Snow Storm

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Dawn stood in the shower and let the hot water pound on the top of her head. She loved the feeling of the water, as it ran down her back and across her rather ample breasts. From there the water would trickle down across her butt, and across her smooth flat stomach, to collect between her legs, leaving a glistening sheen on her pussy hair.

“What did I do wrong?” she wondered. “Did I do something to make everybody mad?” No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t figure out what she could have done.

After all, today was her eighteenth birthday. Or should she say her and her twin brother Steve’s eighteenth birthday.

Just think, a few more months and high school would be over, then they would be off to collage, then out into the world. Who knows what would happen then.

Yet not one person had even told her happy birthday. They all acted like today was just another day. When she got home from school, her parents had already left for their weekly Friday night out, and Steve was busy getting ready for his date. Dawn had been informed that morning that she would have the house all to herself tonight.

“Big thrill,” she thought. “Her birthday, and she gets to spend it all alone.”

Snapping out of the dream state she was in, Dawn finished her shower, turned off the water, and stepped out into the warm steamy bathroom. She new that it was cold outside, but she hadn’t realized just how cold until now. The window on the outside wall, was a solid piece of ice. The steam from her shower had frozen to the window on the inside.

Pulling the towel off the bar, she started drying her hair. Before starting on her body, she took the towel, and wiped the steam off of the mirror on the back of the door. She then started drying off, starting with her shoulders, and working her way down.

Dawn noticed that as the towel rubbed across her exposed nipples, they seemed to stand erect. She had never noticed this happening before. She also noticed a tingling in her pussy. She was also surprised that when she went to dry off her pussy hair, it seemed to be wetter than it should have been, just from the shower. At first she didn’t really think anything of it, but as the rough towel rubbed against her clit, she experienced a small orgasm.

This caught Dawn completely by surprise. She had experienced several orgasms in the past, when she had played with herself, regrettably even though she was 18 years old, she had never been with a boy, but she had never climaxed that fast.

“Maybe it was the roughness of the towel.” she thought.

Not wanting to dwell on the subject, she finished drying off, and holding the towel up in front of her, she headed for her bedroom down the hall.

Unbeknownst to Dawn, her brother had not left for his date, like she thought he had. His girlfriend Janet had called and said that due to the pending storm, her parents would not let her go out tonight.

So with no real plans for the evening, Steve was just laying on his bed kind of staring off into space, when his half naked sister walked by his open bedroom door.

At first Steve thought that he was just day dreaming, and his mind was playing tricks on him, but he decided to check it out anyway. Jumping to his feet, he quickly darted across to his door. Peering around the door jam, he was just in time to see his sisters naked back and ass, slipping into her room.

Steve had tried to catch looks at his sisters naked body for the last couple of years, but she had always been to fast for him. She always seemed to cover up, before he could get a look at her. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity like this, Steve quietly slipped down the hall to his sisters room. To his surprise her door was standing wide open.

“She must think that every one is gone.” He thought.

Again he quietly peeked around the door jam, and what met his eyes was even better then he could have hoped for. For Dawn was laying back on the bed, her legs slightly spread, and her feet on the floor. The towel was laying in a heap on the floor, and she had her arms stretched above her head as if she were stretching.

In this position, her breasts were pulled up slightly, and her nipples were standing tall. Steve then let his gaze drop down across her stomach and come to rest at the “V” shaped patch of hair between her legs. To Steve’s surprise, Dawns legs were spread just far enough apart so that Steve could just make out the pink slit of her pussy .

Steve noticed that his sisters arms were starting to move, and figured that he would quickly dart back to his room. But as he started to turn away, he found that instead of getting up, Dawns left hand moved to her left breast, and her right hand moved down to rest on her stomach.

What happened next, caught Steve totally by surprise. As he watched, Dawns left hand to squeeze her breast gently. Then she grasped her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, and started rolling it between them. Her nipple immediately stood tall.

Steve let his gaze drop to her stomach where czech couples porno he found that her hand was no longer there. His eyes followed her arm, and found that upon closer inspection, he found that dawn had spread her legs further apart, and her hand was now resting on her fully exposed pussy.

As Steve continued to watch, Dawn slid her hand up and down across her pussy, then started fingering her clit. Next she released her clit and slid two fingers into her now very wet pussy. She slowly started sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy, increasing the speed with each inward plunge. After a few seconds, her hand was just a blur.

Steve was so engrossed in watching his sister finger herself, he didn’t even notice that his own cock was starting to swell in his tight pants. Once he realized he had a hard on, he reached down, and with some difficulty, managed to release his cock to the open air.

Almost immediately, he wrapped his fingers around his cock; instinct took over, and he started sliding his hand up and down. Before long his hand was sliding up and down on his cock in time with Dawn fingering her pussy.

As he continued to watch, he saw that Dawns hips were starting to thrust upward to meet her plunging finger, and she was starting to squirm around on the bed.

“She must be getting close.” He thought. “But that’s not fair, I am not ready yet. I am getting close but not yet. But if she finishes and sits up, she’ll see me, then I will be in trouble.

Just then Dawn arched her back and thrust her hips up off of the bed, and Steve was certain that she was climaxing. Then her hips dropped back on the bed, her body started to shake and a low moan flowed from her lips.

Steve was certain now that Dawn was cumming and that he was going to be caught any second. He started sliding his hand up and down his cock as fast as he could, but it didn’t seem to help. When he saw his sister slid her finger out of her pussy, and start to sit up, he panicked.

With his hand still holding his cock, Steve turned and started running back towards his room. He could feel his balls start to explode, and his cum start shooting. His cock exploded and the first blast shot forth and splattered against the wall next to his bedroom door. He quickly darted into his room, closing his door behind him. Slumping to the floor behind the door, he shot spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum onto the bedroom carpet.

Steves head was spinning. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. Not only had he seen his sister totally naked, but he got to watch as she masterbated herself. Then he jacked himself off while he watched. And that was the greatest climax he had ever had.

He had fucked several girls in the past year or so, but none of them was nearly as good as jacking himself off while he watched his sister masturbate. Watching his sister had been a real turn on. He just hoped that his sister hadn’t seen him, because if she said anything to their parents, he would be in real trouble.

Not that Steve had anything to worry about, the only thing that Dawn had seen was bright flashing lights and stars, as her climasd rolled through her. That was the strongest climax that she had ever had. She had no idea what had made had made this climax so special, but she hoped that it would continue. She wasn’t even sure why she had fingered herself. It wasn’t like she was horny, because she wasn’t.

All she knew was that one minute she was laying back on the bed relaxing after her shower, and the next thing she knew was that she was slamming her fingers into her pussy, and having the best orgasm she had ever had.

“Maybe”, she thought, ” It was her bodies way of giving her a birthday preasent, even though everyone else seemed to forget.”

Now that she was settling down, Dawn decieded that she might as well go down stairs and watch a little TV or something. After all, she had the house all to herself tonight, so she might just as well take advantage of it.

Reaching for the Baby doll night gown she had already laid out on the bed, she pull it on over her head. Standing up, she checked herself in the mirror, to make sure that everything was covered. After all it wouldn’t due to have some family member come home early and find her walking around with her ass or pussy exposed. Satisfied that she was sufficiently covered, Her night gown came down just far enough to cover her front and back, she turned out her bedroom light and headed down stairs.

Steve had drifted off into a simi dreany conciousness. When he snapped out of it, he tried to figure out what was going on. His pants were unzipped, his underware was tucked under his balls, and his cock was exposed and very limp. He also noticed a wet spot on the carpet between his legs.

“What in the world was going on?” he wondered. “The last thing he remembered was he was laying on his bed, trying to figure out what he was going to do tonight, sence Janet had to call off their date.”

Slowly the dreamy state he was in czech estrogenolit porno started to fade, and the memories started to flow back in. Now he remembered. His sister had walked past his door, half naked, after taking a shower. He had followed her to her room in hopes of getting a look at her naked body while she was getting dressed. But to his surprise he had gotten to her room just in time to watch her finger herself to climax. Then he had masterbated himself as he watched her. At first he thought it had all been a dream, but that wouldn’t explain the wet spot on the carpet. Steve rubbed his finger on the wet spot, then brought his finger up under his nose.

“That’s definitely cum.” he thought. “Nothing else smells like that.”

There was no question in his mind that it had not been a dream. Not only, had he had actually seen his sister naked after all this time, but he got to watch her finger herself as well. The only thing that could have made it better was if it had been his cock sliding in and out of her pussy instead of her fingers. As if that would ever happen. For one thing she was his sister, and for another she wasn’t in to sex like he was. At least he didn’t think she was. As far as he knew she, wasn’t sexually active. At least not with boys.

If she was he surely would have heard. After all, she was a very attractive girl, for a sister. If she wasn’t his sister he had to admit, he could diffinatly be interested himself. He began to wonder if maybe his sister was into girls. But then again, if she was you would think that he would have heard something. But he hadn’t heard anything about his sister being sexually active. If she was, he would have known.

Slowly steve rose to his feet, and returned his now limp cock to inside his underware, and zipped up his pants. All of the sudden, he realized that he needed to relieve himself, so he headed for the bathroom. After finishing his business, he started heading back twords his room, when he noticed that his sisters room was open, and the light was off. That told him right away that she was not in her room.

“I wonder just where she got off to.” He thought to himself.

After all, he had seen her naked once, maybe he could do it again. The way he looked at it, if she thought she was along in the house, she just might let her guard down.


Dawn proceeded downstairs, and after a quick trip to the kitchen for some chips and soda, she curled up on the floor in front of the TV. She scanned through the channels, and try as she may, she couldn’t find anything that caught her interest. She hadn’t watched a movie in a long time, so she decided to check the cabinet to see what was available. She thumbed through the movies but then again, could find anything that appealed to her. Then she saw a tape, buried clear in the back of the cabinet.

“Why would someone stick a tape clear back here?” She thought.

Reaching in, she pulled the tape from the cabinet. To her surprise, not only was the tape buried clear in the back of the cabinet, there was also no label on it.

“Now why would somebody put a blank tape clear in the back of the cabinet where nobody could see it?” she wondered.

It didn’t take long before her curiosity got the better of her. Slipping the blank tape into the VCR, she pushed the play button. She expected the tape to be blank, and for the first few seconds it was. Then to her surprise, a bedroom that Dawn had never seen before, appeared on the screen. It seemed to be a normal bedroom, like you would see in any bodies house. Dawn decided that it must be some kind of realist ate tape, showing some ones house. After all, her mother was a real estate agent.

Dawn started to reach over, and turn off the tape, when something caught her eye. Suddenly Dawn stopped dead. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the screen. She had to see what was going to happen next.

As Dawn fixed her eyes on the screen, A woman walked into the bedroom from the side. Only it wasn’t just any woman, it was her mother. What really caught Dawns attention was the fact that her mother was totally naked. Dawn was amazed as she watched her mothers rather ample breasts bounce slightly, as she walked across the room, and laid back on the bed. Then Dawn got a second surprise. As her mother laid back on the bed, she pulled her legs up slightly and let them drop apart, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy.

Dawn was totally fascinated. Not only had she never seen another woman’s shaved pussy before, but this was her mother. She had to see what was going to happen next. She didn’t have to wait very long. As her mother laid back, a man Dawn didn’t know, walked into the room, and he was also naked.

Dawn had never seen a man naked before. Sure she knew the difference between a man and a woman, and she had seen naked young boys, when she had been babysitting, but this was the first time she had seen a grown man naked. To her inexperienced eyes, his limp cock looked massive.

“There is no czech experiment porno way that a woman could possibly take something that big into her pussy. Dawn had found that it was all she could do to put two fingers in hers at the same time.” she thought.

As dawn continued to watch, the man joined her mother on the bed, and they kissed very passionately. Then the man planted light kisses on her mothers closed eyes, across her cheeks and down along her throat. Then he continued down, until he reached her breasts, where he gently took each nipple in turn into his mouth, sucked on it slightly, then flicked it with his tongue. Both of her mothers nipples swelled , and rose to a surprising height.

Then the man continued down, placing light kisses across her mothers stomach, then he turned so that his head was pointed at her mothers feet, and his feet was pointed towards her mothers head.

Then he took his fingers and placed then on either side of her mothers shaved pussy, and gently spread her pussy lips apart. Dawn was totally surprised now. She had never seen the inside of a woman’s pussy before, and she was surprised at how wet and pink it was. What happened next caught Dawn totally off guard. The man leaned forward, and in one quick movement, buried his tongue deed into her mothers waiting love hole.

Dawn couldn’t believe her eyes. She had no idea that women let men do things like that to them. But her mother seemed to be enjoying what he was doing, as she seemed to be moaning, and she was squirming around on the bed. As Dawn continued to watch, her mother continued to squirm, until she worked her way around until her head was between the mans spread legs. The head of his cock was now hanging just an inch above her mothers face.

Again to Dawns surprise, her mother raised her head, opened her mouth, and let the mans massive cock slip inside. Then she started sliding her mouth up and down the mans cock. His cock started to swell almost immediately, and was soon in full erection.This didn’t seem to bother her mother though. It seemed that the bigger the mans cock became, the faster her mother slid it in and out of her mouth. Dawn had never seen anything so fascinating in her life. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t take her eyes off of the TV screen.

Dawn noticed that her pussy seemed to be on fire, from watching the action in front of her. Rolling slightly onto her side, and spreading her legs, she pulled her night gown up slightly, and started rubbing her clit with her middle finger. Every time she stroked her clit, it seemed to shoot electric shock through her pussy.

Unknown to Dawn, her brother Steve had slipped into the room, and was sitting in the chair directly behind her. When Dawn had first started watching the tape, she had also started squirming slightly, and her night gown had slid up, exposing her bare ass. The first thing Steve noticed upon entering the room, was the action on the TV, but then he noticed his sisters exposed ass cheeks.

Slipping into the chair in front of him, Steve fixed his gaze on his sisters bare ass. The action on the screen, was fascinating, but his sisters bare ass was even better. After all, the real thing was always better then a movie. As Steve continued to watch, his sister rolled up on her side and started playing with her pussy again. This was almost more then Steve could handle. His cock jumped to full erection again, and was hurting from pushing against his pants. He had to give it some relief, Only this time instead of just unzipping his pants, this time, he pushed them and his under ware, down around his knees. Now his cock was standing tall for all to see.

Gently Steve started stroking his cock, in time with his sister playing with her clit. Dawns eyes were glued to the TV screen, and she had no idea that Steve was even behind her. The man in the movie was continuing to tongue her mothers pussy, and occationally he would nibble on her clit with his teeth. Her mother was squirming so much that the man was having trouble keeping his mouth on her pussy. Finally he slipped two fingers into her hot love hole, and started banging her pussy as fast and hard as he could.

Then the camera pulled back and then zoomed in on her mothers face. At first Dawn was disappointed, as she liked watching her mother get her pussy reamed. Then she got a good look at her mothers face and she knew that she was definitely enjoying herself. Then Dawn saw her mother do something that she didn’t think was possible.

Dawn had noticed that at first, her mother had just sucked on the head of the mans cock, while it was limp. But it wasn’t limp any longer. It had swollen to full erection, and to Dawn surprise, had grown to almost twice its original size. Dawn judged it to be at least six to eight inches long, and a good inch across.

“How could her mother hold something that big in her mouth?” She wondered.

What her mother did next totally astounded the inexperienced girl. Her mother started sliding the mans cock into her mouth. Just a little bit at first, maybe an inch or so, then she let it slide back out. Then she slid it back in, only this time she took about half of it in. Again she let it slowly slide back out. The third time though, the woman on the screen didn’t hesitate. She plunged her mouth down on his cock, until she had all of it inside, and her chin was bouncing against his balls.

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