Straighting Out My Niece

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My niece was manipulating everybody and had been doing it for years. Any time she got into trouble for anything, she would play the sympathy card and get out of trouble. Even when she was grounded from the phone, computer and video games, she would weasel her way into getting them back within just days, not the full groundation.

Jenny had been doing this for years, ever since she was 16 years old. What teenager doesn’t try to fast talk themselves out of trouble, right? But for her, she was doing worse and worse things, and still never being held accountable for her actions. She’s a spoiled little brat who got whatever she wanted, never helped around the house and threw fits when she was asked do the simplest chores like unloading the dishwasher.

For years I sat back hearing of the stories of how she was acting, even going so far as saying her mother and other uncle was abusing her. She would complain to anybody who would listen and the stories would get worse every time. Finally, she got caught having phone sex during her classes, sending and receiving nude photos and even dating multiple boys at once. When she got busted she just laughed it off, even after her phone was taken away again. That didn’t stop little Jenny, she just brought her friends’ phones home to continue her ways. Her mother was very upset. After a long talk with her mother, we agreed that she needed a good scare tactic. I offered talking her out of the city to the cabin in the mountains for a long working weekend. Her mother agreed to the idea and hoped it would change her wicked ways.

On Jenny’s 18th birthday, instead of presents and being spoiled, she was given work boots and a sleeping bag. She asked what these were for and we told her I was taking her to the cabin for the weekend. She had 10 minutes to pack up whatever she felt she needed and we left. Nothing was said on the way, she sat silent in my truck as the music was very loud in our ears. After 2 hours of driving we arrived to the cabin, which was at least a 20 minute drive away from anybody else. The cabin was on private property with a fence line surrounding the entire property.

We still had about 4 hours of day light left when we got there, so I told Jenny to unload the truck into the cabin then come back outside with her boots on. She came back still wearing her shorts but had her boots on. I chuckled to myself knowing she was going to regret not changing into long pants.

We rode out to the back fence line and I told Jenny to start pulling the thorn ridden weeds from the fence. We needed to make a fire break from the fence about 5 feet out and 100 yards long. She started to whine about what I told her to do.

I told her one time “I do not want to hear your bitching at all this weekend! As soon as you start, you’ll have something harder to do! And don’t even think about trying to argue with me. We are too far away from anybody to hear you scream when I blister your ass! Don’t mess with me, little girl!”

She pouted as she got down on her hands and knees to start pulling weeds. I turned from her and smiled as I started raking in the opposite direction.


The sun was going down and I knew we would be losing daylight really quick, so I told Jenny to come on; we were heading for the cabin. We arrived and I realized we needed some small sticks for a fire. I told her to gather what she could in the front of the cabin before she lost all light as I headed in to make dinner.

20 minutes later she came in with an arm full of twigs small branches as I was pouring us soup to go with some sandwiches. She dropped the branches and came to eat. I told her to wash her hands first. She got pouty again. Good!

After dinner I told Jenny to wash the dishes, wipe the table off and clean the stove. She was not happy about her orders and began slamming things down while I started a fire. I quickly went to the kitchen upon hearing a glass break with a piece of kindling still in my hand. Upon walking in, I realized the glass broke because she slammed it down to hard. I told to put her hands on the counter. With a puzzled look on her face she slowly put her hands on the counter top. As soon as they were all the way down CRACK! The swung the twig across her ass without any warning. She yelped out, covered her ass and said “what the hell?” I told her not to use that kind of language, put illegal bahis her hands back on the counter until I say she can move them. She hesitantly moved her hands back trying to tuck her butt forward. For a thin girl she does have a large butt. She wears small tops but has to wear bigger pants just to wrap around her ass. As I swung again I realized her shorts were pretty thin so the swats must have stung really nicely. I cracked her ass three more times. She began crying after the second one and her tears were just pouring down when I finished. As she rubbed her ass cheeks I told her one was for the glass, one for her language and the other 2 were for her attitude over the past few months. I told her to quietly clean up the broken glass, finish her chores then take a shower.

A short time later she scurried to her room and closed the door. She came back out a short time later and said she was going to take her shower. I told her to make it quick because I needed a shower too.

When I got out of my shower I didn’t hear any movements in the cabin. Curiously, I walked down the long hall to Jenny’s room. The door was closed and a dim light crept under the door. I know she wasn’t watching TV since there wasn’t one in there, so I quickly opened the door. To mu surprise, she was completely naked; one hand furiously working her clit through her oversized pubic hair and the other hand texting on her cell phone. Without saying a word, I walked over, took her cell phone and threw it against the wall. It shattered into many pieces and she jumped up, apparently not caring that she was naked, and yelled in my face.

“What the hell do you think you are doing? Your broke my phone! Don’t you knock before coming in a girl’s room?!??!?”

I looked at her, told her she needed to get out of my face. She asked “Or what?”

I quickly moved to sit on the edge of her bed, bring her down with me, bending her across my knee and spanked her bare ass. She started squirming about trying to break free, so I pinned her down with my free hand and leg.

After I few minutes of some serious spanking, she was in tears and begging for me to stop. As I did, she limply fell to the floor with her ass still up. I went to my room and returned with a bottle of warming lotion. I squeezed some into my hands and began rubbing her red ass cheeks slowly. She told me it was getting too hot and I told her it was supposed to do that.

After another minute she kept saying ow, ow, ow. I told her to go to the bath room, start the shower but don’t get it yet. I went back to my room and got my cooling shaving cream. I walked into the bathroom and she was making sure the water was the right temp. She tried to cover up with a towel, but I jerked it from her hands. She asked me what I was doing and I told her it was about time somebody educated her on what boys like. She looked at me puzzled as I reached in the medicine cabinet and pulled out a ladies razor. I told her to get into the shower. As she stepped in, I took my sleeping pants off and stepped in with her.

I told Jenny to turn around to face me. Her small perky breasts were at mouth level as I sat on the back of the tub. I grabbed some milky body wash, squirted a generous amount into my hand then began washing her chest. She said she was too old to be washed. I told her to be quiet and pay attention. I told her that she needed to wash herself every day and twice on hot days. I told her to lift her arms and noticed she has stubble. I told her she needed to shave her armpits and legs as often as possible to avoid embarrassment of being hairy. Since Jenny is part Latino, she is unusually more hairy then most girls. After washing her stomach, I told her to spread her legs. She tried to refuse but I reminded her that her ass was still tender with a light smack through the water. As she started to open her legs, I told her to face the shower head and stick her ass out towards me. She complied. I washed her lower back, her ass, down her thighs then back up, reaching in to her hairy pussy. I washed vigorously as I told her she needed to make sure to wash between her legs multiple times a day and to go to the bath room before and after playing with herself. She started to speak but I quickly smacked her on her soapy ass, keeping her quiet.

After she rinsed, I told her to face me, put on leg on the side of the tub. As she did this, I put a illegal bahis siteleri good amount of shaving cream in the palm of my hand and covered her pussy. She looked down, but knew better than to speak. I told her boys don’t like that much hair. I told her I will show her what they like and began shaving away clumps of hair. Carefully I shaved around her puffy pussy lips, between her pussy and legs finishing the top, leaving just a small triangle pointing the way to her pussy. I rinsed her off then followed up by shaving her legs. After she was rinsed completely off, I told her to shave her armpits as I got out and dried off. When Jenny was done, she turned off the water, stepped out and dried off. I was waiting with a pair of silky panties and a matching nightie. She looked at me with confusion and I told her to put them on after lotioning her arms, legs and ass.

She quickly walked to her dark room from the bathroom and closed the door in a hurry. She moved too quickly to notice, but as she turned on her light on her bedside table and jumped when she saw me. She asked what I was doing in her room and I told her she still had much to learn about what boys liked. I stood up, walked over to her and looked down. Jenny is over a foot shorter than I am. She looked up to me and asked what else could I teach her that she didn’t already know.

I told her she will see. I raised her arms above her head, turned her to face away from me, and pressed my throbbing cock to her still warm ass through her panties. With her arms raised, the short nightie came up to just above her little patch of hair I left from shaving her.

I reached around and slowly teased her nipples with my hands. They felt so good through the fabric, and they were rock hard!

I told her I will answer any questions about what’s about to happen in the morning, but for tonight, no more talking. I brushed her hair away and kissed her neck. She softly moaned and her hands fell around my neck. I continued rubbing her A-cup breasts through the nightie and sucking her ears. I moved one hand down and rubbed her pussy through the panties to find they were really wet. As I touched her, she inhaled deeply and darted her ass backwards, finding my cock pressing further against her.

She started breathing heavier the more I rubbed her pussy and her ass began grinding against my hard cock. Without even realizing what she was doing, she was teasing me just as much as I was teasing her. I spun her around and pressed my lips to hers, finding her open mouth with my tongue. She happily sucked my tongue and I could tell she had never given a blow job before.

I pulled the nightie off of her soft skin and gently pushed her to her knees. My pants came off very quickly and I pressed my cock to her lips. She didn’t want to open her mouth, so I bent her over my knee again and swatted her bare ass 2 times really hard. The second time, as soon she opened her mouth to say ow I slid my hard cock in, stopping her again from speaking. I told her to swirl her tongue around the tip, then suck as far down as she could go. After a few minutes of licking the tip, she tried to swallow my hard cock, but only went down 2 inches. With my 7 inch hard cock wanting more attention than that, I told her to lean her head back, and keep her mouth open. I stood up, cupped her chin with one hand and grabbed a handful of hair with the other. Before she could do anything, I slid all 7 inches of my cock into her young mouth and down her throat. She started gagging as I held it in place. I told her to breathe through her nose and her gagging slowed down a bit. With her mouth and throat spasming I began to fuck her mouth with everything I had and exploded deep in her throat. She started choking with the first eruption so I backed out and continued with quick, short thrusts filling her mouth with my sticky cum. With her lips stretched around my cock, there was only one place for my cum to go: down her throat! And she swallowed as quickly as she could as the 3rd, then the 4th spurt filled her mouth. By the last stream, I started to pull out and saw that my cock was covered in saliva and cum. Her mouth looked amazing with her tongue still sticky from my spunk. I told her to finish swallowing then suck my cock clean.

When she was done, she looked up at me, my cock still rock hard. I pulled her to her feet and told her she sucked my cock canlı bahis siteleri like a really mature woman.

“Now, Jenny, it’s time for you to be made a mature woman.’

With that, I reached between her legs, found her drenched panties and ripped them off her body. I pushed her back onto her bed, reached over, turned off her light and kneeled between her legs. She put her hands on my chest, started to say something, but I cut her off by kissing her and invading her mouth with my tongue. After a minute of kissing, her hands found their way to my neck again and as she started to moan I slid my hard cock all the way inside her with one thrust. She moaned out what seemed to be pain and discomfort through our kissing. She pulled her mouth from mine and kept saying “ow, ow, ow” with every movement. I realized I wasn’t all the way in, so looking into her eyes lit up by the moon, I pushed further and felt her hymen break! Oh my God! Jenny was still a virgin! She yelped out as I sunk all the way inside her.

With tears streaming down her face, she dug her nails into my back as I moved in and out of her tight pussy. As the pain subsided and my thrusting getting quicker, she was getting wetter and wetter. Her moaning was getting louder the faster I fucked her tight virgin pussy. She wrapped her legs around my hips as I fucked her as hard and deeply as I could. She told me not to stop.

“Your big cock feels so good in my pussy, Uncle. God, don’t stop! I want you to fuck me all night! Make me a real mature woman, Uncle! Ooooh, God! OOOOH …. OOOOOOHHHHHH …. OOOOOH MY GOOODDDDD!!!”

With that, she came for the first time being filled with cock. I felt her pussy tighten up, gripping my hard cock and then her girl juice shot out, covering my balls, stomach and thighs. She kept squirting, so I quickly pulled out and rubbed her clit as fast as I could. She squirted all over my chest, stomach, cock, balls and thighs. She was leaving a nice little puddle under her bare ass and didn’t seem like she was going to stop. I dove my face to her pussy and caught a lot of her cum in my mouth. I swallowed quite a bit and she tasted so sweet! I filled my mouth up with the last little bit that she squirted and slid my cock back inside her. I leaned down as I began to fuck her hard and fast again, kissing her and filling her mouth with her own cum. Our tongues danced together in her sticky girl juice, both of us swallowing a little bit at a time until it was all gone.

I asked her if she liked me making her a mature woman. She said “Yes, Uncle. I love being a mature woman! I love being YOUR mature woman!”

I told her she wasn’t mine … yet. I pinned her hands above her head, sucked her nipples and kept fucking for everything I was worth. She told me she was going to cum again.

“Fuck me with your big cock! Make me your mature woman, Uncle! Fill my pussy with your huge cock! Please!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!! OOOOHHHHH … OOOOHHH …… OOOOOOH MY GOOOOOODDDDD! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!! FUCK MY TIGHT PUSSY! OOOHHHHH GOOOOD!!!!”

With that, I couldn’t stop in time and filled her spasming pussy with my sticky cum. Shot after shot filled her tight, young pussy. I buried myself up to the hilt inside her until my cock was spent. Right as I was pulling out, she began squirting again. I told her to open her mouth as I lift her hips and vigorously rubbed her clit. She began squirting, shooting up into the air, and her cum was splashing down all over. Her cum splashed into my hair, on my shoulders, on her own stomach, covering her breasts and hard nipples. I lifted her hips more and her cum splashed down on her lips, tongue and filled her mouth. Her legs began quivering as some of my cum shot out and landed in her mouth.

After several minutes of her cumming and yelling at the top of her lungs, she started to calm down. With the slightest touch, her body twitched. She had a really big smile on her face as I crawled over her sticky body, pressed my chest to her back and held her in my arms.

Jenny said “I know I was supposed to be quiet, but I couldn’t help it.”

“I know honey. You sure did cum a lot.”

“That’s because of your powerful cock, Uncle. You felt so good inside my tight pussy. It drove me crazy. I had no idea sex could be this great!”

“Honey, it won’t be this great all the time. Boys can be cruel and do mean things sometimes.”

“Oh. Well, I’ll only let you fuck me, Uncle. Then it will always be great!”

I chuckled at her words as I squeezed her ass cheek. Jenny squealed in delight, reached around, and kissed me on my lips as we drifted off to sleep.

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