Shudder Ch. 01

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Derek was about to have a problem. He was in the middle of class when his lifelong crush Amy, short brown hair, soft, sweet Amy, walked in and handed the teacher a note, then came to sit in the seat in front of him on the right far side. He didn’t miss any of her movements and she seemed to glide towards him, her chest bouncing more than usual. He wasn’t complaining, but that was different.

Right before she sat, their eyes met. She smiled slyly, then slowly, purposefully, lowered her gaze to her breasts, and gave them a little shake, and then laughed at the reaction on Derek’s face. That was the moment when Derek realized Amy wasn’t wearing a bra. This was way out of the norm for Amy. She was about as straight laced and conservative as they come. She rarely dated, and if she did, no one ever got anywhere. She was easily the most sought after girl in his school. Derek assumed she was probably waiting to cut loose in college as soon as she got away from her parents.

College. Right. He needed to pay attention. This was easily his worst subject and he needed to focus up. It was his senior year and a scholarship was his only shot at getting into college. He had turned 18 a month ago and had decided he need to get serious about planning for his future. But Amy’s swaying breasts kept jutting into his memory, blocking out the lesson from the teacher’s mouth.

If it wasn’t Amy’s breasts, he was thinking about the teacher’s mouth. Mrs. Darcy was discussing the industrial revolution at the front of the classroom. She was a knockout with bright red hair and the definition of an hour glass figure. Between Amy and Mrs. Darcy, it was no wonder this was his worst class.

He noticed Amy’s right arm move in front of him. Her shoulder was making a circular motion. Her left had was grabbing the edge of her desk. She had propped up her textbook on the desk in such a way to obscure her chest from the other students and teacher. He was the only one to seem to have noticed her strange behavior so far.

Deciding he needed to investigate further, Derek shoved his pencil off the right side of his desk and watched as it rolled until it bumped the wall. He playfully smacked his hand to indicate what a klutz he was, then got up to retrieve it.

He glanced to see what Amy was up to and saw, as he was now the only one who could see over her book, that she had unbuttoned her yellow blouse and was slowly, methodically, massaging her exposed left breast.

He stood there, frozen by what he was seeing. The girl he fantasized about, doing something so erotic in a classroom full of people. Then in a quick movement, she turned and stared at him as if she had caught him peeping. Then her expression turned into a wicked smile, and she shifted her breast so the nipple was pointing right at him. Then she winked at him and kissed the air with her mouth.

Derek’s erection was so fast, he sat down a little too quickly and loudly, causing other students and Mrs. Darcy to look at him. He smiled sheepishly, and the lesson continued, but Derek would not remember a fact or date of this history lesson. He just continued to stare at the back of Amy’s head, replaying that erotic moment in his head over and over.

He watched as both of her hands started deftly moving and assumed she must be buttoning up as class was about over. He must have been right because a moment later, she laid the book flat on her desk. Then he saw something weirder than he had seen thus far. Her entire body shuddered, just for a moment. It was like her body had jumped into cold water and she had experienced a frigid chill. Then as suddenly as it had started, it stopped, and Amy was still.

Derek was even more confused. Plenty was amiss, but this was another out of the ordinary piece of behavior. They were inside, it was warm, not a bit drafty. Why had she shivered like that? And then the bell rang. Amy spun around in her seat and looked at Derek as if he were a hearty meal.

“I hope you enjoyed the show. She knows you look at her all the time.” Amy said matter of factly. “But don’t worry, I won’t let your hard on go to waste. I’ll just be taking charge of it for a while.” And with that she touched his cheek with his hand. He felt a tiny jolt ripple through his face, and then… nothing.

If Derek was confused, it was nothing compared to the look on Amy’s face. She withdrew her hand from his face, then touched his nose, then his arm, then his hand, each time furrowing her brow and getting more and more frustrated. “What is going on?” she exclaimed.

“Is something the matter?” Mrs. Darcy called from the front of the room as the last of the students filed out the door.

“Yes something’s the matter!” said Amy impatiently. “This works every time! Every time!” Amy grabbed Derek by the arm one last time and waited. When nothing happened, she narrowed her eyes, looked at him closely, then got up and walked towards the front of the classroom, straight towards Mrs. Darcy.

Mrs. Darcy calmly asked, “Could you please tell me the nature family stroke porno of your problem Ms. Fairchild?”

“It’ll just be faster if I show you,” Amy said coldly. And then she reached out and touched Mrs. Darcy on the shoulder.

Derek watched, fascinated and utterly confused by everything going on. He watched as, for a moment, Mrs. Darcy looked at Amy with great concern on her face, and then for only a moment more, Mrs. Darcy’s body gave a little shudder. Mrs. Darcy looked at Derek immediately and said, “Mr. Johnson, please see me before you go to your next class.”

“Um, okay.” Derek muttered. He continued to look from Mrs. Darcy to Amy. Amy was just standing there, looking dazed, like she was in the middle of waking up. She looked like she was trying to focus on her surroundings, trying to get her bearings. When she spotted Derek, she licked her lips and her eyes filled with lust.

“You may go to your next class now Ms. Fairchild,” Mrs. Darcy ordered.

Amy slowly turned to face Mrs. Darcy, and then, as if she was trying to figure out a very complex math equation while still sleeping, she said, “Okay… ” and then headed out the door.

Mrs. Darcy seemed to relax, leaned back a bit in her chair and began unbuttoning the top two buttons on her blouse. “Why does know one at this school show a decent amount of cleavage?” Mrs. Darcy mused. “But much more importantly? Who are you Derek?”

Derek’s mind was whirring as fast as it could but half of it was now consumed with the breast’s that were starting to spill out of Mrs. Darcy’s top. “I, um… What? Wait, did Amy seem to be acting weird? I mean, you’re also, um.. “

Mrs. Darcy frowned. “Focus up Derek. She’ll be fine. She should be back to her boring uptight self in a few minutes. And she’ll probably only think about your cock for the next hour. I wasn’t inside her that long. Back to the original question. Who are you?”

“I.. You know who I am!” Derek managed to get out. “What do you mean she’ll want my, my.. “

“Cock, Derek. It’s not a bad word. And I’d like to see yours but first I must have answers!”

Derek shook his head and said incredulously, “You need answers? I’ve been clueless ever since Amy walked in today as to what is going on? What are you even talking about?”

Mrs. Darcy’s eyes seemed to bore into his soul. “You have to know what I’m talking about,” she snarled. “I can’t possess you. I always assumed if I met someone like me, we wouldn’t be able to possess each other.”

The pieces started to click for Derek, but he struggled to believe what he was hearing. “Possess? You, you were Amy during class?” he asked.

Mrs. Darcy sighed. “You’ve known her since you were little. You have always acted like you were intimidated by her and she has never once seen you in a romantic light because of it. Do you think she’d just all of a sudden flash you her boob out of boredom?”

“How do you know that about her?” Derek asked.

“Because I was her,” Mrs. Darcy explained. “I mean to say, I didn’t just inhabit her body. I had access to her memories, her mannerisms, everything that makes her the Amy you’re infatuated with, I had access to. But… you really don’t know all this? You can’t possess? Or you can, you’ve just never tried?”

Mrs. Darcy had casually begun massaging her breasts with both hands, almost but not quite letting her nipples become exposed. Derek was trying to keep up, but this did not help. “Okay, so, I accept this isn’t a prank.

Mrs. Darcy smirked. “Because your hot teacher is fondling herself in front of you? Tell you what. You tell me why I can’t possess you and I’ll let you suck on her tits. I’ll even role play for you. That’s one of my favorite things to do. But first, Mr. Johnson, answer my questions.”

“We can’t do that! “Derek almost yelled. “What about the next class coming in?”

Derek watched as Mrs. Darcy’s eyes rolled to the upper left side and she pursed her lips, thinking. “That won’t be a problem,” she said confidently. “This is her free period. So what do you say?” She unbuttoned another button and pulled her left breast out of her top. “Will you let Mrs. Darcy tutor you? I know you’ve been struggling in my class. Just answer my questions and I’ll tutor you so good.” She then slid a hand down her skirt and started moaning while her other hand pinched her nipple.

Derek paused. His hormones were raging, but this seemed.. dangerous. “I’d feel better if you’d tell me something about you first, like who are you?”

Mrs. Darcy stopped. Her eyes narrowed. “Well that’s the problem. I’m a very private person who has always been able to know what I want to know by possessing someone. I can see all their memories laid out like a book. I’ve been able to fool everyone around me, and if, if I messed up, I can make people forget by possessing them too. That way I’ve been able to be careful and go completely undetected, until now. I can’t possess you and I can’t make you forget, and that’s a huge problem for female taxi porno me.”

“Make me forget?” Derek said worriedly.

Mrs. Darcy got to her feet and stood over him and acted as if teaching. “No one remembers what I made them do while I was possessing them. To them, it seems to be like a blank spot that they can almost but not quite remember. What does happen though is, right after I leave them, they have some residual thoughts and emotions left over from my thoughts and actions when I was in control. It’s why Amy wanted you right after, because I did. And everyone in that state is very suggestible for a tiny bit. I can tell them what to do for a little while or tell them what happened during their memory lapse, and they’ll do or believe whatever I say.”

Derek was shocked. “That seems like an incredible abuse of power.”

Mrs. Darcy undid her blouse and let it fall to the floor, all while staring directly into Derek’s widening eyes. Then she slowly pulled down the pink panties she had on underneath. Then she walked purposefully over to Derek’s chair, shoved the desk in front of him aside, and straddled him. “Oh, it is,” she demurred. “I’ve been presidents. Kings. Celebrities. But it all gets old so fast. I’d much rather be just a married school teacher who is sitting on a student who is starting to show a lot of promise in the boner department.”

She started grinding against his crotch and leaned into his ear so that her hot breath left goose bumps down his spine. “Tomorrow’s panties would have been much sexier. Tomorrow is Saturday and I always wear something sexy for my husband since I know he’ll fuck my brains out before noon. Could I pretend you’re my husband right now? Just answer my question first,” she purred.

“I, I’m just me,” Derek said, struggling to concentrate as Mrs. Darcy rubbed harder and harder against him. He was still a virgin and would not be able to last much longer without leaving a mess on his jeans. “You know me. You can access Mrs. Darcy’s memories about me, can’t you?”

Mrs. Darcy took off her top and shoved both tits into Derek’s face. “Of course. But all she knows about you is that you’re a bright boy that could be doing better in her class if you’d just focus on the subject matter instead of her sexy mouth and titties. Not that I mind at the moment. But I don’t know what I want to know and this is your last chance to tell me. Just tell me and maybe we can be friends. Don’t, and I will make your life a living hell.”

Derek was close to orgasm, but the threat scared him enough to rally. He shoved her off and Mrs. Darcy landed on the floor, hard. “Don’t threaten me! I told you, I’m just me. Just a normal guy trying to finish high school and get out of this town.”

Mrs. Darcy glared at him from the floor. When she spoke next, it was not with Mrs. Darcy’s voice, but the deep voice of a man. “Fine kid. Play dumb. Maybe I just find out from your best friend. Or a family member. Getting the information out of them should be easy, and a lot of fun.”

Mrs. Darcy got to her feet and started dressing, and continued to speak in that same low voice. “It’s funny. I’ve been bouncing all over this school, possessing different people here and there. Getting off where I could and causing a little drama. It’s the only thing that keeps me going since I don’t have my own body anymore. And I was just about to move on, today in fact, but now, I’ll be sticking around. Thanks for livening up my… “

The words were cut off and for the third time today, Derek watched a person in front of him shudder for a second from head to toe. Something clicked in Derek’s brain. “That shudder thing I saw Amy do, her whole body just shook for a moment like she had caught a chill, then you did it when she touched you at the end of class. That’s when you took over Mrs. Darcy. A person shudders when you… jump in or whatever and then.. I’m guessing it’s something that happens every so often.

Mrs. Darcy now looked very annoyed. “Yeah, there’s that intelligence this chick knows you have. It’s about the only involuntary reaction I have. My tell as it were. And yes, it happens when I take over someone, or when I need to reassert control of my host.”

Derek nodded along, then said, “I’m sorry. It’s so weird to hear a strange man’s voice come out of Mrs. Darcy’s mouth. Could you maybe, speak like her again?”

Mrs. Darcy finished buttoning her top and bellowed, “I’ll talk how I damn well please kid! You have no idea how long it’s been since I was able to use my real voice to talk to someone. I’ve been at this a long time. A very long time.”

“How long till you have to reassert control of someone?” Derek asked.

“Everyone’s a little different, but the longer I’m in someone, the less it happens, and the more and more I can change their personality.”

Now it was Derek’s turn to shudder. “You can… rewrite someone?”

Mrs. Darcy grinned coolly. “Sort of. But you’ll see soon enough.”

Then she walked to the door and female agent porno held it open. Then in Mrs. Darcy’s voice, she declared loudly, “Just follow that lesson plan and that should get you caught up. If you still need help, well,” she put on a flirty smile. “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you real soon. Here’s a note so you won’t be counted tardy for your next class.”

“Really? You think I’m worrying about a tardy?” Derek wondered aloud as he stepped into the empty school hallway.

“Appearances are everything Mr. Johnson. Like I said, I’m careful. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to make the most out of this free period.” And with that Mrs. Darcy closed and locked the door of her classroom.

Derek floated through his remaining classes for the day in a state of paranoia. He really didn’t know why he would be so important to Mrs. Darcy, or Amy, or, really, this mystery man that had somehow inhabited their bodies. It was like something out of a cheap science fiction film. Was he safe from him, or her, whoever? Would he see her again as Mrs. Darcy, or someone else next time? Maybe someone closer to him? He had to tell someone, but who on earth would believe him. Maybe he should do nothing and wait to see if it would blow over. He doubted it, but didn’t see any other choice.

When the last bell rang, he figured he’d make a beeline for home and so he could keep a close eye on his family. He knew his parents were okay because they would still be at work, and his twin sister had been sick. He wasn’t sure they were in danger, but he didn’t know what to think, and that was the worst part. Nothing had happened since history class, and he was hopeful nothing else would.

As he exited the school, Derek took a second to look around. Students milling about, talking laughing, waiting for a ride. He noticed his neighbor, Jessica. She was in his grade, also 18, and currently sporting her cheerleader outfit. Her long, blonde hair was tied up in a long ponytail and she was standing on her tiptoes as she kissed her boyfriend, Brad, the star quarterback . Both were just a few feet away from him.

As their lips detached, he overheard Jessica say, “I told you, I can’t stay to watch you practice today. The squad is already mad at me but they understand. Nana is not doing well and so my parents are taking us to see her in the hospital.”

“Then why are you wearing your cheerleader outfit?” Brad asked as his eyes and hands raked across her figure.

“Down boy,” she giggled. “I wore it just so you could see me in it before I said goodbye.”

“Well, goodbye,” and Brad leaned in and they were joined at the mouth again. Derek was almost past them, when Jessica detached herself from Brad and grabbed Derek’s arm. “You’ll walk me home, won’t you Derek? Brad can’t be late for football practice.”

Derek eyed her warily. “We haven’t walked home together in years?”

Jessica shrugged. “I know. I miss those days, don’t you?”

“Not really.”

She playfully punched his arm. “Rude much.” She laughed. “C’mon, you can fill me in on your latest college prospects. Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about taking a year off?”

Derek looked at her intently. “No, no I decided against that. I guess, let’s just go, I gotta get home?” He started walking away from her.

“Okay,” she gave an apologetic wave to her boyfriend and ran to catch up. She jogged up to him and they had walked a couple blocks before she asked, “What’s got you in such a hurry today? Hot date tonight?”

He kept glancing at her, as if he were looking for something. “No. I just, need to get home is all. It’s been a weird day.”

“How so?” she asked casually.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” he replied sharply. They were now a block away from their houses. He just wanted to get there.

She gingerly grabbed his arm and pulled him to a stop. “Hey,” she said, and there was compassion in her voice. “We used to talk about anything and everything. I opened up to you all the time when my parents were fighting and it really helped. If something’s bothering you, I want to hear it.”

Derek’s armor was starting to crack. “I mean, I would like to talk about it. But, you have to go see your grandma.”

“It’s okay,” and her eyes went up and to the left. “My parents won’t be here for another 20 or so minutes, so come inside real quick and tell me what’s on your mind.”

Reluctantly, Derek stopped outside her house, then said, “Okay.”

“Yay,” she squealed and started fishing out her house keys. “C’mon in. Gosh, it’s been awhile since you were inside. Mom painted again as you can see.”

Derek nodded before diving in with, “Yeah, look, I’ll make this short and I know you’re not going to believe me but.. “

“Hold that thought,” Jessica interrupted. “I need to change so I can be ready when my parents get here. Follow me upstairs and you can tell me there?”

“While you’re changing!” Derek exclaimed.

Jessica eyed him wryly. “No you pervert. You’ll be outside my bedroom, and I’ll be on the inside, and there will be a door between us. I’ll be able to hear you just fine.” She hit his arm again as if playing tag, then bounded up the stairs ahead of him. Derek turned to follow, but when he looked up he was temporarily distracted by a vision of bright orange panties at the top of the stairs.

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