Rumors Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: All sexual activity described in this story is between fictional characters over the age of 18.


I awoke in the morning to the sensation of my arm being trapped between two bodies, another body behind me, firm breasts pressing into my back through a layer of fabric.

I opened my eyes, and recognized Annie’s blond hair in front of Mom’s brown hair, a nightshirt covering her body. That meant that Marissa was the one behind me. I turned my head to confirm it, seeing Marissa’s dark wavy hair first, then recognizing one of my old tshirts that Annie had taken from me when I had outgrown it.

From that glance, Marissa certainly looked better in it. As beautiful as I think Annie is, Marissa had her beat in the curves department during their teenage years. Marissa had one of those bodies that develops early and you worry will get plump once puberty ends. She had already taken to workouts to combat that, once her height topped out at 5’6″. Now she was just gorgeous in the curvy-fit way that comes from both aerobics and weight training.

I was trying to figure out in my head whether I might have asked Marissa out for a date on my own, when she whispered, “Good morning, Tyler. I hope you don’t mind that we joined you.”

I whispered back, “I don’t mind. I rather think I could get used to this.”

“I hope so,” she said. “I love Annie already, it won’t take much for me to fall for you and Shelby, too.”

I said, “Let me see if I can get my arm free without waking these two up, then we’ll go get breakfast started for them.”

“Your blueberry pancakes?” she asked, as I managed to slide my hand free from under Mom’s boobs without waking her. Marissa had been our overnight guest many times and had eaten my favorite food several times when I’d made a batch on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

“If my mom has the ingredients,” I responded, as first Marissa and then me rolled towards the side of the bed and off of it. I was glad I still had my underwear on. Having Marissa see me naked again didn’t seem appropriate for the morning before a first date with her.

There weren’t any blueberries in the refrigerator, but there were chocolate chips in the pantry, so I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage. I got the sausage in the skillet first, started a pot of coffee, then started cracking eggs, both into the pancake mix and separately for the scrambled eggs.

Marissa just sat at the kitchen table and watched me work. I could tell her eyes were taking in my physique and felt flattered by it. Even a day before, I probably would have felt embarrassed to be standing in my underwear in front of her. A lot had changed.

Somewhere during simultaneously cooking the pancakes and stirring the scrambled eggs, Mom and Annie joined us, pouring themselves mugs of coffee and joining Marissa in watching me cook. “Not going to help out at all?” I asked.

“Nope,” replied a grinning Annie. “I haven’t had one of your breakfasts since the morning of my birthday. Yesterday, my birthday wish came true.”

Marissa giggled. “Last night, mine did.”

“A couple of horny girls, blowing out candles, wishing for sex,” I said.

Annie said, “Actually, my wish wasn’t for sex, it was simply for you to love me the way I love you. As a prerequisite for asking you to be my lover, I admit.”

“I already did love you, sweetie,” I said. “I just needed to admit it to myself and to you.”

“My wish was the same, except it was for Annie to love me,” Marissa said. “I thought sex was too big a wish to make. Maybe if I had made it and made a move on Annie earlier, getting involved with Gary could have been avoided.”

Mom said, “A couple times yesterday, the point was made that sometimes things turn out the way they’re meant to, even if there are some hard things to take along the path to it. If I had known the way my marriage would end, not getting married to John would have meant Tyler wouldn’t exist, and probably not Annie, either. You getting tricked by Gary led to Annie and I becoming lovers. Then Tyler coming home early led to the three of us making love yesterday and you confessing your feelings about Annie after walking in on us when you did. Would the four of us have been sleeping in the same bed this morning, if things had gone any other way?”

“I just regret it, Shelby,” Marissa said.

Mom reached across the table to put her hand over Marissa’s. “In my experience, regrets and resentments result from not letting go of an expectation that didn’t get met, whether or not the expectation was reasonable to begin with. You expected sex with Gary to lead to sex with Annie, the same day. Instead, it took almost another month for the two of you to hook up, because of a chain of events that started with Gary, pushing Annie and me together, then Tyler with both of us before leading you and Annie back together. If you can let go of the original expectation you had, I bet the regret will disappear with it. In bursa escort the end, you did get what you wanted, just on a different day and with some heartache and betrayal by Gary mixed in. Would the same things have happened if you had turned Gary down?”

Marissa sighed, then said, “You’re right, Shelby. Thanks for making that clearer.”

I flipped the last of the pancakes onto half of a serving platter and pushed the scrambled eggs onto the other half, then put the sausages in between.

“Breakfast is served, mademoiselles,” I said, in a horrible French accent, as I placed the platter on the table, before refreshing my coffee cup and sitting down. Syrup and extra chocolate chips were already at the table. Everyone dug in and soon the only sounds were forks scraping against plates and chewing.

“I think I like the blueberry pancakes better,” Marissa said, as she finished a small serving first.

Mom teased me, “Somebody came home early, before I could buy him any blueberries. I was planning on a shopping trip later this morning.”

“I wouldn’t have walked in on the three of you, otherwise, so I won’t complain,” Marissa said.

“The door was locked, before Tyler opened it,” Annie said. “So, you wouldn’t have walked in on the two of us, either. I’m glad it turned out the way it did. I just hope the rest turns out the way I envision, between you and Tyler and eventually you and Mom. It feels right.”

Mom said, “While we can’t know the future, intention and expectations do matter. Optimism will get you closer to the future you want than pessimism ever will. Believing you will fail can trick you into meeting that negative expectation. Rather than protecting you from something you fear, it’s self-sabotage.”

“Wow, that’s pretty deep, Mom,” Annie said.

“Too much for breakfast banter?” Mom asked, laughing at herself.

“Maybe a little,” Annie answered. “I do know what you mean, though. I came to basically the same realization last year, during the whole guardianship process. I swore to myself to stay optimistic. It’s helped in a lot of areas. I doubt I would have dared talk to the judge like I did, or kissed you a month ago, if I had let pessimism stop me.”

“If you hadn’t kissed me, I was about to,” Mom said, getting up to start clearing plates. “I think we both were so turned on, that it was inevitable.”

“What were you doing, that had you both so turned on?” Marissa asked.

Annie answered, “Talking about sex in general, about wanting to give my virginity to my dad, about wanting Tyler to do it instead, why that made me put Gary off, about seeing you and Gary thrusting against each other before you realized I was there. I think we were both so hot, a bucket of ice would have turned to steam.”

Marissa asked, “You told Gary no sex because of Tyler? He thought you were just being frigid or a cocktease. He seemed to think that seeing me with him was going to thaw you out.”

Annie smiled at me, then said, “Gary would think that. If I was going to give up my virginity to anyone other than Dad or Tyler, they needed to be just as good of a man. That’s just not Gary. At least, not yet. He still thinks like a boy. Could you really imagine Gary standing up to become the guardian for his two little sisters, if their parents died? He’d push it off on one of his uncles.”

Marissa answered, “No way. Maybe he’d be mature enough by the time he’s the same age Tyler was when he became your guardian, but not now. He’d be concerned that they’d cramp his style.”

Annie said, “Then his style hasn’t earned my pussy. Tyler would have stood up for me even when he was 18 and he was perfect for my first time lover. Thanks again, Tyler.”

“I’m not going to be able to fit my shirts over my head for all the swelling, if you two keep at it,” I said.

“Funny guy,” Annie said. “I’m more interested in swelling your other head, anyway.”

“Me too,” Marissa chipped in. “Maybe not tonight, but I can imagine that, after what I saw yesterday.”

“This is going to be such a weird first date,” I said.

“Backing out?” Marissa asked.

“No, Marissa,” I said. “I’m ready to try and see if you and I work as an ‘us’, both as the two of us and the four of us. I’ll be honest, if yesterday hadn’t changed my life the way it did and you weren’t dating anyone, I probably would have asked you out some time this summer anyway, now that you’re 18. Assuming Annie was okay with it. Just without the baggage of you already having seen me having sex already and with whom. I don’t know if the word ‘blackmail’ has crossed your mind, but it has mine.”

Marissa cringed. “I wouldn’t! I wouldn’t do that, to any of you. I swear it.” Marissa made the Catholic sign of the cross, whispering, “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

“That gesture raises another issue,” Mom said. “Are you going to confess all this to your parish priest, Marissa?”

Marissa answered, “I don’t confess in church bursa escort bayan any more. When I turned 12, my first confession about being attracted to both girls and boys got back to my parents within 24 hours, when I had told nobody but Father O’Malley in confession. Thankfully, they shrugged it off, since my aunt Maria had already come out as a lesbian years before. Now, I only confess directly to God and even that’s just my own sins, not anyone else’s. Anyway, I didn’t see sin here yesterday. I saw love. I wouldn’t still be here, otherwise. My personal relationship with God is about love, not old testament prohibitions, whether they’re against homosexuality or incest or anything else. Crossing myself is just old habit when I make a promise to God.”

I said, “I’m glad you’re open to my relationships with Annie and my mom. Not everyone will be.”

Marissa said, “I know that. Nobody’s going to hear it from me, though. Not even my parents.”

Annie changed the subject by asking, “What’s the plan today? The two of you are going out tonight, but are we all spending the day together until then?”

I answered, “I still have two suitcases sitting by the front door, one with clean clothes, the other dirty, so I’ll be spending part of the day on laundry. Then I’ve got to make dinner and movie reservations. Since Marissa didn’t arrive with an overnight bag, I assume she needs to go home first.”

Marissa nodded, then suggested, “I haven’t seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie yet, have you?”

“Not a chick flick?” I asked.

She stuck out her tongue at me. “I think both of the leads are hot. Sue me for not being the traditional teenage girl.”

“I like it. And you,” I backpedaled.

In unison, all three woman shouted, “You better!”


Marissa headed home around noon to make an appearance with her family and get showered and dressed for our date. I made reservations for dinner at 6 and got tickets for the 7:30 showing of the movie, in the same shopping center. Mom and Annie made the grocery shopping trip that they’d planned before my originally expected arrival, including picking up plenty of blueberries.

When I picked Marissa up at 5:30, she was already outside her house and dressed to stun, in a bright yellow sun-dress that hugged her curves while also highlighting her physique. “Oh. My. God. You look gorgeous tonight,” I said, as I walked her to my car, opening the door.

“Thank you sir, for the door and the compliment. I’m glad you like it. You clean up well, too.” I’d gone for a gray short sleeved shirt over black dress pants and black shoes.

Despite knowing that certain topics regarding my transformed home life were off-limits in a public space, we kept up a lively banter over dinner. That is, until we had an unwelcome encounter during our entrees.

“What are you doing here, slut?” came a voice from behind me that I immediately recognized as Gary’s nasally tone. As he passed by me to hover threateningly over Marissa, I stood up, winding up behind him unseen, as he screamed, “I’m talking to you, bitch!”

As I grabbed his left wrist and pinned it between his shoulder blades and clamped my left hand beside his neck, I hissed, “You don’t talk to any of my friends that way, you little piece of shit. First, you hurt my sister, then you insult the girl you used to do it? Why? Because she realized you lied her into having sex with you? That’s two strikes, butthole. I dare you to go for a third.” Our waiter saw me holding Gary, but didn’t intervene, having also heard what prompted my action. I needed to resolve this before a manager got involved and called the police. Otherwise, Gary’s forehead would already have met the table.

“T-Tyler? What are you doing here?” Gary asked, glancing back at me.

Keeping my voice low, I said, “Marissa and I are having dinner, jackass. That should be obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain. A little less obvious is the fact that we’re on a date. You know, that thing you do where you show a woman a good time and don’t try to make her do anything she doesn’t want to do? Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any experience with that. It’s all about getting laid, for you. Any lie is okay, if it gets you to score.”

Gary swung for that third strike. “She’s, she’s… gay. She wants Annie. Why would she go out with you?”

“I’m bisexual, pendejo,” Marissa said. “That means I can be attracted to either one of them, date either one, or even both of them, although no threesomes, obviously. Annie and I reconciled and she gave me her permission to go out with Tyler. We were having a wonderful time, until you showed up.”

I was tired of this. I leaned in and whispered, “You have five seconds to apologize for your insults and get the hell out of our sight, otherwise I see if I can make you scratch the top of your head with this hand. Might be the last thing you ever do with that arm, though. Five…. Four…”

Gary shouted, “I’m sorry! I’m escort bursa sorry! I shouldn’t have said those things, or lied to Marissa. Let me go!”

I released his arm, giving him a small shove in the direction he was originally walking. He didn’t look back, quickly heading to the exit, rubbing his shoulder.

I sat back down and asked, “Anything else I need to know about what went down before or after you had sex with him? I really don’t need to know about the during.”

Marissa quietly answered, “Once I figured out that Annie didn’t know anything about any threesome when she accused me of stealing her boyfriend and ran out crying, I ripped him a new asshole. He countered that I was the one who initiated things, which was a total lie. I haven’t seen him since, until tonight. He’s completely avoided me at school, although I’ve gotten hints that he’s been bad-mouthing me. Thank you for sticking up for me. Can we head over to the theater? I’m not going to finish this chicken. I brought unsalted peanuts for the movie. I have a bag for you, too.”

“Not popcorn?” I asked, gesturing at the waiter for our check.

“Too much salt and butter,” she answered. “Can’t keep my girlish figure, if I gorge on theater popcorn or candy.”

“Riss, there’s nothing about your figure which is girlish. You’re all woman. I like it.” Annie’s nickname for her felt good on my tongue as I tried it out for the first time.

“And Riss will be a fat woman by the time she’s 30, if she’s not careful with what she eats,” she said. “You’ll understand, when you meet my mama. She blames her weight on having six kids, but in her wedding pictures she was already getting a second chin at 28. I came along a year later.”

I paid the check and we took the leftovers out to my car, before heading to the theater. I was pretty sure I saw Gary’s car leaving the parking lot as we walked out.

The movie was silly, escapist fun. We held hands and laughed our asses off. After, we walked hand in hand back to my car. At the passenger door, Marissa kissed me for the first time. And the second and the third, each longer and more passionate.

“Get a room!” someone shouted from several cars away.

“Are you ready for that, Riss?” I asked, as she sat down in her seat, her cheeks red.

“Just you and me, though,” she answered. “One step at a time.”


Back at my house, Mom met us at the door. “Did you two have a run-in with Gary tonight?”

Marissa answered, “At the restaurant. He was saying some vile things about me. Tyler came to my defense. Did he come here?”

Walking from the hallway to the bedrooms, Annie said, “Yup. Apologized to me, even begged to get back together, which I shot down, then tried to inform on the two of you, like I didn’t know you were out together. Mom stayed in sight the whole time, in case he caused trouble, but he eventually left, looking like his whole world had turned upside down on him.”

I said, “I’m sure he thought he knew how to play both of you and it didn’t work at all. Hopefully, he’ll leave the two of you alone now, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Once you graduate, it should be easier to avoid him. He’s planning to join the Navy, right?”

“Yeah, that’s his plan.” Annie asked, “How was the rest of your date, otherwise?”

Arching her eyebrows, Marissa said, “Ask me in the morning, querida. It’s not over yet.” She took my hand, and began walking in the direction of my bedroom.

“Treat her right, Ty!” Annie warned.

Once we were through my door, Marissa turned, kissed me fiercely, then hugged me tight, her breasts pressing against my ribs. “Am I crazy?” she asked. “This is only our first date and here I am, in your bedroom, looking forward to getting your clothes off so I can see you naked again.”

I rubbed my hands along her back and answered, “No crazier than me, I think. Let’s face it. After yesterday, there wasn’t any chance this was going to be a completely traditional courtship, Riss. I did want to slow things down, after yesterday’s whirlwind. Try to normalize the situation a little. At the same time, I feel impatient to see if we work together to be part of this long-term foursome Annie has envisioned. Those kisses in the parking lot kind of disabled my brakes.”

Marissa paused, before asking, “Are you just doing this for Annie?”

“I might have asked you out yesterday because of Annie,” I said, “Or it might have been a few weeks before I did it on my own, after you were done with school. But that’s as far as it goes. You’re not here in my arms right now because that’s what Annie wants, it’s what I want. Should I ask you the same question? Are you just here because it’s what Annie wants you to do?”

She answered, “No, I’m not. I mean, I love Annie and I want to be in her life, but not at the cost of forcing myself into a relationship with you that isn’t working for both of us, just so we can share her. I can see the logic in hiding your incest with Annie and Shelby behind a relationship with me, but that relationship still has to be real and rewarding. Even as horny as I feel right now, feeling your cock pressing into my tummy, I know that it will still take some time for us to really know each other the way I want.”

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