Sleep Time Encounter

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The warm summer air was blowing around the yard. My mother in law was talking to me about some useless garbage that I really didn’t care about. My cock was hard in my now untied shorts. My sister in laws young hard ass was facing me, while she floated calmly half on an inflatable air mattress. I nodded and agreed with the mother in law in an attempt to appease her and make her go to work and leave us alone.

My sister in law was in one of those great moods where she was horny and perverted all at the same time. I loved it because I was usually the recipient of her horniness. She had this knack of making me hard with just a glance. Her big C cup tits bounced around as she turned me on. She had already flashed her ass at me a couple of times in the pool and she was aware that I was rapidly joining her in her amorous mood.

I loved to remember the times that we had been naughty together and from what I read in her diary she enjoyed them too. She had spent several nights sleeping down stairs in my apartment before today, but I easily remembered I time when I had pushed the limits.

After a long afternoon of swimming and playing she joined me downstairs for pizza and chips. We did this on a regular basis as my little treat for her when her mother was working. We had encountered so many things together that I felt weird when she wasn’t there. Tonight was different from all the others. Tonight she had worn her panties. Usually she chose not to. I was taken aback, but decided not to push the issue. I got changed into my usual attire, loose cotton shorts and a light t-shirt. After the food she popped in a movie for us to watch. Now she had already seen quite a few movies before she should have. So the choice of movies we could watch together was almost unlimited. She had seen more bad movies before she was allowed to than I had all together. As the credits started she jumped onto my lap and snuggled in. Her hands were dangerously close to my cock as it lurked just underneath her.

On several occasions she took the opportunity to graze my cock with her hands. She gently brushed against the head of it in a feeble attempt to fondle me. I, for one, was not even remotely interested in preventing her from grabbing hold of it and doing what ever she wished. In fact, I was always hoping that she would feel the desire burning so deep inside her that she acted on her own and made the first move. For her to be overcome with such emotions that were so strong that she couldn’t control herself is something that had become a burning desire of mine. I was not so fortunate.

I made every attempt to lead her into a sexual situation but she resisted them all. I repeatedly rubbed my cock against her in an attempt to arouse her. I flashed my hardening cock. She ignored it. I was getting horny trying to get her turned on. I tried putting my hands on her leg and rubbing it. This usually started to get her going, but not tonight. I was getting frustrated, but still horny.

When the movie was over it was pretty late and she was complaining about how tired she was. She asked if she could crash on my couch and I readily agree. I went into my room and left the door slightly open while I changed for bed. I had positioned the mirror so I could she her in the living room. My mood was suddenly uplifted. She was watching. I took my time and allowed her to see everything I have. She watched my act for a few minutes. I was getting hard and my cock was starting to rise. I wondered if tonight was her attempt to drive me crazy and that all my advances where being refused despite how horny she was getting. I reached down and gently stroked my cock a few times with my back to her. I turned slightly in an attempt to show her more. I left my hand on my cock and continued to stroke when I knew she could see everything. I heard her gasp and glanced into the mirror. She was sitting in my chair looking straight at my cock. Her hands had disappeared into her pants.

The teach that-bitch porno left hand was holding onto the waist band of the pants and holding them away from her body as the other worked furiously on her aching pussy. Seeing this, my cock easily became consumed with the idea of fucking her hard and often. No more rubbing or flashing, I wanted full deep penetration. I wanted to pull down her pants and force my face deep into her love box and eat her until she came again and again. I wanted to feel the lips of her shaved pussy dance with mine while my tongue flicked gingerly at her clit. I wanted to let my hands roam all over her ass and around her rosebud. Fingering her ass as I ate her was such a turn on. I released my cock as I was stroking it vigorously and was about to shoot my load all over the carpet. I glanced up at the mirror for confirmation of her passion and she was gone.

She wasn’t watching anymore. I wondered if she went out of sight to finish herself off. I quickly grabbed my housecoat and headed for the living room. There I found her, but as I expected or hoped. She was pulling out the hide a bed from the couch and was going to make the bed. She looked up at me and then down at the obvious tent I was forming in my housecoat. She turned her back to me and continued to avoid me again. I was stunned and confused. Even worse I was still very horny. I didn’t know what to do. I stood there stunned. Probably with my mouth hanging open. She looked at me for a moment and stepped past me and went to the bathroom. She locked the door behind her as I heard it click behind her. I went into my room totally frustrated and stunned. I sat on my bed with my cock still semi hard and dying fast. She came out of the bathroom and headed to the coach. I begrudgingly crawled into bed.

I lay in bed with the lights out for what felt like and eternity. Actually three hours had passed and I was still awake and still incredibly horny. I thought maybe if I went to the bathroom and jerked off I could release some strain and get some sleep. I headed down the hall to peak in on her before I did my deed. There on the couch was my sister in law, spread eagle and her shirt pulled up with her nipple peaking out. I walked into the room as quietly as possible and approached the bed. She lay so still and I was so gentle. I pulled up her shirt to around her neck. Both of her beautiful tits were laying there for me to see. I watched them for a moment before I got enough courage to touch them. Gently I rubbed my finger tips over the soft skin of her breasts. I paused for a moment as I touched her nipple as it reacted to my touch. The stimulation was appealing to her as her nipple started to rise. I watched it as it moved. Concentrating on one I had an idea. I pulled off my housecoat and stood inches from this vixen with my hard cock in hand. Part of me now says I should have fucked her, but I was in a teasing mood. I rested my cock on her nipple and gently rubbed it against her.

In a swirling motion I gently fondled her nipple with the aching head of my cock. I was incredibly turned on at this. I had never had skin on skin contact with her. In my excitement my cock started to ooze my pre-shot. Surprisingly, I had a great deal of liquid leak out of my cock. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to stop cumming all over her tits. This still wasn’t a bad idea. It would satisfy my fantasies, or at least some of them. I pulled back as she started to move. The last thing I wanted was for her to wake up and send me packing with no satisfaction.

She settled herself down, but covered up her greased tits with the blanket. Her rolling over had placed her head dangerously near the edge of the bed. Her mouth hung slightly open and facing towards me. The idea over took me. I didn’t even think about it. I stepped up to her face and placed my ridged cock to her lips. I wiped the pre-shot from the head of my cock onto her lips. A big drop of teamskeet porno juice dripped off of her upper lip and landed in her mouth. I paused for a moment to see her reaction. Her mouth closed and she swallowed it down. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and licked her lips as it looked for more. More than willing to oblige, I rubbed my cock against her lips again. I held my cock against her luscious lips and awaited her return. She did not disappoint me.

Her tongue quickly found my cock as she flicked my head like an ice cream cone on a hot day. She swirled around the head and lick off all the juice. I moved quickly when as paused at the underside of my cock. I pushed the throbbing head of my cock into her mouth. It was hot and wet. The wetness you get from a juicy piece of fruit as it explodes in your mouth. She closed her mouth around it and swallowed hard pulling in my cock. I let my hands roam as she continued to hold my cock in her vice like mouth.

I pulled down the blankets to see her tits again. Even before their escape, her nipples were hard and inviting. I gently touched them and twisted her nipples. With every turn she seemed to invigorate her sucking. Stronger and harder she drew on my cock. I was finally going to be able to fuck her if I played my cards right. I fantasized about the pleasure that was to come. This caused me to twist her nipples a little too hard and she jumped and pulled back from my touch. Her vacuum on my cock had released. I had blown it. She rolled over and showed me her back covering all of my play toys. I was at the point that it didn’t really matter how I got my release, as long as I got the opportunity to blow my load. I had been hoping that it was going to be in her mouth or in her pussy, but it was obvious that that was unlikely to be the case.

I watched for a few minutes in silent wonder of what I could do next. Suddenly it hit me. I reached for the waistband of her loosely fitting shorts. I slowly pulled them down an inch or too at a time. I took my time to ensure I didn’t wake her or make her pull away. After a few minutes I got them down far enough that I could see most of her heart shaped ass. Holding her clothes away from her body I examined her ass in search of the elusive rosebud. I lifted her ass cheek and to my surprise I found not a tiny pink rosebud, but an enlarged one with signs of use as an entrance. I was stunned and so turned on. Without pause I leaned down to slide my tongue over her asshole. Her pants snapped back against her body and she jumped for the second time. In a panic I dropped to the floor.

I was lying on the floor next to the bed when I realized that she was awake and that I was totally naked on the floor. I glanced up hoping she wouldn’t see me but dying to get caught. The thought of her catching me was one fantasy I longed to have played out. Here and now there was a very real opportunity for that to happen. She lay back down. I waited for a few minutes before popping back up to finish off. Her hand was dangling off the bed similarly to the way her head had been propped almost ready to help. Everything else was wrapped up tight. I tried to untuck her, but she seemed to be holding them with her other hand. I resolved myself in the knowledge that fucking her was out of the question. At least she had left a hand to help me.

I lined myself up and slid my still firm cock into the palm of her hand. Her grip was soft but firm. She held on just tight enough to drag the skin over the head before forcing it back down. She had the grip of a pro. I pumped her slowly and steadily, enjoying ever second of her soft hand. Her other hand was moving under the blankets as I pumped away. I watched as she appeared to go to her love hole to enjoy herself. She must have been awake. She wasn’t objecting so I didn’t hesitate to use her hand every way I could. I moved it off of my shaft and onto my balls. I squeezed her hand to make her rub my balls. Several times tecavuz porno her fingers uncurled towards my ass. I took this as a subtle request for exploration. As you can expect, I took her on a tour.

I pulled off her hand and moved in closer to her to allow her better access to my ass. I rubbed her hand around my ass cheeks and she gripped me in response. I watched her hand moving under the blankets as she held my ass. I gyrated my hips to make her hand roam. I assumed that she was awake and was fingering her pussy. I wanted to see too, so I pulled back the now forgotten blankets to expose her hand working her clit under her shorts. She worked the edges back and forth and even rubbed her own asshole. This gave me a great idea.

I slid back down her hand and paused with her palm on my balls and fingers dragging over my asshole. She held them still and didn’t move almost afraid to act. I reached between my legs and moved her fingers around my balls and finally onto my asshole. I gasped slightly as she placed two fingers on my anus. I gently moved my hips to prompt her to start moving. She caught on and rubbed my asshole with silent aggression. I leaned over the bed and closed to her as she went to work. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it while I watched her sink two fingers into her pussy. They darted in and out for a minute before moving to her ass. Suddenly she withdrew her hand for my ass and took it to her body.

I paused for a moment to see what she was doing. It emerged as quickly as it had left and she replaced it to my anus. I could feel wetness on my ass. The wetness, which only comes from a wet horny pussy, was being rubbed onto my asshole. I loved it. I groaned in pleasure as I let her do her magic. I watched as she circled her asshole. She mimicked every action she was doing to herself back onto me. I reached out and pulled aside her shorts in time to see her push her two wet fingers into her asshole. I realized what was next and before I could resist she had pushed her other two fingers firmly up my ass.

I was stuck, frozen on the spot, not sure if I was enjoying this or not. One thing for sure was that she was. I watched her pump her ass faster and subsequently felt her pump my ass faster. She jerked and twitched as she experienced and orgasm. She held her fingers in both places as she came.

Upon her completion she with drew her fingers from my ass and grabbed my cock firmly. She rolled over to face me and stroked my cock. She pulled like a woman possessed. She switched hands and slid her fingers into her mouth. It only took a second for me to get pushed over the edge. She stuck out her tongue out and approached my cock. She waited a few inches away from my throbbing cock as if to give me a target to shoot at. With a few deep hard strokes from her, I came in a string that made my body shake. Pleasure soared throughout my body. This was the greatest feeling ever and the culmination of one of my fantasies. In the throws of excitement, I sent my load over my target and onto the bed behind her. My release was over whelming me as I fell back onto the floor. Totally spent and exhausted I lay on the floor trying to catch my breath.

I must have passed out, because I woke in the morning totally clean without a drop of cum anywhere to be found. The bed was away and my sister in law was long gone. I swear to this day that I could still feel the orgasm in the morning. When I think about this encounter I can almost feel it again.

As I opened my eyes I could feel a tugging at my shorts. I looked down to see my sister in laws foot had hooked my pocket as she tried to get up onto the raft. As I came out of my trance I looked her in the eyes as she smiled as I realized my shorts were around my knees and her other foot was moving towards my hard on. She rubbed my cock while wrapping her toes around my shaft in a successful attempt to jerk me off. I rested my hand on her ass and squeezed it before moving towards her pussy. I pulled aside her bottoms and slid my hand towards her. She slid off the raft just enough to dip her pussy lips into the water.

I scanned the area and a smile snuck from my face. We were alone again and she was horny and wanted to play. What more could I ask for?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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