Sister Love Ch. 05

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It was a very hot day and Tammy and I were in her room, lying on her bed, dressed in, nothing but our underwear. We cuddled each other knowing that Mum was out of the house, for a while shopping. Tammy’s perfume was sweet and alluring, and I could feel her warmth as her fingers rubbed against my nipples. Tammy’s hands lingered against my boobs. There was a real air of expectation building up between us. I Gently took Tammy’s hand and pressed it more firmly against me, so she could feel my hardening nipples poking through the thin fabric. I let out an involuntary gasp as her fingers began to rub my nipple.

I grabbed Tammy’s other hand and ran it down my body to my pussy, keeping my own hand clasped on top of it. Using the pressure of her hand and mine combined I began to rub and stroke at my cunt through the flimsy panties, feeling my love juice seep through the fabric and dampen my fingers. Tammy’s fingers began to move independently of mine, searching and probing around the crotch of my panties as they found their way to my sticky slit. I was wetter than I’ve ever been in my life; the slow build-up of lust through the whole of the afternoon had gotten me really hot! Tammy’s finger slipped up and down my dripping pussy lips then sought my firm clit and began to rub it harder.

By the time the tip of her finger had started to tease the edge of my love tunnel I could feel a climax building up. Without warning, one wet finger slid right up into my cunt, and l felt my pussy walls spasm as I came. Tammy began to finger-fuck me in earnest then, pushing my legs wider apart so she could get three wriggling fingers inside me. I was revealing in the sensations of ecstasy, but Tammy wasn’t satisfied.

“I want to taste your pussy,” she said suddenly, kneeling down in front of me and pulling my panties right off so she had full access to my juicy hole. With gentle fingers she held my pussy lips wide apart as her tongue could reach right inside me. As she beg lashed at me with her hot tongue, we total engrossed in each other we didn’t hear the bedroom door open, and Mum was standing in the doorway staring at her grown daughters having sex. She leaned against the door as her mind tried to process what she saw.

“Mommy, it not what it looks like” Tammy tired to explained with a look of terror on her face, as she pulled her head out from my legs, grabbing at the sheet, trying to cover herself. Tammy sat up, with the sheet around her.

“It looks like bangbross porno you and your sister are having sex together, it doesn’t bother me that you are having sex, what does bother me is that you didn’t wait for me” She said, as she gazed at us, and as she walked closer to the bed. I looked up at Mum, staring into her eyes, which as blue as Tammy’s and mine. Mum turned to look at Tammy, and she cowered away from her expecting Mum to hit her. “Please don’t hit me Mum!” Tammy in a small voice.

“Come here, both of you,” Mum said, as she sat down on the bed.

“It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you,” Mum said, as we both scooted over to her, sitting on either side of her, covering our pussies with our hands. “Please don’t beat us Mummy, please!” Tammy pleaded looking up at her mother as tears streamed down her face.

“When have I ever hit either of you? You are now adults, and you can practice what ever sexuality you want.” Mum asked softly as she put her arms around them, pulling them closer to her.

“I love you girls. I’d never hurt you,” Mum said, looking down at Tammy.

“Mom, whatever punishment you decide on, you should take it out on me. Please leave Tammy out of it,” I said, standing up in front of Mum and covering my crotch.

“Who says I’m going to punish you?” Mum said, taking her arm off of Tammy’s shoulder and pulling me closer to her.

“You love your sister, don’t you?” Mum said softly. I nodded my head yes. Mum pulled me up onto her lap. “Its okay baby, I’m not angry,” Mum said, gently stroking my blond hair.

“You’re not?” I asked, looking up into my mother’s eyes as tears stained her face.

“No baby. I can never be angry with you girls,” Mum said, “You girls are my entire world. Everything I do is for you, to make you girls happy,” Mum said, looking into my eyes.

Her mother hugged me like she had not done in a long time. Mum gently stroked my stomach and then she slid her hand up and down on my thigh gently. I closed my eyes, enjoying my Mother’s fingers as they gently brushed along my soft flesh, which had always had a soothing effect on me. Tammy leaned against Mum as she felt her lean over and kiss her on her head, gently stroking her shoulders, making her smile a little.

Mum’s touching her daughter’s young body’s quickly changed from affectionate to sexual as she began kissing my head. Her hand went down to my crotch as she ran her fingers through my hairless crotch. I bangbus porno lifted my head and looked into Mum’s eyes, as Mum smiled at me. Mum’s fingers were now stroking the soft mound of my pussy as she moved her head closer to mine and kissed me tenderly on her lips. I thrilled at my mother’s affectionate and loving gesture, and I squirmed on Mum’s lap as I kissed mother back on her lips in a way that was not the kind of kiss that mother and daughter usually share. I was feeling her sexual senses stirring to the touch of her mother’s delicate stroking of her pussy and the warm kiss we were sharing.

Tammy sat up from leaning on her mother when she heard a little moan from me, and beamed as she was watching Mum stroking mu pussy. I looked at Tammy and grinned as they realized they had nothing to fear from our mother, who wanted only to love us. Tammy gazed up at Mum as she removed her hand from my pussy and started stroking her own, making her own pussy tingle at her mother’s gentle touch. Mum smiled at her daughter as her hand stroked Tammy’s pussy and as she continued kissing my perfect little lips. Tammy moved around behind Mum then hugged her from behind drawing Mum’s lips away from me, finding the new kind of kissing very exciting. Since both of us were naked and Mum was still fully dressed, she decided it was time to show her girls what to look forward.

“Would you like to see what your dear old Mum looks like?” she said, as she pushed me off her lap onto the bed and stood up turning around to face her daughters. Tammy and I smiled as our mother finished unbuttoning her blouse, pulled it out of her skirt and dropped it on the floor. Mum looked at her two beautiful daughters, as we lay back on the bed propping ourselves up on our elbows, watching her as she undid her bra, exposing her medium, but nicely shaped breasts. She stepped close to the bed and drew us towards her, letting us bury our faces in the motherly mounds at which we had both suckled from, many years ago. She encouraged us to explore her motherly breasts and to tweak her nipples, finally pushing our heads onto her breasts so we could suck on the hardening nipples.

Mum pushed us away after a while, as we gazed lovingly at our mother’s wet and shiny breasts, swelling up to cones and then nipples in their perfection. Each girl dreamed of the day when her breasts would be as nice as their mother’s were. Then Tammy and I gasped as our mother pulled down her skirt to reveal her beurette tour porno panty clad figure, the wetness of her pussy already showing through the gusset of her panties.

“Wow! Mum, you have a shave pussy!” Tammy said, sitting up to get a better view. “Can I touch you there?” Tammy asked looking up at her mother with a little smile.

“Go ahead” Mum, said, grinning as Tammy reached up and stroked her little hand against her mother’s panty covered pubic hair. “It’s really nice and smooth!” Tammy said smiling up at her mother.

“Touch it, Claire!” Tammy said to me. Not telling her that I touched had touched it already. I sat up and placed my hand against Mum’s panty-clad pussy and started stroking it with my fingers, rubbing my thumb into the crack that became visible, due to the pussy juice that oozed from our mother’s cunt. Mum moaned as I pulled my hand away from her pussy and licked the pussy juice off my thumb, immediately responding to the delicious taste. “Can I pull your panties down?” I asked her, looking up at Mum. “Sure,” Mum replied.

Mum let us each take hold of the elastic at the top of her panties and pull them down, uncovering her bald pussy, then pooling at her feet, where she kicked them off and up on the bed with a quick motion of her right foot. I moved up on the bed and getting on my hands and knees as Mum moved closer to the bed, Mum gasped as I buried my face in her hairless mound, inhaling the womanly scent again, and beaming up at Mum with a beatific grin. Tammy smiled at Mum, as she lay back on the bed stroking her pussy with her fingers, as she watched the actions of her sister, exploring the glorious place from which we had both emerged years ago. Having learned cunnilingus, from her practice with my sister, my tongue quickly snaked out and began licking at the hot, wet slit that was waiting for me.

“Oh!” Mum moaned as she felt my mouth encircle the head of her clit. I sucked on Mum’s cunt for a while swallowing much of the pussy juice and giving Mum a glorious orgasm before I pulled off and smiled up at Mum, my face smeared with lady juice. Lying on my back as Mum spread my legs and lowered her head into her daughter’s crotch and started licking my finely fuzzed pussy. “Oh fuck Mum that feels so goooood!” I moaned as my Mum licked and sucked on my labia. Soon I was shaking and groaning under my Mum’s talented licking and sucking, and my body writhed and then collapsed under the lingual onslaught of Mum’s tongue and mouth. Tammy moved closer to me and we started kissing each other. Mum began stroking Tammy’s cunt, while Tammy licked my pussy. Tammy sucked in her stomach when she felt Mum’s tongue licking her labia after she had finished giving me a nice orgasm.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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