Role Swapping Brothers

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Role Swapping Brothers

A male only adult character only erotic incest mini story.

Zayden moaned, his lower half hanging off his surfboard as his brother took his cock deep into his mouth. Being orcas, both him and Soren were well-versed in underwater pleasure and Soren could hold his breath longer than most, proving it time after time again in a blowjob contest between him and his brother that, oddly, he always seemed to win. Not that Zayden was about to complain at all, considering that it was him that got the blowjobs repeatedly, just so Soren could prove himself every time they were out on the surfboards.

The anthro orcas may have been brothers but that didn’t stop their lust from soaring, flowing like the ocean but never ebbing like the tide, the waves gentle that day, not the best for surfing. But it was the best for some private time between the two of them, puffing and expelling jets of water from their blowholes where, in going underwater, they filled up to a point, though never pouring into their lungs. It was on feature from their feral ancestors that had lingered well with them, the two boasting legs but also a strong tail with their typically distinct orca patterning.

Yet bursa escort Soren was less engaged with admiring the beauty of the day as he sucked his bro’s cock deep, tail flicking, acting as a balancing point even under the surface of the water. No one knew about the illicit relationship between him and his brother and Soren wanted to keep it that way, regardless of how often he was pushed to riskier and riskier endeavours. He was sure that, despite everything, they were going to get caught one day and who could tell just what would happen from that point on?

But he got his treat then as his lungs burned, aching for breath, sucking his brother’s cock as if it was the last blowjob he would ever give, hands curled around Zayden’s strong but smooth thighs, rounded out with muscle. A thick dose of whale-cream poured into his mouth and Soren gulped it all down, too greedy to let a single drop go to waste as his sides heaved, needing breath that he was not yet willing to take. Zayden kicked, urging him up, though it was only begrudgingly that Soren allowed the bare dome of his slick skull to break the surface again in a spray of foam and crystalline droplets.

“Damn it, Zay,” he coughed, shaking his head as a jet of water blew from his blowhole. “You always get me up too soon.”

Lazily, Zayden winked, rolling over onto his back, legs kicked up on his board while his tail hung off. Without thinking, Soren hugged it to his chest, fingers tenderly running down it. Zayden shivered.

“Only cause you can’t bursa escort bayan forget yourself too here, bro.”

Ah, things went both ways for them, neither party fully dominant or submissive, and Zayden grinned as he tugged Soren down with him, attached to their respective boards but both below the surface in an underwater world that was just there for the two of them. Twisting and flowing around one another, they sorted it out between themselves as Zayden bucked and demanded that his hole was filled, his tail guiding in a still-hard length of meat right up where it belonged. It didn’t take Soren long to harden up again, even though he’d already gotten off before he’d blown Zay, and he relished in the moment to really pound his brother, the tapered tip of his cock driving home and spreading him open. Their bodies were such and loose in the flow of the ocean that they didn’t need any lube at all, grunting and groaning in the fold of the seawater as they came together.

Zay twisted, tail pressed up against his brother’s chest, drifting lower, though they were not really sinking. His brother knew just what he liked, ramming in fast and hard, driving in as if it was the last fuck he’d ever have even though the two of them knew that that simply was not to be so. It just was the way it was for them, bodies hotly lustful, young orca studs in need of pleasure that only one who truly knew their bodies could deliver in such lustful doses. They needed it, needed it all, and Zay’s tight arse closing around Soren’s cock escort bursa was too much for a stud who was hankering after his own pleasure in that moment alone.

Under the water, the world was theirs to claim, pushing on their eardrums, the surface shot through with sparkling swathes of light, broken and dancing. Yet it was only their pleasure that mattered as Soren got an arm around his brother’s waist, holding him down on his cock even as he pumped Zay’s furiously with a closed hand. They could not pant, lungs straining from their physical exertion, but nothing was going to stop either of them from reaching that sweet high of completion as Soren’s shaft ached to spill a hot and heady load.

It didn’t matter who actually climaxed first but the first either of them knew about it as the urge to breathe grew as the minutes past, passion rising through, was that a flood of cum was bursting forth from Zay’s shaft, dissipating into the ocean, and another load was being dumped up under his tail. Each thrust of Soren’s cock forced more out around the length of him, a tight hole yielding to such pounding force, closer than ever in the arms of the ocean while they shared a thrill that no one could take from them.

And, sometimes, that was all it had to be as the ocean buoyed them up, lifting their bodies, allowing them to stay there, beneath the surface, just a little while longer. Tightening his arms around his brother, Soren grunted, his orca’s beak pressed into the back of Zayden’s neck, holding him close just for that moment of intimacy that would only ever come to be between the two of them.

Zayden shivered. Playing both sides of the coin with his brother was all he’d ever need.

Even if nobody else could ever know.

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