sheila informed her nephew that Uncle Jack wouldn’t be home until six that evening. Robert took his Aunt hand and led her into the bedroom. As soon as she was on the bed Robert was between her thighs and licking his Aunt’s cum-filled pussy.

Sheila came quickly and rolled over into their favorite position, on her hands and knees so Robert could fuck her pussy from behind. Robert pushed his cock into his Aunt hot, hairy pussy making her moan as he slide inch after inch of his big cock into her. He took hold of his Aunt’s big tits and rolled her nipples between his fingers, taking his time fucking her. After about five minutes of deep thrusting, he shot another big load into his Aunt’s pussy. As normal Sheila didn’t want her nephew to pull out but unlike times before Robert didn’t grow soft instead he seemed to grow even harder inside her. Soon he started thrusting in and out of her again till he exploded for the third time inside. After he finally went soft and slip out of his Aunt hot cunt, they shower together and kartal escort unbelievable as Sheila soapy hands slide over her nephew body he got hard again and soon she found herself pushed up against the tile being pumped full of cum for the fourth time. ” what, you didn’t believe me when I told you I was pregnant?” Sheila gasped as she slide down to her knees in the tub after Robert pulled out of her. “Just making sure.” Robert grinned as he step out of the shower leave his aunt to sit under the water.

There was no more time for fucking before Uncle Jack got home. As Aunt Sheila fixed a big dinner, Uncle Jack talked to Robert about his old days there on the campus and how happy he was that he was going to be a father. He joked about how many times he had to fuck Aunt Sheila to knock her up. After dinner Aunt Sheila joined Uncle Jack and Robert in their talk. They talked long in to the night. About five in the morning Robert woke up to the sounds of Uncle Jack screwing Aunt Sheila the next bedroom. He was grunting like a pig and obviously really shagging her. After five minutes Robert could hear him start to come and then everything got quiet. Robert noticed he didn’t hear anything from Aunt Sheila and that was really strange. Every time he fucked her, she made so much noise it was embarrassing.

Uncle Jack got up and took a shower, got dressed and left the house. Robert waited five minutes or so after Jack’s car drove off. He got out of bed , his cock was so stiff, it hurt. He went to Aunt Sheila’s room and looked in. “good morning, Robert. I wondered when you would be coming in.” Aunt Sheila laid there naked her legs spread, her fingers in wet pussy. Robert slipped into bed and pushed his cock into her wet cunt. “I’m such a little slut, Robert. Jack just fucked me and now I want it again from you.”

Robert settled into a good rhythm and made sure his cock rubbed up against his Aunt clit just like she had taught him. After about five minutes, she got excited and was moaning, talking dirty. “fuck me, nephew, fuck me hard, fuck your horny Aunt, almost there, yes, that it. Fuccck Meee.”

Robert picked up the pace as Sheila went off like a firecracker. Robert pumped a few more strokes and began to shoot his jizz into his Aunt’s hot cunt. It came in four or five long spurts. Her cunt overflowed as he pulled out of his Aunt he sat and watched as his and Jack cum rundown the crack of her ass. As soon as Sheila calmed down they showered again and again Sheila found herself pushed up against the tile as her nephew pumped a second load into her.

After Aunt Sheila put on a robe and fixed breakfast, Robert didn’t get dressed coming down naked after drying off. As Robert finished eating, he could see his aunt beautiful boobs peeking out of her robe. He pushed the robe off her shoulders and kissed her. Sheila hand traveled up his thigh to his cock as Robert fondled her tits. Robert wanted her again, right here. He pushed the breakfast dishes aside and lay her back on the kitchen table. The height was just right and she rested her feet on two chairs and put her cunt right at the table edge. Robert entered his Aunt again and once again they began to fuck. Robert massaged Sheila’s clit with his thumb, and in a few minutes they both came together. Robert laid his head on his Aunt chest and made her promise to come and visit him when the their child was born.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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