Sera Ch. 02

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With a brief scowl, my other incredible long lost aunt looked down at Mum as I restrained her with a basic Jujitsu hold, then at me before inspecting the other three with the same expression. She was a dark, mysterious and commanding woman and the only thing that distracted me from her strong, irresistible beauty were the sparklingly dark eyes of the Burchell family parasite assessing me. I was shaken by how they made Marie’s eyes look normal, vaguely wondering how that could be, considering my recently late grandmother’s advanced age.

“Do you think you could let me go now, sweetie pie?” Mum irritably grated.

I did so, both of us as suddenly embarrassed as the other three were as I helped her up. She yanked her hand away and shot me a dirty look before jerking at her clothing and clearing her throat.

“Yes, well…” Ashleigh tolerantly said as she strolled further into the room, “Unless you all prefer the floor, I suggest we sit. So far, this little family reunion isn’t going like-“

“Oh, is that what this is?” Mum demanded.

Ashleigh looked around at Mum with an expression that could best be described as ‘firm’. They both stared right at each other, right in the eyes and neither woman backed down, or succumbed to the other.

Finally, my most mysterious and sexy aunt replied, “Yes. It’s a family reunion, Kathleen, just like I said. If that’s not good enough, I suggest you sit and listen. Okay?”

Mum didn’t like that one bit, her Jedi stare being rebuffed, and her expression failed to hide her surprise and dismay. Along with the rest of us, she slowly resumed her seat, her wary eyes on Ashleigh.

Sheila sat, massaging her throat and goggling at her older sister while young Kathleen did the same. But she caught my eye and our gazes stayed on one another, something inside becoming excited until Gina also looked and I diverted my attention back to Ashleigh as she began speaking again.

“I’d planned to come in on a smile and a very nice little speech. Well, so much for that. Thanks. In any case,” she sighed, crossing her long legs, “I’m very appreciative that you all came. I somehow knew you would.”

She paused here, looking over her two sisters, then turning her eyes to me.

“Steven. Obviously, your mother and Sheila know who I am. Do you?”

I nodded, trying to keep my eyes off that bra and said, “Yes.”

Turning her eyes to my cousin, she said, “And Kathleen… Do you know who I am?”

Their eyes met and the wide eyed young woman only shook her head, looking very impressed anyway while Gina paid rapt attention beside her.

With a warm smile just for her, she explained, “I’m your Aunt Ashleigh. Sheila’s older sister.”

“That’s enough of that!” my other mother spoke up as though she were dressing down the PTA.

“I beg your pardon?” Ashleigh toned.

“You know damned well what I mean.”

The eldest Burchell sister held a brief, icy stare with the youngest before flicking her eyes to me and back, saying, “You’re one to talk, aren’t you?”

That took the wind out of Mum’s sails while young Kathleen and Gina looked on with confusion. Sheila was paying close attention as Ashleigh turned back to her estranged niece with the same smile as before.

“Well, I’m very glad to have met you, Kathleen.”

“Same here, Auntie Ashleigh,” the little piece of meat sincerely answered.

“And Ms. Gina Green. Surprised, but pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Likewise,” Gina replied, ever so slightly uncomfortable at my aunt’s greeting.

Casting her parasitic eyes on my other aunt, she paused and greeted, “Sheila, it’s been a long time. How are you?”

The beauty nodded slightly and managed a little smile that I somehow knew was sincere as she replied.

“I’ve been getting by. Right now, I’m more surprised than anything.”

“I’ve missed you,” Ashleigh said, turning to Mum and adding, “Both of you.”

Mum rolled her eyes and picked up her purse from the floor at the foot of her chair. Unperturbed, Ashleigh went on, addressing my cousin and I as Mum began rummaging.

“As I’ve indicated, I’m the eldest of the three Burchell women who your grandmother Marie gave birth to. I left home when I was very young and, by the time I was able to return, that home was no more. Our father was dead, our mother… unapproachable… and my two sisters gone to who knew where. It took a long time to find them and, in turn, both of you and I’m very happy to have the family back together again.”

Mum had found what she was looking for in her purse, a nail file, and had crossed her legs to commence the maintenance of her nails when she looked up at her older sister’s words.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Would you be here if I weren’t? I wanted us all together so we could meet and be a family. I know I’m not the only one here who’s been missing that over the long years.”

“Speak for yourself and our whore of a sister,” Mum casually said as she got down youporn porno to business with her file. “I actually stuck around to raise my-“

“Kathleen, shut up,” Ashleigh testily instructed. “Would you please just shut the fuck up?”

“That’s not a very nice way to talk to your dearest little sister at your own family reu-“

“Mum…” I interrupted, loud enough for her and, unfortunately, the rest of the room to hear.

She looked around at me, her busy little hands paused as she stared.

“Come off it, will ya?” I asked at a much lower volume, not looking her in the eye.

After an intolerable several seconds, during which time nobody spoke, she turned around and silently went back to filing her nails. As though this was a signal for Ashleigh, she went on in her previous tone while I looked at the carpet and listened, worried how Mum would react to my little outburst later on, not to mention how I’d had to use my Jujitsu on her just prior.

“I apologize for the clandestine approach I took in getting you all here, but it was the only way I could be somewhat sure that you would all show up, an innate curiosity being one of the things we Burchells all share. That and some other unique traits. Yes, as some of you know more than others, this is a very unique family, all the more reason for this reunion. Now, at this point I’d like to stop and ask if anyone has anything they’d like to say, but I suppose I might just as well ask Kathleen first as last.

“How very kind of you, Mistress.” Mum retorted. “And yes, I do have a question. How long have you been spying on us?”

“A fair question from my quick witted sister. First off, I haven’t been spying on you. As I’ve said, once I did finally feel able to return home, everything was long lost and I had no idea where you and Sheila were so, unless I intended to go the rest of my life without what family was left, I had to get looking. Unfortunately, I wasn’t trained for such a thing and my finances weren’t abundant enough for the time and resources the search demanded. Once they were, I hired professional investigators to follow your long cold trails and, let me tell you, what trails they were.”

She took a break to sip at her glass, Mum taking the opportunity while still filing her nails.

“None of this answers my question.”

“Keep your panties on, I’m getting to that. Sheila, you were the hardest to find. Not only did you change location often, but you left so little behind to lead my investigators to your next landing pad. Kathleen, you were easier in that respect, but you did your share of moving around the country to the extent that, when I did finally find my wandering sisters, I kept my investigators on. It was to ensure that I’d never lose either of you like that again, and I did have them take a closer look at you both. Nothing invasive, nothing you wouldn’t tell a casual acquaintance, just surface things that you wouldn’t blame me for being curious about.”

“When did you find me?” Sheila asked, her voice neither loud nor low, tone carrying no hint of how she felt about what her older sister had been saying thus far.

“Five years ago, after you moved to the UK and stayed. I found Kathleen nine years ago after she settled in Vancouver.”

“Why didn’t you contact me then?” Sheila inquired further with the same casual poker face as before.

“Because the time wasn’t right. It would have been for you, but by then you’d already given birth to Kathleen and she was of no age to join us until recently. At the same time, Ms. Mouth was married to a successful man, living in a nice home while raising her son, Steven, also too young to join us until now.”

“(Ahem) Excuse me,” I spoke up, suddenly glad of the liquor in my system and the ratio of control it gave my mother’s other son.

“Yes, Steven.”

“I don’t see what you’re talking about. All kinds of people have relatives while they’re growing up. I had relatives on my father’s side that I saw and heard from off and on, and there always seemed to be timing for them.”

“But, I’m hardly Aunt Ellen. Am I?”

That surprised me as I focused on her sharp smile instead of her eyes. She knew I was trying to subtly draw her out in regards to the parasite she carried and I couldn’t help but be impressed. As for Aunt Ellen, she was my father’s sister and she’d swing by with her family about twice a year, as they lived about four hours away. Usually, it’d be a surprise visit and Dad would be gone, leaving Mum and I to entertain the smelly, prattling idiot while her halfwit husband kept looking around himself, asking how much this or that had cost. I made a mental note to keep her investigators in mind.

“Hmm?” Ashleigh prodded, now using the situation to make her subtle point that I well knew why timing was so important to her.

“No,” I conceded with a slight grin.

Still looking at me for several seconds, she addressed all of us as she went on.

“You see, right now, none zenci porno of you have any… obligations. Right now, a turning point exists in all your lives where the future depends on the decisions you make for yourselves now. This is true of all of us in different ways and in different circumstances, even in ways none of us understand fully, but my point is that… we belong and we belong together.”

She looked around at each of us during a pause after those words. None of us said anything, not even Mum, to break the silence before she continued.

“This house and its grounds is the Burchell home. It’s your home, each of you, and you’re all welcome here at any time and for as long as you like, including permanent residence. All of you. Even if you should decide to live somewhere else, I want you to think of this place as home as much as, or more than the house you were raised in. When you tell people that you’re going home for Christmas, I want this to be the home you speak of. I want us to be a proper family, not just because I myself crave that, as I’m sure some of you do, but because we need each other.”

Ashleigh again paused and we allowed a silence to take the room as we looked at her and a little bit at each other while the hidden meaning behind those last words sunk in for those who could read between the lines. The only sound in the room was Mum’s filing, now slow and thoughtful as she stared at her work. Sheila looked at the floor in front of her, also in thought while young Kathleen looked around the room with a slightly confused expression on her face. With Gina’s eyes firmly on Ashleigh, my cousin’s again caught mine and we stared for long moments as my dick started to get hard. She squirmed slightly in her seat a second before Mum, her file at rest, finally spoke up and broke our mutual spell.

“So, let me get this straight… You’re inviting us all to move in here with you?”

“Yes. And I sincerely hope you all do, even you, may God help us all. I don’t expect any answers now, but please stay long enough to at least form an opinion of where you should be. Family ties are very important, especially when your last name’s Burchell.”

“How so?” Gina asked.

“Gina, I do hope you don’t feel left out of the conversation, not being one of us, but please understand that this is family business.”

“And none of mine,” Gina boldly assumed.

“I didn’t say that. I said that this is family business and it concerns family first and foremost. As it is, your presence here makes certain aspects of our business awkward, so I’d prefer that you ask kitten any questions that you have, as I’m really not at liberty to discuss family matters with you.”

“What did you call her?” Gina asked, sitting straighter.


“You called her ‘kitten’.”

“What of it?”

“Her father calls her that.”

“I know. I like it and, to avoid confusion with our older, mouthier Kathleen, I’d like to use it, if that’s alright with you, sweetie pie,” she said to my cousin with another warm smile.

“Um, okay, Auntie Ashleigh.”

The look on Gina’s face was quite understandable as she looked at her younger friend, then back at Ashleigh. She opened her mouth to say something only to be cut off by my very authoritative aunt.

“While you’re all here, please do make yourself at home. As I say, this is your home and, other than each other’s personal spaces, you have every right to go where you please and use any facilities that interest you. The staff is here to see to your needs, to serve you, but they are not slaves and their purpose is not to take abuse. They’re very good at their jobs and you will treat them with the respect they deserve. One other thing about the staff… They’re clean, discreet, and completely accommodating to what you might call the ‘Burchell Drive’. A list of their names, pictures, duties and shifts are in each of your rooms along with their pager numbers. They’re not to be bothered at their residence while they’re off shift unless one of them chooses to allow it on their terms.”

“Uhhh…” Gina tried.

“Yes, they’re available to you as a guest, Gina.”

“That’s not wh-“

“Beyond the rules regarding staff, there are only two others here: I am the head of this household, of this family, and I want you to treat each other with respect.”

“You’re the head of the family, huh?” Mum challenged. “And what gives you the right to assume that role?”

“Above you, you mean. Very simple, Kathleen. I’m the eldest, I have the house and grounds and I’m the one who brought us all together. If you need further persuasion, I’m sure time and proper opportunity will allow for that.”

Delores entered then, this time without a tray, but still with her positive and friendly smile. I couldn’t help looking her up and down with the knowledge that I could use her at will, or at least with Mum’s permission.

“Just now, I think we should all take a little break from each other and allow xhamster porno our minds to absorb this very eventful afternoon. Delores will show each of you to your apartments and coordinate your luggage and any creature concerns you may have. Again, please give your home a chance and stay as long as possible. You’re all welcome and wanted here, and I encourage you all to get to know one another, myself included. Delores…”

“Ladies and gentleman, if you’ll please follow me, I’d be delighted to take you to your apartments.”

There seemed nothing else to say as Ashleigh looked us over with a friendly, but dismissive smile. Of course, Mum thought of something.

“So, if you’re the head of the family, who’s the unlucky bitch?”

“So far, that’d be you, Ms. Mouth.”

“Pffft! We’ll see.”

Ashleigh deigned not to answer as she watched us filing out of the room behind Delores, instead requesting, “Gina…? I wonder if you could stay a few minutes?”



We were led from the library through a decadent style that made it easy to imagine an eighteenth century Lord rounding one of the corners with a cell phone. Our destination was in a different wing, the corridor looking like those really spiffy hotels on TV, except the large doors on either side had no numbers, but doorbells instead. This was because it really was an apartment, but more like a luxury living quarters. It had a small entry with double French doors that led to a fair sized living space with a TV, stereo, deep maroon couch and chairs, really nice wooden furniture and hardwood floors. Off that, there was a bedroom with a huge, four poster canopy bed with stuffed animals and a sleeping kitten in the very middle. Yes, an actual live, fluffy gray kitten.

Of course, I went nuts. It’s a he and I named him Mr. Sparkles because I knew my Auntie Ashleigh and her beautiful, sparkling blue eyes gave him to me.

There was a large bathroom, the shower stall separate from one of those large, deep tubs with all the jets and, of course, a litter box for Mr. Sparkles.

The last room was a kitchenette with a range, small refrigerator, limited counter space and a stainless steel sink. The fridge and cupboards were stocked appropriate to the size of the space in terms of food, plates and utensils, etc. and what was really a closet sized space was well thought out and arranged. There was even two cat dishes.

Wandering out of the kitchenette with Mr. Sparkles, I was a little overwhelmed by it all, especially at how this place spoke so well to my personal tastes. I wondered again why Ashleigh would want to talk to Gina and was hoping she wouldn’t treat her badly because she wasn’t family, when there was a knock at the door.

“Oh, that’s so cute,” Delores remarked with a big smile when I answered with my newest little friend in my arms.

“I named him, ‘Mr. Sparkles’.”

“Excellent choice, Ma’am. May I see to any luggage you may have brought?”

“Nope, that’s okay. I’ll get our stuff.”

I spun on my heel, put my furry little critter down on the floor and waved as he turned to look up at me while I closed the door.

“Would you like assistance, Ma’am?”

“Um, only to find my way back to the car. (giggle) sorry.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” she assured. “It’s a big house, after all. Please allow me to escort you.”


Soon after, we were standing in the open front door, the sun’s heat on us while I looked again at where we were.

“Is it okay if we leave our cars out front?” I asked.

“I have no authority over you or where you choose to park your car, Ma’am. However, I’m sure Mistress would be happy to take that inquiry.”

“Oh. Um… so I can really… (giggle) do stuff… with you?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Delores affirmed with another assuring smile.

“Like… if I wanted to take all your clothes off and do… stuff?”

“Of course. Would you like to entertain yourself with me, Ma’am?”

“(Giggle!) Um, I’m just gonna get me and Gina’s bags.”

“That’s fine. Are you certain you wouldn’t like assistance? Perhaps an escort back to your room?”

“Nah. Thanks, but I’m okay.”

“Very well.”

“Bye, Delores,” I bade.

I descended the massive front steps and approached the Vette, my horny geared up. Having the spare set of keys, I got into Gina’s car and removed our two suitcases, Ashleigh’s offer of a new home springing to mind. I locked the car up again, not that there was any need, and grabbed the cases to begin my return to the house, thinking along the way.

I was being asked to stay.

It had begun to sink in and I paused at the impressive front door, staring at it, trying to accept the impossible reality that this could be my front door. I didn’t have to knock. Once past the threshold of ‘home’, I dared to imagine it, moving out of Mummy and Daddy’s house and…

What? Have a long distance relationship with my family while I…? What? In my case, what she proposed was a complete and utter change of life that just wasn’t possible. Even if I wanted to leave my family behind for this, what would I ever tell them? And what would I be leaving them behind for? The best question was why the idea held such shameful, secret allure anyway.

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