Step Sister Seduction Ch. 02

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Vanessa stood naked in the center of my basement room as I focused the camera. The light was soft and slightly back-lit to accentuate her form. Her supple breasts hung like swollen teardrops from her chest. Her raven black hair and pink nipples stood out against her alabaster skin. She flashed me a smile and then decided to look serious.

“What’s the purpose of this again?” She asked.

“Aside from filming you naked?” I responded.

“Yeah, Jackass!” She Said.

“I’m experimenting with lighting and the new filter I just bought for my video camera.” I said.

“You’d better hurry up. The parental units will be home shortly.” She Said.

“When are we going to break it to them?” I asked

“Later will be better than sooner. Right before we leave for the university and the fall semester starts.” She said.

It had been nearly a month since my Step Sister, Vanessa, had moved in. From the moment of our first meeting she changed my life and I knew that I loved and desired her. We had managed to keep our affair secret so far, spending every unattended moment furiously fucking and sharing our most intimate thoughts and feelings. The ruse was starting to become increasingly difficult to pull off, as our feelings towards each other grew. Every longing glance and veiled touch added to the frustration of bottled up emotions.

“I’m really looking forward to this weekend.” I said

“I don’t care if we even look at the University, just as long as we have some time alone.” Vanessa said.

“Your cousin, Sarah, won’t mind us staying with her?” I asked.

“I told her that you would be sleeping in the spare bedroom and that she and I could share a bed.” Vanessa said.

“What does she do aside from being a grad student” I asked

“She is a waitress at a bar, and acts and dances in local theatre productions when she has the time.’ Vanessa answered.

I nodded in acknowledgement and turned off the video camera. I walked over to Vanessa as she reached for her clothes and pushed her onto the bed. Her blue eyes sparkled as she knew I was about to take control. Her ass was nearly hanging off the edge of the bed as I dropped to my knees. I looked at the tiny black heart tattooed above her cleanly shaven pussy. I moved my nose closer to her outer folds and breathed in the musky aroma. I felt my cock stiffen as I began to lap at her pussy. I felt her hands grab the back of my head and pull me closer to her. I used my fingers to spread open her folds and looked at her swollen clit. I blew a cheek full air onto her clit and I heard Vanessa let out a moan.

“Lick my butt-hole!” she blurted out.

I ran my tongue down her slit and pushed her legs up over my shoulders to reveal her tiny balloon knot. I brushed it slightly with my tongue and began to increase the pressure. I put 2 fingers in her sopping pussy and began to massage her g-spot while my thumb gently massaged her clit. Vanessa’s moans increased as I penetrated her asshole with my tongue.

“I’m going to cum!!” Vanessa yelped.

I felt her legs stiffen as the pleasure of her release shot through her body. The muscles in her stomach tightened and released as I felt the rush of her exquisite liquid come pouring out of her pussy and splashing against my waiting face. I watched in joy as the final waves of Vanessa’s orgasm left her body. She looked up at me with an exhausted smile.

“I’m glad that we discovered your special ability.” I said with a smile.

“Let me return the favor.” Vanessa said, looking at the bulge in my jeans.

“I’d love to, but have you looked at the clock?’ I said.

“Like I could look at it during that” She said.

“It is nearly 5:00 pm and I need to change the sheets and wash my glazed donut face.” I said.

“You are truly an idiot” She said smirking while quickly getting dressed.

We had little time to spare as I stripped the bed and threw the sheets into the washing machine. I had promised to cook dinner since I had only been working half days lately. The summer job that Bill had secured for me with the parks department was fun but due to the city’s budget problems I was regulated to part time only. Vanessa walked downstairs from her room wearing her black hair up in a pony-tail and a snug white tank top with tight black yoga shorts. We quickly started preparing a spaghetti dinner and managed to have it done and ready before Bill and Lisa arrived home.

Dinner was pleasant and unassuming. Lisa and Bill looked happy together, as usual, and it caused me to wonder how the truth about Vanessa and I would affect them.

“You leave for Albuquerque on Friday morning, right?” Bill asked

“Yeah, it is only a 3 hour drive so it won’t be too bad.” I responded

“I’m not sure that you should be driving your old car back and forth so much in the summer heat. You can take the Escalade, as long as you bring it back in one piece.” Bill said.

“Great, I appreciate it.” I said.

“I don’t trust to many people with Vanessa and my car so you should be honored.” Bill said bahis firmaları with a wink

“I’ll take care of her.” I said trying not to reveal too much in my expressions

The next two days passed without much excitement. Vanessa had started working a few hours at the local independent record shop and was trying work as much as possible before our trip. The day finally arrived and we both woke up early and eager for our trip. Vanessa walked down stairs and looked stunning. She was wearing a red cardigan over a white button-down shirt and a knee length black skirt. She wore ankle high white socks with a pair of black penny loafers. I noticed that she was wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses that accentuated her blue eyes. Her lips were a subtle shade of red and her cheeks looked slightly flushed. Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and her black bangs hung freely. My work with the parks service had caused my back and chest to fill out nicely and the charcoal black polo shirt I was wearing fit a little more tightly than usual. I had a new pair of relaxed fit blue jeans on with my traditional tan work-boots. I had cut my hair into an almost military buzz cut.

“You look good Jason.” Vanessa said sounding mockingly formal

“So do you Vanessa.” I said trying to keep up the charade

I lugged Vanessa’s extremely heavy suitcase to the SUV. I wondered what the hell she had packed; we were only going to be gone for 3 days. We pulled out of the driveway and hit the open road. Bill had left an envelope on the dashboard with 6 fifty dollar bills and a note reminding me to take care of his daughter. My suspicions became aroused. I wondered if Vanessa and I were giving off to many signals. I looked over at the passenger seat and noticed that Vanessa had already taken control of the CD player. Loud punk music filled the air as we shot down the highway and exited town.

We headed south towards Albuquerque and were on a desolate stretch of highway on the Navajo Indian reservation. Our conversation was light as Vanessa enjoyed the scenery and the loud music pulsating throughout the car. I noticed that Vanessa began rummaging through her purse and she pulled out what looked like a tube of lipstick. She glanced at me with that devilish look in her eyes.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a Pocket Rocket.” She said with a grin.

“Are you on some secret sex toy testers list?” I said sarcastically

“Just try and keep an eye on the road if you can.” She said.

Vanessa popped the cap off the faux lipstick tube and a slight buzzing noise filled the air. She reclined the car seat as far back as she could. At this point I was glad the Escalade had tinted windows. She pulled up her skirt enough to display a pair of black panties with string ties on the side. I reached over and pulled on the string closest to me while she pulled the string on the other side. I pulled hard and her panties came loose and were in my hand. I struggled to keep my eyes on the road and to enjoy the spectacle that was unfolding at my side. She spread her legs and began rubbing the mini vibrator on her clit. Her moans began to increase as she continued to work on her clit. The mile markers were passing by as I struggled to keep an eye on the road. Her moans ended abruptly as her orgasm shot through her body. She looked over at me with a dazed smile. She unfastened her seat belt and leaned over towards me. Her hands reached over and began to unfasten my jeans and pulled down my zipper. My cock was freed by the expert use of her hands. I adjusted a little in my seat so my cock could stick our further from the hole in my boxers. She leaned over more and I could feel her lips at the end of my cock. Her tongue made fast little circles and I continued to drive as straight as possible. She worked on my shaft as best as she could in our awkward positions. She looked up and smiled then crawled into the back seat. I adjusted the rear view mirror and could see that she had spread her legs and was fingering her pussy. I looked for the nearest dirt road that I could find and pulled the car over. I quickly crawled into the back seat and Vanessa pulled me towards her. I entered into her pussy with ease. She was extremely wet and her hips bucked off of the seat of the car meeting me with each thrust. I could feel that I was going to cum at any moment. I felt the rush of my orgasm empty into her. She pulled me closer and whispered that she loved me. I held her in a tight embrace and kissed her deeply. I noticed that her glasses were a little fogged up and askew and started to chuckle.

We composed ourselves as best we could and continued down the road. A few miles ahead of us there was a State Trooper parked on the side of the road. I was glad that I pulled over when I did. After about an hour and a half we eventually got on the interstate and headed into Albuquerque. We pulled off onto one of the main roads that led to the university area.

“Sarah doesn’t live this close; she lives in the far northeast heights.” Vanessa said.

“I know. I just want kaçak iddaa to look at the school a little before we come back tomorrow.” I said

As I drove around the campus I became more convinced that sharing an apartment would be a smarter choice than living in a dorm. I wondered how I could make this happen and still be honest to Bill and my mother about my relationship with Vanessa.

After looking at the campus we headed towards Sarah’s apartment on the other end of town. The traffic was heavy as the afternoon began and we struggled to get across town without getting too lost. Vanessa pulled out her address book to confirm that we were heading to the right address. We pulled into very large and slightly fancy apartment complex.

“She can afford this place by waiting tables?” I asked Vanessa.

“She must get help from her parents I guess.” Vanessa said.

We entered her number into the speaker box and were quickly buzzed in. We walked to the right door and noticed that it was cracked open slightly. Vanessa took initiative and walked in.

“Sarah?” Vanessa said

“Just a minute! I’m getting dressed.” A female voice shot back.

I looked around that roomy apartment and saw a few foreign movie posters on the wall and a large television in the living room. I thought that she must make great tips to afford all this or she must do something else besides waiting tables. Just as I finished my thought Sarah walked out of her room. I was kind of stunned at what I saw. Sarah was a drop dead gorgeous blond slightly taller than Vanessa. She was wearing a very low pair of hip hugging jeans and a tight form fitting blue shirt that featured her large breasts and exposed her tight tanned stomach. Her hair was obviously an expensive salon cut that was bobbed just at the base of her neck and had bright high-lights.

“You must be Jason.” Sarah said while giving me a tight hug.

“Nice to meet you.” I said

“I have prepared the guest room for the both of you.” Sarah said with a wink.

“I forgot to tell you that she knows about us.” Vanessa said holding back a smile.

“Cousins never keep secrets from one another.” Sarah said.

I must have looked like a total fool as they both looked at each other and smiled. They hugged each other and looked pleased at my surprise. I lugged Vanessa’s suitcase into guest room as they both sat and talked in the small kitchen area. I plunked down on the coach looking at the apartment and wondered where the day and night might take me.

Vanessa and Sarah spoke in whispers in the kitchen area. I sat on the couch and watched music videos playing on the television. I would occasionally glance over at Vanessa and enjoyed the view of her cousin’s backside but tried be nonchalant about it. They seemed to have a close connection between them. Vanessa stopped talking to Sarah and made her way to the couch.

“If it is not too much of a hassle, we are going to take Sarah to work after we eat dinner.” Vanessa said.

“No Problem, are we going to pick her up too?” I asked.

“Yes, she is only going to work for about 3 hours and it would nice to see her perform.” Vanessa said with a smirk.

“Ok, But I’m not looking forward to an evening to musical theatre.” I said.

I sat around watching television while the girls got ready. My mind drifted to the events of earlier today and the memory of Vanessa pleasuring herself in the car. I felt a little aroused at the thought and hoped that I would be able to get her alone later this evening. I was enjoying my daydream as Vanessa and Sarah stepped in front of me. Vanessa looked great. Her hair was down and her lips were very red. She was wearing a tight fitting black shirt with a keyhole top that exposed her ample cleavage. She also wore an extremely short black skirt that exposed her shapely legs and stomach. Sarah also looked great; she was still wearing the low slung jeans and blue top but her face was made up and her blond hair and tanned skin contrasted with Vanessa’s. Sarah was carrying what looked like a make up case and a gym bag.

“Are you ready to go?” Vanessa asked?

“Let’s head out.” I said.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant in the middle of town and sat and relaxed after our filling dinner. It was nearing 7:30 in the evening and I wondered where the day had gone.

“We’d better get going. Sarah needs to be on stage by 8:15” Vanessa said.

“What kind of stage are we talking about” I said

“I’m an exotic dancer”. Sarah said with a grin.

“Really.” I said confirming my earlier suspicions

“I hope that it doesn’t make you uncomfortable watching me work tonight.” Sarah said.

“I’m looking forward to it, but how will Vanessa and I get in” I said

“It is the only totally nude club in town so they don’t serve alcohol. You can be 18 and still get in.” Sarah Said.

“Totally nude?” I said trying not to blush.

“Totally.” Sarah said with a glint in her eye similar to Vanessa’s

I tried not to appear too eager but I exceeded the speed limit as we made kaçak bahis our way down town. We pulled into the clubs parking lot and were able to park in the gated area reserved for employees. The neon signs were not as garish as I had imagined for a strip club. We made our way through the back entrance and into club’s main floor. Bass heavy music pulsated throughout the club and I could see video monitors displaying some very hard core porn. Sarah sat Vanessa and I at a good table close to the stage and headed off to change. The club had not filled up yet because the night was still young but we could see lots of men and several couples seated and ready for the next dancer to take the stage. I could feel Vanessa’s hand on my leg as we watched the first dancer perform. She was a slim Hispanic girl with small breasts who seemed particularly amateurish. We watched as the next dancer, a voluptuous black girl, took the stage with authority. She worked the pole like a gymnast and she was showered with dollar bills from patrons eager to get a closer look at her. I sat back taking in the experience of my first strip club.

“Up next on the Stage is Ariel.” The club D.J. announced.

“It’s Sarah.” Vanessa said leaning close to my ear.

I recognized the song blaring from the speakers. “It’s no good” by Depeche Mode began pulsating throughout the club. I watched as Sarah walked out from behind the curtain and began prowling the stage. She wore an extremely short sheer black dress that barely covered the miniscule g-string underneath. Her technique at seducing the crowd was far more convincing than the other dancers. She was looking directly at Vanessa as she peeled the dress down revealing her breasts. Her body was toned without being overly muscled and her breasts were full but real, compared to the silicone enhanced bodies possessed by the majority of the other dancers. Vanessa pulled several dollars from her purse and walked to the stage. Sarah headed straight to her ignoring several of the more unseemly patrons on the way. Vanessa stood at the edge of the stage as Sarah turned her back and bent over to show her tight ass to the audience. She turned back to face Vanessa and slowly pulled her g-string down exposing her perfectly shaved pussy. She pulled Vanessa’s head towards her pussy just short of making contact. The crowd cheered enjoying the Sapphic display. As Sarah pulled back I noticed a small heart tattooed above her slit. It was nearly identical to Vanessa’s. The song ended and Sarah picked up the piles of dollar bills on the stage.

“What did you think?” Vanessa asked as she sat down at the table.

“It was definitely hot. She has a tattoo just like yours.” I answered

“Not just like, maybe you’ll see it up close in a while.” Vanessa said with a grin.

We sat at the table looking at the other dancers as they came on stage. None of them had the command of the stage and the presence of Sarah. We waited close to a forty five minutes as Sarah finally made her way to our table. She was wearing a tiny black bikini that barely covered her breasts and pussy.

“You were great up there.” Vanessa said.

“Thanks sweetie. I have already done 5 table dances since I finished on the stage.” Sarah said.

“Aren’t they like 20 dollars a pop?” I said sounding like a dork and a cheapskate.

“Yes they are, I need to do a few more to make it worth my while, after that I’ll treat you guys to a private.” Sarah Said.

“I’m looking forward to that.” Vanessa said answering my exact thought

Vanessa and I waited for Sarah to make the rounds again and watched as several new dancers made their way on stage. Vanessa drank several of the fruity beverages offered by the club followed by a bottle of overpriced water. Another hour had passed and Sarah finally made it back to our table.

“Let’s go to the private area.” Sarah said.

Sarah grabbed Vanessa and I by the hands and led us past a set of beaded curtains into an area that had several large bed-like couches. The glow of the black lights made the whole scene seem surreal. Sarah led us to small room that was far more secluded and private than the rest of the “VIP” rooms.

“Who first?” Sarah asked.

“Vanessa first, I want to watch.” I said.

“Typical male.” Vanessa said with a chuckle.

“I told the bouncer to turn a blind eye on us for a while since no money will be exchanging hands.” Sarah said.

Vanessa and I sat on the couch with Vanessa positioned on the widest area with her legs slightly spread. Sarah started to move to the bass driven music. She had an intense look in her eyes as she approached Vanessa. She straddled Vanessa and began to writhe in time to the music. Vanessa also began to look very serious. Sarah ran her hands through Vanessa’s hair and whispered in her ear. The music was so loud that I was unable to hear Sarah’s words. Vanessa began to move in time with Sarah and I could feel my cock begin to stiffen. Sarah took of her top off and brushed her breasts across Vanessa’s mouth. The girls continued to move in time as their bodies began to touch. Sarah stood up and walked towards me. Vanessa looked on intently as Sarah pushed me down on the couch. I was lying nearly flat on my back as the music began to change.

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