Stuck: Vanessa

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She walked into the pantry and got her vacuum out. It was her day off and she was wanting to clean up her apartment. Vanessa was in the living room using the vacuum when her ear ring fell off and into the vent. She stopped and looked into the dark vent. She got on her knees and lifted the grate off the vent. Vanessa thought she could fit into the vent and get her ear ring back.

She crawled into the vent and got her ear ring. She went to back out of the vent but found herself stuck. She struggled and fought as her body was stuck in the vent. She kept trying but didn’t get unstuck. She had her parents and uncle coming over shortly. She didn’t want to be found by them stuck with only her panties on.

The door opened and her uncle walked in. He looked around and stopped when he saw her ass up in the air wiggling around. He couldn’t stop watching her ass move around. He pulled out his phone and snapped pics as he felt himself grow hard as his thoughts went into the gutter. He looked around and walked to the door. He locked it and latched the chain lock. He walked back to where he spotted her and smiled as he walked towards her.

She didn’t know he was there or his intentions as he unbuckled his belt. He dropped his pants as he stood behind her. He grabbed her hips startling her. He couldn’t hear her well as her voice traveled through the vent. She felt fingers rubbing her panties as illegal bahis they prodded her twenty year old hole. She tried to yell to figure out who it was but she didn’t get a response.

He rubbed her panties hard as she started to moan. He heard her voice echo in the vent system. Her pussy grew moist faster than usual as the thought of getting fucked by an unseen man made her get turned on faster than ever. Her panties were wet as he slid them aside and exposed her shaved shit. He smiled as he leaned his face in close and licked her wet hole.

Vanessa felt his tongue licking and probing her tight hole. He locked lips and sucked as she moaned loudly. His tongue licked all around and teased her clit as it made her moan loudly as her cum flowed. He continued licking and sucking as her orgasm hit. She moaned louder than ever as she squirted cum all over his face. He smiled as he stopped and looked at her dripping wet hole.

It was time to penetrate her hole and pulled out his cock. He aimed it and slid into her slowly as she gasped. He held her hips as he slid back and forth fucking her slowly as her cum continued to drip to her carpet. He began picking up the pace as he slammed deeper and deeper into her tight pussy. Vanessa was loving every moment of it as her body needed a good fucking. He held her hips as he rammed faster and faster making her moan over and over as he pounded illegal bahis siteleri her.

He had often wondered how tight his sexy niece was and her he was fucking her tight hole. He smiled as he continued fucking her young slit. Vanessa couldn’t stop getting off as she was so into the sex and not knowing who was inside her body really turned her on. He grunted as he went even faster and deeper yet. He slapped her ass cheek hard making her whimper but she was loving it. She had a red hand print on her ass cheek after he was done spanking her.

Her pussy was more sensitive than ever as he fucked her hard and fast. Vanessa was enjoying every bit of her adventure. He was also loving it as he grew closer to getting off. It had been fourty five minutes and he knew the others would be over soon. He decided to fuck her fast as he could. He grunted as he tried to hold back as he felt his cock trying to get off but he didn’t want to just yet. He tried to get five more minutes out of it but couldn’t.

He shoved deep as he could and held it as he got off inside her wet hole. Vanessa felt the rush of warm cum inside her and hung her head as she panted. He looked down and smiled at the nice ass that he was about to enter. He pulled out of her slick pussy and wiped his dick on her asshole. He smiled as he shoved into her tight asshole making her gasp and whimper. Vanessa never had anal and canlı bahis siteleri was about to learn how good it feels.

He slid deep into her virgin asshole and began fucking it as he gripped her hips. Vanessa felt him shoving deep into her ass as she moaned. He looked around and saw a pop bottle. He grabbed it and began using it to fuck her pussy as he pounded her asshole. Vanessa was loving every bit as her moans echoes through the vents. He grunted and shoved deep as he could. He used the bottle to make her cum again and it worked. Cum ran down the plastic bottle and over his fingers as he had his way with his sexy niece.

He went long as he could as he banged her tight asshole. Finally he shoved deep once more as he shoved the pop bottle halfway into her wet hole. He smiled as he got off inside her ass. Vanessa felt him retreat from her ass and the bottle was pulled from her slit. He stood up and squirted a few wads onto her back.

He helped Vanessa out of the vent and she saw her uncle standing there, with a hard on. She smiled and grabbed his cock and sucked it clean. He held her blonde hair as she slid back and forth. He squirted into her mouth as she swallowed it. She stood up and kissed his cheek. He stood there watching her walk away as she went to shower. He smiled at her round ass as she disappeared into the bathroom.

He used paper towels to clean up. He was about to sit down when there was a loud knock on the door, startling him. He got up and opened the door. It was Vanessa’s parents and he stepped back and let them inside.

His adventure with Vanessa had ended and they never spoke of it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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