Pressed Together with Mom

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So it had all come to this. My mother, the pillar of the community, was now engaged in a prank war with her sister. They were both adults who were highly respected members of the community. They were both accomplished professionals in their careers and always acted properly in public. But who says women can’t have their fun too?

It all started during a big family gathering at my grandparents’ ranch property in California. The place was huge and we got to see all sorts of distant relatives. It was a nice break from college, and mom got to relax from her busy job as an office manager.

On our first day there, Aunt Claire gathered some of the younger nieces and nephews, and scared the living crap out of mom. They all hid behind couches and furniture, and the moment my mother stepped into the room; “Boo!!!” They all jumped out at once, making my poor mother horrified for a second.

After a loud scream with mom turning completely stiff, she laughed, along with everyone else. It was all in good fun.

Now, with my mom pulling me aside in the privacy of her room, she was ready for revenge.

“I need a favor,” she said with a mischievous expression, which didn’t match her well-kept appearance. “A big favor.”

“Does this have anything to do with that prank earlier?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded. “Oh yes. I think it’s finally time to repay your Aunt for this.”

This was a totally different side of my mother. Normally, she’d be the first person against this sort of stuff. When I was younger, she was a PTA mom, and she was stricter than many of the teachers. Everything had to be orderly and respectful. She hated pranks or anything like that.

Now, here she was, ready to return fire. There was a gleam in her eye as she was ready to escalate things. It was a new version of my mother.

And I liked it.

“So, what should we do?” I asked, displaying a mischievous grin of my own.

She thought for a moment. “Well, I haven’t actually thought of it yet. But she has a good scare coming her way. Believe it or not, your Aunt Claire used to be a huge prankster.”

“Really? I never knew that.”

“That was when we were growing up. I had to boss her around because I was her older sister. And she paid me back with her prank-scares. Never malicious. It was all out of love. But now, it’s time…”

I nodded. “Remind me to never get on your bad side.”

“Aunt Claire has it coming. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in pranks. Do you have anything in mind?”

“How about we recruit the other nieces & nephews to be on our side? We’ll all prank Aunt Claire together.”

“I don’t know if we can trust of all them,” mom replied. “My sister gives them a lot of candy. Their loyalty will be with their Aunt.”

“We could always bribe them with even more candy.”

“That still won’t overcome what my sister gives them. It will have to be us, alone.”

I thought for a moment. “Do you know her plans tomorrow?”

“Mostly. We have a few family things going on.”


A lightbulb seemingly went off in mom’s head. “Why don’t we hide in Aunt Claire’s closet? When she goes to her room, closes the door, then goes to her closet, we’ll pop out of there and give her a nice little fright. That’ll teach her.”

I smiled. “Now that sounds like a plan.”


The next morning, we were ready. Mom and I snuck down the hall like ninjas, careful not to be seen, as we went inside Aunt Claire’s guestroom. We couldn’t risk being seen by any of the nieces & nephews, because they might have given warning to Aunt Claire.

I couldn’t help but notice how attractive mom looked doing such a mischievous thing. She was prepared to scare her sister. Yet she looked so angelic doing so, wearing a thin sundress, barefoot on the carpet, and her hair was combed in a casual breezy way.

We talked quietly once we were successfully inside the room. Most of the family was outside enjoying the ranch. According to intel, Aunt Claire would return to her room in about 10 minutes, more or less. So we had to finalize our plans, and fast.

“The closet,” mom said, scanning the room. “We’ll just stick with that.”

It was the kind of closet where the front part had shutters. Meaning, air could ventilate, we’d have some light, and most importantly, we’d be able to see Aunt Claire coming.

She added, “And make a scary face when you pop out.”

“Are you doing that too?” I asked.

“I’m too old to be making scary faces. That’s for young people, like you.”

“Mom, I’m also too old to be making scary faces.”

She gave me a sharp look. “Fine. Disregard the scary face part. Let’s just scare her.”

When we opened the closet door, a major problem arose.

The closet was squeezed tight and cluttered. It was filled with boxes in the back, and the rack was filled with clothes, including a few blouses and undergarments. It was pretty narrow too. One person could fit with ease. But shoving two people in there would be an issue.

“What should we do?” I asked, with both of pendik escort us knowing there were problems with the plan.

“Maybe you should do this alone? I’m sure you can fit in there.”

“Are you kidding? You want me to scare her alone?”

“Why not?”

“This was your idea,” I reminded. “Plus, it would be really weird if I did this by myself. She’s never scared me before.”

Mom took a deep breath. “Then we’ll both have to press together.”

“Should we abort the plan?”

“No. We proceed.”

There was determination in mom’s eyes and voice. It was now or never. She really wanted to scare her sister, and I had to respect that.

“Okay, I’ll go in first,” I said.

“That makes sense, since you’re a lot taller than me.”

“We should clear some of this stuff before we get in.”

“Good idea.”

We were about to push some of the stuff aside, when suddenly, we heard footsteps coming down the hall. Mom and I both froze for a split second, silently looking each other in the eyes. Then we reacted.

“Quick,” she whispered.

I followed her command and shoved myself in the closet, past the rack full of clothes. Mom followed me inside the closet, squeezing herself in, and quietly shut the door.

The space was so tight that mom’s voluptuous butt was pressed against my crotch. Even more surprising, she didn’t even bother to adjust herself or move her butt away. I certainly couldn’t move. And frankly, I don’t think mom could have moved either. The closet was that tight.

We could hear each other breathing in the confines of the little closet. We were able to peek through the shutters. There was nothing. Then the footsteps from the hall went away.

“Probably a false alarm,” she said, her eyes peering through the shutters.

“Should we get out of the closet and try to adjust so we have more room?”

“Good idea.”

As mom was about to open the closet door so we could adjust things, we heard other footsteps down the hall, causing us to freeze. Then the footsteps left.

Another false alarm.

“On second thought, we should probably just stay here,” mom whispered. “I know for a fact that she’ll be here any moment to change her clothes.”

Mom was so into this, that she practically ignored the fact that her butt was still pressed against my crotch.

“Ummm… what about…you know…”

“What on earth are you talking about?” she asked, like I was disturbing her concentration.

I huffed. “Mom, your butt is pressed against my private area.”

“Oh, that. Well, you’ll just have to deal with it.”

“You really don’t mind?”

“Is there a problem?” she asked playfully.

When she asked that, she also wiggled her butt at the same time, gently grinding herself against my cock. It was an act which could have some serious consequences in a matter of moments.

“Jeez, you’re making this…nevermind…”

“You’re not becoming aroused, are you?” she asked.

“It’s not like I can help it if you keep doing… that…”

“You mean this?”

That was when she did it again, wiggling her butt so that it would grind against my crotch. She must have felt my cock through my shorts, yet she did it anyway. There might have been a way for me to step aside, but that would have been too difficult, and potentially made too much noise. At least that was my excuse for not moving and allowing my mother to grind against me like that.

When she stopped moving, her voluptuous butt was still pressed tightly against my cock. Her eyes remained looking through the shutters.

Then my worst fear at the moment came true. Blood flowed through my cock and it felt like a balloon suddenly being pumped with air. Unfortunately, it had nowhere to go except to press against my mother’s firm ass.

“Seriously?” she asked, her eyes still peering through the shutters.

“What did you expect? It’s your fault.”

She sighed, “Men– you all get stimulated by even the slightest touch.”

“If you knew that, why did you keep rubbing yourself against me like that?” I countered.

“You mean like this?”

This time, mom pushed her butt backwards, pressing harder against my crotch, then she had the audacity to clench her firm butt cheeks together, squeezing my cock in the process.

“Jeez!” I reacted.

“Sshhhh. Someone might hear us.”

Then she relaxed her butt and stood upright again, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I was becoming super aroused, and with my mom!

“Should we abort the plan?” I asked uncomfortably. “I don’t think she’s coming anytime soon. And plus, you know…”

“Nonsense. She’ll be here. She often runs later. And I honestly don’t care that you’re stiff right now. Normally, I’d never ever allow this. But this is a special circumstance.”

Hearing my mother say that was a total shock. In all our years of living together, we had never talked about sex or body parts. I had never even seen her undressed before, not by accident or anything. She was always buttoned up and reserved. Now, maltepe escort here she was, acting like my hard cock against her ass was nothing to be concerned about.

“I think we should abort,” I said. “My situation is only getting worse. It’ll be super awkward soon. We could always payback Aunt Claire later.”

She thought for a moment. “Fine. We’ll do this later — wait — sshhhh…”

Footstep noises came from the hall. There was no way of knowing whose it was. Mom’s eyes remained locked through the opening of the shutter, and we were ready to jump out of the closet and scare Aunt Claire.

But once again, the footsteps left and it was another false alarm.

“We can’t leave now,” she said. “It sounds like there are people in the hall. If anyone sees us coming out of your aunt’s room, our plan will be exposed. I’ll never be able to get her back.”

“Okay, so we’ll just stay here.”

Mom clenched her butt on my cock again. “Do you think that’ll go away?”

“Maybe if you stop doing that with your bottom.”

“Fair enough. I’ll stop. Let me try and move so that we’re not so squished together.”

“Good idea,” I replied.

Unfortunately, there were lots of clothes on the rack and a bunch of shoe boxes on the floor. She tried to move without making a lot of sound, and without accidentally falling, but it was tough to do anything.

“Can you hold me with your arms?” she asked. “I don’t want to trip over a shoebox and crash through the closet door.”

“Okay, I’ll hold your shoulders.”

“Grab me by the waist. That’ll be better.”

Mom lifted her arms (the best she could under the circumstances) and I reached up to grab her waist. Through the chaos of it all, she turned her body slightly to the side and I accidentally cupped one of her round breasts through her dress.

“Oh shit,” I gasped, pulling my hand away. “Sorry about that.”

“That’s quite alright. It was an accident. Or at least I hope it was.”

Holy shit. Did she just accuse me of doing that on purpose?

“Of course it was an accident,” I firmly insisted. “What kind of weirdo do you think I am?”

She jokingly sighed. “Who knows, you might be a weirdo like your Aunt. She used to do that to me all the time in college.”

Holy shit. Did she really just say that?


“Forget it,” she quickly backtracked. “It was only a joke.”

“That didn’t sound like a joke. Aunt Claire used to grab your boobs?”

She paused. “We used to pinch each other, here and there. Just for fun.”

“Then why do you sound so secretive talking about it.”

Mom didn’t reply. Instead, she slowly started rubbing her butt against my crotch again.

“Oh my goodness,” she said, still softly rubbing her butt to me. “You’re throbbing down there.”

God, this was humiliating.


“Instead of being sorry, you can tell me why you’ve become so stiff all of a sudden,” she insisted.

“I don’t know. We were just talking about… you know…”

“You became more aroused hearing about how me and my sister used to touch each other’s breasts?” she asked incredulously. “What in the world is wrong with you?”

Before I could reply, the bedroom door opened and closed as Aunt Claire entered the room. Mom and I were both ready to scare her when she’d eventually come to the closet.

As we watched through the shutters of the closet door, things made an unexpected twist as Aunt Claire stood by her bed and got undressed. We watched like peeping voyeurs as she got totally naked in a matter of seconds.

Holy shit! Aunt Claire had an incredibly gorgeous naked body, which made my cock throb against my mother’s ass.

When she approached the closet, things became painfully awkward for a split second. Were we actually going to scare her while she was totally naked?

There was a knock on the bedroom door and someone called for Aunt Claire. That was when she slipped on a sweater and pants (with no bra or underwear) and she left the room again.

“Phew,” I exhaled. “That was close.”

“I know…” mom’s voice trailing off.

“Are you breathing heavy?”

“It’s a tense situation,” she tried to explain.

But it was more than that. I knew mom well enough to know that she was flustered in some way.

“Besides,” she added, wiggling her hips again. “It’s not like you’re in a position to criticize anyone either, am I right?”

I felt even more embarrassed about my aching cock pressing against her ass.

“I guess not.”

“This must run in the family.”

Suddenly my cock swelled, nearly twitching against mom’s butt. Now it all made sense. Everything became clear, no matter how dirty or taboo the whole thing seemed.

“Are you…attracted to her?” I reluctantly asked (wishing I hadn’t).

She hesitated. “Aunt Claire and I have a unique relationship, to say the least.”

Holy shit. My suspicion was confirmed and I was left with a flurry of questions. I didn’t want to pepper mom with questions. But I still needed to know more.

“What kartal escort kind of relationship?” I asked cautiously.

She sighed, “You’re old enough to know, I suppose. In college, along with our young adult years, we were roommates. And, well, we enjoyed each other’s company, in a way that sisters aren’t supposed to.”


My cock ached badly against mom’s ass.

“Feels like you approve,” she said, nearly giggling.

“That’s hot…I mean, it’s interesting.”

“I suppose it’s the fantasy of lots of men. Two sisters, living together, going down on each other occasionally.”

“Oh shit,” I gasped. “Do you really mean that you…”

“We ate each other’s pussy, to use slang. It’s not something I’m proud of, but my sister can be very persuasive. And I grew to enjoy it.”

I was shocked to the core. There was zero shame in mom’s voice either. It was like she had a deep fondness for these memories. Memories which she wished she could relive. I was surprised that she was telling me this, but I was glad she was open about it. I had never heard such a taboo story in person before, and from my own mother of all people.

“So that’s what the whole breast touching thing was about,” I said.

“Yes. When I would cook, she used to come up behind me and scare me, then hold me, squeezing both of my breasts. I got used to having my breasts fondled by family, so it didn’t bother me when you touched them by accident.”

Dirty thoughts came to mind. With my raging hard cock, I couldn’t think straight. My mind wasn’t right. I just had to ask…

“Do you think I can… you know… touch them again? For my troubles being stuck here in this tiny closet with you?”

“Why on earth would I allow that?” she hissed.

“Nevermind. Sorry.”

Mom sighed, “Men– breasts are breasts to all of you, even if it’s your own mother’s. Fine, go ahead and touch them. Only because you’re helping me with this.”

My pulse raced as I reached forward to cup both of her full breasts with my hands. I fully expected her to slap my hands away, but that never happened. I squeezed her tits through her dress, feeling her plump tits. The sound of her breathing heavier became more apparent. She was enjoying this.

“You like this, don’t you?” I asked, massaging her tits.

“Yes…” her voice trailed off. “Maybe I should have warned you, but I have a very sensitive bosom. It easily arouses me if they’re caressed like this.”

Now I knew her weak spot, as I continued rubbing her full tits. Her increased pace of breathing was proof that mom’s breasts were as sensitive as she had claimed them to be.

Her pleasure spots were easy to find. She seemed to groan every time she was squeezed on the lower half of her breasts, and around her nipple area too. When her nipples were rubbed through her top, she’d gasp a little.

“This isn’t something you ever should have known about me,” she breathed. “Or felt.”

“Maybe later you can ask Aunt Claire to eat your pussy again,” I teased, just to see what would happen. “Or maybe you can eat her pussy instead.”

She moaned. “Oh god…”

Things were getting out of hand. I didn’t know what the fuck I was thinking saying something like that. But it was having a profound effect on my mother. She continued to breathe hard while I continued rubbing the soft flesh of her tits through her dress.

“Tell me more,” she whispered.

I thought fast. “Aunt Claire has such a beautiful naked body. I can see why you agreed to do all that stuff with her. You seem so turned on seeing her naked again.”

“Yes, I am. She’s beautiful.”

“Let’s ask her after we scare her. I’m sure she’d love to eat your pussy again. No one can resist you, mom. Not even me.”

“Jesus,” she gasped.

That’s when I slipped one hand inside the top of her dress and bra, cupping her bare tit in my hand. Her breast was soft, firm, and her nipple was rock-fucking-hard. It was a big nipple too, and I wished that I could suck it.

“Just relax mom,” I said. “I’m getting you aroused for Aunt Claire later. I’m making your pussy nice and wet, so she can devour it. So she can devour your cream. Then you can eat her wet pussy afterwards too.”

She moaned, “Keep rubbing my breast. Put your other hand down my panties.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do it,” she softly pleaded. “Now.”

Mom wanted to cum. There was no doubt about that. The only problem was, we were in a closet and Aunt Claire could come back at any time. But maybe mom enjoyed the thought of that? Maybe mom found this to be the ultimate thrill (which it was, frankly).

Either way, I couldn’t resist. With my hand on mom’s tit, I used my other hand to reach below to hike her dress up, until her panties were exposed, then I slid my hand down.

Her pussy was hairy, which was a sexy feeling. I slipped my fingers further down to find her pussy lips, which were moist in between. She was so aroused that her panties must have been soaked.

I rubbed her clit, which made her gasp, and it made my cock even harder in the process. Both of us ached.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “It won’t be much longer until Aunt Claire has her lips around your pussy again, sucking your juices, licking your clit, making you cry. I can help make it happen.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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