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My sister was one of those girls; you know the kind has everything given to her by everyone else? Boys trip over themselves to be with them, or will do anything to please them. Even from a distance I remember thinking how sad it was.

But, this is a tale of how hard those queens can fall if things go even a little bit wrong for them, you see I’m an 18 year old geek, I sit in my room, I enjoy dungeons and dragons and gaming, but I decided that’s OK too. I’m happy just been me. And so this is my story and the story of what happened between my sister and me. The first time we slept together.

One night in mid-June our parents had gone away for the weekend and she was the older of the two of us, and this meant she was left to look after me, not that I needed it. However, my parents didn’t want me to be left alone. There had been some bad occurrences along our road recently so they were just been protective. My sister as usual went to her parties and had her boyfriend over, the one my parents didn’t know about. She was always usually home about 2am and usually went straight to bed, as the end of the week drew on she seemed to care even less, at least about what I was doing or where I was, not that it would be hard to figure out, I never left the house.

Thursday was the day it all changed she had a big argument with the boyfriend and he left about 9pm and she remained down in the front room. I had gone past once or twice getting coffee I was on a big character building streak in some dungeon or another looking for the goblin queen. Anyway as I headed back to my room late, around midnight I think. I heard a low moan coming from the front room, intrigued I looked through the crack in living room door to see my sister lying on the sofa legs spread wide her fingers resting against her pussy her finger moving only so slightly. She would circle herself before sliding her fingers deep within herself before slipping them back and then repeat the motion faster, her hips would rise before plunging down against her own hand causing her moan.

In my curiosity I must have knocked into the picture that hung on the wall, and betraying me it hit the ground with a huge clatter.

My sister jumped up and surprisingly quickly she tore the door open “What the fuck are you doing you perverted little prick!” She screamed at me leaving me clambering for an answer.

My usual arsenal of quick witted come backs seemed to leave me hanging before I simply shrugged and resorted to my usual losing argument of “Fuck you Emily” before quickly heading back to my room.

It had been a little while since the argument with Emily, and I don’t mind telling you I’d had quite the boner, but I’d just been watching my sister so… it felt a little wrong to act upon it.

An hour later and I heard my sister coming up the stairs, but instead of going to her room she knocked on my door.

“You still awake Joey?”

“Yea,” I simply shrugged.

“I’m sorry,” that statement was enough to make me almost choke, as I turned to looked at her she was leaning on the door frame looking at me. “I didn’t … I don’t mind you were watching, it’s kind of sexy ok, but maybe next time don’t get caught?” I’m not really sure what she was getting at, well I am but would you really know how to react to that?

“I wasn’t really watching just wondered why you were moaning that’s all , thought your boyfriend had come back or summin,” as I made that statement it made me realise how much more perverted that would have been and groaned silently ankara escort in my head.

She sighed at my words, her shoulders slumped as she shook her head “He won’t be back, and I won’t be going out tomorrow,” with that she headed to bed.

I was left confused more so than before. I settled back into my game, the time had crept to around 4.30 am (too much coffee and images in my head to sleep just yet) when my sister came back into my room and propped herself on my bed watching me. I kept playing but somehow the big pole in my pj bottoms made it real difficult to concentrate on the skeleton dungeon. I died twice in only few minutes which just should not have happened.

“You ok bro?” She asked a tease in her voice I’d heard a thousand times before, except tonight it merely made my already hard cock harder.

I turned off the game and shifted myself so I could talk to her, “What do you want Emily?” I asked looking toward her now, “Really?”

She shrugged and then moved onto her front looking me dead in the eye, “Nothing, just to spend time with the only guy I trust?” She smiled looking to me thinking I could see the cogs in her head turning and that always worried me.

“I’m your brother,” I replied firmly.

“And yet you watched me finger myself?” She smiled, there was something wicked both in her eyes and in the way she spoke that I had never seen before.

That caught me off guard and it kind of didn’t I knew somewhere down the line it would come up again, I just didn’t think it would be so fast.

“I’m sorry,” was about all I could find. And then all I could do was wait and hope for this to pass, I suspected it wouldn’t. And of course the worst part being I couldn’t deny it, nor could I deny the huge pole in my shorts.

She giggled then smiled “You’re kind of cute when you’re scrambling for an answer you know,” again her tone leaving me wondering whether I should hit her or pounce on her.

“Whatever.” Was all I could manage in reply or as any kind of defence toward her.

She moved to the edge of the bed her hands resting against my knees helping her balance as she pushed herself up my eyes couldn’t help but follow her boobs as they bounced beneath the flimsy cotton night gown she was wearing. “I get the feeling you like what you see” she cooed ever so sweetly, “I mean I have a great body right?”

I simply nodded “Yea you’re hot” as it came out of my mouth the panic hit, I hadn’t actually meant to say it out loud, but in a very real and very horrifying way I had.

My sister simply squeaked in victory as she looked at me “Ever fantasised about me?” At least that I could combat.

“No you’re my sister!” I tried to sound angry or upset but failed.

“Your sister, who you think is hot,” she reminded me.

“So you’re hot get over yourself already,” came my reply quickly.

“I bet you would,” she smiled her fingers digging into the flesh of my knees.

“I would? What?” I asked too flustered to get her point.

“Get off all over me, your hot cum splattering my face and tits,” I moaned I know I did because she pushed her hands up my legs pressing more of her weight on me. She had me trapped knowing I wouldn’t move because if I did she would plummet face first into the floor, as much as she deserved it, I kind of actually liked my sister, most of the time anyway.

“What not even going to deny it?” Her eyes met mine and now there was something there I’d never seen before, a look almost feral in its nature.

“Why escort ankara are you doing this?” I managed to get out.

“Because,” she replied and that annoyed me, a lot, and gave me enough mental control to launch a return verbal attack.

“Because? That’s your answer to saying what you did? Believing I would actually want to fuck you? Really sis? You need to do better than that!” I felt better and worse all in the same instance, I watched her move away and she looked genuinely hurt. I had to act or risk her leaving my room and leaving me with far more answers than questions.

“What’s going on Emily? One minute you’re verbally ripping my head off and the next you’re acting all cute?” I stated quickly trying to keep her from feeling any worse. Or getting any madder at me than she probably already was right now.

“Because, I just wanted you to feel special, to see that I do trust you, you’re my brother,” the answer was well thought out but completely bogus. I crawled onto my bed laying behind her now, she moved down and laid between my legs resting her head on my stomach. “I feel safe in here; can I stay in your room tonight?”

I wasn’t about to deny her so I didn’t “Sure sis, just stay on your side of the bed.” She looked up to me and smiled, as she crawled into bed and I pulled the duvet over us I was mentally kicking myself.

It was a real weird feeling waking up draped over my sister my body pressed against her spine, we had watched a DVD and fallen asleep, then part of me was suddenly far from asleep, my huge morning hard on pressing against her warm butt crack, as I went to move her hand followed and blocked my retreat.

“No don’t take it away let me feel it,” my sister mumbled in a very sexual voice, yet I knew she was still asleep.

So think about this for a minute you’re in bed with a girl, I’ll take this time to tell you a few things about Emily, she’s 19, about 5′ 6″ dark haired, delicate features, not skinny but very well structured as a girl goes, a real tight ass, and sweet crystal blue eyes, sexy as hell. What would you do?

I decided I’d take a few chances, it had been a really long time since I’d had any luck with girls, I’d only had a couple of girlfriends and a few lewd internet moments but I’m a gaming geek so girls aren’t always high on my list of things to do (pardon the horrible pun).

I let my hand rest on her arm just brushing her side, she whimpered softly pushing her ass into my solid cock as I let my hand slide down over her breast, then back feeling her nipples harden at that action of fabric brushing against them. My cock reacted as I did this a few times, a couple of times she’d moan then shift against me. Then I went for a soft squeeze feeling her perfect flesh, the fabric been in my way wasn’t good enough for me. Slowly I slid my hand under her nightgown brushing the soft supple flesh of her thigh, I stopped just a moment to realise she was completely open under there no underwear at all.

It took every ounce of self-control not to rip off my shorts and ram my cock into her, but then I kind of wanted her awake and to say I could, sad or sick I know. So I continued up her body to the sweet supple flesh of her breasts kneading and squeezing them then letting my thumb brush and rub her nipple. I kissed the flesh of her spine and she shuddered, “Mmmm that feels good” now I should have been paralysed with fear but I was on a perverse kind of high so I repeated my action letting my hand slip back down past her stomach grazing her bikini ankara escort bayan line and pushing my thick cock against her ass. This time a more heated moan escaped her and she turned to look at me.

That’s it I remember thinking moment over I’d had my feel and now I was about to be chewed out for taking advantage, instead she looked at me reached up and pulled me into a long tender kiss, when it broke she smiled “I’m your sister” she whimpered softly.

“Are you stopping me?” was my reply.

“No, just reminding you,” she breathed in as my finger caught the very edge of her little triangle “But you have to even the odds and get your kit off,” no sooner had she said it than her night gown and my shorts were gone, thrown into a heap on the floor. Now my cock was pressed directly against the tender flesh of her ass, causing me to almost deliver my hot load against her right then and there.

“You know the next time you want to watch me, I want you to ask, I’ll give you a show you’ll never forget,” she smiled a wicked sexy smile that caused my concentration slip and my hand pressed flat against her mound pushing hard causing her to yelp in surprise. “Oh my fucking god!” It took a moment for me to realise, it wasn’t pain that had caused her to cry out but the short sharp motion of my fingers sliding down her hot wet slit as I moved them back along her clit, and she arched her back pushing her ass harder into my hard cock. “Please put that monster inside me, please” the pleading told me the playing was over for now at least and I took hold of my cock as she wriggled into position. She was really tight as my cock found her hole and began to slide into her, stretching her open for my cock. “Oh my god, Joey fuck, ow, Joey it’s too big” were just a few of the things that tumbled from her mouth as I penetrated my sisters’ hot wet pussy that morning. Every time she said something I took as me hurting her I tried to stop, she’d block my escape until I was resting my whole 9 inch cock deep inside her pussy and we stayed there for a few minutes before I began to rock my hips against her, it took a few minutes but finally I was able to withdraw and plunge inside her with hard rapid strokes.

I was lost in the feeling of her pussy stretching to accommodate my thick cock, my hands slid along the flesh of her thigh, sliding up to cup her breast again causing her moan, her juices were running down both our thighs now as I continued to plunge deep into her. I pressed my lips to the back of her neck moaning into her hair. I could feel every inch of her tight wet pussy, and the more I focused on enjoying my sister the harder my cock got inside her.

Her breathing was heavy and ragged as I drove harder into her each stroke causing my hips to slap hard against her ass, her hips pushed back hard forcing my cock to drive deep inside her tight wet pussy. Suddenly her body tensed as she twitched violently, her pussy muscle clamping down hard on my cock, as a violent orgasm ripped through her. I couldn’t have stopped at that point even if I had wanted to, as my cock unleashed a wave of thick hot white cum deep inside my sisters pussy causing me to groan hard, a second spurt shot deep into her and I laid there gripping her tits hard as my cock finished pumping my hot cum deep inside her.

“Fuck Joey, that was so fucking hot!” She whimpered softly before turning to face me “You are such a good fuck, maybe I’ll keep you around, now go make me a fucking coffee, you perverted little prick,” She smiled as she sat slipping her fingers into herself scooping out some of my cum and then sucking it from her fingers. I couldn’t figure what had just occurred between us, or how it would change our relationship, so I simply climbed out of bed and went to make coffee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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