Sisters Gotta Share Ch. 03

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Thursday finally came and I got a call that filled me with exhilarating anticipation.

“I need you to pick up Cindy tonight,” Sara said. “I will be working late, and I won’t have time to pick her up if we want to have dinner at a decent hour.”

I thought it was important not to seem too eager. “I don’t know, honey. I am pretty busy myself today.”

Sara was not in a negotiating mood. “I need you to do this for me. Please.”

I agreed with a grouchy mumble and hung up the phone. “Fine, be a bitch about it,” I thought. “I am going to be fucking your sister in just a little while!”

5:00 could not arrive quickly enough!

I was lucky not to get a traffic ticket on my way over to Cindy’s apartment. The minute she opened the door, I was going to ravage her. Fuck this waiting around bullshit. I had been waiting around for more than a week.

I knocked on her door, and it took her less than five seconds to open. I barged in and stooped down to kiss her passionately on the lips. Her mouth opened and her tongue pressed up against mine with ecstatic determination. Her hands went to my shoulders, and mine went around her, my left going down to cup her perfect ass.

She pulled away, and I was about to pursue her, but she put one hand on the center of my chest and pushed. Confused and frustrated, I felt like knocking her hand away and taking what was rightfully mine.

She shook her head and looked me in the eyes.

“Alicia’s here,” she said softly.

I grimaced. Alicia was Cindy’s bitchy roommate. She was a knockout to look at, but she had the attitude of a spoiled, blonde brat who thought she was to good for everyone else, which was ironic, because that was exactly what she was.

I backed away from Cindy, nodding my understanding. Alicia had a nose for gossip, and she had always despised me because I did not bend down and worship her the way all her frat-brat boy-toys did. Nothing would give her more pleasure than ratting me out to Sara and ruining my marriage.

Almost as if on cue, Alicia walked into the living room from the hallway. She was wearing a long sweatshirt, and as far as I could tell, that was it. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was up in a lazy ponytail, and yet even as she was slumming it for the evening, she still had her airs on. She sat down on the couch and used the remote to turn on the television. Though I stood just six feet away from her, she did not acknowledge my presence.

“Hi, Alicia,” I said with as much as civility as I could muster.

“Hey,” she droned unenthusiastically, not even bothering to look up from whatever was currently on the tube.

I just shook my head and rolled my eyes.

“I’ll mommys girl porno be back later tonight,” Cindy said, elbowing me towards the door. She knew how little I thought of Alicia. It had often been what our little play fights had started about.

She led me out the door and we walked out to the car. She was certain to stay at a good distance from me; it was not beyond Alicia to spy on us through the window. I thought it was overkill (there was no reason for Alicia to even suspect anything), but I figured there was no harm.

I started the car and noticed what Cindy was wearing. What little she had to offer in the way of cleavage was shown off by a low cut blouse. Her legs were again exposed to the late October chill in a short, denim skirt.

As we drove away from her apartment complex, I put my hand on her leg. She shivered with anticipation at my touch, and I caressed her leg lightly.

“How have you been?” I asked.

“Dying to see you,” she answered. She looked at me hungrily.

“I see you are dressed appropriately,” I observed. My hand went up her thigh to the hem of the skirt.

She exhaled deeply. “If you go up even higher, you will see just how appropriately,” she said breathily.

My hand crept up under her skirt. When I got to her crotch, there were two things I noticed missing: panties and pubic hair.

“Shaved? Very nice,” I said, and I could not hide my smile.

“I know a lot about your tastes,” Cindy said with a coy smile. I did not need to bother where she had learned them. None of that mattered.

“Why don’t you ease the seat back and relax?” I asked her, my forefinger finding her clit and gently caressing it. She was already wetter than she had been when I made her come with my toes.

She reached down and reclined in the seat, opening her legs as far as her skirt would allow. My first two fingers delved into her pussy, and she wriggled against my hand, moaning pleasurably.

I drove aimlessly while I played with her pussy. Her breaths became faster and deeper. Her moans turned into loud affirmations. She was getting close.

“When did you first start thinking about me like this?” I asked, pulsing my fingers into her a little quicker now. My thumb pressed firmly against her button with every thrust.

“When you and Sara first started dating five years ago,” she said, breathing heavily.

“You were only fourteen then!” I exclaimed. I was shocked, but not repulsed. In fact, it turned me on even more.

“Didn’t matter…oh, God…I still wanted you,” she replied.

“Oh, yeah? Did little Miss Naughty want to fuck the older boy?” I asked, my fingers becoming more determined.

“Oh, momsbangteens porno yes! Fuck, yes!” she screamed. Her body was tensing up, and I could tell she was on the cusp of orgasm.

“You dirty little whore!” I hissed. “This is what you always wanted, isn’t it?”

“YES!” she replied, bucking in her seat. I felt the soothing flood of her juices coat my fingers.

I withdrew my fingers and stuck them in my mouth, savoring her taste. I licked them clean as she pulled the seat back upright.

“Your turn,” she said. “Can you find a shady spot?”

“I know just the place,” I replied.

I drove to an old, out of the way parking lot that I had used when I went to the university. It had always been abandoned and conveniently near campus. I had taken a lot of dates out to this spot, including Sara.

As I drove, Cindy pulled out my dick and started playing with it. Her touch on my shaft sent warm chills up my spine, and I had to redouble my efforts to concentrate on driving.

When at last we got to the parking lot, I discovered that things had changed. Apparently, my secret little parking lot was no longer much of a secret. There were no less than ten people hanging out around three cars.

“Shit,” I muttered.

Cindy looked at me and smiled.

“Keep driving,” she said. “I will take care of everything.”

She unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned over into my lap. I felt her lips start at the head of my cock, and then expand to take me in. She started slowly, just taking the head in and rolling her tongue around. Her right hand came up and began to massage my testicles, and she moaned softly.

“Oh, my God,” I uttered, my eyes rolling up in their sockets. It was even better than I thought it would be.

She began to take me deeper, pushing her head further and further into my lap. My right hand went from the wheel to the back of her head, where I gently massaged her scalp and began pushing her head down.

I was in paradise, and then my cell phone rang. Looking at the display, I saw that it was Sara. I knew I had to take it.

I answered the phone and Sara wanted to know where we were. I told her we were on our way. She wanted to know what was taking so long. I told her I got tied up at work and got a late start.

The entire time, Cindy was sucking harder, and her head was bobbing up and down faster. It was difficult to focus on driving and my wife’s nagging while getting one of the most anticipated blowjobs of my life. It took every ounce of patience I had not to simply hang up on Sara.

“Let me talk with Cindy,” Sara said matter-of-factly.

The blood ran out of my face.

“You monsters of cock porno want to talk with Cindy?” I asked, tapping my new lover on the shoulder. Cindy popped up out of my seat with an expression of horror.

I handed the phone over and zipped up my fly. Feeling an empty pit in my stomach, I started driving back to our house. I tried to listen to Cindy’s end of the conversation, but I was busy trying to think of what I would say if I had indeed been found out.

Cindy hung up the phone and handed it back to me. “It’s okay. She just wants us to drop by the grocery store on way.”

She ran her hand on my shoulder. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” I muttered. “Just wish we could find some time to do this.”

We dropped by the store and picked up some of the groceries Sara had wanted, then hightailed it back to the house. By the time we got there, my erection had subsided, leaving the dull ache of testicular vasocongestion.

After all the waiting I had done over the previous week, I could not believe that I would have to wait until the end of the night to get a release. The only thing that made it bearable was knowing that the release might be all over Cindy’s pretty face.

Dinner and the conversation afterward were annoyingly lengthy. The big news was that Sandy had finally gotten herself a boyfriend. At 21 years old, it was her first real boyfriend. It was not that she was unattractive. Quite the opposite- she was the most strikingly beautiful of all the sisters, but her demure demeanor and overwhelming immaturity and shyness kept her at arm’s length. Sara had told me before that Sandy had never even kissed a guy before.

With my aching balls, I was in a foul mood. More than anything, I wanted the evening to end so that I could drive Cindy home and finally have my way with her. It started to occur to me that she had had two orgasms in this affair compared to zero for me. Was this how women felt when the roles were reversed?

Finally, the evening came to a close, and my loins, tired of the never-ending false alarms, became alert and aware. It would not be long now before I had Cindy for my own.

“What are you doing?” Sandy asked when she saw me putting my jacket on.

“Cindy needs a ride home,” I answered, “and Sara has to get up early for work tomorrow.”

“I can take her,” Sandy said pleasantly. “We do live right down the street from each other.”

I looked plaintively at Cindy, who looked just as disappointed as I felt. She shrugged and nodded. There was no arguing. Doing so would mean looking way too eager to have time alone with Cindy.

We said our good-byes and sent the girls off. I then nuzzled up to Sara to see if she would be interested in a quick romp before bed.

“Not tonight, honey,” Sara said, wincing. “I think that dinner isn’t agreeing with me.”

Instead of Cindy’s face or my wife’s pussy, my release was in my hand that night. This affair was going to have to start getting better fast!

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