Solstice Ch. 08

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The blood curdling scream sent everyone running into the hallway. As they met each other there, they stared.

“What the fuck?” Ariana asked, loudly from the bathroom.

Demi and Alexandra began laughing when they looked at Alex, and when Aphrodite entered the hallway, everyone’s stares turned her.

“Mom?” Alex gasped.

“Beats the hell out of me. I woke up like this,” she replied.

Ariana stepped into the hallway and seeing everyone, screamed again. Everyone started laughing except Ariana.

“What happened?” Alex asked.

They laughed even harder, and this time Ariana joined in. Ariana took Alex by the hand and led him to the mirror. His jaw dropped when he saw his reflection.

“What the hell? What happened to us?” he asked.

Alex and his mother were topped with a full head of snow-white hair. All four of the younger women had a white streak that began at the right temple, but the rest of their hair was normal.

“We were all touched by Gaia,” Demi said.

“But Mom and me…,” Alex began.

“Were kissed by Gaia,” Demi added.

“I wonder about my mother and grandmother,” Adara said.

“They weren’t touched. They haven’t been changed. Gaia only left her mark on us,” Demi told her.

“How do you know, Demi?” her mother asked.

“I don’t know, Mom. I just know.”

“Is it permanent?” Ariana asked.

“Yes,” Demi replied.

“Well, at least I won’t be going gray,” Aphrodite said, smiling.

“I wonder if your pubes are white?” Ariana asked.

Aphrodite chuckled. “If I ever let them grow out, I’ll let you know.”

Alex looked in the mirror again. “This isn’t too bad. I kinda like it.”

“To each his own, dip shit. I look like a fucking skunk,” Ariana grumbled.

“A skunk’s stripe is in the middle,” Alexandra said.

“Okay, I look like a weird skink.”

“Guys, we’re going to be a hit on YouTube,” Alex said.

“What a dumb ass!” Ariana huffed, as she walked away.

“We could get matching shirts and people would think we’re a group or a gang,” Alex offered. Everyone shook their heads and walked away. “Well, we could!”

Adara called her mother. Neither of them had been affected. Everyone got cleaned up. They discussed going out to breakfast but decided against making their coiffeur debuts. Alex and Alexandra made pancakes and sausage for everyone instead, and they sat at the table together to eat.

“When we see Gaia next time, maybe we could ask her to change it?” Alex said.

“Alex, Gaia has the same sense of humor as Mom. We could end up with rainbow afros,” Ariana said. “I’ll stick with the weird skunk look.”

“Good point,” he replied.

After breakfast, they drove to Adonis and Phoebe’s home for the questions. Xander couldn’t stop laughing when he saw them. Aphrodite was less than thrilled with his response and comments and let him know.

The group sat around the large dining room table. Adonis hadn’t been invited and made himself scarce.

“Well, here goes nothing,” Demi said. “What’s the first question?”

“Is the hair permanent?” Ariana asked.

“Yes. The hair will no longer hold pigment and even trying to dye it won’t work.”

“Demi, Gaia mentioned a third woman, besides Adara and me. Do you know anything about that?” her mother asked.

“The third woman is only seventeen. She lives in Madagascar. You, Alex, and Ariana will be traveling there for her birthday in February. She’ll need both the virginity and fertilization rites. Her name is Miora. Her clan follows Gaia, but in a different way than we do. Gaia is known as Zanahary and they believe he or she has no gender. Miora has the same issue with a Papas as Adara.”

“Why am I going?” Ariana asked. “I don’t even know where Madagascar is.”

“Off the southeast coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean. Miora’s village will be totally decimated by a monsoon unless you’re there to stop it.”

“How in the hell am I going to stop a fucking monsoon?” Ariana asked, loudly.

“You’ll know when the time comes. That’s all I know at the moment.”

“Adara, is your grandmother understanding this?” Alex asked.

“Oh yes, Demi’s Greek is perfect. It’s even in the dialect we are accustomed to,” Adara replied.

Brows raised around the table. “Don’t ask me,” Demi said.

“Demi, what does any of this have to do with me?” Xander asked.

“You’ll be moving to Greece to act as a temporary Papas for a while.”

“I can’t just drop everything here and move to Greece.”

Demi looked directly at him with a harsh stare. “You can and will. You’ve already been thinking about making the trip.”

“I was thinking of a vacation,” he replied.

“An extended vacation, and you were wondering how to present it to Aphrodite without sounding like a jerk.”

Xander blushed as Aphrodite looked at him smiling. “Looks like you’ve been ratted out. Xander, I’m fine with it. This is coming from Gaia,” Aphrodite said.

“How long am I supposed to be there?”

“At least two pendik escort years. Possibly more.”

“What will the role entail?” he asked.

“There are about twenty women with no functional male. All but Adara will be available to you. Without a male of their own, they’ll be lost from the fold, and by the time Adara’s son is old enough to assume duties the women will have drifted away.”

“Dad, you’re going to be the village stud,” Ariana said. Everyone but Xander laughed.

“Better than the village idiot, I guess,” Xander replied.

“You’re good at multitasking, you could probably do both,” Aphrodite said, with a big grin.

“Gee thanks. When do I do this?”

“You’ll be leaving Wednesday, with the women.”

Elena spoke to Demi in Greek. “She asked me what her and her mother’s roles will be in all of this,” Demi told the group. “Gaia promised you both a reward for your contribution to the family. That reward is monetary. You’ll get it when you return home. With part of that, you’ll be establishing a facility to conduct family business and traditions. In addition, you’ll be starting a business. You’ll decide on what the business is.”

“When we spoke to Gaia, she mentioned that besides mom, all three of the other women were pregnant from last weekend. There were only two women,” Alex said.

“There were three. Nadia was the first. Tamara and Maeve were second and third. They shared the semen you gave them and are both pregnant,” Demi replied. “Alexandra, you haven’t asked your question.”

“I don’t think it’s something you have an answer for.”

“Try me,” Demi said.

“Why me? Of all the people here, I’m a nobody. I don’t understand why I’m even included in this group.”

“Your father is Cletus. He’s been a fine and loyal servant to Gaia, and the family, all his life. He asked Gaia for a child, knowing he could never have one. Gaia answered his prayer, not only giving him one, but creating a special one as a reward. You are a daughter of Gaia and deserve to be sitting at this table as much as anyone here. You’ll contribute more to the family, it’s future generations, and to humankind, than you’ll ever know. Possibly, more than anyone here. Does that answer your question?”

Alexandra nodded. Demi looked at her grandmother, Phoebe. “You’ve served the family for over forty years. You’ve dedicated your life to it. You’ve kept it alive. When Aphrodite has a question, who does she turn to? You, the one person she knows that loves this family more than anyone. You are here because you’ve earned that right. Gaia confided in you many years ago of her plan to recreate herself through you. You told no one. To this day, you’ve never told anyone. You knew Nea Archi had been fulfilled when you gave birth to Aphrodite, yet you never spoke of it. Although Aphrodite and Ariana are now Mamas in our group, you are still the matriarch. Gaia holds a special place for you in the time after this life has passed.”

Phoebe smiled, with tears in her eyes.

“Mother, you knew?” Aphrodite asked. Her mother nodded.

“I believe I’ve answered all the questions today. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know. If you have more questions at another time, feel free to ask. I don’t know if I’ll have the answers, but I’ll give you what I’ve got.”

“You wouldn’t happen to know this week’s lottery number by any chance?” Alex asked.

“No, but I can get you last week’s numbers.”

“Gee thanks.”

Lydia spoke to Adara in Greek. Adara turned to Alex and whispered in his ear. “My grandmother spent the night with your father last night. My mother was with him the night before. Neither were greatly impressed. My grandmother would like you to make love to her, as you did me, so she can teach your father.”

Alex’ brow raised. “You’re joking.”

“I am not. She believes that if you spoke with your father about it, there could be hard feelings. If you show her, she can show him.”

“When does she want to do this?”

“Now, if you’re free.”

Alex stood, walked to Lydia, and took her hand. “Mom, I’m going to be busy for an hour or so. Don’t leave without me.”

Aphrodite grinned. “No problem, Papas.”

Lydia showed him to her room. As soon as the door closed, Alex took her in his arms and kissed her. She was passionate about it, almost as if starving to be loved. As they embraced, Alex pulled her butt cheeks to him as he kneaded them. He was surprised at how firm they were. She moaned several times and soon her hands moved down his back to grasp his cheeks. She squeezed hard.

“Oraio kolo,” she said smiling.

Alex had no clue what she meant but smiled and began unbuttoning her dress. She moved back a little to give him room, then when it was undone, he helped her remove it. She wore a half-slip under it and slipped that off by herself, then began undressing Alex. He had her bra unfastened and panties down quickly. Her body amazed him. This woman was eighty yet had the body of a much younger woman. There was no sag anywhere. Her breasts, although maltepe escort large, were firm with the nipples hard and pointing straight forward. As his hands caressed them, she seemed to melt. When he took her nipple into his mouth, she nearly crushed his head pulling him to her. She was begging to be loved. Standing next to the bed, Alex kissed his way down her body and dipped his tongue between her labia. She jumped, as if not expecting it. He sat her on the bed and pushed her back, then buried his face in her hair covered pussy. She squealed with delight when his tongue slid from her puckered hole, between her labia, and over the top of her clit. He moved back to her asshole and tongued her. She squirmed and panted as he did, running her fingers through his snow-white hair, and moving her hips in time with him. When Alex dragged his soft tongue over her clit she came. Her moans were loud enough that everyone in the house heard them.

She turned in the bed, and like she was starving, swallowed his entire cock. Pulling off, she began licking him as he had done her, paying special attention to his asshole. She covered every inch of him between his asshole and the tip of his cock, both with her hands and her mouth. The sensation was intense. To Alex, if felt like several people working on him at the same time. He knew he wouldn’t last long. When he came, her mouth covered the head. Her finger slid far up inside of him, where she massaged the prostate as she pulled him in even farther. Her orgasm from his cum was intense, driving his full length into her throat and depositing the last few squirts deep inside her. When he finished, she pulled off and took a much-needed breath.

Alex was still recovering as she got on her hands and knees before him. He got up behind her, and before he even had time to line up properly, she pushed back onto him, forcing his cock fully inside. She twerked on his cock and then began driving herself in and out as deeply as she could. He held onto her hips to keep from being pushed over backward. They continued this way for several minutes before her fingers entered her own ass, matching their pace. After a few minutes she pulled off and grabbed his cock, lining up with her asshole, then plowed onto him, pushing him in to the base. The pace she set was fast and hard. Alex could see her fingers moving frantically over her clit. Then she froze and stiffened. Her asshole gripped him so tight he felt like his dick would fall off. Then she screamed and pounded onto him again. Her orgasm was off the charts. Lydia collapsed onto the bed with her ass in the air. Alex continued the blistering pace and soon erupted into her. She came again, just as Alex was finishing. Although not as loud, her scream was much longer. When she quieted, they both fell forward onto the bed. Both were covered in sweat.

A few minutes later Alex rolled off. Lydia was snoring. He went to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. After dressing, he went back to the living room and was met with knowing looks from everyone.

“She didn’t scream like that for me,” Xander said, quietly to his son.

“What can I say, Dad? Some of us got it. Some of us don’t.”

“I wish I had your stamina.”

“It’s not about stamina. You told me yourself, it’s about being a servant.”

His father looked at him for a moment. “Yeah, I guess that slipped my mind. I’ll work on it.”

Aphrodite overheard the conversation and winked at her son.

“Dad, are you really going to Greece?”

He chuckled, “Doesn’t sound like I have a lot of choice.”

Adara came to Alex. “Is my grandmother happy?”

“She sounded happy to me. She’s asleep now.”

“Thank you, Alex.”

“You’re welcome, Adara.”

* * * * *

Over the next few days, Adara was with the younger women. She had explained to Alex that since her life would revolve around women, she wanted to learn to be the best lover possible. Adara had one or more of them in bed with her most of the time.

For Alex and his mother, the next few days were quiet. Xander, on the other hand, was busy getting ready to leave for Greece. Tuesday night he stayed at the house and spent the night with Aphrodite, then Wednesday morning she drove them all to the airport.

She was quiet when she got home. Everyone noticed it. Alex went to her and put his arms around her.

“Mom, are you okay?”

“Yes, honey. I’ve woken up seeing his face for over twenty years. It’ll take time to adjust.” She kissed him. “I’ve got my husband to help take my mind off it.”

“I’m here for you, Mom.”

“I know you are, sweetheart.”

Everyone seemed busy for a while. Alexandra spent much of her time at Adonis and Phoebe’s house putting the ancient texts into the computer. Demi went with her and spent a lot of time studying them. Ariana was online almost all the time. When Alex asked her about it, she gave him a frustrated look.

“What the fuck do you think I’m doing? I’m trying to figure out how to stop a damn monsoon. This is bullshit! Unless kartal escort she turns me into Storm, from the X-men, there’s no fucking way. Now, leave me alone.”

“Demi said, that when the time comes, you’ll know. I don’t think your answers are on the net.”

Ariana started crying. “Alex, I wish we could go back to being a normal family.”

“Sis, we were never a ‘normal’ family. When the time comes, you’ll know exactly what to do. Don’t worry about it.”

“We’ll be halfway around the world. I’ll probably be pregnant. No one will speak English. We won’t know anybody. And I’m supposed to perform a freakin’ miracle.”


“Alex, Gaia said you’re knocking me up at the winter solstice.”

“Oh yeah. Ari, let it go. You have to trust that Gaia knows what she’s doing.”

“That’s asking a lot, little brother.” Alex stepped behind her and began massaging her neck and shoulders. It wasn’t long before his hands moved over the shoulders and onto her breasts. She looked up at him, smiling. “Are you trying to distract me from my research?”

“Yep, is it working?”

“Oh, yeah,” Ariana replied.

She stood and walked him to her room. They both had their clothes off as soon as they shut the door. Ariana grinned as she pushed her brother onto the bed and straddled him. Without any hesitation she slid down onto his cock and began a slow steady rise and fall.

“For an annoying little brother and husband, you’ve got a really nice cock.” “Thanks. Your pussy is pretty amazing too.”

As Alex lay there being ridden, he licked his thumb and began sliding it along her clit. They were in no hurry and continued the slow steady rhythm for a long time. Ariana was edging herself. As she neared orgasm, she would stop for a minute or so to let her arousal lessen before starting again. She teased herself for at least thirty minutes before she allowed herself to cum. When she did, it was a big one. She fell forward on to him as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. When she stopped moving, Alex took over. It was just minutes, at a slightly faster pace, that he filled her pussy with his cum. Ariana braced herself, knowing her next orgasm would be in seconds.

It hit suddenly. “Fuck you, monsoon!!!” she screamed.

The curtains on the windows moved as if a gust of wind had come through the room. She pounded herself on him through the orgasm. When she finished, she collapsed again.

“What the hell was that?” Alex asked.

“I had an orgasm, dumb ass.”

“I mean the thing with the curtains.”

“Alex, when you’re fucking someone, you’re supposed to be paying attention to them, not redecorating the room.”

Alex had a thought, and reached between his sister’s legs, getting some cum on his finger. He touched the cum to his sister’s tongue. She came again a few seconds later. As she did, the curtains moved again. Not as much this time, but they definitely moved. He smiled, realizing the possible implication of it.

* * * * *

Ariana didn’t seem to be concerned about the monsoon anymore and gave up her research.

When Aphrodite missed her period, she took a pregnancy test. She already knew what the results would be but wanted to show Alex. The family was all gathered around when she did the test. It was positive. Aphrodite, Ariana, Demi, Alexandra, and Alex went out to dinner that evening to celebrate. The women decided that a shopping trip would be in order soon to start picking out maternity clothes and creating a nursery in the guest room.

Xander had been gone for two weeks when Aphrodite finally got a call from him. He was enjoying Greece and the simple lifestyle it offered. Raising sheep and farming was the primary work in the area and he was learning about that from the locals. There were eighteen women in the family there. Seventeen of them were his responsibility to keep serviced. He was enjoying that too. He also asked Aphrodite to tell Alex thanks for reminding him that he was a servant. She assured him that she would.

Lydia and Elena had a surprise waiting on them when they returned. They had won the lottery. It wasn’t a huge haul, but after taxes, they had walked away with twenty-three million euros, which came out to nearly twenty-eight million dollars. They were working with an architect to design their new home and family compound. They had not decided on their new business endeavor.

Life around the household became pretty routine. Alex continued servicing all four women. Family member visits declined to almost nothing. All four of the young people were continuing their college studies. Aphrodite was spending a lot of time reviewing Alexandra’s transcriptions and comparing them with the original Greek for accuracy.

Just before Thanksgiving, Aphrodite got a call from Cora. Cora and her husband, Nicholas, had a daughter, Catherine, who was turning eighteen on December fifth. They were hoping Alex would be willing to take her virginity. Not at a family celebration, but in a private ceremony. They had another request that was out of the ordinary and Aphrodite agreed to discuss it with Alex. After getting off the phone she went to Alex.

“I got a call from Cora today. You met her and her husband, Nicholas, at the equinox.”

“I remember them,” Alex replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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