Sarah visits Gramps: Anything Goes

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Although not completely necessary, I would recommend you read Sarah visits Gramps: An Awakening first as it explains how Sarah was first introduced to Gramps and his sex life! Several other Sarah visits Gramps chapters are available as well. Read and enjoy!


Ginny was getting wet as I slid the razor into the stubble of her pubic hair. I had made sure to get the shaving cream all around her pussy and trailed it up to her belly button, to get all the light whispery hairs. Her pubic hair was dark, but fairly sparse. Her bush was also small, extending up from her pussy only a bit.

The razor slid over the short stubble leaving a soft clean pussy. I had Ginny sitting on a towel in her bed as I worked. At the end I had her put her legs in the air and hold them with her hands. This exposed her cunt as well as her asshole. A few strokes and what little hair was there, was gone!

Then I cleaned off any remaining shaving cream with a warm towel and finally got to lean in and lick her pussy. I placed my hands under her butt cheeks and pushed up. Ginny got the idea and lifted her hips as well. I trailed my tongue down toward her asshole. Ginny lifted her legs again and grabbed them to expose that wonderful pucker. I went to work licking and sucking. From pussy to asshole. My tongue parted the labia to get to her clit. The blood had rushed to it and it was now engorged and the little head was poking out. Her clit looked like a tiny penis head. I licked and bit her clit as she started to squirm. Slowly I inserted my index finger in her pussy and then my middle finger played at the entrance of her asshole.

“Sarah, I want you to stop!” Ginny exclaimed as she squeezed her thighs together.


“We have play time coming up later tonight. Your Mom and Grandfather are coming over with a special friend. I hear that he is hung and very kinky!”


Indeed, my grandfather, also known as Tony, and Mom showed up with a friend, Tom. Tom was the son of a friend of Gramps. Late twenties and the look of a beach bum. Long and lean with air blown, blond hair that swept across his forehead.

Gramps hadn’t even introduced him when he announced to everyone “Wait ’til you see his cock. Big and he can go all night ladies.”

Tom exclaimed “Tony, thanks for the intro. I hope I don’t disappoint. Now who are these gorgeous women?”

Gramps introduced us, as I started to slip out of my top. I usually don’t wear a bra, so my ladies were free. My tits are a size D with large, dark areola. My nipples protruded as I was excited to get on with it. My earlier session with Ginny only heightened my anticipation.

“Well isn’t my little tramp hot to trot tonight,” Mom exclaimed.

Ginny started to untie the straps of her sarong and let it fall to the floor. Ginny stood there in all her glory as she wore no bra or panties. Ginny was a tall black haired beauty. Long and lean, she was blessed with big, soft tits. She had just hit 50 and her breasts, if unsupported, sagged down her chest, half way to her navel. asyalı porno Big and full, they were a sight to behold. The areola were large and dark. Her nipples only came out when excited. Now they were long and hard. Of course her pussy was clean and looked delicious.

Ginny walked over to Tom and gave him a long, hard kiss. All the while grabbing his cock through his shorts.

Mom went to Gramps, her father in law, and pulled his shorts and jockeys down. Gramps kicked them aside as Mom enveloped his cock in her mouth. Gramps slipped off his shirt and stood naked as Mom serviced him. My gramps had a big, thick cock with a large and loose ball sack that hung down low. His balls were hitting Mom’s chin as he thrust deeper in her mouth, down her throat.

This left me with no one, so I walked over to Ginny and Tom. Kneeling behind Tom I grabbed his shorts and pulled them down. Then I reached between his legs and grabbed his cock and pulled it toward me. His balls were now on display for me as well. I turned over, now facing up and started sucking his balls. Ginny was now taking care of his shaft, stroking it. She had moved her mouth to his chest and was sucking on his nipples. Then biting each nipple. I ran my tongue over each of his balls, then sucked one into my mouth, and then the other ball got the same treatment. I wanted to suck both at the same time, but they were too big.

Turning around again, now on my knees, I spread his ass cheeks with my hands and buried my tongue as far as I could up his asshole. Ginny was now kneeling in front of Tom, sucking his cock. Tom was thrusting in and out of Ginny’s mouth, face fucking her. She was gagging on his cock from deep throating him.

“First load tonight is ready!” Tom declared. His ass cheeks tightened as he thrust forward and started to spurt his seed. He thrust several times before he relaxed and took his cock out of Ginny’s mouth. I went to Ginny and gave her a big wet kiss, slurping up some of Tom’s cum.

Meanwhile Gramps had buried his cock in Mom. Standard missionary position with Mom laying on the couch and Gramps on top. Mom’s tits had rolled off to the sides of her chest and were jiggling as Gramps thrust in and out. Mom’s tits were a nice C cup size and soft. They sagged and moved continuously if they weren’t supported. Her nipples were erect as she took Gramps’ cock up her pussy.

Gramps pulled out and nutted on Mom’s tits.

“Girls, come over and clean up this mess please.” Ginny and I went over to Mom and started to lick Gramps’ cum off her chest. I got a bit distracted and started to lick her nipple, as she responded by moaning.

Then Gramps told me “Come over here and lick my cock clean.” So I obediently went to Gramps and licked and sucked his cock cleaned; cleaning off my Mom’s cunt juices and Gramps’ cum.

Then I turned around and Tom was standing there with his dick in his hand, stroking it to stay hard. Tom said “I hear you like to take it up your ass Ginny.” Ginny’s only response was to lean over the castajans porno arm of the sofa, presenting her ass to Tom. “Fuck it,” she said.

Tom spit on her asshole and then placed the head of his cock at the opening of her asshole. He started to gently push as Ginny commanded “Fuck me for God’s sake. Ram it in.” Tom needed no additional urging. He thrust his cock fully up Ginny’s ass and continued thrusting, picking up the pace as he went.

Mom went to the other room and came back with two strapons. She had me lean over the other arm of the sofa. I put my hands behind me and spread my cheeks. Mom had her choice of my pussy or asshole. She chose my pussy. My cunt was already wet, so she had no trouble sliding it in. Gently at first and then deep and hard as she continued.

Gramps meanwhile had taken his cock to Ginny. As Ginny took Tom up her ass, she also sucked Gramps’ cock. Finally Ginny pulled away and knelt between the two men, grabbed their cocks and started to suck on one then the other, all the while stroking their shafts. Ginny grabbed both cocks and brought them to her mouth. She managed to get their heads in her mouth at the same time, but together they were too big to slide in her mouth. Then she brought both cocks together and rubbed them together, up and down their shafts. “Cum for me boys. Feel your cocks sliding back and forth on each other. Spew on my face.” Tom came right then and there. Gramps grabbed his dick and finished jerking himself off, spurting on Ginny’s face.

Mom had now gone anal, thrusting her strapon deep into my ass. Then out again and then deep again. I had my right hand down fingering my pussy and clit. Ginny appeared thrusting her tits in my face. “Lick the cum off my tits!” she commanded. Obediently I swallowed as much cum from Tom and Gramps as I could. I was hampered a bit with Mom thrusting up my butt, however I did a pretty good job of cleaning off Ginny’s large tits and chest.

Now I concentrated on having my ass reamed and playing with my pussy. I needed to come. Mom picked up the pace as my fingers entered my pussy and then up to my clit, until I had an orgasm. Mom finished up a final thrust in my ass and came as well.

We decided to take a break to regain our energy. Ginny and I went to the kitchen and brought out some booze and snacks.

“What should be our next sex acts? Everyone gets to tell the others what they want to do,” I suggested. Mom was the first to volunteer, “I want to fuck Tom up the ass.” She grabbed the shaft of her strapon to emphasize it. Ginny wanted both Tom and Gramps in her ass at the same time “I want an anal DP. Both cocks fucking my asshole at once. Fill me up!”

I was putting on the second strapon, “I want to peg Gramps’ ass.”

I’m not sure that anyone heard me, as Mom had already positioned Tom on his knees in front of her and she had her middle finger in his ass, spreading some lube. Then she placed three fingers up his ass and finally she thought Tom was ready. She lubed up the head and bangbros porno shaft of her “cock” and sunk the head up Tom. Then slowly and steadily started to sink farther up his anus, popping it by his sphincter and then balls deep. Ginny had slipped underneath the two of them and started to stroke Tom’s cock and lick his balls. Meanwhile I bent down in front of Tom and told him “Suck on my cock!” As Tom was sucking I was thrusting my girl cock farther into his mouth. He gagged several times and had spit drooling out of his mouth. As Mom slowed down a bit, I grabbed the back of Tom’s head and forced my cock down his throat, held it for a few seconds and then let him come up for air as I pulled it out of his throat. Then again, as I began to throat fuck Tom. The base of the strapon was grinding into my pussy and my clit was on fire! One more thrust down Tom’s throat and I came, my cock deep down Tom’s throat as he pushed me away to be able to breathe. Mom now picked up her pace and finished butt fucking Tom to another orgasm as she buried her cock in Tom.

I moved over to Gramps. He had been stroking his dick watching Tom get fucked. I sat on the sofa and told Gramps to straddle me and bend over so that I could lube his butt hole. He bent over and I lubed his ass while inserting a couple of fingers. “Face me and sit on my cock,” I commanded Gramps. He turned around and positioned himself over my strapon, grabbed my “cock” to position it at his anus, and then sunk down on me. My girl cock slid right in and soon Gramps’ was balls deep. Gramps’ cock was jumping around as he was getting fucked. Ginny came over and grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. Mom and Tom now came over to watch Gramps get ass fucked. Mom grabbed his nipples between her thumb and index finger. She rolled them between her fingers and pinched them hard. Alternating the pressure, Gramps was visibly excited.

“You like having your nipples played with!” Mom exclaimed. “The harder the better.” Now Mom grabbed Tom and forced his head to Gramps chest and demanded “Suck on his nipples. Take a nip with your teeth as well.” Tom tried to pull away, but Mom pushed him back to Gramps’ chest and Tom attached his mouth to Gramps’ right nipple. “Now bite it, not too hard, but make him feel it.” You could see Tom pull his lips back as his teeth clamped on Gramps’s nipple. Gramps picked up the pace sliding his asshole up and done my girl cock.

Ginny then grabbed Tom’s hand and moved it to Gramps’ cock, replacing hers. “Stroke his cock as his ass is getting reamed. See if he can come a third time tonight!” So Tom obediently slid his hand up and down on Gramps’ cock, all the while sucking and biting on his nipples. Gramps didn’t last much longer. He shot a couple of ropes of cum on my flat belly. Tom immediately sucked Gramps’ cock dry and took his tongue to lick and eat up all the cum on my belly.

“Who knew Tom was such a cock sucker?” Ginny asked Mom.

“I didn’t know, but I don’t think Sarah’s grandfather knew either. Tony, did you know that Tom sucked cock?”

“How would I know? I’ve never had a man suck my cock or play with my nipples. And I’m not sure now that I want to ever again.”

Sarah replied, “Gramps, you appeared to love it, in the moment. In fact you’ll be sucking cock before too long as well. I have plans for you.”

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