Sibling Benefits

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***Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.***


So, at twenty years of age, I find myself in a little college town, attending S. University. As these things go, it’s not a bad place, per se. There are taverns and bars, some shopping complexes here and there, enough to satisfy most people. But otherwise, it feels like the country. Lots of grass, lots of tall, old trees, great vistas from atop hills, farmlands… so it’s pretty pleasant actually if you’re into that stuff. S. University itself is fairly large and you can blend in well, seldom meeting the same people twice. Yeah, there’s a lot of walking involved, especially when you have to live off-campus like me, but it works out well enough.

I couldn’t get a dorm this year but managed to find a room to rent in this small house. It belonged to a retired couple, former hippies or some such. They were nice people who were seldom around, often taking trips who knows where. The place was a good 15-20 minutes walk from campus and was in a sleepy part of the neighborhood with a few other houses that also rented out to students. The rate was decent and the room itself, while small, still had an adjoining bathroom and its own door out. All in all, I couldn’t complain.

My little sister on the other hand…

Alyx had enrolled to S. University pretty late, unsure about where to go until the last second, and even then missed some of the semester. Of course this killed any chance she had at getting a dorm room and left only the pricier places to rent. I didn’t know about any of this, having left my parent’s house back in August, when Alyx was still undecided on matters. So imagine my surprise when at the end of September, one breezy Thursday morning, I find my little sister standing outside my place, complete with luggage and all. She gave me the innocent doe eyed look and explained how she really didn’t have any other place to go and how nice it would be to stay over- the usual stuff.

Well, what was I going to do? My little 18 year old sister in her freshman year with no place to stay, yeah I pretty much had no choice in the matter, grumble as I might.

“Would’ve been nice to get some advance warning,” I grunted, moving her luggage upstairs.

Alyx smiled, although a tad nervously I noticed. “I promise I’ll help out, Allan. Anything you want.”

“And there ain’t space for another bed…” I continued grumbling, shoving open the door.

“I’ll sleep on the floor, I don’t mind!”

“Nah, nah… floor’s fine for me… ” I replied, less grumpily. I didn’t hate her for her it or anything, although I had been expecting a mostly private time when I was here. I’m a guy who values his privacy and it was going to be a bit awkward sharing a small room with my little sister. So, I was a little annoyed, but it would pass.

I glanced over at Alyx while she was busy unpacking her stuff. She was wearing a simple but form fitting outfit, a black jacket, and black hip hugging pants. Her dark, brown hair, almost long enough to reach her butt, hung fuck in traffic porno freely about her face as she bent over to check a bag. At eighteen, she had filled out her 5’6 frame nicely. Not a thought that should really come to a brother, but I got over that a long time ago. She was a slender girl, perhaps 120, 125 pounds at most, but she was no stick figure. As she had always been careless of leaving her underwear laying around, I had on more than one occasion noticed her cup size was a 32C. In other words, she had a nice rack, not too big or small, just a nice, healthy handful. She kept in shape, evidenced by her more or less flat tummy. And her legs were long and shapely. Nice curves to her hips, and a small but spank-able ass rounded out her features so to speak.

Over the years I couldn’t help but notice her maturation into a young woman. She was a beauty, make no mistake, and I’ve had to fend off more than one guy who fell head over heels in love with her. Still, she was never one for the dating scene, which was a surprise given her looks. Sure she went out on dates, but not many. Then again, we were brought up in a pretty straight laced community and dating was never as big a deal as it might have been in other places. As I watched Alyx’s cute little ass straining at the black fabric of her pants as she bent over to pick up something, I wondered idly if she was still a virgin. I could feel myself stiffen slightly as I imagined I could just see the shape of her vulva. Just a brief daydream, but I wondered how it would feel if I came up and just pressed my groin against her right there and then, that delicious heat mingling… I shook my head and dismissed the thoughts.

Yeah, I was an irredeemable perv, but there were limits. I’ve had pussy before, though I wasn’t a stud by any means. Fooling around with a few girls in high school, a quickie in my freshman year at S.U. … nothing special. I’m not a bad looking guy, I’ve even been called cute once or twice, but I’d say I’m strictly in the realm of average. My hair is darker than my sister’s, but we have the same light brown eyes. At 5’11, I’m definitely taller than her though. I’ve kept in shape myself and I think I can say I’m a fine specimen of a young man, if a little bit on the skinny side.

I was also pretty damn horny all the time. Nothing new, of course… but having my little sister around was going to seriously cut into my porn surfing and masturbation sessions. She was a homebody, so I couldn’t expect her to stay away for long periods.

“… did you really have to bring ALL this?” I said, exasperated at the mountain of clothes that were piling up around my room. Absently I noticed a tiny pair of bright pink striped panties and my dick began stirring again. I guess my irritation really showed because my sister looked at me nervously, her palms outspread.

“Look,” she began. “I can cook for you, I’ll do the laundry for you– “

None of that was the problem, of course, but I shrugged and waved it off. “Yeah, okay…”

“And full porno you can… you know–”

I turned to looked at her face and noticed she was blushing bright red, her eyes nervously looking anywhere but at me. “Hmm?” I said, just a little confused.

Alyx smiled a little, still blushing. “You KNOW… when you want to, j-jerk off or whatever I–”

Well. This was unexpected. I don’t know. Maybe the limits I talked about earlier were just bits of delusion, because I suddenly lost much of my restraint regarding my little sister. I took a few steps closer to her. “You can do that for me too?”

I don’t think that was exactly what Alyx had been expecting. Perhaps she had been offering to leave or not be around so I could do my business. However, she seemed at a loss for words as she simply stared at me with those wide eyes.

She took a step back and looked away again. “I- we can’t do that,” she whispered. “I mean, I’ve never even–!” She kept silent, looking at me tentatively from the corner of her eyes. So, she was still a virgin, I thought. Better yet, she hadn’t run screaming out of the place, all freaked out. I was not really thinking by this point, my dick had all but taken over.

I walked over to her and just leaned against the wall beside her, bumping my shoulder lightly on her back. “We don’t have to do any of that…” I said. “Just a little bit of relief every now and then, you know? A bit of a learning experience too…” I chuckled, just a tad nervously.

Like I said, it was all dick at that point, my brain was just taking a break.

“And for you too,” I added softly, turning around and pressing my chest against her back, and then my groin to her ass. She jumped a little as she felt my hard cock brush her from behind, but didn’t pull away. “Come on,” I said, bending my head and whispering into her ear. “You can stay here as long you want…”

“Y-you, want to do it now?” she asked me with a little stutter.

I placed my hand on her hips and turned her around, making her look into my eyes, at the animal desire therein. She blushed and looked away, biting her lower lips. I wanted to fuck her, despite what I said. Tear off her clothes, press her against the floor, and just pound her long and hard.

Instead, I took her hand and led her to the bed. I took off my shoes and socks and lay there, semi-upright. The bulge in my nylon jogging shorts was pretty apparent and my sister stared at it, almost as if in a trance. Slowly, I removed my t-shirt, then I tucked my fingers into the hem of the shorts, and pulled down, removing the shorts, than my briefs. My cock sprang up at full attention, straining proudly its full 7 inches. My eyes kept switching from my cock to my little sister. Alyx, for her part, looked at my rock hard boner with her usual nervousness.

I couldn’t believe it, here I was exposing my hard on to my little sister… I felt like my cock was going to explode, it was straining so hard it was twitching. I placed one hand at the base and gave a few slow strokes gizli çekim porno to alleviate some of that pressure. “Your first?” I asked casually, to break the silence.

Alyx blinked and giggled timidly. “I’ve seen them before… but it’s the first time…. for real….”

I nodded, pleased at the fact that my rock solid penis was making such an impression on my little sister. I motioned for her to sit near me on the bed and then gently guided her hands to my erection. “Up and down,” I whispered. “Like a pump. Squeeze it and pump it…” I gasped aloud as I felt her hands embrace my member, felt my cock throb in her palms. “How does it feel?” I asked huskily.

“Hard…” Alyx breathed. “Hot… ” Her face was flushed.

I kept my hand over hers, guiding her strokes, groaning in sheer pleasure. “Feel these too…” I added after a little while, grasping my balls. She touched them gently, caressed them. Her nervousness was still apparent, but not curiosity had taken over. She fondled my balls for a while, until I guided her back to my cock. It was time to wrap things up.

“Hard and fast,” I gasped to her, letting go of her hands and clutching at the bedsheets at my sides. “Don’t stop… just keep going, don’t stop if I start cumming…”

“Uh…”, she looked at me, confused.

“Don’t worry about it, just don’t stop until I say so, please.”

So I leaned back, my eyes taking in the view in front of me. There was my little sister, in her cute little black outfit, her long hair dangling over her face. She was sitting there on my bed, just an arms length away. She was bent over my crotch, her hands wrapped firmly around my throbbing manhood, jerking it up and down, up and down.

“I’m cumming!” I warned her, and then stiffened, feeling the cum rise from the base, and then spurt out with incredible force. The first shot went right splat on my little sister’s forehead, covering her bangs a bit. She let go of my cock in surprise, but only for a moment.

“Good girl….” I groan as she wraps it right back and pumps. My hips jerk upward in subsequent spurts and I watch in bliss as my sticky semen lands all over outfit, her hands, and my belly. She continues jerking as I go limp and I signal for her to stop. I feel incredibly lightheaded… and incredibly good.

Alyx makes a face as she observes the cum on her hands and dress, but she is looking more relaxed too, though still blushing. She looks at me and smiles tentatively. “Feel better?”

I nod, and with some effort I lift myself to a sitting position. I shuffle next to her and give her a quick, soft kiss on her lush, pink lips. “Thanks.”

“Hmph!” she looks away, but smiles coyly. “I’m going to change, ok?” she said as she began to get up, but stops as I grab her hand.

“I said, it would be good for you too, and I meant it,” I said with a smile. Having my little sister wank me off was incredible. I was hooked. And I wanted to hook her too, somehow. I wanted her to keep doing this and maybe more. I’d have to give some sort of incentive besides just letting her stay here. I wanted more, and I wanted her to want more too.

She looked at me, a little alarmed.

“Lie down, don’t worry,” I said, gently, but firmly making her lie back. “Let’s just get you out of these pants…”


To be continued…

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