Son in Law Lust Ch. 03

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Joan stood by the toilet holding her son in law’s dick whilst he peed into the pan. She moved her forefinger down and ran it through his flow, feeling the wonderful warmth of his pee. As he finished she knelt on the floor and gently licked the end of his limp cock, tasting him as she cleaned him up.

“That was awesome Joany,” Andrew said to his horny 60 year old mother in law.

It was the end of another long sex session that they had both enjoyed and they were both worn out with the previous hour’s activities.

Joan guided her daughter’s husband back to her bed and they lay together. He held her tight and she loved just being cuddled by him like this after sex. Joan’s pussy and arse were both sore from the pounding they had both had but she still felt horny, and wanted some more stimulation.

“Do you have any fantasies involving me that you haven’t yet mentioned or done?” she asked him.

“Yes Joan, several.”

“Like what?”

“You don’t want to know, they might be a bit too much even for you,” he replied.

She reached down for his flaccid cock and stroked him gently.

“Surely you want to tell Mom all your dirty thoughts.”

His cock twitched as she said that sentence.

“I want to know what my boy wants, so I can keep him happy, after all we are sharing our pee, what can be dirtier than that?”

Andrew reached for her large left breast and gripped it tightly.

“You sure you want to know what I jerk off about when I’m at home?”

“Mmmm, I want to know so I can fulfil it darling.”

“Okay I have a fantasy about you and me fucking in my bed and Ally comes in and catches us.”

Joan’s pussy moistened at the mention of her daughter catching her fucking Andrew.

“Go on,” she said.

“Anyway she is not angry, in fact she sits on the side of the bed and starts to stroke your fantastic tits whilst I continue to fuck you.”

“Mmmmm sounds wonderful, what happens next?”

“Ally tells me to move a bit so she mofos porno can suck your nipples and I kneel and keep rubbing my cock against your pussy lips, whilst Ally starts to lick your awesome nipples Joany.”

His cock had grown to full erection with the telling of his fantasy and Joan was now using her thumb to rub his pre-cum all over his swollen dick.

“Does she let me suck her tits?” Joan asked.

“Yes darling,” he said breathlessly, “She undresses and pushes her wonderful breast into your willing mouth.”

Joan’s pussy was becoming so wet just thinking about sucking her daughter’s tits.

“Do you like sucking Al’s tits?” he asked

“Oh they are wonderful, I’ve wanted to do it for years, lick her nipples and rub her pussy.”

“Ally moves up and sits on your face, so that you can lick her, does she taste good?”

Joan’s head was swimming with the fantasy, desperate to taste her own daughter’s juicy pussy.

“I want her to cum in my mouth, I want her to flood my face with her love juice, I want to drink my little girl until she is dry,” Joan gasped.

She released his cock and moved her hand down to her cunt, inserting 2 fingers into herself.

“Allison darling cum over Mom’s face, cum you bitch cum,” she screamed.

“Al wants to lick her Mom’s cunt now is that okay?” Andrew continued the fantasy.

“Yes tell Ally to lick Mom’s pussy,” she said.

She felt her hand being moved away and replaced with his hot lips, he licked her wildly, flicking her clit with his tongue.

“Oh Allison darling, lick your Mommy’s cunt, make me cum sweetie,” she gasped.

He lapped away at her pussy and at the same time inserted a finger into her rectum.

“Oh yes finger Mom’s arse, make me cum darling,”

All Joan could see in her minds eye was her own daughter and the mental picture along with the amazing sensation of having her arse fingered and pussy licked drove her to a massive orgasm.

Andrew naughty america porno spluttered as Joan’s juice filled his mouth, but he continued to lick and suck her whilst she finished her orgasm.

“Drink Mom’s cum Ally you dirty bitch, drink it all,” Joan screamed.

As she finished Joan couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. Fucking her son in law was one thing but fantasising about her own daughter, something completely different.

“That was bad,” she told him.

“Yep but you enjoyed it you horny bitch,” he said smiling.

Two days later Andrew was back. She was sitting on the sofa, her blouse open, her tits out and he was sucking her hard nipples. For the past couple of days she had experienced different emotions, one minute feeling dirty and guilty, the next really horny at the fantasy they had shared. As he sucked her, he massaged her large breasts and she was already feeling very wet down below.

“I need fucking,” she told him and stood up.

They went to the bedroom where she stripped off completely and lay on her bed. He joined her and their foreplay started in earnest. After a bit he got up and went to his clothes and then returned. Joan wondered why but was not too concerned now that he was finger fucking her and licking her nipples again.

He came up to her face and started to kiss her.

“I have something nice for you,” he said “Close your eyes.”

A shiver ran through and she did as she was told. Joan smelt it first, a familiar aroma and then she felt him press something soft against her lips.

“Taste these Mom,” he said.

Joan let him rub whatever it was against her tongue and she tasted the memorable tang of pussy juice. She opened her eyes to be confronted with a pair of black lacy panties, which he held against her face.

He looked straight into her eyes.

“Their Ally’s wet knickers,” he said.

A quiver ran through her stomach when she realised she was public agent porno licking her own daughter’s panties.

“Andrew, you are so bad.”

“Mmmm, I know, but I want you to lick my wife.”

Joan reached up and took the panties off him, feeling their softness and staring straight at him, she began to lick the gusset of Allison’s knickers, tasting the mix of her daughter’s love juice and pee.

“Oh fuck that is wonderful Joany, I wish that was Ally’s cunt you were licking.”

“Me too,” she told him.

She rubbed the panties up and down her lips and tongue, tasting where her daughter’s pussy and arse had been.

“I want to lick Ally’s tight little arse hole and push my tongue deep up her rectum.”

Andrew was wanking himself as she talked, his hand moving up and down his shaft quicker and quicker as she licked the black panties and told him what she was going to do with her daughter.

“I am going to make her cum so much that her pussy will ache for a week, I am going to make her fill Mommy’s mouth with her sweet juice.”

“Don’t stop Joany,” he panted.

Joan stuffed Ally’s panties into her mouth and slowly took them out.

“Then when she has finished her orgasm I am going to make her pee all over my face.”

Andrew moaned loudly and then his thick semen spurted from his cock, splashing down over Joan’s stomach and pubic hair.

He slumped back on the bed as he finished and Joan leaned over him, rubbing her daughter’s panties against his lips.

“I think we might have to engineer something to make our fantasises come true don’t you?” she said to him.

He opened his eyes and smiled.

“We can’t,” he said.

“Why not? If what you tell me about Al is true, she is as horny as me and if I want her, maybe she wants me too.”

“I don’t know it could ruin everything,” he said to her.

“But on the other hand think how much fun it will be to have your wife and her Mom at the same time, think how horny you would get watching me lick your wife’s wet pussy, imagine fucking me whilst she sucks her Mom’s nipples.”

“Oh Joan can we please?”

“As I said let me try and engineer something for both of us.”

Joan lay back in his arms again and started to formulate a plan that would either be heaven or hell.

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