Sex Hospital Ch. 02

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Mandy was so good with the strap on dildo. Emma, the thorough, kindly sex hospital duty manager felt the dildo deep inside, pressing against her womb. Fucking with a steady rhythm, the dark skinned nurse explored Emma’s eyes.

“Oh fuck me babe” Emma screamed, as her orgasm built and then exploded in her body and her mind.

Later, as they sat holding each other, Mandy said how much the patients and staff would miss Emma during her three week break.

“Trust you to have a holiday from The Sex Hospital at your sister’s sex hotel, Emma. Still your Jen will look after you.”

Mandy smiled “Maybe I’ll come back with some extra medical skills.”

Sister Jen’s Sex Hotel.

Not everyone was in the nude in Jen’s sex hotel, Emma and Jen were. They walked through the foyer, getting admiring glances from staff and customers. Jen was relaxed and happy to be with her beloved sister in her wonderful place of work. Emma was so excited that she felt dampness between, and down her legs. Looking into an older woman’s eyes, she saw that knowing appraising look. The older woman was in her fifties with grey hair tied back, her breasts czech harem porno were full and matronly.

“I want her,” breathed Emma.

Jen casually walked over the older woman, took her by the hand, and led her to a bedroom. Emma followed, lusting for the fifty year old.

“Sit there”, ordered Jen, there was no suggestion that the unknown older woman should remove her clothes.

Jen and Emma flowed onto the bed, their lips and tongues dancing in dizzy delight . Emma felt as though the clothed woman’s eyes were burning into her, challenging to reach more fantastic sexual heights.
There seemed to be expression on the face of the voyeur, except moistness around the eyes.

Jen pushed Emma back, tormenting her hard nipples, then licking down and around, everywhere except her sister’s cunt.

“Oh Jen, please lick my clit, I need that woman to see and hear my lust.”

Crawling round to a 69 position, Jen felt Emma reciprocate the ruthless attack on clit with tongue and fingers. The two sisters were one writhing orgasmic monster, the older woman tense and flushed.

The visit to the czech mega swingers porno hotel for Emma was relaxing and happy, with sex always on hand when needed.

Later in the week she just needed cock, a desperate slut needing to be fucked into oblivion. Two young men noticed her, naked like them. Their cocks were semi hard from thinking about the heavenly hotel they were relishing.

Grabbing Emma they pulled her into another of the many bedrooms. The taller of the two guys, head shaven, arms two seas of tattoos, pushed her roughly onto the floor, not even bothering with the bed. He attacked her breasts pinching, licking biting….. He then lapped with greed at her soaking gash, before inserting his long angry cock into her depths. Emma felt herself rammed painfully into the floor. The broad shouldered blonde guy watched, wanking his cock with panting excitement. He draped himself onto the back of his mate, opened his arse, moistened his fingers, and delved inside. His cock entered with a firm push. The tall man gave a deep groan, and fucked Emma, his thrusts in time with the buggering he was czech pool porno getting.

Many things had happened to Emma, but this was the best, she came massively, but on the men fucked, bruising her beautiful butt, as it pounded into the wooden floor.

She felt a stiffening of the hairless man.

He groaned, “He is coming inside me!” He shouted and his cock deep in Emma pulsed and flooded deep inside her.

The men left and she fell asleep, exhausted on the floor. She awoke with gentle hands caressing and creamingly soothing her bruised skin.
She looked up to see the older woman, who had watched with such impassive intensity. She was now naked, her breasts large but slightly
drooping. The hairy cunt smelling of aroused mature woman.

The woman brought Emma’s lips to the tough nipples. The ward manager suckled like a small child. As she drank from the deep well of the woman’s cunt, she thought how female juices varied. Her sisters’ were like sweet honey, Mandy deep and chocolate tasting, and this wonderful woman like a deep, matured wine. Much wine too, as the woman quietly came, covering Emma’s lovely face.

The woman drank from Emma, too.

“I loved that first taste of spunk, but your own flavour is so much better, my darling”. These were the first words that she had spoken to Emma, yet sexually they had come to know and adore each other.

Emma whispered “Mummy” as she gushed into the lady’s mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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