Sis and Mom on my Casting Couch

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I looked at the handwriting on the package that my secretary, Priscilla, had just given me. It had arrived in the post that morning. I recognised my mother’s writing immediately, even though it had been four years since we’d last been together. Our parting had been traumatic.

I was eighteen at the time, living at home with mom and my sister, who was four years younger than me. Mom was thirty seven. Dad had left the family over ten years before and the three of us had rubbed along together until I’d hit the difficult teenage years. At that point the relationship with my mom deteriorated.

The trouble was that I was a horny teenager and mom was every boy’s voluptuous fantasy. Her long black hair shone in the sunshine and her face was gorgeous. Her athletic body was kept firm by her regular horse riding, but her exercise, though keeping her great ass nicely rounded, failed to reduce the size of her breasts which were big melons, pushing out any tops she wore.

I couldn’t help staring at her, especially where I had an opportunity to glimpse down her front or up her skirt. The problem was that mom was clearly uncomfortable with my eyes following her all the time. She was snappy and we ended up arguing almost every day. The atmosphere in the house was bad. I don’t think my sister noticed much. At fourteen she was too busy with her friends.

It all came to a head just after my eighteenth birthday. Mom didn’t do any dating. She seemed to think that she’d finished with all that when our dad left her. However, that didn’t stop her dressing up in clothes that hugged her eye-catching figure, nor I believed did it stop her wearing sexy underwear, and on this particular morning I decided to check the underwear out.

I snuck up to her room while she was out and began to search through her drawers. Pretty soon I found what I’d been searching for and pulled out of a drawer and placed on the bed a matching set of green bra, panties and garter belt. A pair of beige nylon stockings made up the ensemble.

I tied the garter belt round my neck, gripped the panties between my teeth and wrapped a nylon stocking round my boner, imagining that it was my mom who was jacking me off. I was just about to cum when the bedroom door flew open and mom screamed. She marched over towards me and slapped my face so hard that bells were ringing in my ears.

After hurriedly extracting myself from her underwear, I ran red faced to my bedroom. I knew I could not stay in the house any longer and, putting my clothes in a suitcase, left the house slamming the door behind me.

I caught a bus into town not having a clue about what I was going to do. I trudged around looking vacantly in shop windows when I saw a note in a window advertising a job for an office boy who was willing to do anything. When I went inside I met a nice old man called Reg who asked me a few questions about office experience. Fortunately I’d had a number of holiday jobs and he seemed pretty pleased with my answers.

When he offered me the job, I made up a story that we’d had a fire at our house. The other members of my family were staying with my aunt, but as there was no room for me, I had to find accommodation in town. He immediately said I could stay temporarily in the small studio flat above the office and I started work that day.

The business turned out to be a Talent Agency for actresses and female dancers. Reg wasn’t particularly good at his trade. He didn’t seem able to place many of his clients in stage or screen roles, but he was always kind to me. To start with I did the basics, tea-making, sweeping floors etc. but I soon moved on to filing and answering telephones.

After a couple of years I began to take on more of the business, telephoning producers, setting up interviews and successfully placing clients. I found I had a knack for networking and building relationships and word began to spread that Reg’s agency was the one to go to if you wanted to get on. Reg was now paying me a lot more money which enabled me to move out into a better apartment.

Actresses were coming into the agency and asking for me, Danny, to help them. It was at this time that I first became aware of one of the major advantages of my position. I’d told one particular actress, an attractive twenty five year-old redhead, that I thought I could get her a minor role in a play in Wisconsin, but I’d have to let her know. As soon as I’d said these last words, she knelt in front of me, unzipping me and pulling my cock out of my pants.

They say you always remember your first blowjob. I know I always will. It was over fairly quickly, as I was shooting cum into her mouth in about a minute, but the feeling of having my cock in between her lips was fantastic.

After that I caught on fairly quickly and began to use every situation to my advantage. Reg retired when I was twenty one and I was then able to fully exploit my position. I had a bed installed in the corner of my office, officially for when I was working late, but I had my clients laying taboo heat porno back on it more than I did.

I had a routine. When I’d told an eager actress about the role I could place her into, I then went into my spiel.

“Of course, honey, this is a tough business. There are two or three other excellent actresses in competition with you for this role. If you really want me to ring up the producer and recommend you, then you need to show me a good reason for doing so.”

With a weary sigh my victim would see immediately what was required and I would be enjoying my blowjob about a minute later. What my young ladies didn’t always appreciate was that it would not only be a blowjob. I have a strong sexual drive and always need to cum twice when I’m having sex. Therefore when, after I’d cum in their mouth, I began to strip them, there were usually objections. This never deterred me and, despite their reluctance, once I’d got my cock inside them, I always had them moaning in pleasure.

I think my success in satisfying the ladies was a lot to do with the size of my cock. Most of their pussies seemed quite tight and I suspect that, as I fucked them, I was stretching them a lot more than their partners usually did.

I suppose that it was inevitable that I would gain a reputation for my naughty behavior as much as for my talent in placing women. However, this was not always a disadvantage as most actresses had some idea what to expect before they came through my door.

I looked again at the package that Priscilla, my secretary, had just brought me. I had taken on Priscilla six months before when I knew that I had to have help to keep the business running smoothly. I’d interviewed two others before I saw Priscilla, both of whom answered my questions fairly well. I’d got a list of interview questions and answers off the internet and Priscilla hadn’t done too well on the first couple. However, I thought I’d battle on as Priscilla looked the part of a secretary with a serious, though pretty face, with her hair tied up and wearing spectacles.

I got to the third question which was about what quality she thought was most important for a secretary. The answer I was looking for was ‘efficiency’. I waited for her answer.

Priscilla just stood up, removed her dress and turned her back towards me, thrusting her ass back at me. A few minutes later I had her bent over the desk, fucking her from behind. She also readily accepted my need to fuck her again almost immediately. This time she was on her back on my desk with her legs over my shoulders. I grasped her thighs just above her stocking tops and fucked her until we both were shouting in our orgasms.

I, of course, immediately gave Priscilla the job. She was always there to fuck when I hadn’t got an actress or dancer available and she was not a bad secretary either.

Priscilla left me to open the package on my own; inside was a short letter from my mom. It read:

‘Dear Daniel,

I know that we did not part on good terms when you left, but this letter is not about me, it is about your sister.

Elspeth, who is now eighteen, wants to be an actress. She has written to a number of drama schools without success and is now worried about her future. I know that you have contacts that may be able to assist Elspeth and I am telling you now that I expect you to do something to help.

I am enclosing some recordings of her in her school play and in some community shows, which hopefully you can use.

I am sending Elspeth to see you at five o’clock next Tuesday, when I expect you to give her some good news.

Please, for once, do something useful in your life.


I smiled ruefully. It was not the friendliest of letters. There was no attempt to arrange for Elspeth to come to see me when it would be convenient for me. I sighed with resignation and began to play the recordings.

Wow, my sister was a natural. She clearly had a great deal of acting talent but on top of that she was a beautiful girl. Even in her theatrical costume I could see that she’d filled out very nicely, with a pair of tits that took after mom’s. How on earth did the boys at school concentrate with her in their class? We’d never been that close as children, but looking at her beauty and her acting talent I felt very proud that she was my sister.

I thought immediately of how I could help her. I had a business contact, Josh, in New York who ran an off-Broadway theatre company. The company was for young actors and actresses and, as well as appearing in productions, the students received training which led to a formal drama degree. The fees were quite high, but it was possible for some students, who were particularly gifted, to have them paid through the theatre group’s endowment fund and to receive help with accommodation etc. The theatre was internationally known with famous patrons such as Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. In addition, I knew that Josh would look after Elspeth. Josh was in a gay teach that bitch porno relationship and he, and his partner, George, acted like fathers to the girls in the company.

I sent the recordings immediately to Josh. Josh owed me some pretty big favors and, if he was not helpful, I decided that I would be forceful in reminding him of his obligations to me.

I got my reply a couple of days later and it was everything I could have hoped for. Josh was excited about Elspeth’s potential. He could guarantee her a place on the course and furthermore assured me that she would receive a full grant from the endowment fund. It made me very pleased for Elspeth, but also reminded me that I needed to do some kind of further studying to complete my education, perhaps a correspondence course.

I was therefore feeling very good about myself as I sat in my office on Tuesday waiting for my sister to appear. In fact, I had seen her since I’d left home. I’d run across her at a party when she was sixteen and, although it was funny talking to her at first, we soon began chatting amicably. She told me that mommy, as she called her, was still mad at me, although Elspeth didn’t understand why. She did say that mommy called me a disgusting dirty boy, but mommy hadn’t explained to Elspeth why she called me that. Still it was good to see my little sis so happy and she seemed pleased that things had worked out alright for me.

At five o’clock, Priscilla opened my door and showed Elspeth into my office. Priscilla raised an eyebrow at me as she left, clearly thinking that I was now starting on much younger women. I laughed to myself as I thought about Priscilla’s obvious misconstruction of the situation. However, I could understand Priscilla’s misunderstanding. Elspeth was looking lovely, but also much younger than she had in the recordings. I had forgotten how made up she would have been for the parts she was playing. Now, with a pony tail, wearing sneakers, a short skirt and a tight T-shirt she looked every inch like the eighteen year-old schoolgirl she was. She looked like a teenage boy’s dream. With her big tits and her long legs she was a mouthwateringly tasty girl. At twenty two, I suddenly felt very old.

She looked shy as she came towards me. I stepped forward and hugged her to me, feeling a real brotherly love towards her.

“Sis, you look great,” I said smiling at her.

“Thanks Danny,” she said, relaxing a bit.

“I’ll try to help you Sis,” I said, “but let’s start by you telling me everything you’ve done and what you are looking for in a career.”

So then she started talking and I quickly realized that she had a poor opinion of her own ability. She undersold herself, giving average descriptions of how she’d performed in her different parts. She’d been talking in a depressed voice for twenty minutes about her experiences when she started telling me of her ambitions. To say she was aiming low was an understatement. Her hope was to get on a local general course that covered a number of subjects of which drama would be one.

Whenever she mentioned drama or acting, her tone lifted for a moment. Acting was clearly the one thing she was desperate to do. I let her carry on pouring out her thoughts for a further ten minutes until she was finished.

She sat back opposite me, one delightful leg crossed over the other, looking woebegone, intending to listen politely to what I was going to say, but without any particular hope that I could help.

I started slowly, “Firstly Sis, I have studied the recordings. In my line of work, as you can imagine, I have a good idea of what is good and what’s bad and I can tell you that you are good.”

She sighed. She clearly thought I was only buttering her up to try to lift her confidence.

“Secondly, I’m not the only person who thinks you’re good. I sent the recordings to a colleague in New York.”

Elspeth’s catch of breath was the first sign of animation I’d seen her show. New York, the very sound of the name of the Big Apple was enough to get her attention. Then I started to describe the off-Broadway theatre. I didn’t have to say much, she knew all about it. She’d read the reviews of New York plays for years and knew all the theatres.

“They even have students who appear in the plays and study for a degree at the same time,” she told me excitedly, thinking it was something I didn’t know.

She clearly thought we were digressing from her potential future, but the New York theatres scene was something she loved discussing.

I was going to build up to it slowly, but as she was forever going off into a discussion on theatres generally, I cut to the end quickly.

“I can get you a placement there,” I said abruptly.

She stared at me stunned.

She was breathless, “You can—get me?”

She couldn’t get her words out in her excitement.

I deliberately made my voice slow and calm so that there would be no misunderstanding, “Yes, the Director of the Theatre has team skeet porno seen your recordings and has agreed that he can take you as a student if I put you forward.”

“Oh Danny,” she whispered, her eyes glistening, “thank you so much.”

It was at this point that my brain went stupid. Whether I’d gone mad or whether it was out of sheer habit, I don’t know, but I went into my spiel.

“Of course, Sis, this is a tough business. There are two or three other excellent girls in competition with you for this placement but-“

I was going to rescue myself from this lunacy by saying, “but I can guarantee that the placement is yours,” but Elspeth didn’t give me the chance.

As soon as I’d started my spiel, she’d shot out of her chair over to me and placed her left hand over my mouth, preventing me from finishing and giving her my intended reassurance.

She stared hard into my eyes and, breathing hard, said in a whisper, “I’m not stupid. I know how this business works. Mommy thinks I’m naïve, but I’m not. I’m no innocent girl. I know what’s required.”

I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about until, with her right hand, she started undoing the buttons on my pants.

I felt trapped in my chair. Oh God, this was awful. I’d never intended this. I began shouting “No!” but her left hand muffled my cries. I was shaking my head violently from side to side but she was taking no notice. Having undone the buttons, she pushed her right hand inside the opening and grasped my cock, pulling it out.

I groaned, feeling ashamed that my little sister was now holding a very erect penis in her hand.

She bent her head forward and it was only at that point that she took her hand away from my mouth.

I groaned, “Nooo!” as she enclosed my mushroom head with her teenage mouth.

I remembered a friend telling me that there was something special about being given a blowjob by your sister. I now knew what he meant. It wasn’t that Elspeth had a particularly good technique, it was the fact that my cock was in her mouth which I had known virtually all my life. She was sucking me slowly, purposefully, her eyes gazing up, locking into mine.

I groaned again. I couldn’t help myself. She was licking round the rim of my helmet, then going back sucking it, sliding her lips backwards and forwards. I felt I was in a trance. My hands automatically went to the base of her ponytail and started pushing her head onto me. As she was sucking, she pushed my pants further down my legs until I was able to kick them away.

Now that I was completely free from the waist down, Elspeth’s hands went to work. She pushed her right hand under me to feel my balls, so I pushed my ass forward. My ball sack now hung over the front of the chair and Elspeth was able to tickle them and squeeze them, heightening my pleasure.

I was now moaning and could see Elspeth’s eyes, which were still locked on mine, glint in satisfaction as she heard me. Elspeth was doing an excellent job. She clearly knew that a man’s helmet was the most important part of his anatomy and she was sucking my sensitive glans voraciously.

Although I intended to be gentle, I found that I was automatically tightening my grip on her ponytail and pushing her head so that my helmet was nudging the back of her throat. Although Elspeth seemed unsure on what she was supposed to do, she could sense that I wanted my cock to slide further in. I could see a look of determination on her face as she relaxed her throat muscles, allowing me to penetrate as far as I could. I pulled my cock out to her lips and pushed it right to the back of her throat again. It felt fantastic. Seeing how much I was enjoying it, Elspeth squeezed and tickled my balls to enhance my pleasure as I continued to fuck her throat.

I wanted it to last forever, but I felt my climax nearing. “Sis, I’m cumming!” I groaned and Elspeth pulled me out of her throat to just inside her mouth, lathering my mushroom head with her tongue as I shot my jizz.

She was swallowing my cum as best she could but, when she realized I had finished, she got up quickly and walked into my washroom. I could hear her washing her mouth out, clearly finding her first mouthful of cum quite a shock.

I stood up and buttoned up my pants, waiting for her return. As she walked out of the washroom towards me, she obviously felt that she had performed as required. I held my arms out to give her, what she assumed would be, a last hug, but I had other intentions. When Sis had walked into my office, I was never intending that we would have any kind of sexual activity. However, the blowjob now meant that I saw her in a completely different light. She might have been a schoolgirl, but she had the curves of a sensual woman, with a beautiful face.

I pulled her hard into me so that I could feel her breasts against my chest. She involuntarily tightened slightly as she felt my body touching her. “Kiss me!” I whispered into her ear.

She turned her head to give me a peck on the lips, but I put a hand on the back of her head so that she could not pull away. As our lips were touching I pushed my tongue inside her mouth. She didn’t know how to respond but eventually moved her tongue against mine. After we’d done this for a minute I moved my mouth to her ear and began to whisper to her.

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