Seduced By My Daughter Ch. 03

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It had been a week since Trina subjected me to the ‘panty incident’, and, frankly, in spite of the initial surprise of her insistence that I clean up after cumming in them, I was OK with it. I’d even gotten to the point where I looked forward to her next surprise. I didn’t have long to wait!

Trina arrived home from a day out with friends. Only, she wasn’t alone. I was looking forward to an evening of debauchery with my daughter, so I was a little bummed when she introduced me to her friend Caitlyn. It must have showed on my face, because Trina smiled and said, “Don’t worry daddy, I’ve got plans! Tomorrow is your birthday, and I have a surprise for you!”

I raised my eyebrows, “What is it?” I asked.

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” she answered, with a sly smile. “Why don’t you go make yourself comfortable, while Cait and I make dinner.”

So, I sat back on my easy chair and waited for the girls to bring supper. Only, the didn’t reappear with a plate of food. They paraded in from the kitchen in schoolgirl attire. That’s right! White knee socks, patent leather shoes, white blouses and plaid skirts. And, damn, did they look hot! Cait, a little taller, thinner, and bustier than Trina sat across from me on the couch, legs spread, so I could see up her skirt. Cream colored silk panties with a slight shadow in the middle. The tell tale wet spot! My cock responded, creating a bulge in my pants. Cait saw it and smiled.

“So, what’s for dinner?” I asked.

“We are!” Trina said as she sat down. “All you can eat!” Then, turning toward Cait and kissing her, she added. “But you’ll have to wait until the show is over.”

The kissing went on for a minute or more. Both girls moaning as they continued to French. I was getting as turned on as they were, my dick now painfully hard.. Trina glanced over and noticed my state of arousal. Momentarily breaking the kiss she said, “Pull it out and stroke it daddy. But, don’t you dare cum! I want you hard and full for later.”

She returned her attention to her guest, sucking on Cait’s tongue as she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a bra that matched her still visible silk panties. Cait, meanwhile had her hand up Trina’s skirt, her fingers dancing over my daughters green lace covered pussy mound.

Without taking my eyes off the two young girls, I pulled my awakened penis from my pants and started gently stroking it. I’d seen plenty of lesbian porn clips before, but the live show in front of me was an incredible turn on. These girls were really getting in to this!

I watched as Cait’s hand slipped inside Trina’s panties. Trina’s legs opened wider, giving her friend greater access, while she unhooked the front closure of Caitlin’s bra, freeing her lush breasts. With her free hand Cait guided Trina’s head to her left breast, moaning as my daughter latched on like a hungry baby.

Trina reached down and ran her fingers up and down the damp spot on her partner’s panties, increasing the wet stain, before pulling them aside and plunging two fingers deep in the hairless pink flesh of Cait’s pussy.

My eyes danced between the girls pussies as I slowly stroked myself, my imagination running wild as I wondered exactly what was in store for me tonight. Trina was a terrible tease, and I never knew what she had in store for us.

The girls broke their embrace and Cait stood up, unbuttoning her skirt and slipping off her already opened blouse. Peeling off the cream colored panties, she tossed them to me, saying with a sly smile, “Would these help you Mr. G?”

Somewhat surprised that Trina must have told her about our ‘little secret’ I froze after catching the garment with my off hand. Looking briefly at Trina, who nodded in approval, I brought the silk to my nose, inhaling her friends heady scent. Then wrapping the silky garment around my cock, I returned to my task as the girls returned to theirs.

Cait undressed Trina slowly, letting her blouse fall to the floor, followed by Trina’s bra. Kissing the puffy mounds, Cait slowly sank to her knees, trailing kisses down my daughters belly, until she was face to face with Trina’s barely covered mound. Yanking Trina’s panties off, she pressed her face into the red fuzz of Trina’s pussy.

Trina responded by opening her legs and placing her hand on the back of her friends head.

Seeing both girls naked except for the white knee socks and black shiny shoes was an incredible turn-on. So much so that I had to stop stroking for fear of soiling Caitlin’s panties. So I did the next best thing. Bringing the garment back up to my nose and mouth, I breathed in her scent, and licked at the public agent porno damp panel as I watched Cait push Trina onto the couch and start licking my daughter’s exposed pussy.

Sprawled on the couch, legs wide open with her friends tongue buried in her young snatch, .Trina moaned as Caitlin’s tongue bored deep into her friends freshening cunt.

From my vantage point, I could see the lust filled look on my daughters face, eyes half closed, both hands full of her friends blonde hair. I could also see the gentle curve of Cait’s back, the globes of her ass, the exposed crack and hairless lips of her delectable pussy. I was so turned on that I took the scented garment from under my nose and, wrapping it around my erect shaft, began to pump it slowly along the length of my manhood.

I watched intently as Cait’s right hand snaked around Trina’s thigh gliding up ward, fingers caressing her friends swollen nipple. Plucking, twisting, pulling gently, making Trina babble. I could not see where her other hand was, but by the motion of her shoulder, I could tell that she had at least one finger deep in Trina’s wetness, plunging in and out, attacking, her g-spot.

“Oh fuck! Oh Yess! Right there! God, that feels so good” she moaned. “Oh fuck! So close! Please don’t stop! Please!”

Bucking her hips, holding her friends head, Trina came with a loud, long wail, before collapsing on the couch, her chest heaving with exertion.

Cait pulled from her friends pussy, turned, and looked at me. Her face was covered from nose to chin with Trina’s juices. Seeing her panties wrapped around my cock, she smiled before leaning over and planting a wet kiss on Trina’s lips. The two girls sucked each others tongues for a minute, Trina tasting herself on her friends tongue and lips.

When she had finished cleaning her essence from Caitlin’s face, Trina said, “Now its my turn.” as she traded places with the tall busty blonde. As she sat, I could see how moist Cait was, her hairless cunt glinting in the light of the room. Before Trina leaned in to taste her friends pussy, she asked me to fuck her like a dog in heat. “My nasty little cunt needs a cock, daddy. Don’t you want to fuck your baby slut?” She wiggled her ass at me as she spread her lips in invitation, dipping a finger deep into her wetness.

I dropped Cait’s panties and crawled on my knees over to where my daughter waited, ass in the air, face burrowed between her friends pussy lips.

I heard her moan as my cock separated the warm pink petals of her outer lips and slid effortlessly inside, penetrating deep, until my balls bumped against her swollen pussy. Cait’s hips were rolling, smearing her essence all over my daughter’s face as I rhythmically plunged my aching manhood deep into my daughter’s clutching cunt.

Cait’s fingers danced on her clit while Trina’s hands teased and mauled her friends generous breasts. I reached down with both my hands and played with Trina’s nipples, pulling and twisting as my cock pistonned in and out of her. Cait’s free hand went to the back of Trina’s head, pressing the girl’s face deeper into the warm wet flesh of her cunt.

Both girls were moaning now, the room filling with the heady scent of both pussies, driving me to fuck harder, deeper and faster. Cait pulled her hand from her clit, offering her damp fingers to me as I leaned over my daughter. I greedily sucked the warm honey from her fingers as mine slid down to play with Trina’s swollen clit.

Cait began mumbling, “Yes! Yes! Right there! Oh God! Don’t stop! Make me cum, girl!”

Trina now had two fingers ramming in and out of Cait’s dripping pussy as she sucked on the tender flesh of Cait’s hood while teasing her clit with the tip of her tongue.

Cait thrashed around, head going side to side as an explosive orgasm racked her slim young body. Trina concentrated on keeping it going by nipping and sucking on Cait’s clit while mauling her friends heaving breasts.

A sheen of sweat formed on Cait’s chest as she panted, trying to catch her breath and pushing Trina’s face away from her super sensitive clit. I was still thrusting wildly into my daughters tight, wet twat, one hand on her breast, the other strumming her clit, our bodies slapping together, her pussy farting as more and more of her sweet juices flowed from within.

Her face freed from Cait’s cunt, Trina said, “Fuck me daddy! Cum inside my needy cunt! Fuck your baby girl, daddy!”

Knowing how she liked me to talk dirty, I answered, ” Daddy wants to fill your baby cunt with his hot cum! Is that what my baby girl wants?”

“Yes daddy! Breed me! reality kings porno Make me your cum slut!”

At that point, I finally went over the edge. With a series of long loud grunts, my cock exploded deep inside my daughter. It seemed to take forever as my cock spewed gob after gob of warm creamy sperm into her cloying womb.

I pulled out, watching as my glistening member shot out its last rope of cum, landing on Trina’s ass cheek. I stood up and watched as it dripped down the back of her leg.

I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, Cait, standing up and walking around Trina. She knelt and asked if she could taste my cum. We both said, “Sure”.

Expecting her to kneel in front of me and lick the combined juices of my just completed incestuous fuck, I was surprised when she turned toward Trina’s upraised rump and began licking the rivulet of sperm dripping down her thigh. Then Cait flipped over on her back, pulling Trina’s dripping cunt down to her face and began sucking the sperm and honey from her friends pussy.

Without even thinking, I grasped my semi-hard cock and began to stroke it as my gaze riveted on Cait’s hairless cunt, my mind focused on what it would feel like to explode deep inside my daughter’s friend.

My concentration was interrupted by Trina asking me if I wanted to eat it. I nodded. Then she asked Cait if she minded. Without making a sound, other that the slurping of cum from Trina’s pussy, she opened her bent legs in invitation.

I dropped to the floor and trailed kisses up her silky thighs, heading slowly toward the moist, pink lips of her teen age cunt. I moaned as my tongue delved into the sweet cleft of her outer lips, tasting her. Although I had an idea of how she would taste, having licked the residue from her panties, the scent and the warm juices were far more intense, more delicious, making my cock twitch with anticipation.

As I nestled my face into the soft wetness, my nose rubbing her clit as my tongue burrowed deeper, I felt her hand grab my hair as her hips began to move, smearing her musky essence all over my face. Even though her thighs were pressed against my ears, I was able to hear her moans. “Oh fuck! He’s good, Trina!” she said, “I think I’m gonna enjoy this!” Encouraged by what I heard, I wrapped one arms around her leg, reached up and caressed her breasts, my fingers drawing light circles around her nipples before plucking and twisting the sensitive nubs. The pressure on the back of my head increased, as did the tempo of her hips. Looking up at her face, all I saw was her chin as she had resumed her attack on my daughter’s freshly fucked cunt. I sucked the fleshy hood of her clit between my lips and flicked my tongue across her clit, causing her to moan into Trina’s wetness. My free hand worked its way into the sopping crevice of her outer lips. Delving deeper, my fingers flexed inside her, massaging her g-spot. I could sense that she was getting close. Her hips jerked. Her nails were digging into my scalp .I increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit. Her thighs pressed against the sides of my head. I dug my fingers into the fleshy orbs on her chest. She suddenly stiffened. An urgent, but muffled, moan signaled the onset of her orgasm. Her scent intensified as did her flavor. Her legs unlocked and she pulled my head away from her weeping cunt. “Oh, my fucking God!” she panted, “That was incredible! I….I haven’t come like that……ever!”

Pulling me up to her face, she opened her mouth and kissed me, driving her tongue in between my teeth and swirling it around my tongue. Breaking the kiss, she added, “Trina told me you were good! I just didn’t believe how good! I think I’m ready now!”

I gave her a puzzled look, then shifted my gaze to my daughter. Smiling, Trina said “Caitlin has never been fucked before, Daddy. At least not by a real cock. And, besides, it’s your birthday, and I couldn’t think of a better gift for my horny daddy than a virgin cunt to fuck”

Cait’s nod confirmed what my daughter had revealed. I smiled and said, ” I would be honored to be your first man.” Then I added, “But we need to do this right! If we’re going to fuck, it has to be in my bed.”

Helping both girls up, we headed for my bedroom. “I have a feeling, baby girl, that this was your idea, so, I’ll let you tell me what you want me to do.” I said as we sat on the bed, me between these two hot young girls, my arms around them, my fingers cupping their breasts.

“Oh no, daddy! Its your birthday! You get to do what you want.!” Trina said, as she cupped my sac.

As I laid back on the bed, I said “Well, since rus porno you put it that way, then what I want is for Cait, to ride me cowgirl. I want this to be as pleasantly memorable as possible”

I could see Cait was a little nervous, so I sat up, put my arm around her, gently kissed her on the forehead, and whispered, “It’s OK. Take your time.. This is supposed to be special. It’s one of those things that you will remember for the rest of your life. I want this to be special for you.” Then I nibbled on her ear for a moment, kissed my way down her neck, her throat, between her breasts. I felt, more than heard, her moan. Then she grabbed my head, pushed me down on the bed and straddled me, sitting on my chest. She took my hands, placing them on her breasts and slid down, over my belly, leaving a trail of her essence as she moved.

“Would it be OK if I called you daddy, too?” she asked as she grasped my shaft and aimed it at her sweet virgin cunt.

“Anything you want Caitygirl!” I answered smiling up at her.

As she slowly lowered herself, we both watched as the glistening tip of my cock parted the baby smooth lips of her young snatch.

“Ohhh Fuck!” she moaned as I filled her with my meat. “Daddy, that feels so good!”

She slowly lowered herself until her ass settled into my lap. “I feel so incredibly full! Fuck me Daddy! Cum inside me!” she said, her eyes half closed as she leaned forward slightly, allowing me to mash her breasts as I held her in place. She began rolling her hips, allowing my cock to slide in and out of her tight, wet, hole.

“You’re so fucking tight, Caitygirl! Daddy’s gonna love cumming inside you” a whispered, “But only after you cum on daddy’s cock”

Letting go of her breasts, I replaced my hands with my mouth, kissing and gently sucking on each nipple. I grabbed her ass cheeks and I kneaded the soft fleshy globes, spreading them apart as she rose and fell on my pussyjuice slickened member. Slowly, the middle finger of my right hand insinuated itself against the tight ring of her ass.

“Ooh! Daddy, you nasty man, what are you doing?” she said between moans as we ground together slowly. I just looked up into her eyes, as I sucked a little harder on her stiffened nipple. Pressing my finger inward, I invaded the inner reaches of her rump. She wiggled and cooed as my cock and finger alternated penetrating her.

My other hand slid off her butt and around to her clit, where I strummed lightly against the hooded nub, eliciting a string of obscenities from her pretty mouth.

“Oh fuck daddy! It feels so fucking good! Make me cum again daddy! Please”

She rolled her hips faster and I began to bounce her up and down, my balls slapping her ass as our bodies made crude music. “Yes daddy! Yes!” she moaned as my cock grazed her g-spot with each inward stroke and my thumb tickled her clit each time she rose off my manhood. Our lovemaking was becoming more and more frenzied. Her moans and babbling louder and more incoherent. I could feel as well as hear her getting closer and closer. I began nursing on her nipples like a starving baby, sucking her areola into my mouth, my teeth latching onto the protruding nub.

My thumb, slick with her honey, flicked back and forth across her swollen, sensitive clit, eliciting staccato pleasure moans. My cock churned, deep and hard, thrilling to the caresses of her tight cunt.

She was so close! I buried my finger deep in her ass, which pushed her over the edge.

‘Oh God!…Oh Fuck!….I’m…I’m…cumming” she screamed, her cunt clasping on my cock, trying to milk it of my essence. Her fingers dug into my chest as her orgasm swept over her. She collapsed on top of me, trembling as I continued to pump my cock in and out of her wetness, hungering to fill her no longer virgin cunt with cum.

I couldn’t hold back any longer! I buried my manhood deep inside her, grunting as my dick finally exploded, emptying my balls in the hot teen’s cloying cunt.

As we lay there, recovering, she whispered, “That was incredible! Thank you, daddy!”

“You are most welcome, Caitygirl.” I replied as my shriveling cock, slid from between her leaking cuntlips. “There is one more thing I’d like to do”

When I told her what I wanted, Trina piped in, “Oh, no! That’s mine!”

That said, she crawled up between our legs and proceeded to lick the dregs of our lovemaking from my cock and balls and her friends cunt. When done, she lay down next to me, sharing a kiss. First with me then with Cait.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to give up my sapphic ways, but whenever I feel the need for cock, would you mind if I called you up?” Cait added, licking her lips.

“Any time you want, Cait!” I answered. “Now, why don’t we all get in the shower, then we can go back to bed.”

“Kind of early for sleep, isn’t it, daddy?” Trina said.

Squeezing her puffy nipples, I answered, “Who said anything about sleep?”

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