Step Brother Grows Up – 3rd Time’s a Charm

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I returned home from taking my step brother to the car dealership and took a long nap, recovering from the mind-blowing orgasm he had given me in my car earlier that day. When I awoke, I found my Mom and step father already home from work and cooking dinner together in the kitchen.

After a quick shower, I joined them. We shared stories of our day (minus the wild part!) and laughed as we sipped on a glass of wine. Kent walked in through the garage, sweaty from a workout. I have to say he was looking fine all bulked up and solid.

“Can you show me some of your workouts tomorrow?” I asked in an innocent voice.

“I start at 8:00am sharp.” He said with a smile as he went off to shower before dinner.

That evening we again laughed and enjoyed each other’s company before finally heading our different directions to bed. That night I dreamed of fucking Kent and woke up to find my fingers in my pussy. Laughing to myself, I played with my clit until I came hard on my fingers.

The next morning, I awoke and looked at the clock. 7:40am and the parents had already left for work. ‘Perfect timing!’ I thought to myself as I hopped out of bed and selected my workout outfit, which consisted of nothing more than my bright orange running shorts and matching sports bra that zipped in the front. Once dressed, I looked in the mirror. I then unzipped the bra about half way down to allow easy viewing of my ample cleavage. Satisfied, I pranced down to the garage.

“I’m ready!” I announced as I strutted in. Kent was already well into his workout, his muscles pumped and on display as he wore only a pair of shorts. He looked at me and took a deep breath when he saw my barely clad body.

He proceeded to show me various exercises and how to perform them. I did mostly what illegal bahis he told me to do but took every opportunity to torture him by either sticking my ass or tits into his face at every opportunity. I couldn’t help but notice the growing bulge in his shorts. Only this time he didn’t bother to try covering it up.

“Okay, come on over to this preacher curl stand.” He instructed. After adjusting it to the height of my waist, he told me to lean my stomach against it, spread my feed about shoulder width apart, and handed me a pair of 5-pound dumb bells.

“These are called seagulls. I want you to lean slightly forward across the stand and raise the dumbbells up and outward like you are flapping your wings. Hold them for a second at the top, then lower them back down in front of you. That is one rep. You will do twenty reps to a set.” He said as he backed away behind me and started counting.

“One, hold it at the top, now lower the weights in front. Lift, two, and hold…now lower. Good! Three.” He counted, but this time I felt his hand lightly pulling my running shorts to the side, exposing my pussy from behind. “Four and lower. Five. Hold and lower. Six.” He continued counting as I now felt him rubbing against me, then slipping something inside. “Seven and lower. Eight, hold and lower.” I now realized he had slipped the head of his dick inside and was slowly feeding his cock into my wetness. “Nine, good. Ten. Half way home.”

He sure was! His cock was filling me as he inched forward, impaling me with his thick prick.

“Eleven…Twelve…Thirteen…Fourteen.” He counted as he sunk the rest of his length into me. When he called ‘fifteen’, he eased out and then pushed his full length back in. Repeating his full thrusting with each successive count ‘sixteen…seventeen…eighteen…nineteen…TWENTY!’ illegal bahis siteleri I dropped the dumbbells to the floor as he grabbed my hips and lifted my feet off the ground, pinning me against the stand. He then proceeded to hammer his cock in and out of me. I held on to the base of the stand as he fucked me hard and fast from behind. The strength with which he screwed my pussy was incredible! Although I was still a ways away from an orgasm, I knew Kent wasn’t going to last much longer as his prick swelled in my pussy and he grunted loudly as he flooded my hole with his sperm. I could feel each blast shoot into me as his warm spunk filled my pussy. He held my hips tightly as he pumped the last of his juice before falling back on the flat bench behind him as he tried to catch his breath.

Eager for my own turn, I quickly stripped off my shorts and zipped off my bra. Now standing completely naked, I pushed Kent onto his back. His young cock was still hard, and I wasted no time straddling it and lowering my hungry cunt onto his meat. I sank down immediately, totally impaling myself. Ooohhh! It felt so damn good! I placed both hands on his shoulders, pinning him to the bench as I started riding his prick. With both feet firmly on the floor, I was able to rock my ass hard and fast across his beautiful cock. It wasn’t going to take long!

Kent reached up and lightly caressed my tits and pinched my nipples. “Ooooh! Fuck that feels good!!” I panted as I rode his prick like a woman possessed, bouncing up and down as his cum squirted out of my pussy making a sloshing noise that only added to my excitement.

As my orgasm started to swell up in me, I willed my hips to ride him harder and faster, forcing his cock against my canlı bahis siteleri aching clit. “Aaaaahhhhh!! My pussy! My pussy!!” I screamed as my orgasm shook every inch of my body as I bucked back and forth, slowing to let the feeling spread as I milked it for several seconds of sheer pleasure.

Finally, I collapsed onto Kent’s chest. To my surprise, instead of hugging he in his arms, he rolled us both off the bench and onto the floor. His cock was still in me and harder than ever! ‘Holy shit!’ I thought to myself, ‘He’s going to fuck me again!’

Sure enough, as soon as we hit the floor, he pushed my legs over his shoulders and began to pump into me with long, deliberate strokes. Pulling his cock almost completely out, before sliding it back to the hilt. He was in no hurry this time. Clearly enjoying himself as he held my wrists over my head and smiled down at me as he continued his long and slow assault on my pussy.

He fucked me like this for a solid five minutes, never increasing his speed, but making sure to rake the top of his cock along my clit with each thrust. I could feel my own orgasm coming. He sensed it too and only then did he pick up the pace. I started moaning deeply as the wonderful feeling spread across my body. Now he was really fucking me! His balls slapping against my ass with each thrust. My head was spinning as my clit erupted in a massive orgasm! I clawed at this ass to pull every inch of him inside, filling me!

Kent slowed to allow me to enjoy every second of pleasure. After several more seconds, he again picked up his pace and hammered my pussy harder than ever. I felt his prick begin to swell as I anticipated him emptying his load into my hole for the second time. Instead of filling me up, he pulled his cock out and used my pussy lips to jack himself off. The first rope of cum shot across my tits, hitting me in the chin. The second wad did the same. The next several loads emptied out onto my tits and stomach. By the time he finished, I was covered in his spunk and totally satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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