Soulmate Siblings Ch. 03 Pt. 2

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Sorry for the delay. It has been way too long, but I am finally finishing the two-parter. After this, there is one more chapter coming(the former fourth chapter will now be an standalone story). I hope you enjoy this chapter.


“Well, we’re back.”


“Yeah. Sorry about the long wait between recordings, but some really crazy shit has been happening these last week weeks.”

“Yeah. Well, you try to go without fucking Jade and Jack for several weeks and then you will understand.”

“Jasmine, it was only a week.”

“Felt longer.”

“Golly, you are such a slut.”


“Relax, Dad. I am a slut. At least, with this family, I am.”

(Jade rolls her eyes.)

“Anyway, let’s move on. Readers, there is one more character in the Collins family clan you have to meet.”

“Yeah. The one, from who, without his sperm, there would be no story to tell,……”

“Did you really just say that, Jasmine?”

“…..our father, Jason.”

“Hey, everybody. This is….the most awkward thing I’ve ever done.”

“Relax, dad. Mom was nervous, too.”

“Damn, that recording turned me on.”

“Jasmine, what doesn’t turn you on?”

“I don’t have to answer that, do I, Jade? Our audience may not be comfortable with some of the answers.”

“Do you take anything seriously?”

“Relax, I am just fucking with you. You know, before we tell the story of how I fucked with you and dad.”

“Can we just let dad introduce himself?”

“Sure. I am not stopping him.”

“Thank you. Dad?”

“Well, my name is Jason Michael Collins. I am 40 years old. I look very similar to my son, from my hair color to my build. Like my son, I am about 180 pounds of solid muscle. Abs, six-pack, legs: all identical to my son. Apparently, from what the wife and daughters told me the only area I come up short is my dick size. I am only a inch shorter, though, so I am not complaining.

“What do you guys think? That enough explanation?”

“Yeah, that should do it. Let’s get started.


“Okay, so if you remember the last recording, the three of us were grounded from spending time together. We had to get summer jobs, and my parents made sure we couldn’t spend any time together on our breaks at the local pool where we worked. Well, Jasmine and I got to spend time together. Nothing sexual, however. My parents would ask us if we did anything, and they would always know if we were lying.”

“I don’t why we weren’t allowed to do anything sexual with one another. It is not like I can get you pregnant or anything.”

“Jasmine, let me tell the story. Anyway, we try lasting a week, and ultimately realized that we had Jack’s cock inside both of us; we couldn’t live without it, so we came up without a solution of sorts.”

“We were gonna seduce and fuck our dad.”

“Yeah, that is one way of putting it.

“Jasmine was all for the idea, but then again, she would fuck anything with a cock.”

“You don’t have one.”

“But I was more apprehensive. I mean, could I really fuck my dad? The man who bought me into this world? It was a uncomfortable notion. I spent two days contemplating if I should go down this road. There would be no turning back if I agreed to this.

I mean, my father was a good looking man, no doubt about it. I had friends from high school who thought he was hot stuff. And I knew he could fuck, based on all the countless nights he had kept us up fucking mom.”

“You kids heard that?”

“Kinda hard to not hear, dad.”


“Don’t be. I always envied Mom. She always came hard.”



“Is that all you think about?”

“No. Just most of the time.”

“Are you sure you and Jack were supposed to be,

like, soul mates or something?”

“Gosh, I hope so, Jade.”

“Anyway, after two days of contemplating, I realized I couldn’t live without Jack, and so, Jasmine and I began our plan to seduce our dad.”


“June 14, 2012. 10:45 AM. My wife is in the shower, washing her hot, naked body after our ‘good morning’ screw. My son is still in bed, and my daughters are somewhere about. It is a beautiful summer day, the light illuminating my bedroom window. I walked over to the window: not a cloud in the sky. A perfect day to work on my tan.

I slide some swimming trunks on, walked out of the bedroom, and knocked on the bathroom door.


‘It is me, baby. Look, I am gonna go work on tan.’

‘You sure you don’t want to join me?’

‘Baby, we just got done fucking 15 minutes ago.’


“I chuckled at that. 40 years old, and still as horny as ever.”

‘Baby, if you let me go tan, I promise it will be worth your while.’

“I hear her sigh in the shower, and then I get my response.”

‘Okay. I will join you in about a hour. I got to finish up in here, fix myself up, and then try to wake up our son.’

‘How many minutes you gonna give him?’

‘About izmir escort bayan 10-15. If he isn’t up by 11:30, I am gonna wake him up myself.’

‘Sounds good. See you in a hour, baby.’

“I walked away from the door and begin to walk outside. I made my way out there, and finally found my spot by the pool. Little did I know how the day was gonna unfold for me that day.”


“Jasmine and I had heard our parents’ conversation from behind our bedroom wall, and we watched, subtly, as he walked from the hallway to the kitchen, and then we heard the front door open and close. Our plan was now in action.”

‘Okay, you ready? Wait, that is a stupid question.’

‘Look, I can’t help being excited.’

‘All the time, Jasmine? You kept me us last night, by the way.’

‘You could have joined me, you know?’

‘No, I rather actually have you.’

‘Aww. I’m touched.’

‘Come on, let’s do this. So, which one will I be wearing again?’

‘What color do you want?’

‘I don’t know. I kind of like the green one.’

‘What a shock! Jade wants to wear green.’

‘Hey, it accents my skin.’

‘No arguing that. I think I want white.’

‘Do you want to give dad a heart attack?’

‘No, just a boner.’

‘I did not just hear that.’

‘Come on, little sister, let’s do this.’


“It was now 11:15 AM. As I lied there, I heard the front door open and out stepped my two daughters, wearing their robes. Jasmine lifted her head at my direction and smiled. I must admit, Jasmine had a beautiful smile. She gets that from her mother. Jade was wearing sunglasses and just waved, an awkward smile on her face. As I watched them come down, a thought crossed my mind. I wished that Jade would take more pride in herself. She is as beautiful as her sister.”

‘Hi, daddy. Can Jade and I join you?’

‘Sure. I don’t mind.’

“Jasmine and I turned our back to him and untied our belts. It was now or never.”

“The robes slid off their shoulders and fell to the ground. My eyes nearly shot out of my head.

There were my daughters’ asses right in front of me, and boy, they were so sexy. The skin so soft and lush. As it turns out, my daughters were G-string bikinis. The confident and sensual Jasmine, and the innocent, girl-next-door type Jade were both equally stunning. And as they turned around to face me, I almost forgot to breathe.

The tops that secured their breasts were almost non-existent, the material only barely covering their nipples. Their breasts looked stunning. As you remember, both of them had identical body types, and so their breasts followed suit. They were both C-cups, and it took me back to when their mother was younger, because they were a splitting image of their mother at that age.

Their stomachs were well-toned and looked delectable. Their legs were both long as hell, and incredibly soft looking as well. I would love to be between their legs.

Don’t even get me started on the bottom pieces. Their bottoms were pressed between their shaven pussy lips so well, they might as well have worn nothing.

Jasmine noticed I was looking straight at them and looked at me with a questioning look on her face.”

‘Daddy, are you alright?’

“I swallowed hard, and found my words, even if it was almost impossible.”

‘I’m fine. Let’s get in the pool.’

“Dad stood up and I looked down, subtly, at his crotch. I think he was struggling with his new found lust for his daughters, but he was getting erect. Dad jumped in the pool, obviously trying to calm down his erection. I shot a look at Jade and mouthed ‘He’s hard.’ He was about to get even harder.”

“As Jasmine hopped into the pool, I took a moment and considered where it would all go from here. I really wanted this. I wanted to be with my sibling again. That positive far outweighed the negatives, and so I took the plunge.”

“As I swam in the water, I saw my two daughters in the water surrounding me. I felt Jade wrap her body around me, and I came up to the surface.

I heard her giggle and I turned my head to look at her.”

‘Hi, dad.’

“I felt her beautiful body pressed into mine, and any attempts to reducing my erection were immediately in vain as I felt myself getting harder again.”

‘Hey, baby. How are you?’

‘Better now that I am here.”

“I smiled at her, but her answer surprised me. She had to be aware of she was doing. I didn’t have much time to contemplate this, however, as Jasmine cam up right in front of me.”

‘Looks like we are surrounding you, dad.’

“I must admit, I chuckled at that, but it was still awkward. What was going on?”

“As I swam up to meet my father, I had noticed that his once struggling cock was now fully erect, and the outline of it in his shorts looked magnificent. I couldn’t wait to tease him about it.

I had never been so bold, no even with Jack, but if I was ever gonna be with Jack again, I had to make my move.”

‘Dad, as I was swimming up to meet you, I noticed escort izmir something below.”

“Was she really going here? I thought I would try to play innocent.”

‘What do you mean, baby?’

“And that is when she spring boarded me with it.”

‘Why do you have a boner?’



“Jade spoke up behind me.”

‘Does he really have a boner?’

‘Yeah. Did we turn you on, Dad?’

“I simply gulped as hard as I could and attempted to avoid saying yes.”

‘Baby, why would guys give me a boner?’

‘You didn’t answer my question.’

“Why was she making this so hard?”

‘Baby, please. Can we drop this?’

‘No, I don’t think we will.’

“And with that, Jasmine reached her hand into my pants and pulled my fully erect cock out.”

‘Damn, it’s pretty big, Dad. But it must hurt, being that hard and everything. What do you think, Jade?’

‘Yes, it must be being in a lot of pain.’

“Then I did something to my daddy that I was sure would get his blood running: I licked his ear as sensually as I could.”

“I must admit, Jade, that was hot. Didn’t expect it out of you.”

“Thanks dad.”

“Anyway, I began to stroke my dad’s hard cock as he began to panic.”

‘Guys, what are you doing? I am your father.’

‘Man, this cock. How big are you, dad?’

‘I really don’t think that is something we should discuss.’

‘But, daddy, I have to know, just in case.’

‘Just in case of what?’

‘So, in case you want to fuck me, I can prepare myself for it.’

“I couldn’t believe Jasmine had said that, and how cool Jade was with all of this.”

‘Jade, let me go!’

‘No, I don’t think I will. In fact,……’

“She began kicking at the water and Jasmine got the hint. With Jade pulling and Jasmine pushing, we found ourselves at the side of the pool. Jade got out and began pulling on my body, but it wasn’t easy. Jasmine attempted to lift me up to get on the edge, but she was having little luck. Eventually, with Jasmine grabbing me from my legs, and with Jade lifting me under my arms, they got me on the edge of the pool. I may have been helping them a bit, but would never admit at the time.”

“You can be an ass sometimes, Dad.”

“I know, but you still love your old man.”

“I do, dad.”

“Thanks, baby. Jasmine?”

(sighs). “I love you, too. Happy?”

“Thank you.”

“It’s is a good thing you are a good fuck.”

“Jasmine, baby. Keep it up, and you won’t ever have me again.”


“Anyway, Jasmine slid my trunks down my legs and did what had been on her mind all day: she wrapped those beautiful lips around my cock and began sucking me off.

I gasped in pleasure. Her mouth felt hot, yet familiar. She sucked like her mom sucked: slow, yet passionate. Any thought this was wrong went out of the window when she did that.

She would go back and forth as she sucked and stroked my cock.”

‘Daddy, I thought this was wrong. Doesn’t seem to be wrong. What do you think, Jade?’

“I had forgotten about Jade for a few minutes there, but I was quickly reminded as she came up behind me, and I felt a new sensation.

Her bare tits were now pressing into my back, now free from the confines of her top. It felt exquisite.

‘I think Daddy might want to get to know us better.’

“Jade moved to face me, and as I got my first glimpse at her luscious tits, she untied her bottoms and was now naked to my admiring gaze.

Jasmine got out of the pool and proceeded to strip in front of me, too. In just a few seconds, she was as naked as her sister. I took in everything from their luscious bodies: breasts, stomach, ass, legs, and pussy. Everything was like a mirror image of their mother. Their mother was the sexiest woman alive, and they were both tied for second right about now.

As if needed another reason to fuck them, they reached for each other and their lips touched. Rubbing their hands all over the other’s body, I grabbed for my cock and just watched them work. My blood was boiling and I had to act.”

‘Okay. Come here. Let me fuck both of you.’

“Jade laid down in front of me, and spread her beautiful legs. Aiming my cock at the base of her opening, I shoved the length into her, and gasped in pleasure.

‘Oh, baby. You are so tight.’

‘I get tighter.’

‘When did you become such a slut?’

“Jade pointed at Jasmine. I smiled at her.”

‘You can thank me later.’

‘I rather do it right now. Come here.’

“I walked over to my dad. He lifted my right leg up and bended it at the knee. He moved it to the side. He then shoved his face into my snatch, and his tongue begin to probe my insides.”

‘You are very welcome.’

“Jasmine tasted very good, and Jade’s pussy felt wonderful around my cock. Her pussy was so tight, and the fact she could get tighter made me pump that much harder and faster.”

‘Oh, daddy. Fuck me good!’

‘I plan to, baby. I plan to.’

“I must admit, I haven’t been fucking like this for very long. And while I do love making love better, Jasmine and Jack izmir escort made me realize I love being fucked just as much. And my dad could fuck! As he went harder and faster into my cunt, I grabbed his ass cheeks to further support him. He got the hint.

‘OH, FUCK, DADDY!!!!!’

“To show further appreciation for awakening Jade’s sexual side, I probed Jasmine’s pussy faster.”

‘Oh, daddy. Reward your good girl. Tongue fuck my pussy. Although I really want to fuck you, too.’

‘Don’t worry. You’re next.’

“I felt the familiar urge and alerted Jade I was gonna blow.”

‘Cum on my face, dad. Please.’

“Jasmine moved. Jade sat up, and I aimed my cock at her pretty face. The blast wouldn’t be much longer. Five, four, three, two, one….”


“I shot a massive load on her face and Jade swallowed as much as I could shoot in her mouth.

The image of Jade swallowing my cum won’t be leaving my memory any time soon.

The wave stopped. Jade smiled, the remnants of my cum dripping out her chin.”

‘Mmmm. That tasted good, dad.’

‘Hey, what about me?’

“I gave Jasmine a look.”

‘Don’t worry, baby. You are next. It will only take me about 7 minutes to be ready again.’


“7 minutes later, I was ready to go again, with me now fucking my oldest child. My cock was already erect, as it probably would never be soft again. Jasmine lined her body with my cock and took the plunge.

She felt amazing. Jasmine was just as tight as her sister, and much more experienced. Because I was lying down on the lawn chair, she was riding my lap, and boy she knew how to work it. Moving her hips sensually over my hips at one point, and then erratically at others, I felt the sudden urge to thank my son the next time I saw him.”

‘Fuck me, dad. I have waited all week for this.’

“Dad felt wonderful in my pussy. Not as good as Jack, but that was just wishful thinking. Dad still fuck me good, always keeping me guessing to what he would next: fast or slow, slow or fast, slow, fast, fast, slow, slow, fast. There was no real pattern, and I love him for it.”

“Meanwhile, I was sitting on my dad’s face and he was eating me out as efficiently as he had with Jasmine. His tongue felt great and I wanted to shout his name to the heavens.”

“Jade tasted as good as Jasmine had. I simply could not get enough of either of them. Both tasted like caramel. Jack had not been lying.

“Oh, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

“I went faster and faster on both of them, getting several shrieks and squeals out of both of them. I must admit, my daughters’ cries of sexual pleasure was music to my ears.”

‘Shoot your load into me, dad!’

“Jasmine had got me off guard.”

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes. Do it. I am on the pill. Took one this morning.’

‘Okay, if you sure.’

‘Oh, I am. Fuck me. Shoot your load inside me.’


‘Yeah, fuck her now, Jason!’

“Jade got off my face and I saw Jane fucking my son, the screen door to his bedroom wide open.”

‘Hi, dad. Hey, you sexy vixens.’

‘Hey, Jack. Hey, mom.’

“The fact that Jane was cool was all this, plus the fact she was getting fucked too, gave me the extra thrust I needed.”

“My pussy tightened on his cock, and my orgasmic pleasure hit.”

‘Oh, fuck, daddy!!!!!! I’m CUMMMMMMING!!!!!’

“The tightness of her pussy became unbearable. No holding back. I didn’t hold back, and shot off into her incredible womb. I pounded harder and harder into her incredible cunt, the warmth of it beyond description. It was one of the best cunt I ever fucked, I had filled it with my cum, and it now was swimming in my daughter’s cunt. What a day!”

“I may be a slut, but I have to say it: I missed being fucked, and that day reminded me why I love to fuck.”

‘Come inside, guys. We need to talk.’

“We all got up and followed my wife’s voice inside. We did have to talk indeed.”


“Now, before you continue, the following passage was recorded without my father and Jade. They needed some alone time. Mom is in the room, watching them, getting off to the sight, so it is just Jack and me.”

“Hey, guys. Boy, I can’t believe the lengths we went to just to get back to this point.”

“Yeah, but do you regret any of it?”

“I could never.”

“Me either.”

“So, we had a nice talk. The parents allowed us to fuck each other again, but on three conditions.

One: Jade and I aren’t not allowed to fuck when we are on our periods, and when we do, Jack has to pull out. Secondly, no one outside the house can know about ever. And third, the parents want to be apart of it as much as possible. We all three agreed on the arrangement, especially the last condition.”

“I think Jade will fuck with Dad more often now.”

“What makes you think that, Jack?”





“Huh. Oh well, I think she will stick fuck us on occasion.”

“As for the two of us, well, I think after everything we have been through has led us back here. And there is nowhere else I rather be.”

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