Robie Takes Me

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Double Penetration

(I just had to type this up while fresh on my mind)

Robie is 19 now, he’s a great grand-nephew, being my brother Bobby’s great grandson. Robie’s a college student in North Louisiana and is famous in our family circle for having a 9 inch erection and a very talented tongue.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when he showed up unexpectedly about 7PM yesterday evening. It was also nice to watch him undress to share our nudist home and to sneakily note that he was still a “big boy”. You’ll soon understand even better.

He had wanted to be here for the Father’s Day celebration for Bobby, but he has a job that is necessary for his college budget, so his surprise visit included a gift for his Grandpa Bobby. We had some leftovers from supper and Robie hadn’t eaten so I popped some cookies in the oven and heated the leftovers for a supper for him.

Robie’s a good conversationalist so as we ate we talked about his studies, (he will be an electronics engineer), about his parents Robert and Angelina, both teaching, and about his sister Angie who shares an apartment with him sine they go to the same college. He told us about getting his car worked over at the Occupational Training School in Monroe and how he was making a few dollars now and then posing for a gay photographer there. Then he told us how Angie was on her period and didn’t like to fuck during that time so he really needed to.

You know me, I don’t have to be asked twice, so I led him to the daybed in the sunporch and had him lie down so I could bend over and suck him up hard. Well, that didn’t take any time at all, he was half-hard when I started and a few swirls around his dick-head and across his frenulum and he was pulsing in my mouth. He wanted fucking so I climbed on top which is my favorite way. I like my tits played with and my butt too when I’m fucking a male.

I can’t take all of him with comfort, so I’ve learned to keep my butt a bit down on his thighs so I can control how deep he goes in bursa escort me. When I’d gotten about 6 inches in and starting scooting my booty back and forth, I knew he wouldn’t be long in cumming, his dick was laready swelling and really pulsing in me. So, I stopped my humping and began clenching and re-clenching my pussy so it was sort of milking his dick. O my soul that feels good to me too and I was throwing little mini-cums when I felt him start squirting in me, 5 or 6 squirts and A big one hit me…electric shocks radiating through my body that was quivering with each one and then that explosion of pleasure in my pussy, two times at least, maybe three.

I love young men, they have such a quick recovery time and Robie wanted to go again, so I got up to wipe myself and when I looked back he was already half-hard again. Bobby had watched our first one and he walked over and started stroking Robie and Robie took Bobby’s dick in his mouth sucking. I felt a little left out but leaned over and sucked Robies dick-head while Bobby stroked and as soon as he was up again I climbed on board and turned my head to pull Bobby’s dick in my mouth. This time I didn’t put Robie right in but scooted back and forth with his dick sliding through my slit and rubbing over my clitty hood, getting a bunch of mini-cums. But he wanted it in so in it went and o lordy did he ever fuck me, he was going so hard and fast I had to wrap a hand around his dick to keep him from going too deep. My pussy was popping again and again so that I was sort of just fucking and cumming and fucking and cumming and didn’t realize Bobby had cummed in my mouth until his dick popped out. Then Robie shot off again, he got real still and his dick swelled and I felt his cum spurt in me, that always gets me off so I had another pretty good cum. But this old woman had to rest, so I Just laid down on Robie’s chest and worked to get my breath back.

Getting up from that I sat while Bobby licked me clean and i licked Robie bursa escort bayan clean. Bobby, is so sweet, he suggested that he sleep in the guest room and Robie sleep with me in our bed, so that was agreed and I took a quick shower and went to sleep. Bobby and Robie sat up watching TV and talking, but when Robie came to bed it woke me up and I felt like I wanted him to lick me out. I asked him if he would and he just turned and started licking me sideways. I pushed on his side and he swung a round so he was lying between my legs and doing a much better job of

pleasuring my pussy. I like it when the tongue flattens and squirms all over my inner lips and even pokes in me a little, and it’s even better if it swishes across that spot between my pussy and my butt-hole. Robie is good, he licked and tongue-fucked me and sucked my clitty and even rimmed me a little bit and off I went like space rocket, grunting and humping and my pussy drooling all in his mouth as I cummed. That was it for me, I just faded away into sleep.

Bobby woke me this morning with a cup of coffee and a kiss. Robie was still sound asleep so we whispered our good mornings, I eased out of bed and we went to the kitchen. Bobby had put a can of grands biscuits on and set out some sausage patties, so I finished that up and cut up some fruits and made gravy while Bobby went out to feed our critters. When he came back in I asked him to wake Robie so pretty soon they came to the kitchen, Robie with bed-hair and sleepy eyes and his dick at half-mast. I’m telling you, it’s hard to keep from staring at it.

Well, we had a good breakfast. Robie told a couple of funny jokes, and then he said he’d have to leave soon to do som school work and be ready for his Sunday job but that he’d like to play some more before he left.

We all pitched in and cleared away the breakfast things and then went to the bedroom.

I felt like Bobby had been left out most of last night so I wanted to give him special escort bursa attention and I guess I sort of took charge. I asked them to sit beside each other on the bed and i knelt down and started sucking Bobby and stroking Robie.. I love having two dicks to play with so my pussy was getting hot and wet when Robie very firmly said he wanted to fuck me again, I suggested that Bobby get a turn so Robie accepted that and Bobby laid down and I got on him and was sucking Robie. I thought I was doing a good job, but after a few minutes Robie said he really wanted to fuck me.

So, I crawled off Bobby and they changed places and I crawled onto Robie. This time he went slow and steady. I like that it gives me time to really build up a lot of tension and when that releases, it’s just so much more powerful. I knew it was going to be a big one. My pussy was clamping and throbbing and mini-cums were going off and then Robie squirted, and when he did I just lost it. His cum was like fire and every spurt made me cum again. I let Bobby’s dick fall out of my mouth and I was pulling my tits and I don’t even know what those sounds were I was making. And it hit! It was like my whole body was cumming! I couldn’t do anything but let it happen. It rolled through me in wave after wave of absolute pleasure. I was trembling and gasping for air and my pussy was clamped hard on Robie’s dick but pussy cum was running through my buitt crack, and i felt like I was going to pass out, and I sort of did.

I came to feeling Bobby caressing my hair and Robie massaging my shoulders. Robie grinned at me and asked how I felt and I could think to say was, “I’ve been taken”. Robie laughed and started trying to get up ao I rolled off him and felt his dick slip out of me. Bobby helped me up and wiped my pussy for me and gave me a kiss and a hug.

Robie apologized but said he had to go, so we put together some snacks for him and a travel cup of coffee, he got dressed kissed us both, and went out the door waving goodbye. We watched him out of sight and Bobby put his arm around me and walked me to a recliner where I just plopped down. He asked me if I got enough and I told him I didn’t think I’d ever want to fuck again. He laughed, he knows better!

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