Riya and Rudra Ch. 03

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Morning sunlight filtered through the curtains, bhaiya still slept over me, while his penis still snugly rested inside me. He felt soft almost as soft as my vaginal wall.

Last night had been a dream come true and if I had gotten pregnant, even more so. I did not want to think about the consequences, everything happens for a reason I repeated my mantra for life. Right now I felt complete. I hadn’t felt this way in years. I thought about marriages, a divorce broke a marriage these days but nothing could break the bond that we shared, that of siblings. We were brought up with this bond. I let out a sigh, pulled the covers over his shoulders and drifted back to sleep, contented. The next time when I woke he was the one watching me. We smiled. “No regrets,” he asked.

“Are you kidding me, willy is my new hero,” I whispered throatily. “When did you wake.”

“A while ago.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“Yea I was about to, I thought I’d give it another go before I pull your hero out of there. I wonder whether I’ll be able to wait as long in getting him inside you next.”

I lifted my lips to him and he took them in a hard kiss. Instantly my mouth opened and we sucked at each others tongues like they were our only source of water in a desert. I stopped our mouths, still clinging to him. His penis had stirred inside me and we smiled at each other. “Looks like he’s awake too,” we chuckled. He pressed my mouth on his for a deep kiss.

“You’re so sweet in the mornings.” We had never spent a night together. Usually after our sessions we would return to our rooms. He bit into my lip and I felt willy twitch inside me. I pulled back from our kiss.

“Will it harden whilst inside me,” I felt it throb, “Is this how it throbs when you’re aroused?”

“Hmmm,” he kissed my nose. “Say something else.”

“Agar mai pregnant ho chuki hongi raat ko to …kya karaingay(What if you have knocked me up last night?)”

“Are you trying to worry me or arouse me,” he said.

” Well something like this doesn’t worry me, it only excites me.” I felt his penis twitch inside me again. “And forget about people, forget about the world, doesn’t this arouse you even then. Yesterday night you had sex with your sister, twice you gave her explosive orgasms, the kind she’s never felt before and it’s quite possible that you may have even knocked her up. Don’t tell me you don’t find these the least bit arousing.”

I continued. “We’re going to be home alone for the next six days I’ll stay naked for you in the house, so you can fuck me whenever you want.” Willy began to harden inside me, this was working. “You’ve torn my hymen last night and now no one can take your place again. No one will ever be inside your sister besides you.” My voice thickened with lust for my brother.

“Aaur bol.” (Say more, he used a rough tone.)” He had begun to breathe heavily against my ear. My own vagina convulsed, it was a turn on when he spoke to me like that.

“Aur kya bolu (What else should I say?),” my voice trembled.

“Bol(Say something ),” he ordered. I want to get a hard on, I so want to fuck your brains out right now, he said in a deep voice and his penis began to harden more at his own acceptance of his desire.

“Ajj ek baar bath tub mai sex karain gay hmm(Today we’ll have sex in the bath tub once).” There was a sharp intake of breath. We had often had sex, if you could call foreplay that, many times under water. That was our favourite place, under the shower, inside a tub, or in the swimming pool when no one was home. He began to breathe rapidly and I felt his rock hard erection inside me. It brought back a little pain from last night but nothing I couldn’t bear.

“When we are in the tub I want you to pee inside me,” he groaned at this and his mouth was on mine. Willy grew a little more in girth and I felt my pussy stretch to its limit. He lifted his head and our eyes met.

“I love you,” he whispered. I felt tears prickle my eyes and I placed a wet kiss on his full lips. He began to move his hips in a gyrating motion and willy poked painfully at my hole. It began to raise familiar sensations from the previous night. I swallowed hard and began to hyperventilate and he stopped.

“Don’t,” I whispered between breaths. “Don’t stop please,” I lay against the pillow and tried to subdue my wheezing. He stopped again. “Don’t stop now or I’ll die.” I began to drag every breath I took and strangely, it was a turn on for him. My hands trembled when I lifted them to his face. I kissed his warm mouth.

“Give me some air.” Back then whenever I felt wheezy I would ask him to blow air into my lungs. He breathed into my mouth and my breathing began to ease.

” Fuck me hard …will you …?” He nodded and began with a hard thrust. It knocked the air out of my lungs again. He blew again. “Fuck me hard,” I groaned in his mouth.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” With every thrust I felt the head of his penis hit against my cervix. My legs lifted and wrapped around his waist pendik escort giving him extra space inside me and his penis hungrily covered it. I kissed his shoulder …light trembling wet feather kisses. My arms roved all over his back caressing him and pressing him more against my boobs. My hands moved to his lower back pulling his hips more inside me. I thrust up once and the pleasure it gave cannot be explained in words, thereon I met his downward thrust with one of mine, and that seemed to give him more pleasure too.

He groaned and roughly kissed my mouth …hump hump hump we went like two rabbits. A knot rose inside my Mooldhara and just the way he had told me I tried to lift it up through my spine into my Saharsara. I tried to contain and direct the energy up into my spine, just the way he had taught me all those years ago and then I came like a thunderbolt.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmaaaaaaa,” he hugged me close. This was more powerful than either of the ones that I had experienced the night before. I closed my eyes almost faint, but I couldn’t sleep right now. He hadn’t cum yet and I wanted him to get an orgasm as strong as mine.

My hands went back to his hips and pressed him to my pussy. He was still rock hard inside me, all those years of practicing tantric yoga had given him an iron control over his organ. My pussy felt raw, but it didn’t matter, what mattered was that I wanted to pleasure him with my body the way no one had. That thought in mind, I brought my hips up meeting every thrust of his with one of my own.

“Don’t, you’ll get soar,” he whispered hoarsely into my ear.

“Don’t worry, am alright. I want you to cum, like I did. I want to be your tantric partner. Aaap jo chaho gay mai wahi karu gi ( I’ll do exactly what you tell me to).” I lifted my hips more to greet his every thrust no matter how much it pained. I felt sticky and wet with our wet juices and his penis sloshed about inside me fluck shluk fluck shluk. I didn’t think any pill on this planet could save me from getting pregnant under the circumstance. The thought filled me with both excitement and trepidation, but if that ever happened I knew bhaiya would find out a way and I wouldn’t have to worry about it. His penis strung inside me like a string on a guitar and I heard him groan deep inside his throat and it wasn’t a whisper anymore …it was a thunderous roar.” “Riyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” his balls pumped his baby making sperm inside his throbbing pole and he dumped his load inside me with an explosive orgasm. This time there were copious amounts of it. I lifted my hips to keep his seed inside me and fed it to my hungry womb. I pressed him against myself, in my arms, against my hard nipples and even now I kept moving my hips against his. The languid motion rocking us both into a deep trance.

A rumble woke me, it was almost evening and my stomach was protesting. I remembered we hadn’t eaten since yesterday afternoon. I smiled remembering he had once told me, eat less, keep yourself hungry, so we can both feed on each other to satisfy our hunger. He had said, you feel an orgasm more strongly on an empty stomach, your channels are clear and you feel your senses explode. I hugged him in my arms, cos of him I had managed to embark on this adventurous journey.

He stirred in his sleep and I pulled him more over me. I wanted to kiss him. My heart was exploding with the love I felt for him.

“Mmmmm,” he groaned, not wanting to wake. But I wanted to pee so badly

“Sssssss, ayeee,” I groaned.

“Kya hua? (Whats wrong?),” he asked.

“I want to pee.”

“Not before I fuck you on a full bladder.”

“Hmmmm,” it excited me at once and my nipples hardened.

“Not here, in the bath tub.”

“Hmmm, okay,” there was no need to mess his sheets when we could do this in the tub. He rose and willy slid out of me for the first time in 24 hours. It gave me a little pain. I had an inkling that I would be soar, but I would think of it at the end of this week.

We brushed our teeth fooling around and touching each other. I had my reasons I had to keep on my toes, lest I peed. I had known to trust him with whatever he said. If he said the experience would be great on a full bladder …then I would hold my pee till eternity. Hopefully, it wouldn’t take that long. I giggled.

He directed me to lie in the tub and my heart catapulted with excitement. I planted my feet carefully in the tub then lifted the other and sat down. My back against the cold tile of the bath tub, the water was warm.

“Hurry I want to pee, I said, the water is making me want to pee.

“I’m holding mine in too and so will you,” was his reply, “until we’re done.

He came in and sat next to me. He eyed my soar pussy and I eyed his flaccid penis. My dirty talk would take time to raise him from its stupor so I followed a different routine. I took his soft penis in my hand. My brother sighed, up and down I moved it, the foreskin was so soft. I touched escort pendik his pee hole and I moved it again and again and saw a tiny drop of semen emerge. I had given him a hard on in no time at all and I felt very pleased with myself. Aiming his penis at my hole I placed the tiny drop at my entrance. I didn’t want even a drop wasted.

An incident from way back came to my mind. I had recently begun college when bhaiya and I had got a chance to celebrate one night when ma went to visit her sister. We were both naked in bed and bhaiya had moved his penis up and down like I had just now and a similar tiny bud had emerged from his penis.

“Look,” he had said huskily and showed me the tiny drop of semen. “Issay hotay hain bachay , Riyaa(This is what gives you a baby),” he looked at me. But before he could have said anymore, I had gotten up immediately. It had felt weird back then, cos I was young and having babies wasn’t on the agenda. He hadn’t stopped me and had apologized later. Right now his penis was finding it difficult to get in again, my vagina had reverted to the same size it had kept for the past 32 years. It made me mad.

“Zor say jhatka maro na(thrust harder),” I breathed into his ear.

“Your already soar,” came his answer.

“To kya hua, mai sehan kr lu gi (So what, I’ll tolerate the pain).”

“Kuch hua to doctor ko bhi nahi dikha saktay, precautions theek hain. Aur baaki hafta, bhi use karna hai mujhay, tujhko (Cant even go to a doctor if something goes wrong, taking precautions is better. I intend using you the entire week).” That brought a smile to my face and I hugged him.

“I want to pee bhaiya.”

“No, not yet …not until you’ve reached your orgasm,” he dug his nails into my soft back.

My hands went to his hips and pushed him as hard as I could to myself and brought my hips up. “I want you inside me,” I choaked into his ear high on pheromones. He grunted in his throat. I had turned him on. He nodded.

“Pain hogi thori (It’ll hurt a little),” he said and I braced myself. He thrusted against my pelvic bone …hard …and I mean hard. He broke inside me and our hips met with a splurch in the water.

I moaned aloud in pain. His heart beat right next to mine now. He was right, my full bladder made me even tighter and I felt pressure exerted on my vaginal membrane. I could feel him more inside me now. He started to move slowly.

“Bhaiya ek baat mano gay?(Will you agree to one thing brother?).”

“Hmmm,” he moaned in pleasure.

“Free hokay sex karo na. Aisa socho mai apki biwi hu and not your sister …biwi ka kaam to husband ko pleasure dena hi hai na …ye soch kay sex karo (Fuck me harder as you would your wife. After all isn’t it a wife’s duty to pleasure her husband. Think of it this way and FUCK ME), and stop thinking about me.” I heard his heart drum faster against my breast and his breathing accelerate.

Getting into the role play, he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back. He pulled me forward in the tub and began to bang me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned aloud and that aroused him even more and he began to bang me harder.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I shrieked again in pleasure and pain. “Bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaa,” a new realization was descending upon me and I realized why so many women were after him. The water in the tub splashed all around us and the bathroom echoed with our mingled moans. On top of that my full bladder. This time though he wasn’t pleasing me; he was pleasing himself.

I lovingly embraced him. I wanted to pleasure him. I wanted to satisfy all his sexual desires that he had harbored towards me all these years.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, phad do mujhay bhaiyaaaaaaaa. Phaaaaaaaaad doooooo mujhayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(Tear my pussy apart, oh brother, tear me apart),” and I came. I saw stars in my head and lost control over my bladder and ended up relieving myself. He felt it at once.

“You’ll be punished for this,” he thundered. He was very rarely angry …specially with me. I felt ashamed, I had disappointed him.

“Punish me,” I said with anger towards myself.

“Punish me like you would your wife.” His penis mauled my pussy, the inner membrane of my vagina. He came so hard inside me that even now minutes later his body shuddered next to mine. I held him In my embrace and kissed his hair while he regained his breathing between my breasts.

“Did I, did I hurt you Riyaaa.”

“Nahi jaan (no my darling ),” I squeezed him in my arms. He lifted his eyes to mine and I smiled.

“Sorry, are you ready?” he was about to relieve himself inside me.

“I want it to sit inside me for a while.” I lay in the tub and lifted my buttocks up “Now,” and he sighed against my neck. He had done this once before and I had totally loved it. I had heard people think it strange and weird, but then how straight was I, I was weird.

“Ummmm, that feels great,” We both said simultaneously. It felt like corrosion must attack iron. The uric acid stung at the soreness in my pussy pendik escort bayan and I felt tingles up to my womb. His steady stream inflated my vagina and extra urine ran out of my hole, into the tub. We lay there in each others arms for sometime exhausted from our combined efforts.

“I want to see how much of your pee my vagina can hold.

“Hmmm,” he pulled the plug in the tub to drain the water. Slowly he began to ease himself out and his penis splurched out of my hole. His pee made a small puddle beneath me and we smiled. I had fallen for that stinging sensation.

“I am your personal bed pan now,” I whispered into his ear, sucking his earlobe.

“Get up and fix me some breakfast,” came my masters command. We went into the shower cleaned each other and like I had promised, I stayed naked in the house. He loved to watch the way my curves moved when I walked, my breasts jiggled, my thighs trembled lightly and my hips swayed. I loved watching him appreciate what he saw. Every now and then he came by my side and kissed me or touched my pussy or suckled on my boob.

I made a quick breakfast … coffee, bacon and eggs. For the evening I marinated some chicken wings. Something we could nibble on the move, I smiled. He came and stood behind me pressing a hardened willy on my back.

“Hurry I want you,” he whispered into my ear. His hands came to rest on both my boobs and he began to play with my nipples. He ducked under my arm and sucked on one. I sighed. My pussy had begun to throb as well. We kissed then decided to part for breakfast. Once we finished I began to clear the table, I leaned against the dining table extending to clear his end of the table. But he had other things on his mind, he made me lean more against the table catching hold of a tuft of my hair in a hard grip while he prepared me for doggy style. My breath caught in my throat. His rough treatment always aroused me.

“Lean,” he ordered and I did, jutting my butt out in a provocative manner making my slick pussy visible. I swayed my butt in his face as if dangling a carrot before a rabbit. Needless to say he was more than happy to pounce on the offer. This time all precautions were thrown to the winds. I hadn’t had my pill since morning. The thought occurred to me but only when I felt him slam his rock hard penis inside my tight cunt. I almost bled a second time for him. The brutal force of his banging made me moan in pain.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, hurt me more,” I choked out in agony. He pulled at my hair, grabbed a breast and banged me harder. Willy went in and out, in and out nearly bruising my insides. My pussy self lubricated itself on the onslaught creating erotic sounds that filled our kitchen. Luckily our house is far away from the maddening crowd and so no one could see our display through the glass windows.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned loudly coming hard against the dark mahogany dining table, panting and leaking. When I descended from my heaven , I jutted my butt out again meeting his thrusts with mine, my pussy raw, throbbing and aching . His hands came on my bump of a belly and pressed me hard every time he slammed into me. The pressure on the lower belly was arousing.

“AahhhhhhhhhRiyaaaaaaa I’m cuminggg,” and he had cum the fourth time inside my fertile unprotected womb since yesterday.

We were in his room again watching my favourite incest video. A cam of our own had been installed over the television set and was recording our every move. I lay between his legs my back pressed against his sinewy chest. His palm was rubbing my belly protectively, specially the mound. He would first rest it on my belly just over my womb, then he was rubbing in small circles over it, his warmth arousing me gradually. He would press me a little over my pubic bone then be back over my womb again.

It made me wonder at the kind of a husband he would be to his pregnant wife and instantly I felt a pang of jealousy in the pit of my stomach. I wanted that privilege now and I wouldn’t tolerate anyone else with him in that way. My hand cupped his over my womb and he kissed me on my forehead. I smiled …he was mine.

I remembered the birth control pill, but there was no time to grab one right now It would kill the moment we were in. I would later I told myself. The siblings in the video were now in the hot passionate embrace that I had told him about. The amazing thing was whenever we were aroused we didn’t hide it from the other, and back then I had often shown him my swollen pussy and he his hardened willy so we would find time and place to satisfy each other.

Right now watching the video made me breathe in short gasps. His hand travelled from my belly down to my pussy lips and he began to perform his ritual. First his middle finger cleared a passage parting my pussy lips. He rested his entire finger in the valley thus created, his cool finger against my hot pussy. Then he began to open the valley by moving his finger from side to side while another cool finger joined his middle finger. I opened my thighs further apart aroused beyond measure.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm take me now bhaiya.” I moaned in a whisper. “Take me plz.” He handed me a menthol rub and asked me to rub it onto willy. I did as I was asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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