Steph’s Story Ch. 01

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Dad had told me that they were expecting to arrive home around 6.30pm. It was now just gone 6.15. We live on a sheep station (known as a Ranch in the US) in the outback of South Australia, a medium size property in these remote parts consisting of around 700 square kilometers, just on the northern edge of the Flinders Ranges. Mum and Dad had left two days earlier to collect my sister from boarding school having just finished her final year of school in Adelaide which is an eight hour drive away.

I hadn’t seen Steph for nearly a year now. I had also gone boarding school and finished the year before but had decided to go back packing through Europe with a couple of mates for nine months before heading off to Ag college just outside of Melbourne in Victoria next year. As a result I had missed Steph returning home for the holidays. I had also missed her eighteen birthday back in June.

My name’s Josh and at nineteen, I am a year older than my sister. I’m around 6 foot tall, fairly well built from working around the property and tanned skin. I have sandy blonde hair (usually a bit messy) and blue/grey eyes. I was a late developer and have very little body hair, practically nonexistent on my chest and just a few hairs here and there on my legs. Given the remoteness of where we had grown up, Steph and I had always been close, there hadn’t been any local kids to play with (our closest neighbor is an hour and half away). There are no local schools, and our primary school education was with the School of the Air.

Last time I had seen Steph she was a tall and lanky, skinny and flat chested, she had always had a pretty, ‘innocent’ face, with a delightful smile, blue eyes and longish blonde hair. I was anxious to see how much she had grown up over the last year.

The weather was damn hot for this time of year, mid December, it had been hovering around 40c for the last three days, although during February we can expect it to get up to 46c. Hot, dry and dusty. I was getting around the house in just my kaki farm shorts, as I did most days. I had made sure the drinks were well stocked in the fridge for their return and had put a lamb roast in the oven to slow cook (Steph’s favorite). You have to understand that we are a pretty close family and with farm life we all pitch in to help. It’s the way it is in these parts.

I glanced out the window and could make a trail of dust on the horizon, this must be them (it couldn’t really be anyone else, although we did employ a couple of people to work on the property but they had all gone away to their respective families for Christmas).

Not bothering to put a shirt on I went outside into the heat to wait for them. Sure enough after a couple of minutes I could make out dads new Land Rover Discovery thundering down the dusty dirt road.

He pulled up under the carport and before he had even turned of the engine, my sister Steph jumped out of the back seat. I was taken aback for just a moment as she raced over to give me a hug. I felt the coolness of her skin from the cars air-conditioning and the firmness of her breast as she embraced me, giving me a peck on the cheek, then she pulled away.

“Oh my God, what happened to you?” I stammered, “You’ve grown up!”

She stood in front of me with a big grin, then swung around “You like.” she exclaimed with a giggle.

She had grown another inch or so, a guess to about 5 foot 7 inches, her blonde hair was pulled back into her customary pony tail, her eyes bright a blue and her beautiful smile. She was just wearing a short cotton skirt and plain pink tank top. As I took her in, I realized her body had filled out, her legs were long and lean, smooth and nicely tanned, flat belly, tight butt and firm, well rounded breasts.

“Wow, you look great.”

“Thanks, so do you, shit its hot, common lets get out of this heat.”

I helped dad with her bags and headed back to the coolness inside.

“Can I get you a drink” I shouted down the hallway to her bedroom where she had headed to unpack.

“Sure, what have we got?”

“Beer, wine, bourbon.”

“Thanks Josh, I’ll just have a beer.” she yelled back.

I went to the drinks fridge in our family room, pulled out 3 beers, one for dad, Steph and myself, and then poured a glass of white wine for mum.

We had a great evening, catching up on the local gossip over dinner. Talking about what was happening on the property and filling us in on her various friends. We chatted about my trip through Europe, but not too much. There parts I would rather not talk about in front of Mum and Dad. This we could talk about later.

Mum and Dad headed off to bed around 10:00. Steph and headed outside to catch up on the real school gossip. For the next hour she filled me in on who was seeing who, who had hooked up with who and so on. I asked her about her boyfriend, Derek, she told me that they had split up a couple months ago. I heard her murmur under her breath ‘soft cock’ and I couldn’t help but laugh. She grinned back at me.

“Something you illegal bahis want to talk about?”

“Nah, no big deal, Ill tell you about it another time.”

“Hey, what’s the plan for tomorrow?” she asked

“I’ll be out doing the water run.”

“Want some company.”

“Sure.” I replied

“Got to be up early though, want to try and beat the worst of the heat.”

“Sure, no sweat.”

The ‘water run’ as we call it, involves basically following the main water lines across the property, checking there are no leaks and that all the water troughs and windmills are working properly so the stock can get water. During summer we have to do it each week and generally takes 6 -8 hours round trip. It would be good to have some company.

“Common, we had better get to bed, early start.”

“OK, see you in the morning, wake me up.”

I went to bed fasinated at how my younger sister had grown up. A year ago she had been a skinny kid and now she had blossomed into a very attractive, dare I say it, hot young woman.

I woke early with my normal morning stiffy and fought off the urge to have a wank, instead pulling on a loose pair of boxes (I always slept in the nude). The sun was starting to come up and there was some partial light. I padded down the hallway still half asleep needing to pee with my semi hard dick tenting out my shorts, I stepped into the toilet, tuned on the light then nearly walked straight into my sister, scaring the crap out of me, sitting on the toilet.

“Shit, I’m so sorry, sorry.” I stammered as I tried to back out.

She had an instant look of surprise as the light flicked on and her eyes met mine. Her eyes slowly lowed as she spotted my tented boxer shorts less than 2 feet in front of her face. Her mouth broke into a smile.

“You’d better put that thing away before you poke someone’s eye out.”

I stepped back out of the toilet feeling rather embarrassed and headed off to use the other bathroom and take a shower. I’ll have to be more careful how I get around the house.

When I had showered and dressed I went into the kitchen, mum was already up and was making breakfast of eggs and bacon. Steph came in a few moments later still wearing her night shirt which was basically just an over sized T-shirt that came down to upper thighs, I could just make out the slight sway of her breast as she walked through. No bra, I thought to myself

“Morning” she said as went over and gave Mum a peck on the cheek

“Smells great, I’ve really missed home cooked meals.”

“Well, make the most of while you can.” Mum replied

“I’m gonna go with Josh on the water run.”

“Oh, I was hoping we could spend some around here together today.” Mum looked a little disappointed

“Can we do it tomorrow, I haven’t seen Josh since last Christmas holidays and I would really love to go around the property.”

“Sure, we have plenty of time before you head off for Uni next year” Mum replied.

Steph had a tentative acceptance into Vet science next year, the only catch was that is was in Perth, Western Australia, might as well be on the other side of the world. Mum really missed having a female around.

Steph walked out through the kitchen door to the veranda and put some food out for the dogs. The morning air was still cool and as she came back inside I could see that her nipples had stiffened and stood out against her over sized T-shirt like the tip of my pinky finger.

Pay back.

As she passed me I whispered just loud enough her to hear, but not Mum.

“You should put those things away before you poke someone’s eye out.”

She looked up at me and then down to her breasts, I could see her face flush slightly as she smiled and then giggled bringing her hands up to cover them.

“I’m off for a shower.” and then took off

“Don’t be long, breakfast’s nearly ready” Mum called after her, none the wiser.

I felt my dick give a slight twitch at the thought of her hard nipples but quickly dismissed it from my mind. Being so remote, you don’t get to see attractive women on a daily basis, sister or not, a 19 year guy with raging hormones can’t help but notice these things.

“Where’s Dad?” I asked Mum as she served up breakfast

“He’s out fueling up the Land Rover and checking the tool box and pipe fittings, shouldn’t be long”

A couple of minutes later, Steph came back in, freshly showered, her hair pulled back into a pony tail, wearing kaki work shorts, a button up RM Williams shirt over a black boob tube and RM Williams boots.

We finished breakfast, grabbed the sandwiches mum had made for us and some bear out of the fridge (for the end of the day), dropped it all into an esky with some ice packs and headed out the door.

We climbed into the Land Rover Defender, turned on the UHF radio. No mobile phones out here.

“Give us call on the radio if you have any problems and let know when your heading back so know when to expect you home.” Dad said to us.

“Is that so we don’t catch illegal bahis siteleri you and Mum doing it.” I replied

Dad just shook his head and laughed.

“Ooooo, that’s so gross.” Steph said as we pulled away from the house.

I just grinned at her.

The first couple of hours were easy, we chatted about various things at school again and I filled her in on some of the missing bits I hadn’t mentioned in front of Mum and Dad of my Europe trip.

We checked all the water troughs along the way, the sun was starting to belt down and it was getting really hot. We stopped at one of the watering holes that was quite shaded for lunch. We also radioed back home to up date our progress. On a property like this it’s really an Occ-Health and Safety requirement to do so.

I was hot and sweaty so I pulled my shirt off and dropped my face and then my whole head in the water trough to cool off, when I turned around Steph was looking at me. I noticed, albeit for a fleeting moment, her giving me the once over.


“Nothing.” her face flushed just a bit

“Guys are so lucky…..whenever it suits, you can just rip your shirt off.”

“So can you, if you want.” I laughed.

“Oh sure, you would like that wouldn’t you, anyway with some of these rough tracks out hear, I should be wearing a sports bra let alone nothing at all.”

“Serves you right for having such big ‘pups'” I teased her.

She had already taken of her button up shirt just leaving her boob tube with a strapless bra underneath. She looked down then cupped her breasts pulling them up.

“My boobs aren’t that big.”

“They’re bigger than they used to be”

“I think they’re just right, anyway you shouldn’t be looking.” She teased back, still cupping them.

“I’m a 19 year old bloke, what do you expect, I can’t help it.”

“Typical” she said giggling

Is she flirting with me? My dick twitched in my pants again as I glanced over her well covered breast. A flash of her hard nipple poking through her T-shirt this morning passed through my mind.

“Common, lets get going, got a ways to go yet.”

Over the next couple of hours we went further along into the back blocks of the property, the tracks got rougher and the going was slower. Several times my mind wandered back to this morning when I walked in on my sister on the toilet and then the vision of her hard nipples through her T-shirt again. I thought about what she said about guys being able to take their shirts off and mentally pictured her sitting across from me topless going across the rough terrain with her breasts swaying back and forth. With these thoughts combined with the motion of the vehicle I had felt my dick start to swell and before long I had a raging hard on, feeling uncomfortable restricted against my jocks in my shorts.

I snuck a glance at my sister out the corner of my eye, I was sure she hadn’t noticed.

Thankfully, pushing the thoughts out of my mind, my cock went down. We continued along stopping at each of the water troughs, everything was in good working order along the way, not much maintenance required. We were probably only about 20 minutes from our last stop. The further-est watering hole on the property. The most remote part of our property. This was a particularly pretty spot with a spring fed water hole surrounded by huge River Red Gums and had a large rock face with a gentle slope that went down into the water. The water was usually clean and cool.

When we were kids, Mum and Dad would bring us out here to camp, in more recent times Dad had built a small hut with two small bedrooms, a modest living area that included basic kitchen with a gas fridge and stove. Out the back was a simple shower and a compost toilet, there was semi permanent campfire area at the front. The hut was positioned about 30 meters away from the water hole, just enough incase the creek bed ever flooded. The hut was always stocked with basic bedding, non perishable food and day to day stuff.

It was used primarily for us, friends or relatives that wanted a remote getaway but occasionally the odd 4WD tourist or shearer passing through would make use of it.

We pulled up to the water hole.

“Wow, I really missed this place.” Steph said as she got out

I pulled out the esky and an old picnic blanket out the back of the Land Rover and took them over to the large rock that sloped gently into the water. I laid out the rug about 10 feet from the waters edge, pulled out a couple of beers and we sat down. The air was hot but beer was cold, they went down easy. I reached back and pulled out a couple more. Not being a big drinker I could feel just a slight buzz coming on. Steph and I sat silent for a few moments.

“So….what happened with Derek?” I asked

She looked at me

“Hey….you want a joint?”

“What….were in the hell did you get that?”

“I didn’t know you smoked pot.” I said surprised

“I don’t normally, just on the odd occasion.”

She reached canlı bahis siteleri down into her back pack and pulled out a small tin. Out of it she pulled a small joint and a lighter. She lit it and then drew back before passing it to me, I did the same and passed it back. We finished it between us then both sat there feeling some what buzzed but rather pleased with our selves. It is not something that either of us would typically do. It was still unbearably hot.

“C’mon, lets go for swim.” Steph pulled at my arm as she got up.

“I haven’t got my bathers.” I mumbled

“Don’t be such a baby!”

She pulled her boob tube up and over her head, revealing her strapless black bra, my heart skipped a beat as I thought of what she said earlier, thinking she was about to remove her bra. Instead she undid her shorts and let them fall to the ground. Almost in front of my face her perfectly shaped ass cheeks were exposed to me. White skin where they had been covered by a bikini, in contrast to her tanned legs and back. A thin strip of material from her g-string disappeared down between her ass cheeks. I felt my dick automatically swell in my pants.

“You coming.” Steph snapped me out of trance as she walked down to the water.

Not that I had ever considered my sister in a sexual way but being a 19 year old male with raging hormones in such an isolated place, it only takes the wind to change and I would get an erection. My eyes were glued to her ass, the way it swayed as she walked, her long legs, she took a leap and dived into the water.

I jumped up, kicked my boots off and dropped my shorts. I was wearing just plain white jocks. Steph had surfaced and was facing me. I was conscious of my cock that had swollen, not erect but swollen none the less, there was no hiding it and my head was buzzing, what the hell. I moved down to the water and waded in, Steph’s glance at my crotch didn’t go un-noticed.

The water was cool and relaxing and my head cleared a little. I was floating on my back in my own world when all a sudden, out of no where Steph jumped on me pushing me under the water, I gulped for air and pushed myself up. Steph screamed with laughter and jumped away. I splashed after her and managed to grab her ankle pulling her back through the water. As she was pulled backed she ducked dived and spun around under water trying to grab my legs. My hand slipped from her ankle and she came up behind me wrapping her arms around neck and her legs around my legs trying to dislodge me. As we wrestled I was conscious of her breasts pressed against my back and her thigh as she wrapped around me, pressed across my dick. By this time I had a full blown erection, if Steph had noticed she certainly didn’t let on.

I couldn’t shake her off, so I pushed my self backwards and Steph squealed as we both went backwards underwater. We floundered around in the water and she let me go. I jumped up, thinking I had won, Steph was still under, we were in waist deep water. All of a sudden I felt a yank on my jocks and she tried to pull them down but they got caught on my hard dick, she pulled again and they came straight down to my ankles and then before I could even react, Steph came up out the water behind me giving me an almighty shove. With my jocks hooked around my ankle I couldn’t move my feet to brace myself and over I went falling face first into the water. Steph dived behind me grabbing my feet, pulling them up to make sure I went fully under and pulling my jocks completely off.

I surfaced and spun around, Steph had moved away about 6 feet and had a huge grin on her face.

“Missing something?” as she raised her hand holding my jocks, then with lunge she threw them up and onto the bank beyond where we had been sitting.

I felt my cock stiffen and I enjoyed the feeling of water against my now unrestricted bits

“Game on,” I hissed as I lunged at my sister.

She squealed with laughter and turned as she tried to push away, this time I was too quick and grabbed her from behind, as I threw my right arm around her my hand landed over her left breast and pulled her back. I wrapped my legs around her to lock her tight against me. My hard dick was pushed up against her back, there was no mistaking it. She squealed again, arching her back and managed with her free hand to reach around her back and firmly grabbed my hard dick I hesitated for a moment. I wasn’t expecting that, she squeezed it hard and gave it a quick pull sending an electric current through me, I faltered, she let me go and broke free. As she pulled away I managed to grab hold of her bra strap, she was desperately trying to pull away. I quickly grabbed the back of the bra with both hands, one each side of the clasp, with a quick twist it came undone. Steph fell forward grasping for her bra but I was too quick this time.

She swum away then turned to face me in the water still giggling. Under the water I could just make out the darker circle of her areola and nipple against the white skin of her breasts contrasting against her tanned skin, my dick twitched in the water.

I looked at the tag next to the clasp of her bra.

“Mmmm C cup I see”

She just poked out her tongue at me, I turned and threw her bra up on to the stone ledge where my jocks had ended up.

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