Second Blossom Ch. 08

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“You’ve been quiet this week,” Chelsea commented as her son unexpectedly swept her off of her feet and spun her around the living room. He gave her a kiss, and she smiled and laughed into his mouth. “You’ll have to come around more often if I can expect a welcome like this every time.”

“Maybe I should then,” he said setting her back on the ground.

For a moment, the two stared at each other. Remnants of the toll from last weekend lingered in Chelsea’s eyes, but she was determined to keep them out of sight and out of mind. Though having Jake around more often would be a dream come true, she cast the thought aside as wishful thinking and nothing more.

“You must be starving,” she said changing the subject. “Shall we order in?”

“Get dressed, Chelsea,” Jake told her taking his mother by surprise. “I’m taking you out tonight.”

Hearing Jake say her name had caught her off guard. A sharp breath caught in her throat, and her smile faltered for all but a second.

“Mom,” Chelsea reminded him before turning away to take a moment to recover. She felt his arms slide around her waist as his body came up behind her. Through the material, that familiar bulge pressed between her ass cheeks. She closed her eyes and rocked her hips softly in response.

“I could enjoy this all day,” he told her. “But we have somewhere to be.”

She lifted an eyebrow at the delightful surprise. “Where to?”

“Get dressed, honey,” he repeated and watched as she reluctantly pulled away and wiggled her ass teasingly all the way up the stairs.

Jake had made reservations at Chez Mode, an upscale restaurant that had just made a name for itself with a series of glowing reviews. Getting a table had been near impossible, but taking the same class as one of the bartenders had given him the opportunity to swap homework for a table. The arrangement had worked beautifully.

Jake pulled out his mother’s chair and glimpsed down to appreciate the sight of her ass straining against the creamy, silk fabric of her evening gown as she sat. His fingers wandered up the back of her arm as he pushed in her chair. Chelsea’s deep breath was subtle as goosebumps formed on her skin.

From behind, Jake bent down until their faces were at the same level. His lips tenderly kissed her soft cheek before rising to her ear. “Tonight, you’re Chelsea,” he told her and casually took his seat.

The woman didn’t know how to respond. From across the table, she tried to figure out what her son was thinking. She had already made it clear how important it was for their relationship to continue as mother and son, and Jake had already been made aware of how devastating it would be to lose him and that familial bond altogether. She needed her motherly role to remain intact.

“You know I would love that,” she told him feeling a slight pang of grief at the momentary thought of being that permanent fixture. “But mom will have to do. Your mother need this, baby. Do you understand?”

Jake extended his hand across the table and waited for his mother to take it with her own. He didn’t take his eyes off of her – he couldn’t even if he wanted to. The night was something special and theirs to enjoy. There wasn’t any need to keep it to himself any longer.

“I understand,” he told her. “But I don’t agree – not anymore. You’re the most important person in my life. I may be slow sometimes, but I finally realize it.”

Chelsea’s free hand was squeezing her thigh for all it was worth. His words had come so quickly that there hadn’t been time to prepare herself. She was vulnerable right down to her core, and it frightened female agent porno her that a small spark of hope had been set alight.

“We became lovers under very strange circumstances. You wanted to help me out with the whole Vanessa thing, but now that’s in the past. I’m in love with you, Chelsea, and I’m all yours. I’ll still call you mommy in the bedroom if that’s what you want, but I want you to be my Chelsea.”

Jake’s mother couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Was this the reason they were dressed up and at a fancy restaurant? Had this been the plan all day? She had raised a man who was her pride and joy, and he had grown to be capable of so much more. He was her friend, her lover, and someone she couldn’t help but admire. Her lips couldn’t help but curve into a smile, and she felt a warm tear slide down her cheek. She wiped it away making sure not to smear her makeup.

“It’ll have its share of complications,” she warned and silently hoped he wouldn’t rescind the offer.

“Life if full of complications,” he told her. “And besides, I wouldn’t be making a career in films if I wanted something easy.”

“Vanessa may be out of the picture, but I’m still married to your father. This is something that would have to be handled very carefully.”

“Then we’ll handle it carefully,” Jake agreed. “There’s a lot to think about, and we’ll have more than a few things to work out. But there’s a future for us, Chelsea. We’re better off together than we are apart.”

“Say that again,” she asked while using the tip of her cloth napkin to wipe away a second tear. “Say my name.”

“Chelsea,” he smiled with the realization that he was winning her over.

“And you’re my Jake – tonight, next month, and next year.” She rubbed his leg with her own underneath the table. “This is for real,” she said letting everything sink in. We’re really going to do this, aren’t we?”

Her son nodded. “This is something that’s worth pursuing.”

The waiter came over and asked if they’d like to start with a drink.

“I’m in the mood for champagne,” Jake said casually while scanning the drink menu. “What do you think, Chelsea?”

“Champagne sounds lovely,” she agreed.

His mother couldn’t feel happier if she tried. Hearing Jake call her by name in front of others was wonderful. She had been known as mom for so long that this change would take some getting used to, but it was wholeheartedly welcome. And now out in public, they were dining together not as mother and son but as a man and woman. This was how things were meant to be – she felt sure of it.

Dinner was absolutely delicious and paired perfectly with a bottle of house wine. They ate and drank talking and laughing without a care in the world. Chelsea casually sipped her wine and eyed her son teasingly as her foot effortlessly rubbed the bulge between his legs. Warm from the alcohol and unable to take anymore, he paid the bill before taking his date home.

Heading straight upstairs to the bedroom, Chelsea led her son by the hand as she felt his eyes fixated on her ass. She moved it seductively from side to side for his viewing pleasure.

Jake’s cock twitched constantly as he watched the flimsy material stretch with each motion of her legs. Keeping his hands to himself felt impossible when her slender frame and perfect ass yearned to be touched. He happily obliged and squeezed her toned backside with one hand. Chelsea let out a sigh of satisfaction and took her son into the bedroom.

Their lips found each other in seconds. Her son’s every caress was carnal, and Chelsea loved gizli cekim porno it. She took a moment savoring the feeling of being adored before unzipping his pants in one swift motion and lowering herself to be face to face with his engorged member. She greedily took it into her mouth and let her sexuality take over.

Jake’s fingers held the back of her head as his hips began to thrust faster and faster. He was mouth-fucking her, Chelsea realized as a new level of wetness soaked her panties. She was helpless to resist and loved it. Her son continued while Chelsea reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. She almost came on the spot.

Feeling her orgasm so close, she stood up pulling Jake’s cock out of her mouth with a gasp and pushed him onto the bed. Wiggling out of her panties, she cinched up her dress and straddled her son’s face. His tongue went to work without a moment’s hesitation.

The feeling was incredible. Chelsea could hear her son moaning with pleasure from between her legs, and it aroused her even further. She grabbed the headboard for support and grinded her pussy hard and fast over his mouth.

“That’s it, baby,” she moaned as the feeling overwhelmed her instantly. “You’re going to make me come!”

A wave of pleasure washed over her as she came as hard as ever. Her son’s mouth was sprayed with her wetness, and he held onto his mother’s hips pushing her body down harder against his tongue. The grinding eventually ceased, and Chelsea lifted herself off of his mouth to let her orgasm subside. But there was no time.

As soon as Jake was free, he pushed his mother onto her stomach and began massaging her ass. Chelsea closed her eyes and let out a moan as his hands tenderized her flesh. The volume rose, and her whole body shuddered with the realization that his tongue had found her asshole. He circled it, probed it, and fucked it with his mouth time and again. When she couldn’t take anymore, the tongue would pull away only to make contact with her dripping pussy and work its way back up to the second hole. She grabbed the blanket in her hands and bit the pillow.

Chelsea loved being the helpless thing having her ass explored. Jake’s strong hands and mouth had her at their mercy. She wanted her son to know that she was capable of appreciating him just as carnally. She pulled off her dress and bra tossing them to the side before turning her attention onto her son.

Jake’s clothes were next to go. Jerking his cock feverishly with one hand while unfastening the buttons on his shirt with the other, Chelsea took him deep down her throat before coming up with a gasp and pulling his shirt off. She did this again only to yank off his pants and boxers. She took one last deep dive onto his aching cock before straddling and burying it deep inside of her in one glorious motion.

There was no time to go slow. Her second orgasm was already fast approaching, and she needed Jake to experience everything she had to offer. She arched her back giving Jake a perfect view of his cock sliding in and out glistening with a glossy coat of his mother’s slick juices. A hand reached around, and Chelsea felt her son’s finger bury itself in her ass. The pleasure was too much to take, and she exploded.

The force of her orgasm made Jake’s mother scream in ecstasy and squirt long trails up his shoulder before dripping down the base of his cock. His hand rubbed against her clit making her squirt time and again. Jake was completely covered in her climax, and he loved every minute of it.

Chelsea had no idea where her son’s newfound stamina had come glory hole secrets porno from, but it was a marvelous surprise. She was already two orgasms in, and he was still as hard as ever. The look on his face let her know that he hadn’t nearly had his fill, and it excited her to imagine all the other ways he planned to use her before the night was through. And it was only day one. They had a future together to make memories.

Breathing heavy, her heart pounded madly inside her chest. Chelsea crawled off of him with what little strength she had left. She laid on her side propping her head up with her hand and displayed her ass in his direction. Her smile was wicked, and she gently ran her fingers through the hair on the back of his head before pulling it down and forcing his mouth back onto her ass. Jake didn’t resist.

His tongue felt wonderful, and it gave her a chance to mildly recover. Chelsea’s clit was still incredibly tender to the tough, but Jake’s probe of her asshole soothed her enough to go on. Finally feeling ready for what she knew would bring him over the edge, she pushed her son’s mouth away only to replace it with a finger.

“Go slow,” she urged and watched as her son’s cock twitched with anticipation.

Jake could feel the heat radiating from between his mother’s legs and positioned the tip right against her wet asshole. Changing tactics, he plunged it six times into her dripping pussy before returning his now slick cock to her second hole. Pushing gently, he buried the tip while rubbing her pussy with his hand. Chelsea took long deep breaths. And with her eyes closed, she savored giving him every part of her.

Inch by inch, his shaft sunk deeper until it was complete out of sight. Jake’s balls rubbed against her ass cheeks, and he stayed there for a moment letting her muscles adjust to the pulsing visitor. It was so tight and delicious. He kept it in place while bending over and giving Chelsea a long and passionate kiss.

She began to gently rock and encouraged him to do the same. Slow at first, Jake let his mother set the tempo. The affect was tantric moving back and forth ever increasing their desire. His mother began to move faster and moved her hips further away causing his throbbing cock to pull out all the way to the tip before being plunged deep back into her bowels. In a matter of minutes, they were both moaning wildly as his cock fucked her ass with as much force as it could manage. His balls slapped the base of her pussy. It drove her wild.

“I’m going to cum!” Jake shouted as he felt the fluids burning their way to the surface. With a hand rubbing madly over her soaking clit, he brought the juices to his mouth before returning it to get soaked once more.

“Cum for be, baby!” Chelsea commanded. “Don’t hold anything back!”

“I’m coming, Chelsea!”

Hearing him say her name was the ultimate aphrodisiac and more than she could handle. His cock was buried itself deep inside, and she felt it firing streams of heat into her bowels. It brought her over the edge. Unable to hold back, she came with her son’s cock in her ass and let loose another stream of her own across her thigh.

For a moment, neither one dared move. Their orgasms had been intense and lasted longer than either of them had expected. Though Jake had grown soft, his mother’s ass held him tightly inside.

“Towels,” Chelsea said trying to catch her breath in a voice that was nothing more than a whisper. “We need towels.”

“Stay right here,” he told her and gently removed himself from her anal confine.

He headed into the bathroom only to return a moment later with a stack of folded towels. Chelsea used one to wipe the sweat from her body and dry her bottom half which was thoroughly covered with moisture. The others were draped over the wet spots. Too exhausted to expend any more effort, they took their positions in each other’s arms and drifted off into oblivion.

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