Son’s Advantage Ch. 02

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I am laying on my bed while my son’s hands explore the back of my legs with a wonderful touch. His fingers are moving up my thighs and I can’t believe I had forgotten how pleasant the feeling of a man’s hands are on my body. The tips of his fingers brush the base of my cheeks and I let out a pleasant sigh of gratitude. Everything he touches causes a wonderful tingling sensation and I am quite content to let him take as much time as he wants.

I am a whore and there is nothing shameful about accepting who I am. Just about every woman is, to some degree or another, but make themselves miserable in fighting who we are. A lot of women would be far happier is they stopped their internal battles against their nature and give in to the pleasure the flesh brings.

I tried to lock up this part of myself, but the damn has burst and the dark desires have filled everything within me. Before I stopped everything, I tried to explore greater limits of pleasure and did not care how many boundaries were crossed. I have not forgotten why I started attending church and will continue to go. I want to find out if I can find some balance between the two worlds.

His hands start to caress my cheeks and I feel the moistening building within me. My sighs get a little louder as his hands become more familiar with the firmness of my round cheeks. I feel his lips press down and love the added pleasure he is bringing to that part of my body.

The idea of incest sickens most people, but I always believed it to be just one more boundary to cross. If my husband could have set it up, I would have given my body to my brothers and father a long time ago. I would have made certain they all finished inside of my pussy and loved the idea of getting pregnant and not knowing which was responsible. I may no longer be able to get pregnant, but I can still feel the joy of familial release deep inside of me.

His fingers start to explore the crack of my ass as his lips continue to press down on every inch of pale flesh they can find. I spread my legs to allow him to explore my body with far greater ease and wait patiently for him to explore what should be forbidden territory. I am starting to drip as he gets closer to what we both desire and I give him several encouraging sighs. I feel his tongue press between my cheeks and relish in the pleasure it brings.

Just as he reaches the edge of that forbidden place, he pulls away from my body and I want to call him back. I feel his powerful arms reach under my and allow him to turn me so I can face him. I smile as I look at his face filled with the desire of my body and my hand reached down to his hard shaft to guide him inside of my waiting hole.

Our shared eyes lock onto each other as he enters and I let out a moan from the pleasure he is bringing to my body. My hands reach back to his athletic ass and I squeeze to pull him deep inside. I want stranded teens porno to feel all seven inches enter a hole that has been empty for far too long. He slowly fills my emptiness and finds no resistance from his girth, since there is more than enough natural lubricant to allow him inside of me.

I love the feel of his cheeks in my hand as I help him find the perfect rhythm and we start to moan in unison. He starts to increase his tempo as my fingers squeeze to his rhythm. I know it will not be long before I feel him release deep within me and that is the moment I most yearn for. His blue eyes start to close and his thrusts become very powerful as he rams my pussy with everything he has.

I am glad I am not on the verge, since I want to see his face as he releases inside of me. One last powerful thrust and his head arches back. His moans change their tune and I pull his cheeks hard to ensure he is as deep as he can get. I am very close to the edge myself, but I fight to watch the pleasure of his release for as long as I can.

He lets a guttural sound as I feel his white release hit my pink walls and I am driven closer to the edge. A second shot from him causes my body to tighten and my eyes close tightly. As he gives another powerful thrust to give me what he has, I cry out my own release and can feel my hole spasm around his large shaft. I feel my release push past his and force itself around his shooting shaft and drip out of my body. My body feels the pleasure it has not known in a long time and I never want it to end.

I feel him release the last of himself into me and the spasming ceases. My eyes open and I smile at the look of what we have done together showing brightly on his face. My fingers relax their grip and I start to caress his cheeks with a soft touch. He is starting to soften within me and I hate that he will soon be outside completely.

His body collapses on mine as I feel him leave completely and I can feel the emptiness return. I love the feeling of our bodies pressed together as we recover from the aftermath of our shared release. I can feel his release deep inside of me and I cannot help the grin that crosses my lips. Our breaths our very deep as we breath in unison and I have no shame for enjoying my son’s attention in this manner.

He lifts himself up to look into my eyes and says, “You’re amazing, mom. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

I smile broadly as I say, “I’m glad you enjoyed it, Andy. You were great. Thank you.”

He has a quizzical look on his face as he asks, “For what?”

The smile vanishes and I have a very serious look on my face as I say, “For forcing me to be with you. There’s a part of me I thought had been buried, but you brought it back. Thank you for letting me feel this kind of pleasure again.”

He develops and equally serious face student sex parties porno as he says, “I don’t understand, mom. I thought you’d be pissed off about that and me being…”

I cut him off as I finish his sentence, “About you being my son. Trust me, Andy, I’m not pissed about either. The idea of incest never bothered me. It’s something I wanted to do when I lived that other life with your father, but never had the opportunity.”

He is on the verge of speaking, but my hands pull his head down and press our lips together. His tongue enters my mouth and his hands caress my tits. His tongue is exploring mine as I lose myself in the passion of the kiss. I feel his fingers move to caress my nipples as my hand explores his back. We are lost to each other for that brief moment.

It takes effort, but I manage to pull my lips away from his and say, “I need your help with something.”

His blue eyes burn into mine as he asks, “What is it?”

I grin and say, “Uncovering the walls and ceiling.” I can tell he has no idea what that means, so I continue. “There are mirrors underneath all of it and not much holding things in place.”

It does not take much to convince him and soon our naked bodies start the work of removal. Once the first mirror is revealed, he has an odd look on his face and I know he doubted my words. More mirrors are released from there covers and soon our bodies are reflected all around us and I smile as I see his eyes locked onto my ass.

Once the work is complete I say, “Sit on the bed, Andy.”

There is no question as he sits and I start to dance seductively for my son and reveal everything to him. His eyes move over my body with great desire and his dick is starting to awaken once again. I slowly make my way to the dresser and spread my legs wide. I watch his reflection as his blue eyes start to take it all in and I know I am very close to having him once again.

I bend over far more than needed to get to the lubricant and know both holes are very visible to my son. I have no doubt that having my son inside my ass will hurt like hell, but I don’t care. I want my son to know the pleasure of being in my tight hole and I long for the fulness to be felt once again.

I rise slowly for him to enjoy the view as long as possible and turn to guide him back further onto the bed. I make certain there is plenty of lube on my hands as I start to work his shaft. His eyes watch my work as enjoy the feeling of his hardness in my hands and take my time to ensure equal application. He starts to sigh as I slowly work my hands up and down to prepare him for entry into a hole all men desire, but will never find a woman willing to take the instinctual pain.

I straddle his waste and watch his eyes as I lower myself down to his waiting shaft. My hands reach between my legs and guide the submissive cuckolds porno tip to my tightly closed asshole. His entire body is filled with an eagerness of doing something he has never had the opportunity to try before and I smile when I see him struggle to prevent himself from thrusting upward.

I lower myself down a little and want to cry out at the pain this brings, but I bite my lip to prevent any unpleasant sound from reaching his ears. I know the worst is yet to come, but I have to have all of him. Little by little, I continue to impale myself and his breathing changes to show he is enjoying what I am doing.

Despite the tremendous pain coursing through my body, I do not stop to rest. I know from experience just how hard it is to keep going once I stop. Once I have him all the way inside, I stop to give myself a chance to adjust. I have not looked away from his eyes and avoid the mirror at all costs. I don’t want to see the pain on my face, just the pleasure on his.

I guide his fingers to my clit and he starts to bring pleasure to my body. The pain is starting to lift as his fingers work their magic and I am almost ready to start. I let out a moan as pleasure continues to take over and the pain is slowly washed away. All I feel is the wonderful fulness most women will never know.

I start to move up and down his shaft slowly, which feels amazing in conjunction with his fingers working my clit. He lets out a steady stream of moans as I feel his girth touch me in places that can only be reached by bearing the pain. My hands caress the muscles on his chest as I start to pick up the tempo and our moans get louder.

His moans change pitch and I know I am very close to feeling something wonderful. His eyes close tightly as he thrusts up hard and I force myself down to meet him. His hands pull away from my clit, but the work is done and no longer need the assistance to find pleasure. I know there is no orgasm waiting for me, but I don’t care. This is a unique pleasure all its own and I wish he were not so close to an end.

He groans as his body tightens and I feel the pressure of his release hit hard against my dark wall. I cry out at the pleasure it brings and hold myself as deep as possible. I am taking no chances that anything he gives will be wasted. Over and over again, I feel the wonder of his release and cry out to show my appreciation.

I feel the last of his twitching and know the softening will soon follow. I hold him in deep as long as I can to try to keep as much of him inside, but the feeling of fulness is starting to fade. I look at my son’s face as his eyes open and I know I just made him feel new heights of orgasmic pleasure. I pull myself up slowly to allow the last of him to leave and feel myself close tightly behind. There is very little loss from his exit and I can feel his white buried deep.

This time I am the one that collapses on his body and I know there is not enough time left for another round. It is getting late and my body needs to rest from the taxing day. I know the discomfort I will face in the morning, but I also know the pain eventually fades away and I receive only pleasure. My eyes are closing as his hands caress my body and I drift off quickly.

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