Seducing Her Daddy Ch. 02

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A week had gone by since Shelby had helped her Daddy cum and then licked him clean. She had thought that after that first line was crossed, she’d have a willing partner that could pleasure her whenever she wanted. What actually happened was that her father had freaked out and alternated between avoiding her and ignoring her. She knew that he was probably freaked out about masturbating to the sight of his naked daughter, but his reaction still hurt her feelings. He had barely said more than five words to her the entire week.

Luckily, her mother hadn’t noticed her dad’s strange behavior like Shelby had.

She knew she had pushed him too far too fast. Her dad needed time to get used to the idea, needed time to be seduced slowly so that he wouldn’t feel so guilty about eventually, Shelby hoped, fucking his daughter. Shelby had never had a problem with men wanting to have sex with her before and she wasn’t a hundred percent sure how to go about seducing her father.

She was patient, waiting for an afternoon where she was alone with her dad. When her mom called to tell her to clean up before her dad got home early, she knew that it was the perfect opportunity. She hopped in the shower and lathered her body up with some foamy shower gel. She made sure that she had left the door to the bathroom open, knowing that her dad would have to walk by on the way to his bedroom.

She ran her hands up and down her body, pausing periodically to pinch her nipples. She waited impatiently as she heard the door slam, and her dad’s footsteps going up the stairs. She made a show of shaving her vagina. She had one leg lifted on the edge of the bathtub, and the razor was poised when she saw his body enter the door frame.

He froze in shock at the position his daughter was in. She smiled brightly, as if he had walked in on her doing her homework and continued to carefully shave her pussy lips. Nothing happened for a moment, and then she heard the door swing shut. She heard heavy footsteps leading to his bedroom, then his bedroom door slammed shut. She knew he had watched her for at least 10 seconds before storming off, which she considered a slight success. She was going to make it impossible for him to ignore her anymore!

She finished shaving quickly and rinsed her body off. She had made sure that there was only one towel in her bathroom which she wrapped around her hair like a turban, not even bothering to dry off her body. Water from the shower still ran down her body as she walked naked to her father’s room. She went to open the door and was surprised to find it locked. She jiggled the handle, but the door wouldn’t budge.

“Daddy?” she called out, but he didn’t answer. “Can I come in real quick?” His silence told her a lot about the type of activity he was likely to be involved in inside.

“I know you’re in there daddy.” she called through the door, not adding that she knew he was jerking off to the mental image of her in the shower. Subtlety was the name of the game.

“One minute!” his strained voice called through the door. She smiled to herself; she loved knowing that he was rubbing himself thinking about her naked body. Thinking about how she had touched herself and how she had licked the cum off his cock the week before. She decided to help him along as much as she could even though he closed door.

“Hurry up,” she let a hint of petulance creep into her voice. “I ran out of towels and I’m so fucking wet. I’m dripping all over the carpet! I guess I’ll just have to air dry out here” She heard a faint groan through the door and the bed squeak as he stood up. She heard rustling then the door opened and her dad stood there, face flushed, holding out a towel.

“Here you g–” his voice caught in his throat when he realized what he was seeing. She hadn’t dried off a bit, and her naked body was covered in beads of water. She stood there hip cocked, smiling like the devil as her father stood entranced by her naked body. She reached out and took the towel, instead of going back to her room she began to pat herself dry in the doorway.

“How was your day, Dad?” she asked, making small talk.

“Gnnhh.” was the only reply he could seem to make. His eyes roamed over her body briefly, following the movement of the towel as she caressed her skin under the pretext of drying off. She continued with a steady stream of comments and questions, none of which he answered with more than a grunt. When she was reasonably dry, she brushed past him into his bedroom, dropping the towel as she walked. She sat down on the edge of his bed and spread her legs.

“God! I love the way my pussy feels right after I’ve shaved it. I just wanna rub my hands over it, the skin feels so soft.” she sighed as she demonstrated. Both her hands were busy reveling in the feeling of her soft skin. She lay back on the bed and continued to touch herself. Her eyes were closed, but she felt the bed dip as her father climbed onto the bed next to her. She looked up sex izle to see him staring intently at the work her hands were doing.

“Do you want to feel how soft the skin is?” she asked him, pulling her hands away. He didn’t say anything, just nodded and reached down slowly cupping her pussy in one hand. She tried to remain still and let him explore her folds. She wanted him to feel comfortable so he wouldn’t bolt. She continued to talk, her voice becoming more breathy as her pleasure built. He rubbed her mound gently, and she reveled in the feel of his rough calluses on her skin. He pressed his palm against her harder, and her hips wriggled pushing upwards against his hand. He pressed down on her abdomen with his other hand she watched as he slowly slid his middle finger into her. She tried to move her hips forward, but his hand was insistent and she couldn’t budge. He rocked his hand back and forth against her and she gasped. He slid his ring finger into her and her hips bucked.

“Oh daddy!” she cried out. His fingers twirled inside her until she was writhing on the bed, aching to cum.

“Shhh.” he soothed. His calm voice was at odds with his fingers working furiously to make her cum. With his fingers still inside her, he pressed down on her clit with his other thumb. His fingers were soaking wet with her cum. His thumb rubbed her clit furiously and suddenly she was exploding. Her hips jerked several times as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

“You should get dressed before your mom gets home.” he told her gruffly, as he got up off the bed and walked into the bathroom, his erection clearly tenting his khaki pants. She heard him lock the door and turn on the shower. She lay there panting as her orgasm subsided and mentally debated whether to try to push her father further. The sound of her mom’s car pulling up made the decision an easy one and she ran to her bedroom, pussy dripping on the carpet.

She had chosen a pair of cute pajama shorts and a white spaghetti strap tank top that rode low on her chest and high on her midriff. It didn’t seem overly slutty, but it showed off her curves and she knew she looked sexy in it. She stayed in her room until dinner, so when her mom called her down she was surprised to see her dad coming in from the barbecue with a pile of hamburgers, looking perfectly normal and at ease. He didn’t quite ignore her as much as he had earlier in the week, but her dad still seemed a little distant. She decided if he was acting semi-normal around her, it was time for the next step in her seduction.

She took a big bite out of her hamburger, letting some ketchup drip onto her chest.

“Damn it,” she cried, trying to get her dad’s attention. She made a big show of wiping up the condiment, letting some of it smear across her breasts. She sucked the ketchup off her finger. Her mom wasn’t looking so she slipped another finger into her mouth and sucked her fingers until the ketchup was long gone. She looked up to see her dad’s mouth hanging open slightly.

“Dinner is great dad! Your meat is really juicy,” she said, “it’s dripping all over my chin. And the salad is great mom, I feel so full I could burst.”

“Thanks sweetie!” her mom beamed at the unexpected praise. “I added some walnuts to try something new.”

“Yeah the nuts taste great! With the salad.” she added a second later than necessary. Her dad coughed, spitting the milk he’d been drinking all over the table and his lap. Shelby recognized the opportunity and leapt up from her chair with her napkin. She knelt next to her dad and pretended to help him mop up the milk on the table, her other hand which had snuck under the table rubbed up and down the length of his cock. She could feel it begin to harden. She quickly unbuttoned his pants and slipped her hand inside. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and squeezed gently. His eyes widened in shock but he managed to not react.

“I’m fine Shelby.” he spit out, “I don’t need your help.” He grabbed her hand and pushed it away. She sat back down across the table and pouted.

“Don’t be so rude Tom.” her mom chided from across the table.

“I was just trying to help.” She slid her foot across the table and rubbed it along his ankle. He paused with his fork in mid air, but after a moment continued eating as if nothing was happening. She ran her foot up the inside of his calf. His muscles tightened under her caresses. She scooted her butt to the end of the chair and felt her toes brush up against his package. She could feel his cock harden even more beneath her toes and she rubbed him gently in small circles.

She was ecstatic when he moved her foot aside briefly to pull his cock out of his pants. Her foot ran up and down the length of his naked cock, and she watched as his breath caught. She continued to eat normally, trying to look nonchalant as she masturbated her own dad with her foot at the same table as her mom.

Her dad’s hips twitched, and he scooted sexmex porno his chair closer to the table allowing her whole foot to cover his cock. She rubbed her toes on the head, feeling the precum between her toes. She watched as he grimaced from the increased pleasure, and braced himself against the table.

“Are you alright, Daddy?” she asked. Her mom looked over and echoed her concerns, that he did look a little peaky.

“I’m fine, just a little bit of heartburn.” he said, rubbing his chest for effect.

“I’m sorry. I wish there was something I could do to help.” Shelby said.

“It’s fine sweetie. Heartburn medicine just doesn’t work fast enough for me to bother getting it.” he emphasized the ‘fast enough’. “I won’t get release from it.” Shelby understood the hint and increased the speed of her foot. By then, his hips were rocking against her foot and his breathing was becoming uneven. He closed his eyes briefly, biting his lip.

Shelby asked her mom a question about work to distract her from her Dad’s obvious approaching orgasm. She completely tuned out as her mom told a story about work that day. He covered a moan with a cough and his hips jerked a few times and she felt the wetness of his cum spread under her feet. She continued to rub after he was done cumming, loving the feel of his cum between her toes.

She realized his lap would be a mess and knew she needed to help her dad get up without being noticed. Shelby leaned over, pretending to reach for the salt and pepper and knocked her dad’s milk over letting it spill onto his lap. He jumped up, the milk masking his own cum on his pants.

“You might want to go change dad,” she suggested “It can’t be comfortable wearing pants covered in milky stuff.” He agreed, and practically ran upstairs. Shelby was just finishing cleaning the dishes when her dad came back downstairs wearing a t shirt and pajama pants. Shelby cleaned the dishes splashing some water onto her tank top, letting her dad see her low cut lacy bra through her wet tank top.

“Oops,” she drawled, making it clear that she had done it on purpose. She could tell he was trying to not look at her chest. She rubbed her breasts, making no effort to pretend she wasn’t just massaging her boobs. He stood there transfixed. She walked up to him and gave him a big hug. She ran her fingers through the hair on his neck and ran the other hand under the back of his shirt on his bare skin. “Love you, Daddy.” she whispered in his ear.

She walked by him into the living room and sat down on the loveseat, tucking her legs under her. Her mom was sitting on the recliner a few feet away. She watched her dad walk in, her eyes were glued to him and she wondered if her teasing had broken her Dad down at all. She was disappointed when he sat down on the couch away from her. They turned on the movie and began watching.

A couple minutes into the movie, she pretended there was a glare and moved to the couch next to her dad. She could feel his whole body stiffen up next to her. She leaned up against him resting her head on his shoulder, and laced her fingers through his. She rested their hands over his lap, letting it rest lightly on his thigh.

Her mom was watching the movie intently, so she turned her face sideways and brushed her lips in a gentle kiss right under his ear. He shivered. She sucked on his earlobe

Shelby looked at the back of her mother’s head, which was watching the movie. She reached up and kissed her dad on the lips. He didn’t pull away from her, but he wasn’t an active participant either. She pulled away, slightly hurt, and he looked at her through shuttered eyes. She could see desire and guilt on his face. She didn’t give him time to think about the danger of the situation they were in. It was so similar to the one they had been in a few days ago, but this time her mom was in the room with them. Her heart was pounding with thrill and arousal and she kissed him again.

This time he kissed back, his tongue probed her mouth and she opened to him willingly. She felt his strong hand surround her breast and squeeze. She held back the moan that ached to be let out. As smoothly as she could manage with their bodies tangled she took her bra off and stuffed it behind the cushions of the couch hoping she could move it before her mother found it.

He dad welcomed the extra access; he reached under her tank top and fondled her gently, pulling her nipple away from her chest and tweaking it between his two fingers. Her back arched and she thrust her chest forward, encouraging his roaming fingers. He continued to play with her nipples until she was so aroused all she could do was pant heavily into his ear.

“Mmm yes!” she encouraged him in a whisper. The sound of the horror movie was masking the heavy breathing that was resulting in their fooling around. Naughtily, her dad tugged the top of her tank top down so that it was caught on the underside of her perky tits, exposing her sikiş izle pink nipples to his hungry eyes. He bent down and flicked the tip with his tongue. He sucked it gently into his mouth and bit it softly.

She held his head to her breast and leaned back until she was lying down on the couch. The position was awkward and her dad shifted until he was between her legs, his hard cock against her pussy. She shifted her hips up and down, encouraging him. Not that he needed encouraging. He grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against his hard on until she felt a delicious pressure on her clit. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her heel into his back. She wanted more. She covered up his moans by kissing him passionately. Their tongues swirled against each other in a haze of lust. Shelby was almost lost in the passion enough that she didn’t hear her mom shift, but her dad froze a look of terror on his face. He sat back as quietly as he could and left her lying on the couch missing the feel of his body against hers.

The serial killer took that moment to burst onto the screen and Shelby shrieked.

“Daddy, I’m scared.” she said loud enough for her mom to hear. “Can I sit on your lap?” Her dad’s eyes lit up but he kept his voice calm as he replied, “Sure sweetie.” Without hesitating, she scrambled up into her dad’s lap. The blanket covered the fact that she was straddling him and to her mom it just looked like she had turned to hide her face in his shoulder so she wouldn’t have to watch the scary parts. She began to rock her hips against him slowly at first but she picked up speed until she was grinding her hips against his. He reached down and grabbed her ass, holding her hips down as tightly as he could. She sat up briefly, but only to slide the waist band of his sweats down and release his hard cock. She gasped when it sprang free. She ran a finger over the tip of his cock and tasted his precum. She had missed the taste of him. She grabbed him and began jacking him off at the same time she was dry humping him. She smiled in delight as his eyes rolled back from the pleasure.

She knew this what they had building up to. She had to fuck him now. Unfortunately, she still had her shorts on, so she wriggled out of them awkwardly until she was only in her thong, without hesitation she pulled the thong to the side allowing his cock access to her pussy. She lifted her ass and grabbed his cock firmly; she rubbed it against her clit sending lightning up her spine before guiding the head into her. She froze, reveling in the realization that she was about to fuck her own Dad. Inch at a time, she lowered her hips until he was completely inside her.

“Fuck me baby!” he whispered into her ear. “Fuck your daddy.” She didn’t need any further encouragement. She began to move her hips up and down, she tried to make sure she wasn’t moving her body too much, but passion took over and she quickly lost control. She was bouncing on his lap. He had his hands on her hips, and he moved them so that he could rub her clit with his thumb. Her movements became less fluid and he could feel her muscles tighten and release as her orgasm washed over her.

“Unh unh unhh.” she squeaked in his ear.

It hit him that he was fucking his daughter. He was fucking his daughter and she liked it. He had made her cum on his cock as he pounded her little pussy. The realization was too much and his hips jerked upwards. He held her down as he shot ropes of sperm into his own daughter. He was disappointed that he hadn’t lasted very long, but the fact that he was fucking his own daughter had been too much. He was grateful that she had come as well; he couldn’t forgive himself if she hadn’t found her pleasure as well.

She collapsed against his chest and they lay there panting. Reluctantly, he realized that the movie was ending and he nudged her. Indicating she had to get off and get back into her shorts. She had barely rearranged herself into a harmless position when her mom turned around in the chair.

“I’m going to bed Tom.” She announced.

He avoided looking at his daughter, “I’m gonna stay up for a bit. I might watch another movie.”

“Me too.” Shelby was sitting back, trying not to grin over what they had just gotten away with.

They waited for a couple of minutes after her mom went back upstairs.

“We need to talk.” her dad spoke first. He was looking at the floor like a chastised puppy. “I’m your Dad. You’re my daughter. This shouldn’t be happening.”

“Why not?”

“Because it is incest. It’s wrong.”

“It doesn’t feel wrong,” she said. She was telling the truth. Making love with her father had been amazing. She’d never in her life cum like that before. “It feels perfect.” She reached over, and placed her hand on his lap. His eyes fluttered for a second before he regained his composure.

“Shelby, don’t. I can’t think when you do that.” But he didn’t move to push her hand away. Taking that as encouragement she scooted closer.

“Daddy. You love me. I love you. This is what people do when they love each other. It’s natural. Forget what society says, or what you’re supposed to think,” she grabbed his hand held it against her chest. “Does this feel wrong?”

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