Sleeping Sister

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Richard knew Sienna was due home from college today. He was working the garage until relatively late so he told her to go ahead and go in the house, make herself at home. She had texted him later to tell him the AC was broken. He still didn’t expect to come home to find her asleep on the couch in her underwear. She was hugging a couch cushion and had one leg drawn up, exposing the juncture of her thighs and the thin piece of fabric covering her pussy. A fan blew across her body, gently ruffling her hair and trying desperately to be cool in a house grown stuffy and humid. He dropped his bag of tools quietly and approached her where she lay on his furniture.

He stared at his little sister, not having seen her in so little in years. He knew he wanted her, had since she’d hit puberty. She was constantly wearing the shortest skirts and tightest tops. He’d given up trying not to think of her as he jerked off at night, his cock throbbing in his hand as he spilled load after load just imagining being able to ride her until she broke. Now here she was, fully legal and practically begging for it, and he was rock hard just staring at her. He knew she was a heavy sleeper and he couldn’t help but imagine fucking her awake. *Fuck it* he thought.

He stepped closer and ran his hand over her ass, squeezing and fondling that sweet, rounded ass that he’d been dreaming of forever. His cock jumped in eager encouragement. He slipped his hand into her panties and slid down to stroke through her folds. God she was shaved!. She was soft, smooth and perfect, and already wet. He wondered what she was dreaming about. With his other hand he freed his cock from his pants and stroked himself, dripping teen porno precum.

He pulled her panties over to one side and ran the head of his cock through her, lubing her up with his own precum. He started pushing in and moaned softly. God she was fucking tight! He pushed deeper and little sister started to wake up. He covered her mouth with his hand as her eyes popped open. He shoved himself all the way in and she started to struggle underneath him. She was making noises of protest and fighting him as he fucked her deeply, but after a few minutes she stopped fighting, realizing it was him. She started to move with him and her eyes fluttered shut again. He took his hand away from her mouth and she let out a low moan.

“Oh god! Feels so good Rich! Don’t stop!”

“You like that, huh? Like feeling your big brothers cock pounding that pretty pussy?”

“Yes! More! Please Richard. I need to cum! Make me cum all over your big cock!”

He grabbed her ass and spread her open, slamming into her as hard as he could. The wet slapping sound of his balls against her clit and their harsh breathing overwhelming the sound of the fan in the room. That fan wasn’t keeping up with their movements either. Sweat sheened their skin as he fucked his little sister into the couch, her moans echoing around the room.

“Fucking tight Sienna. Squeezing my dick so good. Gonna fill you up with my cum. You like that? Want big brothers cum fucked up inside you?”

“God yes! Please brother! I need to feel it inside me. Pump me full!”

He grabbed her hips with one hand, his hips thrusting hard and fast, driving into her as hard as he could. With his other hand he reached around travesti pornp her front and started rolling his fingers around and around her clit, listening to the sounds she made go higher pitched and shorter, until she was panting little squeeks. Her pussy started to tighten around his cock and in seconds she went nearly stiff, crying out as her cunt spasmed around him. He kept going until she was through the shaking.

“My turn little sister.”

Her pussy had gotten impossibly more wet. She was soaking and he pumped a few more times before ramming in all the way and letting go of the biggest load of his life, filling his little sister like he’d always dreamed of. He pulled out and watched the cum leak out of her. She reached between her legs, took a fingerful of his seed and stuck it in her mouth, sucking hungrily.

“Fuck yeah, dirty girl. You keep doing that little sister and I’m gonna get hard again.”

“Good. This time I get to ride you big brother.”

“Fuck, you’re dirty. I should have done this sooner.”

Sienna laughed and stretched like a satisfied cat, spreading out so he could get a good look at her, sexy and fucked out on his couch. It was definitely going to get him hard again. She was perfect, all soft curves and round edges. She looked like a real woman, not one of those super tight bodies on tv. He sat on a chair across from her.

“I wasn’t legal earlier. Besides, you’re my brother. Not that that bothers me, obviously. I’ve wanted to fuck you since I caught you in the shower that one time. I love your cock. Knew you’d give me a good fuck if I gave you a chance. Glad you took it. You can wake me up like that anytime you tricky masseur want.”

She smirked, glancing down and seeing him getting interested again. She slid down off the couch onto the floor and crawled across the room towards him. He watched her, his dick getting harder by the second as she slid her hands up his legs and rose over him like a damned stripper. When she sank her mouth down over his raging cock he grabbed her hair and forced her down until she gagged. He groaned and let her up. She pulled off and actually smiled at him instead of scolding him. She went down and did it again, choking with his dick in her throat. It felt amazing, and she apparently enjoyed it. She started sucking him in earnest and he fucked up into her mouth, his hand on the back of her head as she gulped air when he let her.

Finally he couldn’t take the tease of it anymore. He yanked her up his body by the hair and stuck his tongue in her mouth. He could taste himself but fuck it. He pulled her into his lap and she spread herself open for him, tucking her knees onto either side of the chair and sinking down onto his cock in one slow slide. She started to ride him hard and fast, ass bouncing on his thighs.

“Come on Richie. Cum for me. Give it to me big brother.” She moaned.

Richard cussed as he got closer. Hearing his sister talk like that just drove him on something terrible. He started to get close and he shoved her off his lap. He buried his cock in her throat as he came, choking her on it as he blew his load in her mouth. She made the hottest noise as she swallowed around him and he just kept cumming.

“That’s right. Fucking take it all, little sister. So fucking hot, Sienna.”

When he finished she licked him clean and pulled away smiling.

“Well I didn’t expect that, but that was hot,” she said. “Warn a girl next time. If there’s a next time.”

“Oh fuck yes there’s gonna be a next time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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