SOI: Sue , Ron Continued

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Since that day, Sue and I had very pleasant days. Both of us were secure in our father daughter love as well as sexually pleasing each other. Sue slept with me from then on. During her spring break, we took a vacation cruise in the Caribbean where we were able to openly show and share our affection without being people knowing that we were father and daughter. It was so wonderful for both of us that we really didn’t want to return home and face the real world, but we did. We returned to living one life in our home and another to the outside world and our friends. A few weeks later, Sue informed me that she was going to her high school prom.

“Dad, I hope you understand.” begged my daughter, “This is a big thing for me to attend.”

“Of course, I understand.” I smiled and gave Sue a big hug, “The prom is a big deal and you are very popular in school, you have to go. I want you to go.”

“Thanks Daddy,” Sue smiled back, “When can you take Barb and I shopping for clothes?”

“This weekend if you like,” I said, “Are you taking a friend or going with a group to the prom?”

“You don’t know him,” said Sue, “but Dave is a good friend of mine since we were in grade school. I’m not going to sleep with him so don’t worry about that but he is very nice to me and going there with Dave will show off to my old boyfriend. You can understand that! We will be double dating with Barb and her boyfriend. Can I have the car for that night?

“Sure you can,” I said, “Just be sure that you are home before 12:30 as the cops are serious about enforcing curfew lately. No drinking either. You can’t drink and drive. Cops don’t like that either.”

“I understand Dad and don’t worry,” smiled Sue, “This prom is just for fun and dancing.”

That weekend I took Sue and her friend Barb to mall and shopped for prom dresses. It took all day but I enjoyed watching my daughter and her friend try on dresses and ask me what looked hot on them. They eventually settled on matching black satin slinky dresses with exposed shoulders and low cut backs. Choosing the accessories and shoes is what tired me out but they finally finished their shopping.

The next weekend was the prom. That Saturday, Sue and Barb went with Sue’s mother to the beauty shop and had their hair and nails done. Sue and Barb returned to my house where they dressed for the prom. I took some photos of them when they were ready. They both looked like something from a 50’s Hollywood film like Grace Kelly would have been in. Sue gave me a kiss and assured me that she would be home on time and to my surprise, I received a kiss from Barb who thanked me for doing so much for them. They left to pick up their dates and go to the prom.

It was going to be a quiet evening for me as I slipped into my robe and settled in for some basketball playoffs on cable. The game had finished and as I turned the channel for Saturday Night Live the back door opened. Sue and Barb walked in.

“Something happened?” I inquired, “You are back so soon!”

They sat down on the couch as my daughter explained, “We were having a great time! The band was good and we danced a lot but then Barb and her boyfriend got into a fight. He was sneaking some drinks outside the prom with his buddies and started acting like an asshole. We left and here we are.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” I said, “but I’m glad that you two left rather make the situation worse or get dangerous. I don’t care if you left Barb’s boyfriend stranded but what about Dave?”

“I talked to him and he understood. He’s cool.” my daughter said, “He said that he could get a ride home with some other friends there. He was sorry about the way Barb’s boyfriend acted.”

I stood up and said, “Well since you are here. We might as well get the party going. Let’s open some champagne, turn on some music, and dance. Barb, you can spend the night, can’t you?”

“Sure,” said Barb, “I had already told my parents that I was spending the night here even though my original plan was to be with my boyfriend somewhere else.

I smiled and went to my bedroom to put on a shirt and some slacks. I returned to the kitchen where I had a bottle stored since New Years. I brought the bottle and three flutes then motioned to the girls to come down to our finished basement. I went down the stairs with the sound of two pairs of high heels clicking behind me. I set the bottle and glasses on the bar then went over to the stereo and switched on the radio to a station that Sue liked. While the music was playing, I popped open then bottle and poured the golden bubbling liquid into the flutes. I handed the glasses to the girls and kept one for myself.

“I don’t really like champagne,” said Barb, “It tastes bitter.”

“You will like this!” said Sue, “It’s Asti Spumante and tastes sweet. It’s really good! Here is to our prom and still having a good time”

Barb toasted her glass with ours and cautiously took a sip. She said, “I like this. This is nothing like what I had to drink before.”

Soon the bottle was empty and the girls were dancing. I found it czech harem porno very sexy to watch my daughter and her friend all dressed up dancing together. They had asked me to dance with them but I told them that I only did slow dances. I went back upstairs to find another bottle and found one that Sue and I had brought back from the cruise. I stuck it in the freezer hoping to quickly chill it when I heard Moonlight serenade play. I returned to the basement.

“Is this slow enough for you Daddy?” smiled my daughter as we put our arms around each other and began to dance. Barb sat down to watch, catch her breath, and nurse the last drop of Asti from her glass. It felt like we were on the cruise again and I wanted to kiss Sue very badly but refrained with Barb in the room. However my cock was getting hard and pushing against my daughter’s legs. She smiled and was thinking the same thoughts. We danced through another song after Moonlight Serenade.

After that song, Sue said, “I going to give Dave a call on his cell phone and see if he is OK and if anything happened after we left. I’m sure Barb would love the next dance until I come back.”

“OK,” I said, “Before you come back down, check the freezer and see if the bottle of Asti is cold enough to drink. Bring it down if it is.”

“Alright,” smiled my daughter as I longingly watched her exit the room.

I reached out for Barb’s hand and pulled her towards me for a dance. She smiled as we held each other close for a dance. I was surprised that the radio was playing so many slow dance songs from the big band era but wasn’t complaining. Barb felt very nice against my body and I found her perfume to be very appealing. I had desired Barb for a long time and it was difficult to keep my cock from getting hard. Sue came back with the chilled bottle and said that she could not reach Dave on his cell phone and would try again later. She tried opening the bottle on her own but soon handed it to me. Those champagne corks can be tough to pop open. I popped open the cork and with the Asti foaming out of the bottle, refilled the glasses. We sat and chatted while finishing up our glasses.

I was refilling Barb’s glass when Barb said, “Sue, you have the coolest Dad! A toast to your Dad” Barb was feeling the effects of too much Asti.

We clinked glasses as Sue and I smiled at each other. I said, “Sue and I have a special relationship that is closer than most fathers and daughters. If I appear to be a cool Dad then I guess that is what I am. How about one more dance for the night Sue?”

She nodded as we embraced and danced to the music. We could feel the tension building as we stared into each other’s eyes. We wanted to undress each other but resisted. We did share a long kiss which did not go unnoticed by Barb. After the music ended, we sat back with Barb and finished the remainder of the Asti.

I said, “It is getting late and I’m going to head back upstairs. Stay here and party if you like.”

I was walking up the stairs as I heard two pair of bare feet behind me. It seemed that Barb and my daughter had enough partying for one night. The three of us stopped in the hallway between my room and my daughter’s room. Sue was about to walk into my bedroom out of habit, stopped, and stood at her doorway. We began to talk about where Barb should sleep and getting some extra blankets out in Sue’s room or see if we still had sleeping bag.

“Maybe I should sleep in your Dad’s big bed,” teased Barb and laughed.

“You might find it crowded as no one sleeps in my Daddy’s bed but me!” Sue teased back.

“Sue, you are so full of shit,” laughed Barb

“Come on in and watch,” Sue dared her friend.

I had already changed into my robe and was sitting on the edge of my bed listening to them double dare each other when they walked into the room. I could see that Barb was playfully having some fun while Sue was getting more serious about this. Both had too much to drink for the evening.

“Goldilocks here says my bed is too small and yours is just right,” said Sue, “Can we have a pajama party here?” Both girls broke out laughing.

“Sure,” I smiled as I laughed at their joke. “The more, the merrier.” Sue sat down next to me while her friend, Barb, belly flopped on the bed which nearly knocked my daughter and I off the bed’s edge. She rolled over and sat up, giggling loudly. Barb reached behind Sue and unzipped the back of her prom dress in one quick motion.

“Time for PJ’s,” laughed Barb. She was having fun with her friend but I seemed to think that Barb was trying to embarrass Sue in front of me.

My daughter stood up and with a wicked grin, let the dress slide off her body and unto the floor. Barb stared in surprise as she watched Sue reach back and unhook her bra, revealing her beautiful large firm breasts. I was growing hard watching my daughter strip and I was surprised when she removed her panty hose. Sue stood completely nude in front of us. She pushed me on my shoulders forcing me on flat on my back. Sue bent swingers porno over and kissed me while pushing the folds of my robe aside revealing my hard cock.

“God Sue, he is so big,” said Barb, “Your dad has a monster for a cock! I can’t believe you are doing this. Wow!”

My daughter continued opening my robe until Barb could see me completely nude. Sue began to kiss down my chest with Barb watching. She looked up at Barb, grinned, and put her mouth over the head of my cock. Sue held my head in her mouth for a few seconds and then started licking over the head of my cock and down the sides of my shaft. With one hand I was caressing my daughter’s hair and squeezing her butt with my other hand. I close my eyes for a second and opened them to see Barb smiling as she was enjoying my daughter please me. Sue stopped and then walked to the adjacent edge of the bed behind Barb.

Contrary to Barb’s quick playful unzip of Sue’s dress, Sue very slowly unzipped the back of Barb’s prom dress. You could almost hear the sound of each zipper tooth pop open as Sues hand moved down her friend’s back. She very slowly pushed Barb’s dress into her lap and unhooked Barb’s bra. Sue slowly slid Barb’s bra off as the palms of her hands slightly touched the sides of Barb’s breasts. Barb had a confused look on her but made no effort to resist. I began to stroke myself as I began to admire Barb’s small but firm breasts with equally small pink nipples that barely had a point to them. Sue slowly eased Barb onto her back and then my daughter grabbed the edge of her friends’ pantyhose. In one quick motion, Sue removed Barb’s pantyhose and panties. We were both surprised to see that Barb shaved her pussy and was completely hairless.

Barb rolled on her side and propped herself up on one arm to watch. Sue returned to my side of the bed and eased on top of me. Sue resumed kissing me while my cock stuck out between her pressed inner thighs. My daughter started to kiss down the side of my neck and I glanced over to see Barb watching us intently and touching her pussy. I massaged my hands down Sue’s back and began to knead each buttock. I slid one finger along the crack until I could fell the hair of my daughter’s pussy. It was very wet and my finger had no problem entering her. Sue moaned as my finger slid in her and arched up her back. Her breasts were in my face and I sucked on each nipple while my fingers slid in and out. The evening had already been very sexually intense and Sue did not want to great deal of foreplay. She reared back and with one hand guided my cock into her pussy. Sue was sitting over me as my cock slowly disappeared into my daughter’s pussy. She paused when it was all the way in, smiled, and then began to ride me. I looked over to Barb who was now sitting cross legged, fingering her pussy with one hand and stroking her clit with the other. She was enjoying herself as she watched her best friend fuck her father.

I could hear two sets of moans in the bedroom. Barb let out these high pitched moans as she fingered herself while Sue moaned lower as she rode my cock. My daughter began to bounce faster and faster as she moaning increased. With sweat pouring down her, she screamed out in orgasm and pushed down hard on my hips. Barb was mewing like a cat as she was rubbing her clit faster then she pushed her fingers hard into herself and then she stiffen and then relaxed with a sweet smile on her face. Sue slowly climbed off of my as her legs were wobbly. She lay back down with her face between my legs and began to suck on my cock again. Barb was still watching and very slowly ran her fingers in small circles around her clit.

Sue began to pump my cock with one hand as her mouth and tongue played with the head of my cock. I was getting close to cumming as her hand began to stroke my cock faster. Sue lifted her head and looking at Barb, said “Watch this.” Sue positioned her open mouth a few inches above the head of my cock. With a stroke and a twist of her hand, I came. You could see the white hot cum shooting out of my cock into my daughters’ awaiting mouth. I finished cumming and some of my cum had dripped out of her mouth and onto my stomach but then Sue sat up and swallowed her mouthful. She smiled and then sat cross legged next to Barb.

“How do you like the pajama party so far?” asked Sue

“So much better than my prom date.” smiled Barb, “I always thought that doing something with a family member would be icky but this is so hot and nasty! How long have you and your dad been doing stuff?”

Sue looked at me and said, “Since track season ended and we have been sleeping together ever since. We don’t regret a bit of what we have done and enjoy ever moment together.”

“Wow,” smiled Barb, “That is so cool. You two do stuff with other people or just do like threesomes?”

“We are very monogamous with each other,” I said, “This is our first sexually stuff with another person, ever. You are the only one who knows about Sue and me”

“I don’t think the thought of being with another person czech pool porno has really come up,” said Sue, “This just happened and should be our little secret. I don’t think that you and I have ever been naked around each other before.”

“You’re right,” grinned Barb, “As long as we have known each other and been together, we have never been naked around each other, not even topless when we were dressing together and stuff. It’s nice and I’m comfortable with it. I hope the party isn’t ending”

“I’m up for more fun if you two are,” I grinned

“I’m in,” laughed my daughter, “Speaking of being up, there is something that I have been thinking about that would get my dad excited. I think he would like to see you and I kiss. What do you think Barb?”

“I don’t know Sue,” said Barb uncomfortably, “This is further than I have gone with sex and I don’t think I could get into any lez stuff.”

“I don’t mean that kind of stuff, silly,” smiled Sue, “I mean just some kissing between me and you. Like they did on Friends or Madonna and Britney. That’s not really lez stuff.”

“I would like to see that,” I said

“Well, you’re right. I guess it would be OK,” said Barb, “I have to tell you, I have never kissed a girl before!”

“Neither have I,” said Sue, “Can’t be that different from kissing a guy.”

“OK, how do you want to do this or start?” asked Barb

“Sue, straighten your legs out,” I said, “And Barb, you sit on her lap or thighs facing Sue with your legs around each side of Sue’s waist. Then press your lips together.” They both did as I told them. Barb was uncomfortable at first being so close to my daughter and having their legs touching. They looked at each other’s face, started to giggle then broke out in laughter. After the laughter had passed by, Sue leaned forward with her eyes closed and gave Barb a light kiss on the lips.

“How was that?” asked Sue

“I liked that,” said Barb, “It was very soft and I never noticed the smell of your perfume before. Let me try and tell me what you think”

I was already hard watching the two girls kiss. Barb leaned forward and gave Sue a soft kiss. She leaned back waiting to hear what Sue thought but instead Sue just leaned forward and gave Barb another lengthy kiss. They began to kiss without any other part of their bodies touching each other but after several exchanges, they had their arms around each other. To my surprise, Barb was the first one to open her mouth somewhat and make her kisses wetter and more sensual. She scooted closer to Sue where their breasts where touching. I could see the nipples turn hard on both girls as they began to explore each other’s mouths with their tongues. I could not be a voyeur for long and joined in on the kisses. I kneeled next to Barb and began to give her small kisses on the back on her ears and down the back of her neck. She gave out a soft moan as I caressed her slim back with one hand and massaged one of her small breasts with the other. My hard cock was either resting on Barb’s thigh or poking her thigh as my hand slid down the length of her back, over her butt and to meet her wet pussy. I was surprised how easily my finger slipped between her pussy lips and I alternated fingering her pussy hole and massaging her clit. Her kisses with my daughter became deeper and more intense the longer I touched her.

Sue put her hand on my cock that was resting on Barb’s thigh and began to stroke it. It was already wet with precum and was making sticky sounds as she rubbed. Barb had moved her hands up the sides of Sue’s waist and was exploring Sue’s breasts when she breathlessly said, “ I love this but I need that big dick of your Dad’s in me.”

“It’s OK,” Sue smiled, “You are the only one that I would share Daddy with.”

Sue looked at me, smiled, and nodded. She slowly slipped out from underneath her best friend and eased Barb flat on her back. I rolled on top of Barb and began to suck on her small pink nipples as I ran the length of my cock over her pussy. It felt very different to rub my cock against bare skin as I am used to feeling some pussy hair like Sue’s. Her pussy lips slowly parted and my cock was rubbing against her clit. Sue was behind me playing with my balls and touching herself.

Barb began to thrash from side to side and said, “Stop teasing me. Put your cock in me!”

I looked into her wild eyes and slowly pushed into her tight wet pussy. Her pussy had a firm grip on me cock but allowed me to slowly slide forward. I was about half way in when I heard Barb gasp and moan about how big I was. I finally had the entire length of my cock in her and all I could hear was Barb mumble, “Oh man, feels so good”. I began to rock back and forth with my cock sliding in and out of Barb’s pussy. Her legs wrapped around my butt and she arched her body forward with each thrust of my cock. Our movements became faster and faster, sweat was pouring off our bodies, and Barb moaned in pleasure. I had almost forgotten about Sue being next to us playing with herself except her familiar hand played with my balls and my ass reminded me she was there. Occasionally she would whisper in my ear, “Fuck her, fuck her good and hard!” The bed was shaking from all the motion and I was about to cum. I pushed hard into Barb and let my hot cum pour into her. I relaxed on top of Barb, savoring the moment as I heard my daughter moan out in orgasm.

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