Slutty Aunt

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Hi everyone this is my first story, so bear with me.

I am Andy, I am 19, doing my college. Since my college was far away from my home I stayed in the hostel for the first year of my education. My mom and dad occasionally visited me.

During my second year, my aunt relocated here. Her name is Sophie. I was her favorite niece. The area where she relocated, was a nature zone. Hence the government had declared permission for any stable structures. So she lived in a house made of bamboo and clay.

As she was divorced, she was living alone. My aunt also got a huge sum as alimony from my uncle. She lived there for two months. One day she visited me and told me that I was moving to her house.

My mom and dad said it was ok. My hostel life ducked so I was glad to get out of there. Her house was located 3 kms from my college. She was an attorney, and she made a very decent amount. When I asked her why she relocated to a place where you are not allowed to build even a house, she replied she wanted to live with the nature.

The first three weeks passed without any incidents. Before that backroom casting porno I need to tell about the situation of the house. It was located on the end on the road. It was a fairly big one. Even all doors were made of bamboo. The house was next to a lake located in the back of the house. There were huge trees on either sides.

It was all green and lush. The trees stood high. There were flowers of all kinds. It was wonderful. On the fourth week it got late for college. So I thought I would skip it today. So I slept longer. My aunt told me she was going to go get supplies. I got up a little later and went to the bathroom.

I heard the sound of water in there, my aunt was bathing. So I sat on the chair opposite to the bathroom. Since all doors were made of bamboo there were slits through which what’s behind could be seen. As I sat down I could see her big round set as through the slits.

I felt my blood rush. I silently got up and went near the hole and peeked into it. I was dumbfounded. I did know my aunt had a nice figure, but this was awesome. bangbros porno I saw her totally naked from head to toe. I stood there as I saw the water drops escape from her face through the gorgeous and deep valley between her 36 DD orbs, down to her flat stomach, then got to the landing strip in her pussy.

I kept staring like an idiot. I got a hardon. She then came towards the door. I was horrified. She had come to get the towel, during which she pressed her awesome rack on the door. It felt juicy to watch her boobs get squeezed.

I left to my bedroom and pretended to sleep. After I heard the sound of the car leaving the driveway I masturbated.

I couldn’t stop think of my aunt naked. It was midday, and I got bored. So I started going through my aunt’s stuff. She had her personal journal of her college days. I started reading it. I first thought it was a boring one, but then it got interesting.

She had written about the crazy stuff she did in her college life. There were people’s letters with it and photos. In one picture she was totally naked beurette tour porno from head to toe wearing only a cross which was placed between her magnificent breasts.

She was down on her knees holding some guys dick, with her hands. She was so hot in that picture. There was another pic in which she was with three guys. There was a cd in that box, where the dairy was. I took it and got to my computer to look what was in that.

The cd started playing and my aunt was in the lecture room of her college. She was in the last bench, and a guy near her put his hands in her skirt. She didn’t say anything. Another guys removed her panties. She looked happy. Then they removed her skirt.

My aunt was sitting in her college, with her as buck naked, showing her pussy to everyone. She sat through the entire lecture like that. After the lecture was over, the guy in her front desk came up and took of her top. She was standing in her lecture hall with only her bra on.

She then removed her bra too and stood naked. The guys took and their ducks and started fapping. She even gave some blow jobs. After that they returned her clothes but no her panties and bra. She was wearing a small skirt, everytime she bent down her ass and pussy was in display for everyone to see.

Only then I knew, my aunt was such a slut. I took as copy of the cd and placed it where I found it and kept everything where it was originally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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