She was Always the Evil Twin…

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Hi Guys

Sorry for the delay in writing another story. I’m afraid that I’m blanking a little for my sequel to “Taken by the Barleys,” which truthfully I hadn’t intended to write had it not been for the response. But I wanted to release something new in the interim.

This story is quite a special story for me, because it’s the first one that actually motivated me to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard?). That’s not to say that it’s the first one I ever wrote, but it was the first idea for an erotica that I actually felt strong enough about to start putting it into text. It’s been unfinished for months, but I realised it was a story I absolutely had to tell. Many of the themes for my later stories began here, and you’ll probably notice them. That said, I hope you enjoy it. There will be multiple parts for this story. Ideas are welcome!

Quick thing, just to sort-of set the record straight, I am native to England, which is why most of my stories are set there and most of my characters are British.




To say that Lily was terrified would be a bit of an understatement. She was lying on a bed, naked as the day she was born. Her hands and feet were completely restrained and beyond her ability to use them. And the person who was now standing over her was someone she almost certainly did not want to be in this position with. It was someone who was scarier than any Internet creepypasta villain that has ever been thought up, and had a mind so twisted that they could have given lectures to the Marquis de Sade.

That person, as it happens, was her twin sister, Megan.

To give a bit of backstory, the two sisters had been born about ten minutes apart, and since their first breath, their relationship had been exceptionally close. They had always liked the same things, felt comfortable confiding in each other about things that made them scared, and above all else, they always looked out for each other. In many ways, they were the perfect sisters. They practically never fought, and they almost never argued… in fact, if they disagreed on anything, they always attempted to find common ground. That wasn’t something their parents had taught them. It was something they’d learned themselves.

Academically, they both excelled; Lily specialised in history and the humanities, and Megan had an almost genius level understanding of the sciences and mathematics. Both always helped the other out with their homework when they struggled. And on occasion, they had even taken each other’s tests without the teacher even knowing. That was another thing. They were virtually identical in appearance – unless you got to know them really well, and saw that Megan’s jawline was a little firmer and rounder than Lily’s, you would never be able to tell who was whom.

However, there had always been something about Megan that had terrified Lily. Something incredibly sinister, that only she seemed to be able to pick up.

For a start, she was a pathological liar. Her lies would usually be trivial, such as having had toast for breakfast when she had cereal, and some would be downright bizarre, such as having found proof of the existence of aliens. Sometimes, however, they could get very serious.

When she was sixteen, for example, she convinced her entire class that she had fallen pregnant. This went on for several months, before people eventually asked the obvious – where was the bump? She then lied that she had miscarried.

Lily had been absolutely furious. Not least because of the fact that their own mother had miscarried about ten years previously, and it had absolutely destroyed her. It had been one of the worst experiences that their family had been through. Megan of all people should have known what kind of impact it would have. At the very least, how her twin would feel.

That very night, she had gone straight to Megan and confronted her. The ensuing fight they had afterwards had been explosive, and almost ended in violence, when Lily shoved Megan against the wardrobe door. Luckily, they didn’t fall out from that, but Lily was still shaken by it; for the first time ever, she was now aware of how far her sister was willing to go to get attention

Then there was the nymphomania. Both Megan and Lily were openly gay, and exceptionally beautiful, with pale skin, long mousey-brown hair and piercing green eyes that would stare right into your soul. Their beauty was very natural, required no makeup, and made them look somewhat older than their 18 years. Needless to say, they both attracted a lot of attention from both guys and girls.

While she tended to ignore the stares, double takes and wolf-whistles that her looks earned her, Lily could practically guarantee that a girl would either be in the guest room down the hall from their room, that Megan used for her sexual encounters, or otherwise trying to sneak out on a Saturday morning (since their parents’ room was at the opposite end of the mansion, the entire bagros porno East Wing was large enough that she could do this without them noticing). They had made a wager on their 18th birthday to see who would lose their virginity first, but Megan had won that wager that very night, and in the eight months since then, had had an endless stream of one-night stands. She would often pick them up in local pubs and nightclubs, but occasionally it would be someone she knew personally.

One such person was Lily’s own best friend, Chloe.

The weird part was that she knew for a fact that Chloe was straight, was dating the tight-head prop in their school’s rugby First XI, and had been very squeamish when she and Lily tried to kiss on a dare. How Megan had talked her into a one-night stand was beyond her.

When she had asked Chloe about it at school the following Monday, she had avoided the question, and instead half-jokingly asked if she could have a go with her and see if she and her twin really were identical in every way. Lily had politely declined. Even if it was an opportunity to lose her virginity, it was also an opportunity to lose someone very important to her. Especially if it was her sister’s sorry seconds.

Another thing that made Lily occasionally scared of her twin was the fact that Megan had interests that could only be described by some as “macabre,” and by others as “downright fucking crazy.” She watched the Crime channel on a regular basis, and was always sharing her favourite murder stories. That on its own wasn’t awful, but when combined with the fact that she kept a scrapbook of killings and murders that she saw in the news and the papers, and had a secret stash of torture porn movies such as Hostel, as well as some very violent forms of actual pornography on her laptop, it made her seem like a genuinely terrifying individual.

And fourthly, Megan was known to have something of a quick and violent temper. She never directed it at her twin, not even during that fight over her miscarriage lie. But Lily had born witness to it multiple times. On one occasion, Megan had caught a rather nasty girl at school trying to write something homophobic in Lily’s history textbook, Megan had beaten her practically to within an inch of her life. The girl hadn’t grassed her up, and instead put her two black eyes, broken nose and mild concussion down to having fallen down some stairs. Presumably because Megan had threatened to finish the job if she tried anything. The only reason Lily knew it was Megan who’d done it was because, upon the news being read out in school assembly, Megan had patted Lily’s shoulder and whispered “She won’t bother you again.”

That was, of course, understandable – an attempt, to defend her twin, even if it was a somewhat disproportionate level of force used in response. But then there was the time a young teenager had cut in front of her in a queue at the supermarket, and she had responded by going apeshit, calling him a “speccy little cunt” and threatening to cut off his balls if he didn’t get to the back of the line. Needless to say, she was banned from that supermarket for a while – and since she looked so much like her sister, so was Lily.

Lily had done research into her sister’s behaviour before, and concluded that, while on their own they may have been innocent, the combination of her nymphomania, pathological lying, charismatic and charming personality, the speed at which she would give in to her anger and her general lack of empathy towards the people around her were all enough to suggest that, at the very least, she had an anti-social behaviour disorder.

But Lily was convinced that it was more severe than this. She was convinced that Megan was a full-on sociopath. She hadn’t come to this decision lightly, either – she had read multiple textbooks about psychology and the human mind. As far as she was concerned, any reasonable psychologist would come to the same conclusion as her.

But she had never said anything to anyone else, because despite all of this, she loved her sister more than anything. She hated not being around her. Their bond was such that they had continued to share a bedroom – and, in fact, a bed – despite living in a house with so many spare bedrooms that you could house an army garrison there in the event of a war.

Such was that love that Lily knew that she didn’t want to risk losing her sister. If she said anything about her sister’s mental state, then either she wouldn’t be believed, and her relationship with her sister would be over. Or she would be taken away, housed in a mental hospital, and she would be lost to the system.

Neither of these options appealed to Lily, so she just bit her tongue.

So how had she ended up in this position? Well, that was simple.

Their parents, both board members on a major property investment firm that had been started up more than forty years previously by their paternal grandfather, had some time bangbus porno ago announced that the family business had been sold for an enormous amount of money, enough that they could now retire. The family was already wealthy as a result of their business, and lived in a nice mansion about two hours from London. This deal, however, was the kind of deal that sets you up for life. And neither parent would have to work again with the proceeds on that sale.

It had taken them several months to finalise the deal, and another several to distribute the money amongst their assets, and to diversify it into a series of investments, but by the time they had finished, they had enough left over to pay for a round-the-world cruise to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. The trip would be three months long.

Both girls had been delighted by the idea of having their house all to themselves – not least of which, because it would coincide with the start of the summer holiday, and the end of their A-Level exams, and it would afford them an opportunity to finally relax and prepare for university. And by the time they came back, it would be a little before their 19th birthday.

Eventually, the big day had rolled around, their parents had sorted out bank accounts for the girls to pay living expenses while they were away, and then left for their flight to the Caribbean. The girls were left alone in the mansion, barely able to contain their excitement.

However, they had decided not to party in the early stages of the long holiday that was in front of them, because that would mean creating too much work for themselves after having just gotten off the studying leash. So instead, Megan had offered to cook something Lily liked. This appealed strongly to Lily, considering Megan was by far the best cook in the household; her meticulousness, obsessive following of the timer, and general skill with food science was the main reason for this.

Lily, on the other hand, couldn’t cook worth shit.

After a nice meal of spaghetti with a special bolognaise sauce that Megan had developed herself, Megan had grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge, and the two had gone upstairs to watch TV in their room and drink them.

Finding absolutely nothing on – save for a couple of episodes of Girls, which they were saving for their friends to join them to watch – they just settled back and began to talk.

The conversation began with the lack of anything on, and strayed into the topics of their favourite films and television programmes. Then they covered their recent exams. But, as it inevitably always did with them, they moved on to sex and relationships. And that was where the conversation started to get a little bit unusual. It had begun as a game of “Fuck, marry or kill” and eventually moved on to “Would you rather,” but then the exchange went a direction Lily hadn’t expected…

— — —

“No, seriously, you’re having me on!” Megan said, in a seemingly shocked tone. “You would pick a one-night stand with the lead in “Pitch Perfect” over marrying and possibly starting a family with the girl from the Hunger Games? Why!?”

“Well, matter of taste,” said Lily, defiantly. “She’s gorgeous and I happen to think she has the better singing voice! In fact, I’d be willing to come out and say that it’s the best voice I’ve ever heard in my life!”

“You’ve obviously never heard yourself singing, then,” Megan replied. “Particularly at Christmas, when you’ve had a few and the carols start to get into your head.”

Lily blushed “Why thank you!” She giggled.

As she said this, she became conscious of a growing feeling of heaviness. It was becoming gradually harder to keep her head up to look at her sister. Deciding to ignore it, as it was probably the beer, she continued. “Now, tell me out of the main girl from the movie Brooklyn, the dragon queen from Game of Thrones and last year’s Best Actress winner, which one would you most like to sleep with.”

Megan considered. “I would have to say Brooklyn girl.”

“Why?” Lily asked.

“It’s very simple. She looks a lot like you.”

The frankness, and the meaning, of Megan’s statement caught her by surprise. She spluttered on her beer, and coughed. Eventually, she managed to choke out:


“I would fuck her because she looks like you,” Megan repeated.

Panting for breath, which was hard enough without the shock of Megan’s words, Lily croaked at her, “Wh-what on earth are you on about? Is this some kind of joke? Because it’s really not funny, Megsy.”

Megan looked her in the eye. “I’m not joking,” she replied. “I’m being dead serious.”

“B-b-but… you’re saying you wanna fuck… me? I’m your SISTER, for fuck’s sake! Your TWIN!” The heaviness was getting worse, and Lily’s tiredness was starting to really affect her, that it was a struggle to get this outburst out.

“Doesn’t bother me, Lil,” Megan said. “In fact, quite the contrary. beurette tour porno Incestuous sex has always been a fetish of mine. And I’ll tell you what, ever since I was old enough to be able to have sex, I wanted to do it with you. In fact, I’ve always wanted to be your first!”

She smiled as she saw Lily’s eyes drooping as they desperately fought to stay open.

“Feeling tired, I see? I’m not surprised. That sleeping pill I dropped into your beer was quite strong. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to act, but I see that it’s starting to work its magic.”

Lily struggled to get to her feet, but couldn’t. There was nothing she could do now, and as she slowly slumped sideways, Megan gently tugged on her shoulder, causing her to lie flat, with her head on her twin’s lap. Now all she could see was Megan’s face smiling down at her.

Except that the smile wasn’t warm at all. The eyes carried a coldness that she had never seen before. It was a smile like she was trying to reassure a dying animal before she put it to sleep.

All Lily wanted to do now was open her mouth and scream for help, but her strength was gone. Megan’s hands began to stroke her hair, and her face. It was surprisingly soothing, considering the circumstances that she was in, but it didn’t dispel the feeling that she was in trouble. Big trouble.

Eventually, sleep began to take hold of her. And the last thing she was aware of before she drifted off was her sister uttering words that were clearly supposed to be soothing, but came across as very, very creepy.

“You sleep well now, sis. Things will be all better when you wake up.”

— — —

How long she was out, Lily could not be sure. She opened her eyes, and it took them a moment to adjust to the light. She was lying on her back in what looked like the “shag room,” the room where Megan normally had sex with her one-night stands.

It took her nigh on two seconds to realise that something was wrong.

Her arms could not move, despite her best efforts, and the air felt rather cold on her skin. And when her eyes adjusted, she immediately saw why. Her arms could not be moved because her wrists had been secured firmly in two straps, on either side of her head. And the cool air on her skin was because all her skin was now exposed. She completely naked!

Lily tried to scream her lungs out, to shout for help, to do anything that might get her out of this situation. But the only thing that came out was a muffled sound. That was something to do with the large piece of duct tape that had been placed over her mouth. But it did draw some attention to her, because a figure suddenly appeared over her, and when it spoke, she heard the unmistakeable voice of her twin.

“So, you’re awake?”

Which brings us to now…

— — —

Despite the terror she felt at her situation, Lily could think of nothing else but to scream at her twin. It was probably a good thing she was gagged, because the words she used, had they been audible, would have made a trucker wince.

“I think before you try going off on one, I should probably introduce you to a bit of “context,” I think you’d call it.” She reached for the table next to her, and picked up a remote. She turned on a TV that was positioned just above the bed Lily was strapped to. “Let’s just say you might want to forget about struggling when I show you this video.”

Lily’s confusion made her forget her anger, for a moment. But as the film started to whir to life, and what she was watching became clear to her, her anger was replaced by shock and horror.

It was a video of her and a couple of friends, sitting in a clearing in the park close to their home, and they were all smoking cannabis, and snorting cocaine. It had been a secret meet-up that they had held the previous summer, as they were getting ready to start their holidays. Lily had remembered it as the best afternoon of her life. And her sister had secretly filmed them doing it! If someone got hold of it, she wouldn’t just get expelled and risk losing her place at university. She would probably have to go to prison.

Megan pressed another button, and the video switched off. She looked at her sister’s face, now starting to become tear-stained and the fear now plain for everyone to see. She smiled. How helpless her poor little twin looked.

“I think that expression is a good one for you,” she remarked. “It makes you look so sweet and innocent. Like when we used to watch those horror movies together. You remember that? How you used to get so scared and I used to cuddle you up to me, tell you I was going to keep you safe?”

She leaned over and planted a kiss on her sister’s cheek. Lily tried to jerk away but couldn’t. The kiss practically seared her skin like molten metal.

“I still dream about you giving me that look, you know?” She said, in a rather faraway voice. “The tears on your face. Those beautiful little doe eyes you make. The sniffling, the red face, the whole shebang.”

Lily continued to stare at her silently and motionlessly, the fear still in her eyes. However, Megan then began to touch her, and that was when she started to squirm a little. She put a hand on her knee, and began to gently stroke her leg.

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