Sex with Sister Ch. 03

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This is my usual disclaimer. This story is purely fictional. I have never had sex with my sister. Any similarities with real people are purely coincidental.

* * * * *

I woke up nude with two sexy naked ladies sleeping beside me. My sister Carla on the left and my girl friend Julie on my right. I carefully got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

When I returned I admired the two naked girls in my bed. Julie was lying on her side. Carla was on her back with her legs slightly spread. I looked at her pussy that I had fucked several times over the past two days. I knew it was wrong but I figured I’ve already committed incest, even though it was against my will. I will do it on my own this time.

Being careful not wanting to wake my sister too soon I gently spread her legs. I lowered my face to her pussy and gently started licking her pussy from top to bottom being careful not to touch her clit. I just wanted to get her wet before I entered her. I licked several times trying to get as much saliva on her lips as possible. I then spit on my fingers and rubbed them over the head of my cock, which was standing straight, ready for action. I spread Carla’s legs and put them over my shoulders. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and rammed into her as hard as I could until I was all the way in.

Carla woke suddenly with a little yelp trying to figure out where she was and what was happening. It took a few seconds for her comprehend what was happening. I didn’t care if she came or not. I was going to fuck her as long and as hard as I could without her consent because of what she had done to me. When she finally saw what was happening she started meeting my thrust.

Our noise and fake taxi porno the movement of the bed woke Julie. She rolled over and watched us. “Save some of that for me.” She said, “I want some of the that cock in me.”

I continued pounding my sister’s pussy. I finally felt the stirring in my balls. I soon was filling Carla with my cum.

Carla cried out, “Don’t cum yet! I haven’t cum yet.”

I disregarded her plea.

When my cock stopped shooting cum I pulled out of Carla’s pussy. I looked at Julie and said, “Get ready before I go soft.”

Julie quickly got on her back with her legs spread wide. My cock went with my cum and Carla’s juices I needed no further lubrication. I place my cock at Julie’s pussy and rammed in hard. She let out a little moan as I hit her cervix.

I need some time to catch my breath after fucking Carla so I started with long slow strokes on Julie. I moved my head to her face and placed my lips over hers and had a long passionate kiss as my cock moved slowly in and out of her. I fucked my sister but I felt like I was making love to Julie. I moved a hand between us and starting rubbing her clit.

Carla who was watching said, “That’s no fair. You’re going to let her cum. You didn’t do that for me.” I just ignored her and gave all my attention to Julie.

Julie wrapped her legs around me and urged me on. I started to speed up my strokes which she met by pushing up to meet me. I didn’t try to go to fast because I knew I would take a little while to cum since I had just cum inside Carla.

After several minutes I could feel gentle contractions of Julie’s pussy. I knew she was getting close to cumming. I started picking up speed ramming my cock family stroke porno in and out of her quickly. When her orgasm finally started my cock was ready and I emptied the content of my balls in Julie.

I collapsed on top of her as we both slowly came down for our orgasmic high. When my cock started to soften I rolled off her.

Carla was very upset and said, “You have to fuck me again so I can cum.”

I looked down ay my limp cock and said, “You have to get me up again.”

Carla quickly stuffed my cock in her mouth and started playing with it with her tongue. She also slowly caressed my balls. She had to work for several minutes to get me hard.

Carla said, “Your hard now, Fuck me till I cum.” She then rolled onto her back and spread her legs.

I said, “No, not that way.” Looking at her I said, “On all fours, we will do it doggie style.”

She quickly complied. I had other plans though. I placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and after a few thrust to get it wet I pulled from her pussy.

“Carla started complaining, “Don’t stop, put it back in.”

Without saying a word I spread her ass cheeks and slowly started pushing my cock against her little rose bud.

“NO!” she shrieked, “Not there. It hurts! Stop! Stop! It hurts!”

I disregarded her pleas and continued working my cock against her ass until I had my cock all the way in.

Carla lay her head on the bed sobbing, tears streaking down her cheeks with an occasional plea for me to stop.

I slowly started working my cock in and out of her ass. I took pity on her and decided I would let her cum. I reached around her and found her clit and started rubbing it.

Julie female agent porno sat watching as I ass fucked Carla. She then spoke and asked, “Your not going to do me like that are you?”

“Only if you want it.” I answered.

“Good, I don’t want it.” She replied.

Carla had finally stopped her sobbing and lifted her head a little off the mattress. Julie positioned herself with her leg on each side of Carla and pushed her pussy towards Carla’s face.

“Lick my pussy clean” Julie ordered Carla.

She then took Carla’s head and pulled it towards her pussy until Carla started licked her.

I slowed my thrust and move my hand from Carla’s clit to allow Julie time to catch up to us.

When Julie looked at me letting me know she was close to cuming I started the fuck Carla’s ass harder and rubbed her clit.

I Saw Julie stiffen just as I felt Carla’s ass started to clench my cock even tighter as she reached her orgasm. I didn’t have much left in me. I was able to shoot a small amount of cum into Carla’s ass.

I finally pulled from her ass. She left out a little yelp as my head passed through her tight opening.

We lay back on the bed exhausted and spend from our morning sex.

After we recovered we showered together. There was no sex play in the shower. We were all to tired and spent.

After we changed the bed linens and washed the soiled ones I left to walk Julie home.

Carla called out, “Don’t stay to long we will still have time for a quickie before Mom & Dad get home.”

I purposely remained at Julie’s house until after dark to make sure Mom & Dad would be home before I got back. I didn’t think I could take any more.

I wondered, “What have I done to my sister. She’s turned into a nymphomaniac”


Please leave your comments and any constructive criticism. Thank You to all who have commented on previous stories. I’m sorry for the spelling errors in Chapter 2. I’ll try to do a more thorough job of proof reading.

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