Snowed In Ch. 08

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It was almost eerie. After dad had returned from plowing the road once again, we’d all sat down around the table preparing to eat breakfast. The eerie part was, that no one was really talking. Before, there had been light-hearted banter, laughter, several conversations taking place at once. Now, there was virtually nothing.

I had caught several knowing looks between the girls and mom. They were fleeting, quick yet somehow communicative. It became clear to me, the three of them were sharing something I was not aware of. Twice I had locked eyes with Mandy, she had smiled, even blushing a little before turning her attention elsewhere…and still without a single word edgewise. Even dad became aware of it, looking up at me as he folded over part of his fried egg onto a piece of toast before biting into it, shrugging his shoulders just enough that I caught the action. I realized then the girls had had a chat while he and I had been gone. It was the only thing that made any sense, though what didn’t was why the suddenly subdued atmosphere permeating the room. I began to wonder if someone had raised an uncomfortable issue or concern, and that perhaps it had lead to some sort of discussion, causing them to rethink what had actually been happening here now for the past two days.

As much as I wanted to ask, and continued to wonder what it was that was going on, I didn’t…following dad’s lead as he quietly continued on eating his breakfast. Patience became the better part of valor as I held my tongue. Whatever it was, for whatever reason, I had no doubt that in time, I would find out what had been said and why.

With the power restored, the girls quite excitedly loaded the dishwasher instead of having to do them by hand. I honestly think that mom still preferred doing them that way as opposed to using the washer, and in fact still did the pans they had used washing them in the sink. The kitchen was quickly cleaned and straightened up, Collette’s devious, mischievous smile once again returning, along with the low-toned whistle as she began singing a tune to herself as she finished wiping off the table.

“Well, shall we?” Mom asked reaching over and grabbing the Tupperware bowl off the kitchen counter. I saw Mandy’s face once again color with anticipatory excitement, though once again, as we briefly locked eyes, she hurriedly turned hers away.

“What the fuck IS going on?” I asked myself.

As dad now led the almost silent little parade back into the living room, I now followed from behind bringing up the rear. He quickly stoked the fire in preparation of removing our clothing, which I now noticed the girls began doing without even being asked to, and without anything having been said to instigate it. Again, it was as though they were going through the motions in some preplanned agreement between them. Seeing that they were, dad too followed suit, and then so did I.

Another minor oddity. At some point along the way, the couch bed had once again been made and put up. All three women now sat on it together side by side, with me taking dad’s chair as he merely stood next to the fireplace, waiting.

“Harold? Why don’t you do the honors on this one?” Mom suggested finally standing up holding the bowl. I swear that both Mandy and Collette where holding their breaths as dad reached in, grabbing one of the two remaining slips quickly and without fanfare and then handed it back to mom to read, which once again surprised me.

Whatever dad’s was, it was evident that he was leaving things up to fate as he drew. Though his reasoning for waiting until today still escaped me. Mom replaced the bowl on the table next to her, and then opened the note reading it to herself. Once again, a minor infraction of what we’d been doing previously. I noticed as she did, her expression didn’t change one way or the other, though she spoke.

“This one is Collette’s,” she said simply, and then handed the note to her! “Collette? Since it is yours, why don’t you be the one to read it?” she told her.

At this point I wanted to jump up and scream at them and tell them to get on with it. Why they were dragging this out the way they were was becoming infuriating, though dad stood calmly by even tossing me a look which told me that I should be doing the same.

As mom sat back down on the couch, Collette stood with Mandy now looking at me directly as she sat on the other side of Collette…grinning from ear to ear. She looked like she was about to burst from holding in whatever it was.

Collette cleared her throat. I almost picked up the couch cushion I was leaning against throwing it at her.

“My fantasy is something I have long wanted to see, and in talking to Mandy, discovered it’s also something she was interested in too. And most recently, after speaking to mom, found out it is also something she has given some thought to as well.”

It was obvious that Collette was adlibbing here. None of what she was saying was written down in the note, though czech first video porno she continued to look at it like it was, avoiding eye contact we me as she finally continued. I sat there with a sinking feeling, the hairs on the back of my neck suddenly standing up, I wasn’t sure yet…but. I began to realize where this was all finally going, and why the weird, almost awkward silence and strange mannerisms which had been going on for the better part of the morning had taken place.

But it was even more obvious both to me, as well as dad, they had in fact discussed this previously, which we were only now realizing.

“So…what I want to see, and enjoy, as does mom and Mandy, is to see Brian…and dad,” Collette swallowed pausing, “pleasuring one another.” Now she looked up, catching the look on my face. I wish I could have seen it myself. I’m sure it was one of shock and surprise having heard what I just had. I even somehow managed to glance over towards my father, his expression was stoic, giving off no indication one way or the other that he was as surprised as I was at having just heard this.

“What?” I actually found myself saying, adding a “But…” to that, which mom in her infinite wisdom quickly cut off.

“No buts! We all agreed,” she began staring at me directly. I noticed she didn’t even look towards dad. “As you recall, I was a little nervous and intimidated last night about being photographed, but as YOU so clearly indicated, and reminded me…we did agree to fulfill one another’s fantasies and desires, without question. So Brian, this is obviously your sisters.”

“And mine!” Mandy suddenly said jumping in, which raised the corners of mom’s mouth into a smile as she nodded her head in agreement with that.

“And mine too!” She now added.

Even so, I still said “But” again, receiving three pointed looks in my direction. I then turned towards my father seeking some manly support. What I saw surprised me. The first thing I noticed upon looking his way, was the slowly growing erection between his legs. Dad was aroused!

I looked up into his face, grateful as he began to speak, still anticipating some objection of his own.

“I had the same look and expression on my face that you do now the first time,” he said smiling understandably towards me.

“The first time?” I actually asked.

“Maybe it might help if I tell you my story,” he continued. I wasn’t sure it would help much even upon hearing it, but at least it would buy me a little time to think about this further, and either come to grips with it myself, or plain and simply decline, and damn the consequences for having done so. But I did settle back in my seat, prepared to listen.

“As you may or may not be aware of by now, your mother and I have in fact enjoyed the mutual pleasures of your Aunt and Uncle. After your mom, Collette, and Aunt Jackie had had their little romp together, and after Uncle Frank and I had actually discussed it as well, we’d gone over one evening for dinner, and as both Frank and I actually hoped…a bit more afterwards. The thought of seeing mom, and her sister licking one another’s cunts, was something I had long wished to see her do, as I had now learned was also Frank’s wish. The two of us at first even a bit awkward at seeing one another aroused, though admittedly we were, in anticipation of that. Just as I’m sure you were upon first seeing me. But as you now know, and I think feel…you got over that, just as I did, as Frank did. Seeing me aroused now, standing here with a hard cock doesn’t bother you the way it did in the beginning does it?” He asked. Admittedly, it didn’t. I actually had gotten over that rather quickly, and hadn’t really thought anything more about it, until now. I likewise had to admit to myself I had found it fascinating, watching him cum the way he had earlier, and so held my thoughts in check with regards to that, simply nodding my head.

I once again glanced over at the girls still sitting silently on the couch together, but at least they weren’t staring at me now, once again pleasantly smiling.

“They immediately made it known to us both that they were more than willing to experiment and play, with each of us,” dad went on. “So I immediately knew your mom had basically told me it would be ok to fuck your Aunt Jackie, and Frank in turn fucking your mother, but…as much as Frank and I were both excited to hear that, it wasn’t quite what we were expecting or hoping for either.”

Dad now picked up the story, speaking the dialogue that had occurred almost precisely the way it had been spoken, after that between the four of them that night.

“I was, actually we were, sort of hoping that maybe, the two of you might…”

“What?” Mom giggled. “That Jackie and I might lick one another cunts for you two while you watch?”

“Well yeah…” Dad grinned excitedly, hopefully, as was Frank.

“Would love to, and we will…provided you czech gangbang porno two are willing to do the same for us,” mom stated getting agreement from Aunt Jackie simultaneously.

Both Frank and dad grinned enthusiastically, excitedly. “No problem, I love eating pussy…you know that!” Dad had said. “And I look forward to eating out your sister’s too!”

“That’s not what we meant,” Jackie then told them both. “Though I’m also looking forward to that too,” she then added. “What Marge meant was…we expect to see the two of you do the same thing as well, if we do.”


Dad’s “But” had brought the story full circle back to me.

“So you…and Uncle Frank?” I asked in shocked disbelief.

“Yep!” mom finally spoke answering my question, grinning now. “They did…and it was fucking hot as hell too,” she now added. “Just as it was for them to watch us first. And they didn’t just jump into it when they finally did either,” she now told me. “They sort of eased into it.”

“How? What do you mean?” I actually asked, trying very hard to picture this as difficult as it was for me to do this.

“Well, at first, they just had us sit down on the couch next to one another, and then told us to reach over and grab one another’s cocks…so we did. Admittedly, it was a little strange at first when we did that. I’d never done so before…not ever, not even as a kid growing up had I ever played Dr. or explored that with any other boy…or man before,” he now included. “So, as you can see, I wasn’t exactly comfortable myself at first, nor was Frank. But after what we’d seen and enjoyed, watching your mom and her sister as they performed for us, pleasuring one another the way that they did, each of us was admittedly pretty fucking horny after that. And one thing I have never done in all the years your mother and I have been married, is ever go back on my word, or break a promise to her once I have made it.”

I’m not sure I had made that sort of promise or commitment, though the area was still a little grey when it came to remembering what we had actually sat down and agreed to before any of this had happened.

“So at first, we just sat there jerking one another off,” dad went on. “It was admittedly strange, playing with another prick other than my own, but before long, I actually got into it, found it not nearly as weird or as strange as I thought in the beginning it might be. And as excited and aroused as your mom and her sister became, they eventually sat there across from us, doing the same thing to one another, which made it a hell of a lot easier for the two of us.”

That I could actually picture in my mind, doing so. And oddly enough, I then felt my own cock stir, looking down at myself as it suddenly poked its shy little head out of my foreskin looking up at me.

“So then what happened?” I asked curiously.

“Well, after that, we sort of played follow the leader. I mean, we’d already been treated to watching the two of them together, so if they’d really wanted to, they could have made it a lot harder on the two of us, and simply insist that we honor our end of the bargain. But what they now did, once again made things easier for us. Jackie leaned over and went down on your mom briefly, sitting up, once again fingering her split as they looked over towards us. Surprisingly, it was Uncle Frank who made the first move, even before I did, leaning over, and now doing the same thing to me. Once again, I didn’t freak out or jump up, or anything else. Quite frankly, it felt good…surprisingly. Maybe not as nice or as thrilling as the way your mom and sister’s do it, but…it still did, and got better the longer he stayed there and did it, still getting used to the idea himself I think.”

That one was a little harder to picture, though I finally managed it.

“And then of course…it was my turn.”

The thought of my own father sucking another man’s dick wasn’t something I could have ever imagined, knowing him. And yet…here he was, this strong virile man’s man standing there telling me that he had, and that he’d actually ended up enjoying it. A fact that was punctuated as he stood there with what now was, a steely hard erection, and which he also now stood, toying with as he told his story.

“Now, the point I’m trying to make here is this, the fact that Frank and I eventually sucked one another’s dicks didn’t change either one of us. He’s still he…and I’m still me. Nothing’s changed. But what did change, was the appreciation your mother, and your Aunt gave to each of us for having done that for them. Obviously, that meant a lot to them both, something that they…just like we enjoy seeing them do, wanted to see us do. So we did. And I don’t have a moment’s regret, or lose any sleep over it either. Pleasing your mother, every bit as much as she pleases me, is more important than any hang-ups, inhibitions, or insecurities about myself that I might have. And I’ve now brazzers porno learned…I really don’t have any now either. So…that being said,” dad stated looking over directly at my mother and sisters as they continued sitting on the couch, now looking at him. “Brian’s not me…he’s his own man,” dad said seeing the look of confusion suddenly appear in each one of their faces. “When we all agreed to do this, together, we did so with the understanding that it was meant to be fun and exciting…for all of us. At no time has any of us done something we’ve been uncomfortable with in doing, nor have any of us forced anyone else into doing something they unwillingly didn’t want to do. Regardless of whatever agreements were made when all this started, I think that one single rule, holds precedence over everything else. So Collette,” dad paused including my sister and mom with an additional look though not using their names, “If your brother isn’t comfortable in doing that, regardless of the fact it might be one of your fantasies or desires to see, I don’t feel its right to force him into doing anything he doesn’t wish to. It’s not worth it for one thing, and if that’s something you still really want to see, then I am sure that this evening after your Aunt and Uncle arrive here, we can arrange that. So even IF Brian is part of that fantasy, for whatever reason, it’s not fare to him, or to any of us for that matter either, to expect anyone of us to do something we’re simply not comfortable with in doing.”

At that moment, I had more respect for my father than I had ever had. As much as I still had a bit to consider and think about, I didn’t see him any differently either, and likewise suspected I wouldn’t see my Uncle Frank in any different light either. I’d always looked up to him as well, often seeing him as more of an older brother than an Uncle, especially in the way he had always treated and respected me. I knew now, none of that had changed, and never would.

“Ok,” I said simply. Dad looked at me, as were the three women. “No…I mean it. I’m ok with it,” I said, and then looked down at myself. My cock was rigidly hard.

“You sure?” Dad said once again concernedly.

“Yeah, I am…though I would ask one small thing.”

“Sure, name it,” he said, though I then turned my attention back to mom and my sisters.

“I sort of liked dad’s telling me how they played follow the leader. So…can we sort of do that too?”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen my sister’s grin as broadly as they now were. “Whatever makes it easiest for you little brother,” Collette told me, though now looking over at my hard stiff cock, she added, “Though maybe…we should start calling you our BIG brother,” she grinned. “Our very, very…BIG brother!”


Since the seating arrangements weren’t at all identical to the ones at my Aunt and Uncles place, mom and the girls immediately stood up, thus vacating the couch. What worked however, as dad and I then sat down on it, was when mom took dad’s chair sitting in it. The arms of which were enormous, and easily allowed my sister’s to sit upon, even though mom was sitting lower. What she then did, was to reach over placing her hands in each of their laps, as she began toying with their bare, very wet wide open splits. Collette and Mandy, in return, were just at the right height to lean over slightly and fondle mom’s breasts simultaneously, which I had always enjoyed seeing.

And then as Uncle Frank had, dad made the first move, first contact with me.

I actually flinched a little when I first felt his hand wrap itself around my dick as though sizing it up. Slowly, he began working it up and down. As he did, I found myself getting used to the unfamiliar sensation of it, though looking a few feet across the way at my mom and sisters as she sat twiddling their twats made it a whole lot easier to do.

Once he’d begun doing that, and once I realized I wasn’t going to lose my erection because he was, I actually reached over grabbing his, though still not looking at it when I did. What I realized then in doing so, was that I began to sense things, obvious differences between us, and found myself curiously exploring him all the while allowing my mind, rather than my eyes to visualize and entertain what I was doing.

The fact there was such a major difference in the size and shape of our cocks was immediately obvious as I stroked it. I mean I knew that already of course, just in looking at it previously, watching him. But it was something altogether different to be sensing that through touch, even more pronounced in a way that actually just looking at it. Now I felt the differences, and found them startling, even more so than through their appearance. We had double-fucked my mother together. I had slid my cock up and down side-by-side his. Even then, we still hadn’t actually touched if one wanted to get really technical about it. And yet…I had still felt him, just as I was doing now, only with my hand and not my prick. It was funny to realize I’d already accepted that long before now, and here I was, exploring, coming to grips with that exploration, acceptance, and then finding that I was, and that it wasn’t like anything I had somehow managed to imagine it to be. Or how I imagined I would feel upon doing so. It was at the very least, interesting.

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