Seducing Your Sister Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

You and your sister lightly kiss each other as your hands sensually explore each others bodies your cock closing in on your sister’s pussy, ready to ravage her once again. Breaking the kiss, Katie’s look of ecstasy fades into one of nervousness. Lightly stroking your back, she says, “Um I’m sorry…I…kinda got carried away…but…um…I’m not on the pill or anything I…”

“Shhhh” you say, Putting your finger to her lips you smile and say, “I knew what I was doing…I’ve known you all your life and I have always loved you very much. I would be honored for you to be my wife and mother of my children. Were gonna have lots of wonderful children together. You’re amazing Katie and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Katie…will you be my wife?”

“OH MY GOD YES!” Katie cries out with a look of pure joy on her face. “I’ve always loved you too bro! I couldn’t think of a better man to be with! Hehehe…It’s a dream come true for me!” Rolling onto your sides as you both wrap your arms around each other Katie smiles and giggles, “I always hoped you would have the balls to seduce me…kinda obvious how I act towards you that I wanted you too…”

You chuckle and give your sister a loving kiss on her sweet, soft, wet lips.

“Now we gotta figure out how to tell our family…or if we…” You say with a serious look on your face.

Katie replies with a cute look of concentration on her face, “Yeah…we gotta make sure we plan this out carefully…”

“OH MY GOD!” Cries out a voice from the open doorway. You and your sister jump as your eyes both snap to the door to see your older sister Jenna standing in door way, mouth open, shocked at the sight before her.

Seeing your sister standing in the doorway as Katie lay naked in your arms you knew you were busted. As scared as you were, you couldn’t help but notice how hot your older sister looked standing there. Jenna was 23 years old, stood at 5′ 8″ with a slender but shapely body just like Katie. Though she had slightly bigger tits, long blonde hair, and light green eyes instead of the shade of blue you and Katie share. A look of fear forming on your face you stammer, “Jenna this isn’t what it looks like…we uh…”

A look of irritation forming on her face, Jenna shouted, “Oh shut the fuck up bro! I know what’s going on here! What’s going on is you fucked the shit outta our little sister! Katie I thought we were gonna do this together you little slut!”

As you open your mouth to defend tecavüz porno yourself, you suddenly catch what she just said. Your mouth hung in shock you look and Jenna with disbelief.

Jenna’s look of irritation quickly turned to one of playfulness as she replied, “Oh…Katie never told you…” Darting your gaze to Katie, you see her blush with embarrassment as Jenna pulls her shirt over her head tossing it to the side and continues, “We like to play together…just the two of us…don’t we Katie? Does my little brother wanna play too?”

As Katie broke your mutual embrace and walked over Jenna, sashaying her hips sexily as she approached her, you noticed a little dribble of your cum fall from her cunt and run down her thigh. You still couldn’t believe what was just said, the idea of your sisters being together caused your cock to quickly swell back to hardness.

Giving a cute little pout, Katie wrapped her arms around Jenna’s neck and said, “I’m sorry Jenna…here…let me make it up to you…”

You felt your jaw almost fall to the floor as Katie and Jenna’s lips met in a passionate kiss, their hands exploring the soft skin of each others flawless bodies. Katie’s hand wrapping around Jenna’s back, slowly caressing her sister’s soft skin down to the back of her bra. Jenna moaned as Katie unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor to expose Jenna’s perfect breasts to your feasting eyes.

As your sisters move to the bed, Jenna breaks the kiss and pushes Katie down onto her bed. Smiling sexily, Jenna crawled on top of her sister and continued their passionate kiss. As you stand up to join them your cock is now throbbing with desire as you gaze upon your sisters lovingly kissing and caressing each other. Their nipples rubbing against each other, their tongues exploring each others mouths, and their hands gently groping each others perfect bodies. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Jenna broke the kiss again, and slowly kissed her way down Katie’s shaking body. Katie let out a sexy soft moan as Jenna kissed her hardened nipples down to her firm, flat stomach, and her inner thigh.

“Mmmmm what do we have here?” Jenna groaned as she licked up Katie’s thigh, tasting your combined juices. “Did you let our brother cum inside you Katie? Mmmmm you naughty girl…letting your own brother cum inside you…I hope you don’t mind if I taste a little more…”

“Oh god Jenna! Lick our brother’s cum outta my cunt! travesti porno But not all of it!” Katie cried out as Jenna slowly and lovingly tongued the lips of her pussy. Looking into your eyes, she winked and continued, “My body’s got plans for all that cum!”

The sight of Jenna tonguing Katie’s cunt was too much for you, you had to get some relief. Coming up behind Jenna, you unsnap her jeans and pull down her soft, toned legs down to her knees, where Jenna kicks them down to her ankles, letting them fall to the floor by Katie’s bed. Crawling on top of Jenna’s body you reach down to cup her tits as you kiss her neck and nibble her ear. You whisper,

“So Jenna…you ready to be fucked by your little brother?”

Breaking her contact with Katie’s pussy, Katie moans with pain as her cunt drips with loss. Jenna grins back at you, her lips covered with your combined juices from Katie’s pussy and moans,

“Hell yea bro! Thrust that hard cock of yours deep inside my cunt! I wanna feel that monster fucking the shit outta me!”

You give her a short kiss before she returns to Katie’s weeping cunt, the sweet taste of Katie’s juices linger on your tongue as you grab your cock and run the head up and down Jenna’s wet and smooth cunt lips. Both Jenna and you groan as you thrust your hard cock deep into her pussy. Your cock fits just as perfectly inside Jenna’s pussy as it did in Katie’s, your sister’s pussies a perfect match for your hard cock. As you slowly saw in and out of Jenna, you enjoy the feeling of her molten, soaking wet, and silky smooth cunt grabbing at your cock. Jenna lets out another groan into Katie’s cunt as you squeeze her tits harder and lovingly kiss her neck and shoulders.

As your thrusts speed up, you marvel at the sounds the three of you are making. The cute squeals from Katie as she runs her hands through Jenna’s soft blond hair, pressing your sister’s face into her dripping cunt. The sound of Jenna’s soft, muted moans as your cock slams into her cunt, and your own low groans of pleasure as you take in the feel of your sister’s pussy wrapped around your cock. The sounds of pleasure emanating from the three of you fill the room and it feels as if hours go by before you hear the familiar sounds of approaching orgasm from Katie and Jenna and the feel of your balls tightening in anticipation of your release.

Katie screams out, ” Oh god Jenna! Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum so fucking hard! AHH SHIITTTT!”

As tumblr porno Katie’s body shakes she rides out her orgasm and rolls panting away from Jenna, her tits jiggling to the rise and fall of her chest, Jenna begins to focus on her own needs. As she thrusts hard back into your cock she throws her head back and cries out,

“Oh fuck lil bro! I’m gonna cum!”

You scream out, “Shit Jenna! I don’t know how much longer…I’m gonna last too!”

Mixtures of worry and pleasure forms on her face as she turns back to face you and begs, “Oh shit! Just fucking hold on bro! Don’t cum inside me! Lemmie cum on your cock! Ahhh fuck! Just…fucking…hold…onnnn!”

As Jenna’s orgasm hits and her pussy wraps like a vice around your cock you couldn’t hold back even if you tried, letting out a loud groan you thrust deep inside her cunt and shoot a massive load of your hot cum deep within her fertile, unprotected womb. As Jenna feels the warmth of your cum bathe her pussy, she is powerless to stop you, her orgasm overcoming her reason. Jenna shudders beneath as she pictures millions of your sperm swimming around inside her, knowing there was nothing to stop them from knocking her up.

As you both come down from your orgasms you can still feel your cock dribbling your seed into Jenna. Once you have delivered your load of sperm, you pull out of Jenna with a quiet plop and you both collapse onto Katie’s bed. Jenna whimpering with fear as she looks down at her cum filled pussy, her tight cunt holding in her brother’s seed. Katie grinned deviously as she wrapped her arms around her, her eyes darting back and forth from Jenna’s to yours. With a giggle she moaned,

“Well Jenna…looks like you’re just as naughty as me now…letting your little brother cum inside you…” Running her hands up and down Jenna’s tight, flat stomach she continues, “You know what time of the month it is sis?” Katie smiled even wider as Jenna groaned, she continued, “Mmmmm I guess you do Jenna…looks like were both gonna have some explaining to do later…hehehe”

“But…I can’t get pregnant Katie! What am I gonna do?”

Smiling at you Katie replies, “Don’t worry Jenna, I don’t think brother here will mind taking care of us…so long as we take care of him.”

Jenna’s face began to slowly crack a smile as she lovingly looked into your eyes. Katie continued, lightly stroking your cock back to hardness, “So how about it bro…you gonna take care of us?” As Jenna joined in lightly sucking your cock head you moan with pleasure as Katie kisses your neck and continues, “You wanna knock us both up and claim us forever? Cause bro…I doubt your gonna give all this up…lets say Jenna and I can make you very very happy…”

To be continued…

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