Redheads Waiting Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Joanna

I should start by saying that I’m not a bad poker player.

Joshua, bless his heart, is dreadful. He’s spent the last month or so learning as much as he can, but he just doesn’t have the head for it. He’s a short-term thinker; he gets excited by a good hand, and doesn’t realise that to win in the long run, you have to prevent people from being able to tell if you’re bluffing or not. Frankly, I don’t know how he can afford to go and play three times a week…he must be getting cleaned out. (and I wish I could say that this was the most expensive hobby he’s ever had.)

He’s a smart enough fellow, but I just don’t think he’s capable of coming up with a long-term plan, and following it through until he gets what he wants. And so it was a genuine challenge to lose to him, night after night.

“Strip poker?” he’d asked, surprisingly shocked when I suggested it. “Why?”

“It’ll be exciting,” I told him. Unlike my husband, I think long-term. “I know we’re naked most of the time anyway, but this will…it’ll add something.”

Our daughters, I thought, but kept my poker-face on.

“Besides, it’ll be good practice for when you play against the boys.”

“Okay…” he said doubtfully, and each night before we went to bed, we played strip poker until one of us (almost always me) was nude. The sight of my nude body did what it’s always done to my husband, and it wasn’t long after I’d stripped of my last piece of clothing that he couldn’t hold back any longer, and the two of us tumbled into bed.

Moving the game to the kitchen was harder, but I think my desire to get caught was infectious – we’d started having sex without closing the door (that was actually a favour to Brianna, who’d discovered the cupboard across the hall has a great view into our room) and sometimes even kept the blinds up, risking our neighbour peering in and seeing everything. Josh has always loved my exhibitionist streak, and I think he liked the idea of someone seeing what a hot woman he had at his beck and call.

So it didn’t take too much convincing before Josh agreed to start playing strip poker in the kitchen.

The next step I knew would be the hardest; it would be make or break…if Josh didn’t go for it, I have no idea how I was going to include him in the new “family activities”, but I trusted the girls to play their part, and I had an ace up my sleeve – frustration.

Claiming to have my period, I deprived Josh of sex for four consecutive days. (fortunately, he didn’t pick up on the fact that I’ve never let my cycle stop our love-making before…)

It almost killed me as well – I was lucky to have the girls around to attempt to keep me satisfied, but even their largest toys was no substitute for the feeling of a real cock sliding inside. When I told them that, their eyes fluttered and went blank for a second, and I knew that they were looking forward to the fulfilment of our plan as much as I was.

It was a Friday night – I remember, because I was so sexually frustrated that I’d made an excuse to take the girls out of school for an hour or two every day that week – when we settled down for our nightly game of strip poker. I’d insisted on playing it all week, winning just enough that I never had to remove my panties and reveal my lie, but stripping topless and driving Joshua absolutely crazy. As frustrated as I was, even with my nubile twins around to give me relief, his frustration must have been tenfold.

I’d told him that tonight was the night, that he was finally going to get a chance to fuck me in every hole, something we hadn’t done in a single night since our last anniversary (we like to make sure they’re always special occasions.) I “dropped the girl off to youth group”, and when I returned Josh asked if we could go straight to the bedroom.

“Anticipation,” I’d told him, “is the spice of life,” and he’d rolled his eyes and followed me to the kitchen.

The girls timed it perfectly – nothing overly revealing was off, but it was clear what we were doing. They walked in, claiming that youth group had been cancelled and they’d bursa escort gotten a lift home. Bless them, they’re such little actors. Watching them, you’d never have guessed that they’d been outside the whole time.

When they saw what we were doing, they pretended to be shocked, Josh apologised, and then they asked if they could join in.

“What!?” he’d exclaimed, his eyes open so wide I thought they might fall out of his head. “Girls, of course you can’t…”

“Why not?” I asked sweetly, shocking him just as much. “They’re almost adults now – this is an adult game. Better they learn it at home than with strangers, don’t you think?”

The combination of sexual frustration and two hot teenage bodies in front of him must have been clouding his brain something fierce, because he didn’t even question my incredibly dodgy logic. He just threw up his hands in amused frustration.

“Fine!” he said, “They’re your daughters!”

We all laughed at that – it’s a line that he’s used on more than one occasion; when I’d taken them to get their ears pierced, when I’d bought them their own stereo for their room, and most recently when I’d taken them to get their pubic hair lasered off.

I explained the rules to the girls, and pointed out that since their father and I had already been playing for a few rounds, the convention was that newcomers “caught up” by removing a few pieces of clothing. They looked at each other and giggled once more, and I think all three of us were watching Joshua’s reactions out of the corner of our eyes.

Trying to act cool, he sat back with a satisfied half-smile on his face. The girls removed their shoes, and the game began in earnest.

Fortunately for our plan, Bri and Bec are terrible at poker – they just had to play naturally, and I had to work twice as hard to make sure I was losing to all three of them. I made sure that I was stripping the fastest, but it wasn’t easyÖBec frequently got confused about the difference between a flush and “all red”, and I saw Bri fold at least twice with pocket aces.

For every few items of clothing the rest of us took off, I tried to make sure Joshua removed at least one, and it wasn’t long before the twins were sitting there in nothing but their underwear, myself with only my bra remaining, and Josh in the lead, only having taken off his tie and glasses.

I’m sure the girls would have quite happily jumped their father that night, but I ensured that I was the next to lose, removed my bra, and declared the game over. I didn’t want to rush things, after all. I took Josh to bed, and wasn’t surprised when he came just minutes after our love-making began. I’ve never seen him so worked up.

I know exactly how guilt works, so I didn’t let him dwell. Immediately after his orgasm, I made him go down on me, and before he had time to think, he was hard again.

As promised, Josh sampled all of my holes that night, and it wasn’t long before the girls became a regular fixture in our nightly games of strip poker.

The next step was a stroke of genius on Bri’s part – I don’t know where she gets her manipulative streak, because it’s certainly not from me. I implemented her suggestion the first night one of the girls “lost” at strip poker, the first time that their father had seen one of his daughters entirely in the nude since they were babies.

We ended the game, Josh and I retired as normal, and just as he was on the brink of orgasm, just as my pussy was about to milk the last of his cum from him, I stopped, and whispered in his ear.

“Did it make you excited, seeing your little girl like that? Did you like it, watching your baby girl’s tits jiggle as she laughed?”

I didn’t say anything more than that, and was delighted when it set him over the edge, and even without any motion, his cock started firing off inside me.

Afterwards, I didn’t mention it, he didn’t mention it, but each night I went just a tiny step further. The next night, Bec lost our nightly game, and it was her name that I invoked just before his orgasm. I was going down on him that night, and when I felt the bursa escort bayan familiar signs that said he was about to cum, I paused, and looked up at him.

“I bet you’d like it if Bec were down here, sucking on your big ole cock. Would you like that, honey, would you like that?”

Things escalated quickly after that, and it was less than two weeks later when we were roleplaying from start to finish. He’d say that I’d been a bad daughter and spank me, and I’d call him ‘Daddy’, and bring up extremely specific descriptions of our two girls as he came.

It was time for the final step.


I’d pretended to be at a PTA meeting the previous night, and when I’d come to bed, uncharacteristically claimed that I was “too tired” for sex. (ha! I hadn’t been too tired for sex since my daughters were a month old – having twins takes it out of you, but since then I’d gotten off at least twice, three times a day, every day of my life.) This ensured that Josh was frustrated – not nearly as badly as he had been when we introduced the girls to strip poker, but this wasn’t nearly as big a step.

“Truth or dare?” he’d asked, and I hoped that he didn’t notice the bated breath that the three of us shared. “Why?”

“We’ve grown so much closer since we started playing games together each night,” I replied, hoping that the girls weren’t overdoing it with their enthused nodding. “Why not use a different party-game to get to know each other a little better?”

“Well,” he said dubiously, “okay…but let’s not go crazy about it.”

“Great!” I cried, and the girls cheered. He continued to watch us suspiciously, and so the first few rounds were completely tame – “Which daughter do you love the most, mum?” (“I love you both the same, sweetie.), break an egg using just your hand, stuff like that.

When Brianna dared Bec to do jumping jacks for a minute, I realised that neither of my daughters were wearing a bra…fortunately, I don’t think Josh knows enough about female clothing to spot that, so it wasn’t long before we moved onto the scripted part of the evening.

“Truth or dare, Brianna?” I asked, holding my breath and trying to look like I wasn’t staring at my husband, waiting to see his reaction.

“Truth!” she replied, exactly as we’d planned.

“Who was your first kiss?”

There was a pause, and once more I appreciated my daughter’s acting skills. She looked embarrassed, stretched out the word “Mum”, and tried to change it to dare, but I wasn’t having any of it. Finally, her cheeks went red, and she whispered her sister’s name.

My husband almost choked on his tea, and we stayed silent for a few seconds, allowing the image to sink into his head. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see his pants clearly, but both my daughters could and based on their fascinated stares, it seemed that my husband was getting hard.

Before he could notice, I hurried the game along.

“Truth or dare, Dad!” Brianna asked, and we all crossed our fingers, hoping he’d ask for a dare. We had an alternate plan for truth, but we wanted to strike while the iron was hot, put our plan into effect while images of his daughters making out were still dancing in his head.

“Dare,” he replied, and we all noticeably relaxed.

“I dare you to let me try some of your bourbon!” Brianna said excitedly, and pouted when he shook his head.

“I think this game has gone far enough,” he said, swallowing the last of his tea. The twins looked at me, panicked, and I shook my head gently.

“Come on darling,” I said. “Everyone is having so much fun. Brianna, you can’t have any of Dad’s bourbon…but honey, do you want me to pour you a glass? It’s been sitting there for so long, we’d better use it before it goes off.”

“Jo, bourbon doesn’t…you know what, never mind. I’d love a glass – thanks, sweetie.”

I took his teacup, and moved to the kitchen while the girls continued the game. Their instructions were to keep it tame until I returned, and I just hoped that they’d listen to their mother, and not to their raging hormones. The first time I had sex with escort bursa my father I was much older than them, but I still remember the excitement, the knowledge that every man in my life was mine to fuck, whenever and wherever I wanted.

Knowing what I know now, I wish we’d tried to get Mum involved as well – family fun is the most fun when it includes the whole family. Ah well.

I poured Josh a generous quantity of bourbon – not enough to get him black-out drunk, just enough to lower his inhibitions a little bit, make it easier for him to do what I knew he wanted to, deep down.

I’d considered using the tapes on him, but something about that just felt wrong. If my husband was going to have sex with our two daughters, I wanted it to be of his own volition, not because of an idea that I’d planted in his head. I did not want to use tapes on my husband. It did not feel right.

Trying not to be too obvious, I watched as he downed his drink. If I know anything, I know my husband, and it wouldn’t be more than a few minutes before the alcohol started to take effect. At my signal, the next stage of our game continued.

“Dare!” Bec said, and Brianna smiled that wicked smile of hers.

“I dare you to kiss me,” she replied, “just like you did when I taught you how to kiss.”

The sudden shift from embarrassed to sexy didn’t strike me as even remotely believable, but fortunately my husband didn’t seem to notice. He just stared, agog, as his twin daughters moved their lips together, and soon the pair of them were making out, just feet away from him.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear as the show continued.

“Do you like that, Joshy? Do you like watching your daughter’s tongues down each other’s throats? Look at how hot Bri is getting…she loves the feeling of Bec’s hands on her ass like that.”

Josh didn’t even seem to notice as I slipped one hand down his pants – lines between the world of fantasy and the world of reality were quickly blurring, and I don’t think he quite knew how to react. Bec started unbuttoning Bri’s shirt, and he moaned as her tits came into view.

“They’re nice, aren’t they? Such perky little titties…and believe me, they’re so nice to suck on. I must have spent hours sucking on my daughter’s tits…how does that make you feel, hon? Knowing that your sexy wife has been fucking your daughters for the last few months.”

I had originally planned to go slower than this, but when the girls lost control, so did I. Fortunately, the blunt hammer method seemed to work just as well, and Josh recoiled from the sexual onslaught surrounding him.

Stroking his cock up and down with one hand, I unbuttoned his pants with the other, and the girls turned and watched as his hard dick came into view.

“Oh, Daddy…” Brianna softly moaned.

“It’s so…beautiful,” Bec added.

“Will you share it with them?” I asked, as cutely as I could. “Will Daddy share his cock with his two horny daughters?”

“Can’t…” he gasped, unable to think, unable to breathe as the girls crawled towards him, their tits freely dangling, their faces filled with lust. “Wrong…”

“What’s wrong about this?” I asked, watching as our teenaged twins leaned forward, each of them licking one side of his cock. “Everything about this seems so…right.”

Joshua just nodded as Bri felt her first taste of daddy’s cock slipping deep inside her mouth, and Bec moved up to let him suckle on her young teat. I sat back and casually played with myself; even though I wasn’t directly involved, I felt more satisfied than I’d ever felt before, like I’d achieved my purpose, like I’d obeyed some kind of celestial order.

It wasn’t long before I came, triggered by Josh’s daughters bringing him to orgasm for the first time. The first of many, I hoped. This was exactly what I wanted.

I want to see my daughters have sex with their father, I chanted in my mind. I am a good mother. A good mother helps her daughters have sex with their father…

Epilogue – Joshua

I should start by saying that I’m not a bad father.

Ah, who am I kidding, I’m a terrible father, but who can blame me? In my situation, I’m sure you would have done the exact same thing.

Still, all’s well that ends well. I think those tapes were the best purchase I ever made…

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