Siblings with Benefits Ch. 35

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Author’s note: Well as I mentioned in the previous chapter this one is pretty important to the rest of the series, so a couple of things before you read it. First remember going back to 34 that this ch. Starts from Mark’s pov. Next there is no incest in this chapter. There is some implied incest (you’ll see) but no actual, this is also one of the chapters that I had in mind as far as story over erotica. The erotica is within the first third of the chapter then the next two parts are going to be two major developments in the series. Now for my dedications. There are two. The first is to the many people who have requested something from Mark’s pov and also a return of the Voice. So for those who asked I hope you enjoy Mark’s ‘other half’. Next a special dedication to very supportive fellow author Naughty_Misty (if you have not read her John and Melissa series be sure to check it out! She is on my fav’s page) This one is for you babe, enjoy your ‘time’ with Mark! As always thank you for reading. Lovecraft68

Finally! After years of trying, I had my sister right where I wanted her; beneath me. Not just beneath me, but allowing me to do what I had been dreaming about; love her. For the first time in the close to two decades that we had been lovers, it was my sister I was in bed with, not her nasty girl persona. Looking down, I resisted the urge to smile. Lying beneath me, long black hair fanned across my crimson sheets, eyes shut and her full perfect lips parted, my sister had never appeared more beautiful. I leaned down, softly kissing those inviting lips. Megan opened her eyes at the kiss and I found myself staring into her amazing crystal blue eyes. I lowered myself down, sliding my arms under hers, bringing our bodies close together.

Megan whimpered as my lips left hers, but that whimper quickly turned into a satisfied purr as my lips found the soft smooth skin of her neck. I also sighed as I continued to slowly thrust into her warm wet flesh. Megan’s hands had been on my arms, squeezing my biceps, but now slid across my shoulders pulling me even deeper into her embrace. I felt like purring myself as my sister’s long legs wrapped themselves around my hips, drawing me even deeper into her.

“Oh, Mark this is soooo perfect.” Megan moaned into my ear.

Perfect was exactly what this was; perfect because we were meant to be. This moment was the culmination of that night over fifteen years ago, when my sister entered my bedroom and became my first lover. Megan gasped in my ear,and I could feel her legs trembling around my waist. I became aware of the pleasant sensation of her hard nipples pressing into my chest, as she hugged me even tighter to her. Knowing that she was close to cumming, I started thrusting into her faster. Megan’s hips started to rock into mine, and this time I did smileas her eyes closed, and her mouth opened to emit a soft moan of pleasure. Moments later we both moaned as Megan came, her pussy contracting around my hard flesh.

Even Megan’s orgasm was different. Normally my sister would cum like an animal, squealing at the top of her lungs while her body bucked wildly. Tonight however, Megan was whimpering softly, her hips still sliding against mine in that incredible slow steady rhythm. My lips found hers once more, capturing her soft sounds with my kiss. I felt Megan shudder beneath me as her legs locked around me, and a moment later, she released a long sexy sigh of contentment in my ear. Her orgasm had brought on my own; fighting the urge to go faster, I forced myself to maintain that deliciously slow pace. It was a tease, but my sister had been teasing me with making love for years and I wanted to experience every minute of it.

Unable to hold back any longer; I felt my cock twitch and explode inside of Megan’s amazing pussy. I moaned, and this time it was Megan who sought my lips, as I continued to send my hot cum into her welcoming pussy. I gave her one more thrust, releasing that embarrassing whimper, the sound that only my sister could ever get me to make. We lay in each other’s arms for a few minutes until our hearts stopped pounding. Rolling onto my side, I looked into her eyes and told her how I felt. “I love you Megan, I love you so much.”

She looked at me surprised, and I began to worry that I had made a fool of myself. A moment later however I saw Megan’s amazing eyes begin to fill with tears. Pulling me down into her she whispered in my ear. “I love you too Mark! With all my heart I love you!”

I could feel my own eyes tearing up as my sister, no not my sister, my love, uttered the words that I yearned to hear.

“Really you do?” I asked. feeling stupid but unable to help it.

Megan laughed, flashing me that adorable crooked smile.

“Mark, I have been in love with you my entire life! I just was never sure and…” she hugged me even harder. “Oh how I love you!”

We held each other close before rolling over and going to sleep as we always did. On our sides, with my arm wrapped around her waist and her head monsters of cock porno cradled in my arm. Megan sighed contentedly as she leaned her back against my chest.

“Sweet dreams my love.” I whispered feeling myself choking up.

“Good night my beautiful…”

“Oh for Christ’s sakes!”

My eyes snapped open then immediately closed, as a searing pain went through my head.


I could hear my cell ringing somewhere behind me, but couldn’t move. My temples were throbbing so badly that I was afraid to lift my head. The cell stopped ringing, but the pounding continued.

Why… I thought sluggishly, did you wake me up?

“I didn’t,”The Voice answered. “The phone did.”

I heard it sigh.

“Just as well, your dreams are as fucking pathetic as you are these days!”


“Yes pathetic! Bad enough you’ve been pining for your sister for the last few weeks, now you have to dream about her?”

I can’t help it. I’m in love with her.

“I know that stupid, I know everything remember?”

You don’t…

“Hey Mark,” The Voice began in a softer tone. “I’m in love with her too but…”

No you’re not! I snapped back in my mind. You hate Megan!

“I never hated her Mark, hell she was always a good lay!”The Voice laughed. “Never mind I loved that breaking the rules shit!!”

But you hated her; she was a whore to you! So don’t give me that shit you care now! You’re saying you care so I won’t put you back in the room where you fucking belong!

“Oh is that so?” it sneered. “I see how you are; weak, little Mark’s ass needed saving in the trial so you let me out and I find you the way.”

I would have…

“Whatever, now you want me gone. What have you done for me lately, eh?” It sighed.

“Really though Mark, understand something, I never hated our sister. I didn’t want you involvedwith her because she would have brought us down. She was a weak willed lemming.”

She saved me from going to jail over Max.

“No Mark, she helped me help you. She got your sorry ass moving. I told you how to win! I…”It trailed off and was silent for a moment as if it were listening to something then came back.

“Regardless Mark, you’ve had me put away for a long time. The Last time I was out was that club.”

Where you would have left her.

“But, I didn’t Mark, the thing is, I always ultimately do what you want, meaning you can’t always blame me for your craziness. Trust me, I’m in here too.”It laughed.”And with or without me, you are one fucked up guy.”

I had to admit, that was a point I couldn’t argue.

“Anyway, Megan is different now Mark, she is like us; beautiful and successful. Our sister is our equal. She is our destiny Mark. I see it now. I thought it the night she first took us, but then she strayed; now however, she is all she should be and all that remains is to take her.”

I can’t! She’s with someone and…

“Stop whining!” The Voice snapped. “Christ I hate when you whine. All that means Mark is that it’s not time yet. Megan needs to realize that we are the only one for her. So for now, we wait.”

I don’t want to! It’s not fair it’s…

I stopped as The Voice began making sobbing noises in my head.

“Oh it’s not fair!” It cried. “Ohhh poor me!”

Are you done? I asked it.

“Question is, are you done?” The Voice asked. “While we wait for our sister, we have fun! I can’t believe you don’t call Justine again! For someone pushing forty five that woman can fuck!”

Whatever, if I feel like getting laid I’ll get laid right now, I just…

“You don’t want to get laid?” The Voice asked. “Well, that could be a problem this morning.”

What the hell does that mean?

The Voice giggled.

“Let’s just say you’re not in bed alone right now.”

What? I… I don’t feel any…

“Cause you fell back to sleep stupid.” It laughed loudly. “Are you really that wasted? Well yeah, I guess you were, seeing you don’t remember! Oh yeah Mark, you had all kinds of fun last night,and our little guest is still here!”


“Someone fun Mark! I’d say someone to help you forget about your sister, but well… it didn’t quite work that way.” I felt as if it were shrugging. “I mean honestly Mark; even last night you got pathetic, but it was kind of funny.”

What the hell are you talking about?

“Wake up and find out Mark.”

How are we talking in a dream? I asked concerned, this was new. I had to start taking the pills.

“You’ll still be pathetic, and you can hear me because you’re not all the way asleep you’re just in a drunken stupor!”

It paused then suddenly yelled

“Now wake the fuck up!”

I felt myself awaken, but kept my eyes shut. Even after twenty years I still felt the effects of the abuse at the hands of Max. Little things like never letting anyone who might be watching you know you’re awake. Lying there I became aware naught america porno of two smells; thefirst, the faint scent of perfume just beneath my face. Past that one however, was the unmistakable odor of sex. I took a deep breath, inhaling that pungent blend of sweat and pussy. It was the type of scent that could only be generated by hours of long hard fucking.

My eyes remaining closed, I became aware of the fact that I was lying on my left side. My arm was straight out and I could feel someone nestled into it. There was soft hair on my arm and neck, as well as a warm back lying against my chest. Better yetwas the pleasant sensation of my cock pressing against soft flesh. As always when The Voice was present, my senses seemed heightened; concentrating, I breathed deeply once more.Focusing on the layers of scents in the room, I smiled to myself asbeneath the perfume and general smell of debauchery; I caught the sweet scent of pussy from just beneath my nose.

My arm was wrapped around a warm body and my right hand cupping a fairly small, but very firm breast. Finally I forced my eyes open, which once again increased the throbbing in my temples. I narrowed my eyes to slits, to cut down on the pounding, and tried to see who I was with. Her face was turned into my arm leaving me only the view of her long black hair fanned out across my arm and the red sheets. Tilting my head down, I could only see her shoulder as she was on her side also. Her skin was as white as a ghost except for a splash of color where I could see the tip of a tattoo. Ignoring the increased pain in my head, I turned to the side to look into the mirrored ceiling.

I had to admit the view was a good one. My dark tanned muscular body was wrapped around the ivory skin of the mystery girl. The crimson sheet was pulled up to our waists, but her right leg was sticking out. The leg was long and shapely, ending in a sexy little foot with black nail polish. There was a tattoo of a snake encircling her ankle and trailing down to where the head was on the top of her foot. I could also see that her right arm shoulder to elbow consisted of a full sleeve tattoo ofa dark haired witch surrounded by small demons. The detail was amazing and it looked damn good along side of my own tattoo of pan, which was based on one of my sisters early paintings.

Speaking of Megan, the sight reflected in the mirror reminded me eerily of my sister. Not just the same black hair and complexion, but the long slender build and even the smallish tit in my hand.

“Oh you haven’t seen anything yet.” The Voice gave me that sick giggle.

Ignoring it, I turned from the mirror. Carefully sliding my right hand from her breast and waist, I grimaced at a sharp, but familiar stinging at the back of my shoulder. Looking back into the mirror I straightened my arm out to the side, and leaned slightly over her body to see part of my back. Even through the dark ink of my Baphomet tattoo, I could see that my back had been ripped to shreds. There were long deep scratches crisscrossing from top to bottom, and in the few areas my flesh was not covered with ink, I could see dried blood around the claw marks. The marks also trailed down my right arm and I blinked as I noticed a set of teeth marks on the inside of my forearm. Staring at the marks on my back I could also tell they were not all scratches; some of the lines were to thin and clean. The whip had been out last night.

“Oh yeah you sick little bastard you begged her to beat you!” It laughed again. “No worries though, you had your fun with her too!”

Before I could respond, I heard Rob Zombies ‘American Witch’ begin playing behind me as the cell phone went off again. Rolling onto my back I turned to the nightstand on the right side of the bed. My left arm pinned by my sleeping guest, I reached out and was just barely able to pick up the phone. Lifting it, I saw that it was Doug. What the hell did he want on a Saturday morning? I muted the phone and dropped it. If it was important he could leave a message. Maybe Megan hadn’t done as she had promised and called him every day while on her trip. Megan had left last week with her agent Royce, another agent, and three other artists for a tour of some galleries in Europe. I frowned as I added her new love Laura to my sisters list of companions. I was getting clawed bloody by some pick up and Megan was curling up to a blond bombshell in France and telling her she loved her.

“Hmmm, who calls this early?” A soft smoky voice asked beside me.

Glancing at the clock on the nightstand my eyes widened in surprise as I answered;

“It’s not early it’s ten past ten.”

“Ten is early when you go to sleep at five thirty.”

I turned my head as I spoke to see her rolling over on my arm to face me. Her long dark hair fell away from her face and before I could stop myself I whispered;


The woman facing me appeared to be young, early twenties at most, and could have been my sister. nubiles porn Not the Megan of today of course, but a dead ringer for her at that age. She was beautiful with not only my sister’s complexion and high cheekbones, but with the same set of perfect soft full lips. Most amazing were her eyes, what I could see of them anyway, as they were half shut and more than a little bloodshot were the same shade of crystal blue as my sister’s.

“What was that?” She asked in that sultry voice that somehow sounded so familiar.

“Sound like this?”

As it spoke The voice showed me an image of Megan in the Wolves Den.

“Hey baby I’m Raven. I heard you were looking for me.”

“I said Morning.” I noticed my own voice sounded pretty horse.


Her eyes closed and she placed her hand on my stomach. As she did, I saw that her long black fingernails, which werefiled into points, had dried blood beneath them.With a sighshe rested her head on my chest and whispered; “Let’s go back to sleep,” she giggled. “I’ll give you a good morning in a little bit.”

I didn’t respond and in moments I could tell by her breathing that she had gone right back out. Looking up in the mirror I shook my head again at the uncanny resemblance she had to Megan. Now that she was on her side I could see her left tit and she even had those damn perfect nipples that were so light pink they could barely be seen. Well when they did not have my teeth marks around them they wouldn’t be noticeable that is. The one distinct difference was that this girl also had her left shoulder covered with a tattoo. This one was a naked bat winged female with fangs and claws; a Succubus. Well at least we had some things in common I thought dryly. Feeling pathetic…

“Because you are.”

I brought my arm up and put it around her shoulder, pulling her closer to me. As I did, she slid her leg over mine. I stared at the image of the two of us and felt myself longing for my sister. I let my fingers run through her hair,and she made a soft contented sound in her sleep. She, I realized with a start that I did not even know her name. Frowning, I tried to recall last night. I could remember getting sucked into going with Jim and some high roller clients to a couple of strip clubs. I knew I had been drinking heavily. I shook my head causing a fresh throbbing to start up. I almost always remembered what I did when I drank.

After staring longingly for another moment, pretending that this was indeed my beautiful big sister in bed with me I closed my eyes. Taking a several long slow breaths I began to meditate; forcing my mind to clear itself and focus past the incessant pounding. It had started at the office when Jim had left me a message while I had been at the courthouse. He had said that there were some big new clients in town and they wanted to check out some of the local clubs. I had shaken my head disgustedly and vowed to get out of it. I was in no condition to party.

I had barely slept since Megan’s telling me about Laura three weeks ago,and was so exhausted that I had been unable to work out for the past three days. I was at a point where as dangerous as it was to leave it out; I had to admit that without The Voice, I would not have been able to get through work. No matter what my mind state was, The Voice never forgot anything or missed a detail. Yesterday I had even let my mind wander and let The Voice take a deposition from a witness in a copyright infringement case. It had gone well until the end. I had to push it to the side, when after the deposition; The Voice had me comment on the red hair of the female witness and then asked if the carpet matched the drapes.

She stared oddly at me as I tried to laugh it off, saying I had a rep to keep up and just couldn’t help myself sometimes. The woman then smiled, before handing me her cell phone number and telling me maybe I could find out myself. I’d then had to listen to The Voice bitch me out for the rest of the day after I had tossed the number away. Pussy was the last thing I needed right now. The last time I had gotten laid had been two weeks ago, when I spent the weekend at Justine’s penthouse suite in Boston. That weekend had ended with me curling up to her in bed as if we were more than just friends with benefits. I had known Justine for years and despite the incredible sex at the end, all I had wanted to feel was close to her. On her part, Justine seemed fine with it, but the next morning had steered the conversation towards not wanting any real attachments. I had felt like an idiot and told her no worries; I’d just had a tough stretch. Justine smiled and told me she was there for me whenever I needed her.

I thanked her but told myself no more. I was still coherent enough to realize that I was vulnerable and would not look like a fool. The night before I went to Justine’s I had caught myself staring at a photo of Samantha and wondering if she would take a call from me. That was crazy of course. What I had done to her in front of a courtroom full of people had earned me her undying hatred. Not to mention I was hoping to someday be with Megan. I was desperate and I knew it, so best to remain alone. Instead, I had spent the days working until nine o’clock at night and once home, drinking steadily until I would pass out for a few hours.

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