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Ingrid and Chad Sinclair nearly missed their daughter at the airport. They were looking for her when this stunning, leggy brunette walked up to Ingrid, gave her a big hug and said “Mommy, it’s me!”

It didn’t look like their daughter … the slim, unassuming Sasha that had flown to California just this past September to begin her studies as a photographer was nowhere in sight. Where was the quiet, studious, almost-innocuous girl they’d raised?

Wherever that girl had gone, this Sasha was in a black leather jacket that looked to be fairly expensive and she also wore a matching black leather miniskirt. Her boots were black PVC and came up nearly to the top of her thighs. Her formerly-straight hair was now stylish and down to the middle of her back with a soft wave. Her lips were painted ruby-red and her face perfectly made up. Only her soft, dark eyes remained the same, although there was now a twinkle of merriment that hadn’t been there before.

“Sasha darling, I hardly recognized you. California certainly has changed you,” Ingrid smiled, hugging her daughter tight. Chad got a hug from Sasha when Ingrid was done.

“My roommate Kerry is always telling me that I should flaunt what I’ve got, so I took the advice,” Sasha said as they went to gather her luggage. She saw a disapproving scowl on her father’s face.

Sasha sighed. “What’s that for, Daddy?”

“You know I don’t approve of you living together with …”

“Oh Daddy, lighten the fuck up,” Sasha said, startling both her parents with her boldness. “I’m single, sexy and over 21, I can do what I want. Kerry and I aren’t serious.” Sasha turned to her mother. “Speaking of changes Mom, look at you!”

Ingrid beamed. “Thank you. I joined a Gym 4 months ago; I’ve lost 37 pounds so far. Your sister and I are going; I’ve tried to get your father to go, but …”

“I run 3 miles everyday, I’m in good shape, I wouldn’t be caught dead within 5 miles of a Gym, can’t stand the things,” Chad grumbled. Sasha laughed … he hadn’t changed a bit, but she sure had. They would find out just how much very soon.

The car ride home was full of light, inane chatter; dinner was more of the same. 19-year old Shelly couldn’t believe the changes in her sister and 18-year old Michael couldn’t take his eyes off of the new Sasha. It might have bothered some people, but Sasha wasn’t at all bothered … she was flattered; this Sasha gloried in being the center of attention.

After dinner, everyone watched a movie and when Chad announced he wanted a shower because he had an early day tomorrow, they all opted to stay downstairs. Chad got in the shower and the water was running when the glass door opened and Sasha stepped in and joined him.

“Sasha! What the hell are you doing in here, get out at once!”

Sasha shook her head as the water began running down her slender, perfect body. “Mmm, I don’t think so Daddy. We’re going to have some fun, you and I. I’ve changed a lot since I moved to California — don’t I look sexy?”

“Y-Yes, but …”

“I love sex Daddy. I’ve turned into a real little slut and I get exactly what I want. I want you Daddy, I want to suck your dick and then have you pound me from behind, I haven’t been fucked in a few days. Don’t you want me, Daddy? Don’t you want your hot little slut of a daughter?” Her brown eyes looked up at him with passion as she knelt down in front of him and took his cock in her mouth.

If incestuous desire for Sasha hadn’t been there before, it sure was now. Sasha’s beautiful face was bobbing and weaving all over Chad’s cock, it was all he could do to keep standing. He braced himself against the stall and hung on for dear life. She was amazing; her lips were soft, like butter and her dark hair was now slicked to her skin from the waves of water that splashed over them both. She was so sexy and this was so wrong, despite his best efforts, Chad came in gushing rivers of cum. Sasha didn’t miss a drop, swallowing it all.

“Don’t worry about it Daddy, with me, men can get hard again,” Sasha said as she stroked Chad’s rod. “I guess you think I’m good, huh Daddy? I told you I was.” Her hands were still stroking her father’s rod. “Oh look, you are hard again. Next time, you’re going to eat my cunt, I want that, but I’m too horny right now. You’re going to fuck me, Daddy.”

“Your Mom …”

“The movie still has plenty of time Daddy, so come on lover … fuck me, fuck your slut-bitch-baby with all the fires of hell!” Sasha snarled. Chad still couldn’t believe this was his little girl, it was like someone had replaced her with a Changeling, but as she turned around and presented her rump to him, he slid his cock deep inside of her.

“Oh God, that’s it, Daddy … really give it to me Daddy, I can take it … I’m a nasty little bitch, fuck me Daddy, wonderful, really screw me!” Sasha hissed and snarled. Her slim, perfect body was riding back, she was taking as much of Chad as he was capable of giving, grinding back against him czech casting porno as he moved deep inside of her. Somewhere in the dark recesses of his mind, he knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but there was no turning back. He was fucking his daughter, but it was her fault … she had come on to him, she wanted this. He used this to assuage his guilt over having cheated on Ingrid for the first time in their marriage.

“Oh Daddy, I’m cummmminngggg!” Sasha squealed and then her pussy snapped tight around his cock. Chad couldn’t move as she shook, then her body released him and he came, all over her ass. They soaped each other up and to his surprise; Chad began to get hard yet again. Sasha chuckled.

“You’re quite the stud, Daddy love. We’d better not risk it tonight, but we’ll fuck again while I’m home, if you want?” Chad nodded. “Good, sleep well Daddy,” Sasha said, kissing him on the cheek and scampering out of the shower.

Next morning, humming happily, Sasha descended the winding staircase that led to the kitchen to discover her mother, almost humming in a cheery mood. Sasha was fairly sure she knew the reason for her mother’s upbeat tone.

“Morning Mom, you sure seem to be chipper today,” Sasha said, pouring her first cup of coffee. “Any reason?”

Ingrid blushed a bit, so Sasha came up behind her and gave her Mom a hug. “Any reason at all, Mom?”

Ingrid giggled like a teenager. “Well, let’s just say your father was feeling very amorous last night when I came to bed,” She answered.

Sasha knew the reason for that but wisely kept it from her mom. She sat at the table while her mother fussed over her, making eggs and bacon for them both. Chad had already gone to work. “I can’t get over the change in you, Sasha dear,” Ingrid fussed. “That outfit, for example.”

This morning, Sasha was in a red and white PVC jacket, red PVC shorty-shorts and red PVC boots with a high heel. She smiled at her Mom.

“I enjoy the attention, Mom. Hell, you should dress up a little more, now that you’ve gone all hottie-hot,” Sasha flattered her mother.

“Me? Oh don’t be ridiculous, I could never wear something that naughty and outrageous,” Ingrid protested.

“Damned right you could. You’re not 44 yet Mom, you’ve got better legs than most women I know and you’re getting nice abs again. If you think Daddy was wild last night, start dressing a bit sexier and I might get another brother or sister,” Sasha joked.

Ingrid went to speak, but Sasha had an idea. “Tell you what, I’ve got lots of money to spend, why don’t the two of us go shopping and I’ll treat you to some sexy new clothes? Anything you want, all on me.”

“What girl could refuse that? You’re on!”

Ingrid went upstairs to change and Sasha got out the Gold Card Kerry had given her. Kerry’s family had money, so Kerry wouldn’t mind. Sasha would more than make up for the expense the next time she saw Kerry.

Ingrid came downstairs 15 minutes later, ready to go. A bit bland at the moment, Sasha noted, but that wouldn’t last. She insisted they get their hair washed and styled, followed by manicures and pedis and facials, then she took Ingrid to a boutique she thought might have what they were looking for. It did. Sexy clothes, lingerie and shoes and very sexy salesgirls that seemed more than anxious to help the sensual blonde and her daughter. The girls fussed over them both and clothing continued to pile up, minis, thongs, lingerie and a pair of decadent black stilettos. Finding an outfit she thought looked particularly hot on her mother, Sasha insisted she wear it out. It was a black leather mini and on top, a frilly, gauzy red top with a black lacy bra underneath and then stilettos. During their luncheon, Ingrid and Sasha got lots of admiring looks. They dined on beautiful homemade soup, breadsticks and salad at Sasha’s favorite eatery and caught up with each other’s lives.

The pair of them walked home and Ingrid enjoyed the glances she kept on getting, although she continued to insist that most of them were likely for her young, sexy daughter. “Mother, will you stop?” Sasha insisted. “You look incredible, people are looking at you. I can tell you, if my roommate was here, Kerry would do you in a second.”

Ingrid smiled. “Thanks darling, for that lovely, naughty compliment,” She giggled. “Although I promise, I wouldn’t try to steal your boyfriend.”

Sasha smiled a subtle smile. “Oh mother, Kerry isn’t my boyfriend, she’s just my roommate.” She leaned in to make her point. “However, she is my lover.”

Ingrid gasped in complete shock. “Y-Your lover …? You’re gay, sweetheart?”

Mother and daughter continued walking. “No Mom, I’m bi, like a lot of women in Cali. There a lot of options out there and Kerry and I enjoy all of them. She’s wonderful in bed Mom, a very loving and giving partner and we very much enjoy our times together.”

Almost home, Ingrid smiled. “Well, I suppose it is the 21st Century. I don’t czech couples porno think I could do that, be with a woman. I’m just not that daring.”

Reaching the door to their home, Sasha took her mother’s hand. “Are you kidding? Mom, just look at you … you’re fucking gorgeous! You’re in your 40’s and you could still give me a run for my money. Believe me; I know lots of women who’d sleep with you in heartbeat.” Sasha’s wheels were spinning nicely along.

“Still, I don’t think I could do it. I don’t know any bi-sexual or lesbian women, how would I even go about finding a girl if I was interested? … I’m not saying that I am, but …”

“But you are,” Sasha giggled. “You’re intrigued Mom, admit it. It turns you on a little bit.” Ingrid brought a glass of wine for her daughter and herself and sat down on the couch beside Sasha, who crossed her long legs and sipped her wine as her stiletto heel caught a glint of sunlight streaming in the room.

“I suppose,” Ingrid giggled, her eyes noticing how just how snug the leather pants Sasha was wearing were and how low-cut was the silver silk blouse. “Oh well, it’s nice to have fantasies, isn’t it?”

Sasha nodded, and then put her wine glass down. “I try to make my fantasies come true, Mom. What if I told you one of my fantasies was seducing you, showing you how hot it could be with another woman? What if I told you that all I’ve been able to think about since you put this outfit on is kissing you and then taking you to bed, stripping you naked and eating your cunt?”

Ingrid gasped and blushed, even more so when Sasha moved in and planted a firm, wet kiss on her lips. Ingrid was lost from the first touch of her daughter’s lips to her own, the intimate warmth, the probing tongue, her daughter was a little vixen and they were both likely damned to hell for all of this!

Sasha giggled. “I am a nasty, evil, perverted little slut Mom who isn’t afraid to go after what I want. I’ve learned not to take `no’ for an answer, so don’t fight me on this. Let’s go upstairs and bitch, I’ll turn you inside out. I’ll show you just how hot you really are and once I’m done with you, Daddy won’t stand a chance and I’ll have another naughty little playmate, dig?”

Ingrid didn’t say anything; she merely nodded and let Sasha take control. Once again, Sasha was the puppet master, pulling all the strings. She seduced her mother with her own heat, showed Ingrid how sexy she was just by her movements, her kisses and light caresses. Sasha sensed her mother was the kind of woman who one didn’t rush, you took your time with Ingrid, but the pay off was well worth it.

Sasha took off her own clothes first, one item at a time, starting at the top. Ingrid noticed how toned Sasha’s body was, she also likely worked out and it showed, the girl’s body glowed with health. She also didn’t appear to have any tan lines, it was evident as she undressed. Ingrid knew she should be ashamed as she watched her daughter undress, but shame was an emotion she just couldn’t summon up. The emotions she did feel were passion and desire and the added urge to reach out and take her daughter into her arms.

“I feel like such a slut watching you like this baby,” Ingrid commented. Sasha giggled.

“”Go with those feelings, baby,” Sasha smiled, moving close to her gorgeous, blonde mother. “Nothing wrong with sluts in bed, sluts have the best sex. What do you think Mom, am I sexy?” Naked now aside from heels, Sasha knew she was, but she wanted to hear her mother say the words.

“Fuck, yes,” Ingrid moaned, surprising herself with her blatant use of the word. “I’m feeling all hot baby, it’s you that’s made me feel this way, God, you’re an exciting, sexy little bitch.”

“That’s good to hear Mom, I want to be a bitch for you,” Sasha said, standing in front of Ingrid and letting her mother’s fingers graze her naked flesh. “Aren’t I soft? You can have me any time you want Mom … any time. Come on and get naked Mom, then I’ll show you what you’ve been missing and give you a nice lezzie fuck.”

Ingrid felt as if she couldn’t get out of her clothes fast enough, her blonde hair splayed out, her smooth body on full view for her daughter’s eyes. She smiled as Sasha crawled towards her, took Ingrid’s face in her hands and began kissing her lips, then she moved down. Nipples were teased, flesh stroked, Sasha enjoyed this new, sleek version of her mother. Her stomach was flat and smooth and then she stroked her mother’s equally-beautiful legs, soft and shaved. There was a light dusting of blonde fleece above her mother’s cunt, she stroked it gently, then spread her mother’s legs fully apart and fingered her mom’s cunt before she began to lick, slowly at first, then with gusto after that.

“Go ahead Mom, let it out, I want to hear it,” Sasha grinned. “What do you want?”

Ingrid let her inhibitions down and got into the spirit of things. “You nasty, naughty little bitch, finger my pussy … no, my czech estrogenolit porno cunt! Shit, that’s good … my baby is such a naughty, lezzie bitch, you’re making mommy cum!”

“You like this, don’t you Mom? I knew you would, I knew you were a kinky, nasty slut, just like me! Oh, the things I am going to show you …!” Sasha purred.

Ingrid was thrilled and also astonished at the way her body was responding to her daughter’s lewd desires. She had always been a passionate woman, but she had no idea how deep her passions ran. Her tits were being fondled by Sasha as the younger girl sucked and lapped at her cunt, she was unable to stay still on the bed, writhing all about, flailing her arms as Sasha tongued her deeply.

“Okay Mom, it’s time for me to show you how to do a sixty-nine,” Sasha purred in a low, sultry voice. The two beauties shuffled about the bed and now Sasha was on top of her mother, facing her pussy. She let Ingrid adjust and after a few minutes, the pair of them were licking each other greedily. Sasha was pleasantly surprised at how fast her mother was catching on and thrilled by that. Their bodies were writhing together on the bed, noises muffled by each other’s pussies as they played. Their orgasms were loud and very violent.

“Oh Sasha honey, that was …” Ingrid panted.

Sasha smiled and patted her mother’s butt, then without saying anything, she left the room for a few minutes. Ingrid wondered what was going on, but when Sasha came back, she was wearing a large strap-on dildo cinched at the waist and had an evil grin on her beautiful face.

“Ready for it, Mom? Ready for a hot, lezzie dildo fuck?” Sasha asked.

Ingrid’s face broke into an equally-perverted grin. “Yeah, baby. Give it to me. Give it to Mommy GOOD!”

Sasha rejoined her mother on the bed and was really drilling her when Shelly walked in the door.

“Holy FUCK! What are the two of you doing?” 19-year old Shelly gasped. She had been out with a friend and had come upstairs to see if her mother or sister was home yet and if they wanted to join her for a swim on this warm afternoon.

Sasha didn’t stop fucking their mother, she just turned her head and her dark eyes met her sister’s pretty green ones. “I should think that’s fucking obvious, I’m screwing Mom with a dildo and she’s getting off on it. So either get naked and join us and have some fun, or bugger off!”

Ingrid watched for her daughter’s reaction, not knowing what it would be, but hoping in the depths of her newly-kinky soul that Shelly would make the choice Sasha had offered. Her youngest daughter was very sexy and delicious and Ingrid hoped she could add another lesbian playmate to their games. She had changed so much in just a few hours, she really wanted to see if Shelly was as perverted as they both were!

Shelly just stared a few more minutes, seeing the way her Mom was groaning and screwing back against the massive artificial prick. It was wrong, she knew that, but Sasha and their mother didn’t seem to be fighting, Ingrid was really into it. Shelly herself was a fun girl, so she followed her instincts, she walked towards the bed, removed the tiny halter and Daisy Dukes she had been wearing and climbed in, moving in front of her mother.

“Eat it, Mommy,” Shelly purred, spreading her legs wide open and revealing a totally bare pussy. “Lick my cunt, you lezzie whore.” Shelly herself had never been with a girl, but offers had been made, she had just been waiting for the right girl, never imagining her sister and mom would be the ones!

Ingrid didn’t miss a beat; she moved between the strawberry-blonde’s slender legs and began to lick her daughter’s pink, pouty-lipped pussy. She tasted different than Sasha, but that made sense, all pussy wouldn’t taste the same. Her pussy was still filled with plastic cock and once again, Sasha was picking up speed and fucking her with skill.

Sasha’s plans were coming to fruition rather nicely. She had to admit, having Shelly catch them had been a bit of serendipity, but she hadn’t expected Shelly to capitulate so easily, that had worked out rather nicely. She looked at her baby sister and blew her a kiss, knowing she would do her sibling next.

“How long have you guys been …?” Shelly asked in between little gasps.

“Just started today, although Mom’s not my first,” Sasha grinned as she continued to drill her mother’s hole.

“Oh God, she’s fucking wonderful,” Shelly sighed as her mother’s tongue reamed her out.

“She is good, isn’t she?” Sasha smiled. “Hear that, Mom? Both of your daughters think you’re a good little lezzie slut.”

Ingrid heard and thrilled at the lewd words. There was a disappointed groan to follow when she felt Sasha pull the toy from her cunt, but when she saw Sasha’s eyes; she knew what her daughter had in mind. She removed the toy and handed it to Ingrid.

“Your turn to fuck me, Mommy,” Sasha grinned evilly. “I’m going to eat baby sister’s pussy. Get ready Shelly, big sister’s gonna blow your fucking head off!”

Shelly was thrilled; her whole body was inflamed with new desires. She and her boyfriend had fucked a few times, but he had never made her feel the way Ingrid had and from the wild look in Sasha’s eyes, she bet her older sister was better still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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